Tales of Apple Scratch: Roseluck & Fleetfoot

by RoyalRainbow

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 – Getting Back Up

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Author's Notes:

This chapter takes place right after Chapter 4 – Rose's Qualification in "Apple Scratch: Onward to the Equestria Games!"

I don't know if I was clear enough every time mentioned this, but I love the fanfics of Mariacheat-Brony! And other than GTVS: The Great Teacher Vinyl Scratch, I'm especially a big fan of his first series, "The Apple Scratch Verse." It's got everything I love when it comes to storytelling (fanfic or otherwise): action, drama, comedy, and of course... romance! So it was because of MC-Brony (I'm just shortening that name out to make it easier for myself) and Apple Scratch that inspired me take a huge step for myself and join the FIMFiction community; not just because I want to write some of my own stories, but to also show my own support and appreciation to MC-Brony in anyway I can.

So... what led me to do fanfic off another person's fanfic? ...That's pretty twisted. Well, when I first read the 4th chapter, "Rose's Qualification" in the latest Apple Scratch story, I love how Ponyville's Roseluck Greentouch and Canterlot's Fleetfoot interacted with each other, from beginning to end. I love how they met, and how they faced their own defeat by the end of that chapter. I love it so much that I looked forward to seeing how their relationship would develop in the future chapters to come.

But overtime... nothing happened.

I knew that this story focused more on Vinyl, AJ, & CK (Cloud Kicker) and their romantic partners, but I saw great potential in Roseluck and Fleetfoot. So through the progression of that story, I imagined on how the two background characters would interact with one and another behind the scenes. Once I came up with the possibility of a new romantic story about them, I held it within the corners of my mind for awhile until MC-Brony founded his own group, Apple Scratch Verse. With the possibility of expanding his Verse, I joined in and also contributed my own story for one of his collaborations, "Tales of Apple Scratch: Council of Harmony, Fluttershy - The Lionhearted Lamb." And later on, I decided to share my Roseluck/Fleetfoot idea with him, and to my overwhelming delight, he not only approved it but he also allowed it to be Canon for me. I can't tell you on how much of an honor it was to be able to work with one of my favorite authors!

And ever since then, we would share ideas as I uploaded a draft of each chapter of my story for him to look over and he would give me his opinions and suggestions on ways to improve them. Ever since I joined FIMFiction.net, he's always been very helpful and supportive of me and my stories, so I hope by the time you read this side-story, you would show the same support for his other stories as you would for me!

Anyway, sorry for the long introduction, but I thought it would important for you to know the origins on how it all started.

And so, without further ado... enjoy!

Tales of Apple Scratch: Roseluck & Fleetfoot
Chapter 1 – Getting Back Up

The first trial at the Equestria Games is always (for the lack of a better term) a game-changer to its competitors. It’s where you would want to make the best, first impression for yourself and for your teammates in front of a jam-packed crowd of spectators. But sometimes, it could also be a life-changing event to those who lose in the first trials of the games’ opening day. And occasionally, an overconfident athletic will have its pride shattered when that person endured a humiliating loss against stronger competitors. But on that day, in the 754th Annual Equestria Games that was held for the first time in Ponyville, two female athletes who faced their own defeats on their first race together will gain so much by the end of it all!


It was a rotten way to start the day on her first hurdle qualification. Fleetfoot Stormwind, one of the three most well-known Wonderbolts in Equestria, felt deeply shattered by what just happened recently. To her slight disappointment, she was disqualified for using her wings, in which Jupitarians were never allowed to do during a grounded race like the 100-Meter Hurdle she was in. Of course, she would never dare to cheat in such an important event like that. It would be disgraceful for her to cheat, especially when she’s an aspiring athlete to her fans and sponsors out there. However, her reason for deploying her wings was understandable and quite noble of her to say the least. She certainly didn’t want to step on a fallen athlete after that horrible accident. So in a way, Fleetfoot was more acceptable with her loss.

What was truly unbearable for Fleetfoot was when she saw the reaction of her fellow competitor after the Wonderbolt stopped herself from trampling over the poor, red-haired woman. Fleetfoot could still see the absolute shame and sorrow on that girl’s crying face, and it broke her heart to see something like that on such a nice woman she was talking to earlier.

Roseluck Greentouch was her name, and she was an obvious newcomer into the Games who lived in the same place that it was hosted: Ponyville. When they first met on the track, Fleetfoot easily saw the first signs of a nervous first-timer when she saw Roseluck. The white-haired athlete recalled what it was like during her first race and generously offered her support and advice to the bashful flower girl.

Despite how focus she was in the race, Fleetfoot did managed to catch a few glimpses at her newfound rival. It still amazed her that an underdog was that close to beat a professional athlete, such as herself, and on her first try no less! Fleetfoot couldn’t help but wonder what secrets Roseluck possessed to maintain such grace and agility on the tracking field, and such a perfectly shaped body to go with that too!

