Celestia's Cake Obsession

by DeiStar

Chapter 1: Obsession

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Chapter 1: Obsession

“Guards! Guards!” A loud voice yelled through the castle walls.

Two Royal Pegasi guards rushed through the halls, running towards the room from where the voice was calling.

“Guards! Get over here!” The voice yelled, even louder than the first time.

The guards ran even faster, until they finally arrived in front of the Princess’ room. They thought she could be in danger, so they both slammed the doors with their heads, making their way in.

“Your Majesty! What’s the problem?” One of the guards asked, looking around the room for any signs of danger or trouble. But there was nothing else than Princess Luna, staring at the guards from her bed.

“My sister! Where is she?!” Luna yelled at the confused guards, leaping from her bed and striking her hooves firmly onto the floor.

“Uh- Princess Celestia, hasn’t been seen since she raised the sun this morning, your Majesty.” A nervous guard answered. “Why, what happened?”

“Celestia… she ate… my special cake!” She stared at one table, which had nothing but an empty plate on it. The guards stared at the table as well, returning their stare to the Princess right away. “Go and find her! And bring her here!” The Princess commanded, pointing her hoof at the entrance. “Tell to all the guards to find her! And don’t you dare to come back without her!”

“Yes your majesty, right away!” Both guards nervously answered, dashing outside Luna’s room. They had to inform the other guards, so they both took different ways.

“Celestia… of all things that you have done.” Luna growled to herself, furiously kicking the table with her hoof. “You are not going to get away with this!”


“Luna's cake was delicious, but now all that remains is this slice of cake.” A voice whispered. “My little cake…”

Celestia was sitting on a big, purple cushion inside her bedroom. The door was locked, so no one could interrupt her. With her magic, she was levitating a plate with a slice of cake on it.

“Oh just look at your delicious frosting… and the chocolate…” She was licking her lips with her mouth. It was the perfect cake, and it was all for herself. She licked a bit of the cake frosting. "Oh, yes." Celestia moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly, a bright glow came from the middle of the room. Celestia rapidly stood up from her cushion and stared at the glow. She noticed a pony appeared from the glow, a very familiar pony. Finally, the glow enveloped the entire room and in less than a second, it faded away.

“Princess Celestia! I finally found you!” The pony chimed.

“T-Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student! Why did you teleport inside my room?” Celestia asked, breathing heavily.

“Princess, I…” Twilight stared at her mentor, noticing the hovering plate with the very same slice of cake. “Is that a slice of cake?” She pointed her hoof at the plate.

“Don’t touch it! It’s mine!” Celestia roared, stepping back from Twilight.

“Princess? What’s going on?” Twilight walked towards the Princess. “Why are you acting like this?”

“Back off! This is MY cake! And I’m going to EAT it!” Celestia’s horn began to glow and with a flash, she disappeared along with the cake.

“Princess!” Twilight shouted, but it was too late, her mentor was already gone.

“Princess Celestia! Are you in there?” A male voice yelled from outside of the room, knocking the door several times.

Twilight ran towards the door. She unlocked it and opened it. “Guards?” She saw two of the Royal Guards, panting heavily.

“Twilight Sparkle? What are you doing in the Princess room? Where is the Princess?” One guard asked, looking inside Celestia’s room.

“I don’t know, she was here just a moment ago. She was acting weird.” Twilight replied. “What happened? She had a slice of cake and told me not to touch it, then she teleported with the slice of cake.”

“Oh this is bad!” One guard stared back at Twilight. “Twilight Sparkle, go to Princess Luna’s royal room and talk to her, she might know what’s going on.” The guard pointed his hoof, showing the way.

“Okay!” Twilight left the room and sprinted towards Luna’s room, running faster than ever. Her beloved mentor was probably in trouble. She ran through some stairways, until she finally reached Luna’s room.

“Princess Luna! What happened?” Twilight eagerly asked, entering the Princess’ room.

“Twilight Sparkle, it’s my sister.“ Luna replied. “She is obsessed with cakes!” She stared at Twilight. “If we don’t stop her, she might become dangerous.”

“What? H-how?” Twilight was confused. Why would her mentor be obsessed with cakes? How could she become dangerous?

“Listen Twilight, terrible things will happen if we don’t stop my sister, that’s why I must ask you to find her and bring her to me. As I am the only one who can stop her.” Luna walked towards Twilight.
She opened a little wooden box that was lying on her bed with her magic and she withdrew a small necklace with a white pearl from it. “Once you find her, use this." Luna hovered the necklace in front of Twilight. "This white pearl will teleport my sister to my room.”

“But, what do I do with it?” Twilight asked, looking at the necklace.

“Once you find my sister, crush this necklace with your hoof or whatever, and run as far as you can.” Luna handed over the necklace to Twilight.

Twilight accepted the necklace and put it around her neck. “Don’t worry Princess Luna, I’ll find Princess Celestia.” Twilight chimed.

“Very well then, I entrust you the task, good luck Twilight Sparkle!” The Princess said dismissively.

Twilight nodded, turned back, and she left the room.


“Oh, so Luna thinks she can stop me? Alright then.” ‘Munch’ “I think this will be fun.” ‘Chomp’ “Oh my… this cake is SO good!”

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