A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

by Evilhumour

Chapter 23: Chapter Fourteen Luna

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Chapter Fourteen - Luna

Luna was smiling to herself as she began to dine on the magnificent meal the young dragoness had prepared for them. Solaris watched her out of the corner of his eyes, making sure she was well taken care of and that the matters at hoof were under control.

Which, for an early morning breakfast, was simple enough despite the slight bickering between friends. Blitz and Elusive were arguing about proper grooming methods, with the former stating that just dunking his head into a bowl of water was enough while the unicorn was aghast and clearly arguing that one needed to take a proper shower in the presence of royalty at the very least, if not make sure that one’s mane was properly brushed.

The rest of the stallions seemed to be annoyed by this early argument, with Applejack looking to be the most annoyed.

“Good grief you two,” the farmer shouted, placing his hooves onto the table. “Y’all need some third pony to stop this stupid nonsense.”

“Princess Luna,” Elusive turned to face her. “Can you please settle this debate for us?”

“Yeah, I mean if you’re like Arty, you’d know that you don’t want to waste all your time doing fru fru stuff to look good,” Rainbow Blitz chimed in, grinning confidently.

Luna simply gave him an arched eyebrow which caused the pegasus to fold back slightly. “Need I remind you that I am a mare, and while I may not go to the extent that Bluebelle does, I do make an effort to at least look respectable to others.”

Elusive looked very smug at that, with the pegasus grumbling as the unicorn started to elbow him. “Yeah yeah,” the stunt pony said, rolling his eyes. “I remember the bet; I’ll join you for that spa day thing.”

“If that is all settled, my little ponies,” Solaris said as he lifted a cut up piece of pancake to his mouth. “I think we should continue our plans for today.”

“Agreed,” Luna said as she finished her meal, placing the fork down. “While we could try and discover a way to return us to where Artemis and I belong, I do think it would be a good idea to wait for our draconequui to return as they are more than likely the cause of this.”

With that thought on her mind, Luna realized it would be proper to inform Artemis of her decision, if she thought it would be the same one.

Yes, Luna?

As I have, he replied.

That’s… not my plan Luna.

In Ponyville, he replied. I need some particular advice, and I feel Ponyville is the best place to be in order to get it.

I think we should stop for the moment, Artemis chimed into her head with a hint of a smirk on his voice.

Because I am getting looks from everypony and I suspect you are as well.

Luna tilted her head upwards to see that indeed everypony was giving her a worried look.

“Luna,” Solaris began slowly. “Is everything okay? You spaced out for some time.”

“Yes, it is; Artemis and I were merely conversing with our new link,” Luna shook herself alert and saw the stallions around her begin to relax. “Curiously, he is going to Ponyville while I plan to stay here.”

“That is curious,” Solaris said, stroking his beard. “But I think that this has a lot of promise for Artemis; if you can send him my best wishes, I would appreciate that.”

“I shall,” Luna said as she rose from the table. “After I freshen up with a proper shower,” she directed her words at the groaning pegasus who still had a date with what had to be the male version of the spa ponies.

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