A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

by Evilhumour

Chapter 20: Chapter thirteen Artemis

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Author's Notes:

Now things are going to be even harder; open and read Luna's chapter to see why.



Chapter Thirteen - Artemis

Artemis froze, his heart beating in his chest. He knew the sounds of ponies talking to him in their dreams, but this…

Brushing Celestia’s hoof off his shoulder, he sent a tentative thought out.

Nothing. He felt foolish, felt his ears starting to blush-

‘Artemis, is that you?’ Artemis yelped, hearing her voice in his mind.

“Artemis, what is the matter-” Celestia took a hesitant step towards him, but he blocked her out when Luna spoke again.

‘Glorious night, I can hear you in my head!’ Luna seemed to squeal inside his head. After that there was a painful silence as something important came to mind.

‘Why can I hear you?’

“Artemis!” Celestia shook him, snapping his focus to his surrounding area. All of the guards, along with the two Princesses and the Elements of Harmony, were eying him tensely as he had his horn near her throat. Considering he was the reason for her black eye that she was no longer hiding with her magic, he could understand why they seemed unhappy with him being this close. “What’s the matter? What’s going on, you wouldn’t respond to anything and we were deeply concerned for you.”

“Celestia,” Artemis answered while shaking off her hooves. “Everypony, I am fine. It is just that…” He paused, trying to think of a way to say this without sounding like a madpony. All of a sudden, he felt a twinge within his head, as if somepony was trying to read it.

“What is it?” Celestia frowned, leaning towards him again. “Are you-”

“I am fine,” he muttered, sending a mental prod back at the pony trying to access his mind and hearing a faint yelp within the recesses of his mind in response. “Just that the pony I was hearing in my mind decided to poke at my mind without permission.”

‘Ponyfeathers, that was painful!’

‘Nor I! At least I was gentle, you twit.’ The voice was in a snarky tone now, which he gave a mature response to before focusing on the group again.

“As I was saying, I had heard somepony within my mind. I have every reason to believe it is Luna.”

“Really?” Twilight asked, stepping closer to him, eyes wide with wonder. “How is that even possible? I mean, I understand the possibility and necessities of mental speaking but-” She gasped, with eyes widening even more so than before. “There must be some way test this-”

“Twilight,” Celestia placed a wing between her and the stallion, which caused the young alicorn to blush. “While I am sure that you and Prince Artemis could figure this conundrum out with ease, I do believe that it would be prudent to tackle this issue tomorrow. It is late, Luna’s room is even more of a mess than usual,” Artemis gave her a glare; he had seen Luna’s room before and it was very organized. Celestia then turned to face him, with a faint smile on her face. He recognized it as the same smile that Solaris had had before he was tricked into seeing the physician again last year. “And our dear guest here does need to rest his head.”

“Celestia, I told you before, I am fi-

“Artemis, do you not remember what you promised before, how and to whom?” She gave him a slightly bigger smile, which told him he had fallen for her trap. Thankfully too, as the notion of the punishment of breaking a Berry Promise was terrifying enough in his own world and he was sure that Pinkie Pie would be just as terrifying for those that broke one of her promises.

Doing his best not to squeak, he coughed into his hoof before looking at the pink mare who returned the eye connection. The look alone was far more powerful than the Element of Kindness’s Stare and it was all he needed to give in. “Yes, I do and now, I suppose, finding another bed is fairly important due to this one giving out.” He gave a look at the bed that broke because of its shoddy crafters and not him having a foalish temper tantrum.

Celestia gave a little chuckle, shaking her head. “Follow me, Prince Artemis, I do believe that we have a spare guest room set up after Twilight and her friends gave us a surprise visit today.” Gesturing with a wing, she let the guards direct Artemis and the girls out of the room and towards the guest rooms ahead of her. She almost closed the doors when Pinkie Pie raced backwards.

“Sorry princess, just that Artemis forgot his shoes and weird necklace thing, and I figured he’d like to have it with him in the morning!”

Smiling at the thoughtfulness of the mare, she nodded her head, walking ahead after telling Pinkie Pie to close the doors once she was done.

Pinkie hopped into the room, humming a tune as she started to pick through the wreckage of the room with a possum carrying an abacus running past for some unknown reason. Lifting some of the broken bed around, she picked out the left shoe that Rarity had made for Artemis when her body started to convulse with the worst onset of her Pinkie Sense ever.

It began with painful hind leg twitches, then her tail curled around itself painfully tight, followed by a massive headache that was barely short of causing any form of lasting damage to the mare and ended by something seemingly grabbing her heart tight enough to cause tears to flow out of her eyes. Pinkie Pie paused for a moment, her mind beginning to decipher the warings her senses were telling her and then she trembled out of fear as they were perfectly clear for once.

She had to go tell the Princess, tell Twilight, tell everypon-

No, you will not warn Sunbutt, my little pony.

She stopped, eyes glossing over as the memory of her Pinkie Sense was taken from her. Blinking her eyes as she lifted another shoe to her pile, she felt if there was something she had just forgotten, but if it was important she would remember it later. Shrugging her shoulders, she found the last of Artemis’s clothes and turned to leave.

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