A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

by Evilhumour

Chapter 18: Chapter twelve Artemis

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Chapter Twelve - Artemis

Artemis smiled at seeing Luna again, grinning like a colt at Hearth’s Warming Eve. He could feel his face redden from just being around her, and yet he was able to see that she was just fine. She wasn’t in her torc, he noticed, but wore nothing at all as did every other pony in the dream realm. So he tried to make the effort to shed it but that part of his mind refused to stop niggling at him and let go of the past.

He paused in front of Luna, trying his damnedest to think of what to say to her, only to find his mind was refusing to form even the most basic of ideas.

Luna, on the other hoof, simply stared at him with her head cocked to the side and her mane shading a part of her face with a hint of what had to be… Oh what was that makeup called? Bluebelle had once bored him to sleep once going over a vast number of different products and had had the gall to be angry with him after she woke him up! She then proceeded to start all over again! Whatever it was called, it was light pink and seemed to be applied beautifully on Luna’s face.

He didn’t know how she did it, but even with that simple gesture with her head and muzzle and that makeup, she seemed to radiate elegance, beauty and so much more than any mare he’d ever met!

Blinking in surprise, he felt his wings begin to vibrate and his horn warming up, and he knew he was blushing even worse now as his body started to act like that!

Turning his head away from the mare, he caught his brother smiling at him before turning to look at the centre of the room.

He saw the two young alicorns walk up to and stare at one another, their mouths opening and closing, as they more than likely were trying to think of what to say.

Artemis was worried of what was going to be said now more than ever, sharing a terrified glance with Luna.

With a loud gulp, he saw Dusk Shine try to be a perfect gentlecolt; bowing his head and lowering his right wing to the mare across of him.

Unfortunately, Princess Twilight tried to be a good host at the same time, by bowing her head forwards while dipping her own right wing.

With an almost comical thud, both of them fell on their tails and held their heads in pain. He heard a chuckle, and saw Solaris biting his lip for obvious reasons. He was about to yell at him when he heard Luna groan, and he greatly suspected Celestia was also trying not to laugh. Poorly too.

“Oowww,” both of the lavender alicorns groaned, shaking their heads in the same direction. “Sorry about that.”

Artemis frowned and shared his concerned look with Luna. It was an unspoken observation between the two that unlike their siblings, these ponies had fallen into mimicking each other.

Odd, he thought.

He could almost hear Luna agreeing with him, saying it was very odd indeed.

“Hello.” Both of them blinked at each other, surprised that they were in tune with each other. “Um...” They both blushed, rubbing the back of their heads. “I’m PrincePrincess DuskTwilight ShineSparkle… hmmm…” Both of them stopped speaking, rubbing their chins in concentration. “Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Both of the alicorns of Magic’s eyes widened, showing that they were indeed pondering the same thing, but Artemis had a feeling if Pinkie was asked, she would come up with something so farfetched it would cause headaches to even try to think through the mare’s thought processes.

“What is it, Princess Twilight, Prince Dusk?” Luna asked, stepping closer to the two while at the same time leaning on Artemis.

“Care to explain to us, young prince, princess?” Artemis narrowed his eyes, brushing against Luna, feeling his ethereal tail mix with Luna’s. He was ashamed to admit it, but he as well as Luna meeped loudly and pulled back.

“That our world’s shared histories, and the great similarities that seem to be based solely on the gender lines is what is causing us to speak like this as we share so much in common!” Both of them grinned at each other, seeing their theory gain weight by both being said at the same note.

“A good observation, my-” Solaris frowned and paused, shooting a look at Celestia and then at him. “Our?”

“I would think so, Prince Solaris. For the time being,” Celestia replied as she walked over to the pair of alicorn turned former students, frowning as she addressed his brother. “But I do believe that is a fact we were all aware of.”

Artemis saw the two of them seem to deflate at this and he frowned. Then he heard Luna’s huff of annoyance, almost hearing her muttering at her sister’s sudden lack of tact.

With a thought of how glad he was that Solaris was keeping his mouth shut for once, Artemis took a step forwards and cleared his throat. “To be fair, we, that is Luna and I,” he nodded to the mare next to him, feeling his ears redden again. “Were in the same state as you two are in.”

