The real ponies please stand up

by Evilhumour

Chapter 1: Or anypony? Please, just one

This was it, this was finally it! This was suppose to be her big day, the day when she WON for her children.

Invading the stupid ponies capital and replacing that silly pretty pink princess was beyond easy, a sign of how weak they were.

Chrysalis had enjoyed sapping the love out of that fool stallion and even picturing herself feeding on that simpleton’s love for the of her life.

She even enjoyed tormenting those foolish six mares, especially that annoying purple unicorn. She had enjoyed knocking her out and sending her away to be cocooned for future love siphoning.

She even had enough stolen love to send Thunder Thighs, or Celestia horn over tail, and allowing her to place that heavy alicorn into a cocoon, dangling over her new throne room.

Then everything went to Tartarus when that stupid purple filly unicorn not only escaped from her caves, but brought back the real Cadence!

Now that hunky stallion and his foolish bride were about knock them out of this stupid mountain city with all that built up love magic into one very powerful shield spell.

Chrysalis braced herself for the blast, closing her eyes for the oncoming pain.

What happened next, nopony could expect it.

She felt herself moved backwards, but not sent flying as far as she expected.

There was a ring of gasps from all around her, a massive wave of shock hitting her.

Slowly, she opened her eyes to a truly impossible scene.

The lovely couple had been replaced by changelings, in the same tight embrace. One had a pink carapace, the other had his official off duty coat on, his tie undone after she had spent all that time fixing it, disguised as one of his colt friends. Didn’t he know how much she appreciated a stallion that was nicely done! That uncaring, inconsiderate jerk!

Looking behind to the side in further disbelieve, she saw the Elements of Harmony have been replaced by six more changelings, the colours of their carapaces and eyes indicating who they were, each showing surprise on their faces as they each looked at their fellow elements.

The pink one was still bouncing, although it was not as high as normal. The one with the hat had buried her face in it, rubbing the back of the cowering yellow. The white one was muttering things to herself while the purple one was sitting on her rump. The blue one was still gasping at every changling in the room.

“No, no,” Chrysalis started to mutter to herself, not believing this was happening to her, on her special day. This was not fair! “This cannot be happening…”

She turned her head to the Solar Guards, all of their white fur replaced with black chitin, each of them looking at their fellow guards with shock and surprise, with her own changelings look confused to fight their opposites any more.

Everywhere she looked, each pony had been replaced with changelings duplicates, all of them looking shocked at the truth of their friend’s true real self.

She let out an undignified meep when a loud thud came from behind her. Turning her head, she saw that alicorn of the sun was a truly massive changeling, with a gold carapace, golden shoes dangling as she started to stand upright, fixing her golden crown. She was still a bit dizzy from falling from her pod, with a bit of clumsy waltz as she tried to focus on the scene. The Solar Guards, moved out of their shock statures, and went to aid their leader, ignoring the fact that their own fellow guards had been lying to them for so long.

With a flash of light, another looming changeling popped into the room, the regalia indicating this belong to the Princess of the Night. She was flanked by sharp looking changelings with the fearsome looks and armors that could only belong to the Lunar Guards.

The looming changeling instantly went to aid the wobbling changeling, helping her stand upright.

Those thighs were still truly massive. Chrysalis thought to herself, Truly she had been enjoying far too much sweets.

Chrysalis brought a hoof to her face, wondering if this was some sort of twisted dream, wondering if the dinner she had with Shining Armor had something in it.

“Ok,” the changeling queen spoke in a shaky voice, looking at the stunned crowd who were looking at each other with blushing cheeks, their embarrassment flooding the room.

The royal couple had moved away from each other, with the pink coloured changeling still trying to fix his outfit, clearly knowing how much of a goof and disrespectful it was to be that messy on a mare’s special day! If they would have been wedded, he would have slept on the couch for a month! Thank goodness she had been able to get that dragon to plan his bachelor party so no floozy would touch her Shining Armor!

The six Elements looked at her, standing next to each other, all glaring at her with the cowardly one hiding behind the blue one.

The two tall, looming changelings looked at her, with the shorter of the two rubbing the back of the bigger one, tsking as she poked a hole covered hoof into the squishy thighs of the bigger one. The bigger one slapped away the hoof, shooting a sharp glare at the changeling. It seems that Thunder Thighs was still Thunder Thighs.

Her own changeling looked at her with confusion, wondering what the hay was going on! No where in their plans had they planned for this. They had planned for at least one tribe to be place here in Equestria but nothing like this!

All of them turned their attention to the groaning, beyond annoyed changeling queen, asking a question that nopony ever thought would be asked, and would be actually hard pressed to find an affirmative to in the oncoming days. “Is anypony here in this kingdom not a bucking changeling!?”

Author's Notes:

Firstly, if this has been done before, than I am sorry. If not, then can someone tell me how I am the first one to think of this?! Secondly, this is not as polished as I would normally like it and I might refine it later. Thirdly, this was inspired by the countless stories of the mane six being replaced by changelings their entire lives and this was too good to pass up.

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