Then Tomorrow Came

by PonyAmorous

Chapter 14: Epilogue

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Twilight gently opened her eyes to her bedroom. She felt a comfortable warmth coming from her back. A cyan foreleg was wrapped tightly around her chest, and a matching wing lay gently draped over her side. She could see it gently rise and fall in time with the soft breathing she heard coming from behind her. Her lips still tingled at the memory of the passionate kiss they had shared. How it had felt like a flare going off in her brain before dissolving the rest of her mind into pure bliss. How it had ended all too soon, but quickly been replaced by another, and then another.

She remembered the fire that had grown inside both of them as they crashed into the bookshelves, knocking down books that still lay scattered around the floor downstairs. She remembered how they had continued their whirling tornado of amorous destruction all the way up the stairs. She blushed as she remembered what had happened next. How they had made up for all that lost time. She blushed even harder at the prospect of more later. After all, they had the entire weekend until Spike got back.

She had pulled it off. She finally had everything she wanted, and it was wonderful. It certainly hadn't been easy, and she had had her share of doubts, but in the end she had defied fate and earned her happy ending.

She knew others might disagree. They would call her a monster for what she had done. One of the worst criminals in Equestrian history. By some ponies' definitions, she was probably a rapist too. She didn't care what anypony else thought. She loved Dash, and Dash loved her. They made each other happy, and that was all that mattered. The love she saw in Dash's eyes was as real as anything else. The kisses they shared were real. The way Dash held her tightly, as if she would never let go. That was real. The happiness she made Dash feel when she squeezed her back. That was real, and it felt right. Let the world call her a monster, she didn't care. She knew that something that felt so right couldn't possibly be wrong.

"mmm...Twilight..." Dash mumbled in her sleep and squeezed tighter. "I love you."

Twilight smiled as she closed her eyes again. "I love you too, Dash."

Author's Notes:

Well here we are. The end. I told you I wasn't sure if this counted as a good or bad end for Twilight (I'm leaning toward good). Regardless, I had a crazy amount of fun writing this fic. As I said at the beginning, this was the first fanfiction I had ever written for anything. I wasn't sure that I had any kind of writing skills. Thanks to all of your positive support and encouragement, I realized that I do have some ability, and was able to refine and improve upon it to make the story better and better. Thanks you to everyone who liked, favorited, and left a comment. I certainly can't say that I didn't love the attention. You've swelled my head enough that now I'm going to try submitting to Equestria Daily.

Thank You All.

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