“Yes, and the only ponies that were not were my sister and Prince Solaris…” Luna trailed off, her face broadcasting her growing suspicion, mimicking what Artemis was thinking.

Oh” Both his brother and Celestia’s eyes became wide and started to sweat, a blush starting to grow. “I see why we didn’t get stuck…” Solaris shared a look shot from Celestia, as they were beginning to speak at the same time.

Artemis groaned, wondering what exactly his brother did to make him actually blush like that.

Luna rolled her eyes; he could almost feel her befuddlement at the same question.

“We will explain that later-” Both of the solar alicorns frowned, and shook their heads. “Nay, we will explain now- Faust above this is annoying!” both of them whined, causing every other pony to laugh.

“It helps if you set up an order of who goes first.” Artemis gave Luna a nudge, to which she gave a wink back. “Right Luna?”

“Indeed,” she smirked, turning her head to his brother. “Solaris, if you would allow my sister to go first, and then you, we can explain this in a far faster manner.”

“Very well, Princess Luna.” Solaris gave her a bow and a smirk, which caused Artemis to desire to leap over and smack it off his face for some reason. “You remember the Mirror to the human world?”

“Yes…” was the collective response from four ponies.

“Well,” Celestia spoke up, sending a smile towards him which caused Luna to tense up for some reason. “I had spent some time over there, investigating and speaking to several people in the case of a softer place to send ponies that needed a different place to serve their time fo-”

“In other words, seeing if it would be a better place to banish somepony than the moon.” Luna accused Celestia which cut off her rambling speech, Artemis glaring at his brother at the same time.

“Yes,” Solaris said guiltily. “Without the natural presence of magic, it seemed to be a better place to send somepony that was infused by a magical emotional parasite as-”

“It would lose a severe hold on the pony in question and put the pony in a better place to fight it,” Artemis continued, tapping his chin. Nightterror Knight was much more than simply that, but it would have put Artemis in a better place to fight off the monster without it using his own magic against him.

“I see some of the benefits of it,” Luna responded as she stepped forwards, frowning as she thought on the matter. “But you do realize that Nightmare Moon had more than my magic at her hooves, correct?”

“Yes, Luna.” Celestia smiled, walking closer to the group. “That’s why I assume Solaris said better, not the best?”

“Indeed, Celestia,” Solaris nodded, smiled softly at the group. “That still leaves the question to how Princess Luna and Prince Artemis met.”

“Wait.” Both Twilight Sparkle and Dusk Shine’s ears shot upwards. “How did you make the Mirror in the first place, SolarisCelestia?”

Solaris and Celestia shot each other a surprised look before turning their attention to the two ponies. “We did not make it,” they both answered at the same time. “It was done by magic far more specified and trained than ours.” They both shook their heads, moving inwards at first. “We barely understand the principles behind such much magic, let alone how it was placed behind a screen or how the time limit was set up.”

“Well, going over what we learned,” Twilight and Dusk smiled, pulling out a list of notes. “Dreams and that kind of magic both are exposed to the magical essence of reality- what’s wrong?” They looked up from their notes and stared at the slack jawed alicorns.

“Do you realize that you two have just casually constructed something in our dream realms that is highly precise?” Artemis licked his lips, sharing the amazed look that Luna had on her face.

“That’s a highly complicated feat,” Luna blinked at him, shaking her head. “Especially for it to be here, of all places.”

Amazing, he thought.

Simply amazing.

“Continue, pl- please.” Artemis waved his hoof, urging them on.

“Well, since your dream realms are the most powerful in both worlds, and magic does become stronger with emotional outbursts, maybe that was the cause!” They frowned, and tapped their chins. “But something else must be present, some guiding force to make the connection…”

“Impossible,” Artemis shook his head.

“No pony could be that talented without us noticing.” Luna shook her head as well.

“It seems we are back to where we began, my friends.” Solaris sighed, looking at the ground, frowning.

“I do wish we could talk to our counterparts in the human world,” Celestia said with a distant look on her face. “While they do not have magic itself, they do have a great deal of knowledge on the matter of the Mirror,” she bit her lip, ears flicking to the side. “I do wish I would have been able to get her to talk more instead of…” her face started to redden, along with his brother’s. Artemis heard Luna sigh with him, facehooving with his right hoof to Luna’s left.

“To be fair, brother,” Solaris raised a hoof. “He came onto me.”

