A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

by Evilhumour

Chapter 12: Chapter nine Artemis

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Chapter Nine - Artemis

Artemis blinked, looking around in his dream realm. His mind raced as he tried to figure out how he got here, as it was far too early for him to be asleep.

The last thing he remembered was yawning and then…

Artemis blushed as he had not fallen asleep like that in a very long time, and he only did that to Solaris.

His musing was cut off when he heard a sharp intake of air behind him.

Spinning around with his horn glowing, his eyes went wide as he saw the pony in his dream realm.

“Luna!” He let out a bit of surprised shout, his horn dimming immediately. He was unsure if he should rush to the mare, smile at her, or what! Solaris was always better at th-

“Artemis,” Faust above, she seemed so much more at ease! “It is wonderful to see you again, but I would like to ask you a dual question.” She said it so smoothly that he barely registered what she said.

She was strutting over to him, causing him to back up. He fought against the urge to clad himself in dream armor, settling on making a thicker torc appear.

“Y-yes Luna?” His ears went back, the tips reddening as he blushed a bit.

She giggled softly, causing his heart to race.

“Did you recently fall asleep, as in the last minute or so?”

He blinked, and then nodded his head, watching her mutter something under her breath.

“What is the-” He began to ask when Luna halted him with a raised hoof, causing him to raise an eyebrow.

“Why and how did you bring me here?”

“What?” he blinked, surprised at this piece of information and accusation. “I brought you here?” His eyes went wide. “How-” he paused, letting his mind try and catch up to form a more reasonable question. “How do you know I brought you here?”

The mare across him, whom he had just noticed was bare as any other pony, let out an annoyed huff of air for some reason before speaking to him again. “Because, I know when somepony drags a mind into another’s quite well. I have dealt with alp and mara before.”

Artemis let out a bit of a shudder. Alp and mara were absolute terrors to deal with, and the one set of races that he was glad was dead.

“As have I, Luna,” he let out a soft nicker, remembering the foals that had been threatened when dealing with those demons and those foals that he had been unable to save. But he forced himself to remember all those he did save and all those that were that much safer with them dead. “But to the point at hoof, I do not know how I brought you here or if I even did.”

As soon as he finished speaking, both of their eyes darted around the dream realm, a question looming over their heads.

“Luna, is this my dream realm or yours?”

“I have no idea Artemis,” Luna frowned, wondering how in Equuis this was possible. “While I am unsure of the exact answer, this does require some more information to form a better hypothesis to determine which dream realm this belongs to. Tell me, what has happened while we have been in the other’s realm?”

Artemis chuckled deeply, enjoying what Luna did to that pompous unicorn. He had to remember that trick for later; he might even get Solaris to shut up if he threatened to send him to the healers, or doctors as they were now called.

“I still cannot believe you did that to that fool Blueblood.” Luna’s laughs were wondrous, causing Artemis to relax more than he had in a very long time. “It was a work of art, although I do swear I had heard the line from somewhere...”

“Perhaps,” Artemis smiled, wracking his mind for what he had seen it from. “I do know I have seen two versions of the play, with the latter being far more enjoyable…”

“Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about!” Luna pointed a hoof at him, poking his nose. Instead of shutting down as he normally would, Artemis just wrinkled his nose and smirked. “A thousand curses, as I cannot remember what it was!” She pouted, sitting back down. “Perhaps I will ask Twi- Dusk and his friends what it is…”

“Indeed…” He sighed, his mind tracing to back to early part of their conversation. “Do you have enough potion for another trip to… our dream realm?”

Both of them were still unnerved by the fact that their own private dream realms had merged somehow, with neither pony able to influence it anymore. It had brought forth many implications, none of which Artemis, nor Luna by the looks of it, were completely comfortable with.

“Ye-yes, I did send Celestia to make enough for a few night travels,” Luna answered, tracing a hoof across the floor. “But I assume that Twilight Sparkle and Dusk Shine will both wish to come and examine this pr-” His eyes went wide, the dreaded word on the tips of her mouth. “No, not problem…” she frowned, not noticing his sigh of relief. “Situation.”

“Ye-yes,” he stuttered, praying to Faust that his cheeks were not red. “I am sure that those two ponies will be able to bring a non-clouded mind to this situation, and hopefully explain everything.”

He froze as his mind raced to the one possible situation that he was deathly afraid of. Looking across him, he saw the same fear on Luna’s face.

He opened his mouth to say something comforting, but nothing came.

Luna placed a hoof on his shoulder, staring at him and forcing him to relax by her eyes alone.

“I do not know if it was because of us that our older siblings acted the way they did, but tonight we will know.” Faust, Luna’s eyes were so sad now, terrified of that horrid possibility.

“Wh-” he squeaked out, trying to build up the confidence to ask the question neither wanted to hear or now. “What if-”

“We will not think of what-ifs Artemis,” Luna said smoothly and firmly, causing him to look up at her with admiration. “We will deal with that possibility if and once it comes to be, understood?”

He nodded his head, and feeling a surge of confidence, he gave her a gentle nuzzling.

He was sure, everything was going to be just fi-

Author's Notes:

The Alp and Mara were the ONLY demons my friends, Foals Errand and Pure Note, could find that directly attack the dreams of people. Both found them at the same time to boot.

If you want to find more, I'd suggest googling it.


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