“And,” Celestia grinned, despite the horrified faces of the four alicorns at hearing about their mentors’ and siblings’ sex life. “She did teach me a great deal of things.”

“Thank you sister for those mental images that will never leave my mind.” Luna shuddered, as she was no doubt thinking of her own sister on top of a copy of herself like Solaris-ACK!

Artemis’s mind thankfully stabbed itself to death before it went further, and he was glad he was unable to retch within his dream realm.

“Why?” Twilight and Dusk asked their former mentors, causing Luna and himself to again shudder as their minds were trying to come up with improper proper mental images for the question at hoof.

“Well, there is a charm in being with somepony that knows you very well,” Solaris smiled with a hint of a smirk, and instantly Artemis wondered what his brother was doing.

“Indeed, Twilight, Dusk.” Celestia gave the same smile to the pair and a quick glance to his side told him Luna saw the same thing.

What were they doing?

“I mean, Dusk Shine, do you not find Twilight here a bit attractive?”

Artemis had to bite his lip to keep from gasping; everything up to this point had more or less a plot to get to the answer! To raise their comfort levels to get ready for this sort of talk without any sense of underhoofedness!

With a blink, he felt Luna’s hoof grab his own, and without thinking, he held hers back.

Dusk turned his head to Twilight, both of them blushing now at being put on the spot.

“Well, Solaris,” Dusk looked off to the side, trailing his hoof in a circle. “I can kinda see the appeal, but…”

“But what, Dusk Shine?” Solaris gave him a gently prod with his voice.

“She’s kinda…short?”

“Short?” Twilight Sparkle stopped blushing, pulling her head back and blinking in confusion.

“Yeah, and if I were being completely honest, the Royal Guards have much more compact bod-HMMMPH!”

Thankfully, Solaris had stopped him from saying any more by placing his hooves over the stallion’s mouth while Celestia was trying to pull back a fuming mare that was dragging her forwards ever so slightly. The young mare’s horn was glowing, and her eyes were twitching from Dusk Shine’s comment. For his part, Artemis was very glad he was off to the side as not to get hit by any stray magic.

“Dusk Shine, remind me to get you proper lessons of how to talk to a girl once this is done.” He gave an embarrassed look to Celestia, and then a sheepish look to the still eye-twitching Twilight Sparkle. “Something long overdue, by the looks of things.”

“Yes!” Twilight snapped, glaring at the quivering stallion. “I would think so!”

“I-if I may?” Dusk Shine meekly spoke up after moving the hooves away from his mouth, although leaning deeply against his mentor's chest for protection.

If I had said something like that to Luna, I would be hiding in the deepest pit in all of Equestria.

Still wouldn’t be deep enough to hide you.

Solaris gave Dusk Shine a nod and then let go of the lavender alicorn to face the other lavender alicorn.

He took a couple of deep breaths of air before he spoke. “Princess Twilight Sparkle, I mean no disrespect to you at all. I was simply speaking without thinking, and I am really sorry about almost calling you fa-” Solaris thankfully coughed at the right moment, stopping Dusk Shine from putting another hoof in his mouth. “I-”

“It’s okay,” Twilight clearly lied to everypony there, a heavy sigh was a clear indication. She then chuckled, giving a knowing look at the pony across of her. “I kinda know what you mean, I think.”

“Say, um,” Dusk’s cheeks were red now, looking off to the side. “When you were in the human world, did you happen to meet somepony with a guita-”

“Yup!” Twilight exclaimed loudly, a big grin on her face before breaking off into giggles and gaining her own blush. “Have you worked up the courage to talk to hi- I mean her?”

“N- no, not yet…” They both blushed a deeper red and giggled together.

“A- and who might this pony be?” Celestia asked through clenched teeth, with Solaris sporting a similar sour look.

Artemis turned his head to see Luna roll her eyes at him, clearly aware that they would need to talk about Flare Scout and her male counterpart now.

“A pony that has endured far too much crap, Solaris,” Artemis said as he walked over to the alicorns, with Luna walking very closely beside him. His heart started to beat a bit faster, as the realization of what that little conversation meant for Luna and himself started to sink into his head!

“Yes, sister,” Luna beamed a smile at the group, but Artemis felt it was meant for him. “The poor-”



All six of their heads snapped to the side and stared at a distant spot on the wall as they heard two very distinctive voices.

There was a long period of silence before the area spoke again.

“You think they know we’re here Discy?”

“Maybe, Airy, I don’t know.”

Artemis lost control at that point, screaming with Luna in pure rage, destroying the false wall in their dream realm and revealing two very scared draconequui.

“WHAT ARE THOU DOING HERE ERISDISCORD‽” both of the lunar alicorns shouted, their coats turning ebony black.

“Um…” Discord tapped his claws together, shooting a panicked look at Eris.

“Uh…” Eris gulped, swishing nervously in the air, returning the panicked look to Discord.

“Oh screw this! CHEESE IT!” Both of them turned around and flew off to the distant part of the dream realm.

“THOU WILL RETURN HERE POST HASTE YOU MISERABLE LOT!” The double Royal Canterlot Shout was truly something to behold; deafening to anypony that was not an alicorn or in a dream realm. For those that were alicorns or in a dream realm, they would have ringing ears for a while. Both of the lunar alicorns flew after the two draconequui who turned around with a panicked smile.

“We’regoingtopopoutforawhile,leteveryponycalmdownokay?” Discord sputtered out, ducking a shot of moon magic from one of the two enraged alicorns.

“CaptialideaDiscord!” Eris gave a weak smirk as she ducked a thrown greatsword that almost certainly came from Luna’s magical hold. “TellButtersnottoworryandIlovehim!” Eris floated closer to Discord as a very large battle axe and mace came straight at her head.

“SametoFluttersplease!” Discord was now back to back with Eris. Both of the draconequui smiled and snapped their fingers, waking everypony up and opening a Door to the Realms In Between while making sure to leave a small wedge for them to get back in later.

Artemis roared himself awake, his horn still glowing from his rage at the discovery in the dream realm. Flaring his wings open, knocking both mares off the bed. He sent a bolt of magic out, slicing through the headboard and making a hole through the wall. A stomp of his rear hooves snapped the bed in half and dented the floor beneath it, but that wasn’t enough for him. He needed more, to destroy more! Buck everything, all would learn to fear him again for daring to make a fool of him again! He would see that Canterlot was dead by his hooves and cities were ablaze for making his life a joke again! He would tear down the sky cities from the sky and laugh at them, to make them see how it was! He would-

Before he could send another bolt of magic out or continue his train of thought, he felt a tight hold over his body. It was soft, feathery, and comforting.

So very comforting.

With that, all of his anger was drained out and all that was left was the shame of thinking those horrible thoughts. He just leaned against Celestia, trying to get a hold of himself as he cried out his rage and regrets of everything.

“Feeling better, Prince Artemis?” Celestia asked after a period of silence.

“Ye- yes,” Artemis hiccuped, turning his head around so he could see what he had done this time in his anger.

...Not much, by the looks of things. A single room destroyed. That was good, as it could have been far, far worse.

Twilight was sitting off to the side, looking at something as the guards started to pile into the room with some hesitation.

“Wh- what is that, Twilight?” He asked with a shaky voice, walking over to her.

“It’s-we found it on the bed,” Twilight said, levitating over the piece of paper with a small hook a the top. “I think Discord wanted you to find it on your horn.”

“It would fit…” Artemis muttered as he started to read the paper.

To grumpy alicorn of the night, Sunbutt, and Twilight, Eris and I will be off fishing for a short while until everypony calms down.

Hugs and Kiss for everypony


Artemis sighed sadly, turning it over absent mindly, noticing even more text.

P.S.: Tell Flutters I am sorry for this and I will be back very soon and you are NOT allowed to give her hugs and kisses!


Scrunching the paper up and throwing it off to the side, he gave another look around the room he had destroyed in his ange- no, in his foalish temper tantrum.

Artemis curled up into a ball, with new tears running down his face.

He was an unbalanced monster that was a few words away from simply destroying everything he cared about.

He didn’t deserve such affection from anypony.

He didn’t deserve Luna.

Oh buck my life.

Artemis froze where he sat. He distantly heard Celestia asking him what the matter was but there was a more pressing matter right now.

Although he had thought that, he did not hear his own voice echoing that thought.

Author's Notes:

Let's see if you can guess why this will become harder to write for me by the clues in here?


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