But her peaked curiosity was put on hold as great concern continued to fester inside her aching heart. Fleetfoot knew that Roseluck was feeling absolutely guilt over the Wonderbolt’s disqualification. She… wanted to do something about that! She wanted to make the young Eponian understand that it wasn’t her fault to begin with and that Fleetfoot was okay with what she did for her!

“Hey, Fleetfoot?” Soarin asked softly.

“Hmm?” she replied to her teammate after breaking out of her worries.

“Sorry about what happened out there.” he said with a sympathetic, sad look on his face.

“Don’t be, Soarin.” she responded with a faint smile. “It’s my fault anyway. I got disqualified because of what I had to do.”

“Don’t say it like that, Fleetfoot.” Spitfire stepped forward as she laid a gentle hand on Fleetfoot’s shoulder. “You did the right thing, and we’re all very proud of you for what you did for her.”

The rest of her teammates nodded silently with approval as Fleetfoot began to smile brightly from her best friend’s encouragement. “Thanks, guys.”

“I’m just more worried about that poor girl over there.” she pointed out as the two female Wonderbolts oversaw the several distressed Roseluck being transported by her three friends to the locker room.

So am I, Spitfire. Fleetfoot mused with renewed concern. So am I.

Unable to take this anymore, she resolved to fix this in any way possible and turned to Shining Armor, Captain of Royal Guards and team captain of the Canterlot team.



“With your permission… may I go see that she’s alright?” she hesitated with her request. “I… need to do this! Not just for myself, but for her as well!”

“Of course, Fleetfoot.” he responded with an approving smile. “Go right ahead.”

“Thank you.” Immediately she summoned her light arctic blue wings and hastily flew into the same hallway that Roseluck was taken into.

“Don’t forget, you can still qualify in the 200-Meter and 400-Meter Hurdles!” Shining called out to her. “So don’t take too long!”

“Got it!” she responded sharply. “Thanks for the heads up, Shining!”


Once Fleetfoot figured out on where Ponyville’s locker room was, she slowed her pace down as she braced her resolve to cheer up the deeply distraught flower girl. After combing her white, fluffy hair with her fingers and exhaling a short, quiet breath, the coolheaded Wonderbolt approached the closed door and knocked on it softly.

After less than a minute has passed, Fleetfoot assumed that her knocking was too quiet for them to hear, but as she was about to try it again, she quickly retreats her hand as she hears someone on the other side that’s about to open the door. Through a slim crack of the door, a slightly muscular young woman with light brown skin and teal-colored eyes that matched with her hair popped her head out with an inquiring look on her face.

“Umm… yes?” asked Raindrops Silverain.

“Hi, is Roseluck in there?” Fleetfoot responded with friendly, hopeful smile.

“Yes, she’s here. Can I help you with something?” she inquired with a crooked eyebrow.

“May I speak to her real quick?”

“I’m… not really sure if now’s such a good time.”


The teal-haired Jupitarian was a little uncertain about letting a competitor into their own established facility, but then she noticed how sincere Fleetfoot’s expression was and remembered on what the competitor had to sacrifice for the sake of Roseluck’s well-being.

Finally, Raindrops insisted, “Just give me a second and let me ask her about it.”

After the door was closed, Fleetfoot waited patiently outside for the opposing team’s approval. Eventually, the door was re-opened in full swing as the smiling Raindrops welcomes the Wonderbolt in with a gentle wave of her hand.

“Okay. You may come in now.”


Inside, Fleetfoot glanced at the welcoming smiles of the other members of the Ponyville team: Allie Way, Ditzy Doo, and Vera, one of their masseuses. And right in the middle of them was Roseluck sitting on a bench, who had just changed from her grimy uniform into a white, fluffy towel that wrapped tightly around her body. Their eyes were immediately locked on to one another as they were slightly indecisive on what to say first.

Coolly, Fleetfoot started it off with a pleasant smile, “Hey.”

“Hey.” Rose responded with a growing smile. As two were silently staring and smiling at each other, Roseluck realized that there were others at present and hesitantly ask them, “Uh… girls? Do you mind stepping outside for a couple of minutes?”

The four girls look at each other bewilderedly before they agreed to their friend’s request and told her that they will be waiting outside the room if she needs them. After the door was shut, the two resumed their still gazing as they were slightly unsure on what else to say. Eventually, Fleetfoot decided to start with the obvious.

“How’s your ankle?” she asked with slight concern.

“It’s fine. Nothing too serious, really.”

Fleetfoot let out a quick sigh of relief before saying, “I’m really glad to hear that.”

After another brief moment of awkward silence, it was Roseluck’s turn to break that for them. “…Fleetfoot, I--!”

She was trying to get up, but unintentionally, she put a lot of weight on her swollen ankle before she was about to fall over. Like her namesake, Fleetfoot was light on her feet as she swiftly dove forward to catch Roseluck in her well-developed arms. The red-haired athlete was embarrassed in so many ways. Not only she foolishly tried to stand on her own, but Fleetfoot was there once again to prevent any harm from happening to her. Not to mention that being in the well-respected athlete’s strong yet gentle arms was making it so hard to diminish her intense blush right away.

“Easy there.” Fleetfoot reassured cooingly. “I’ve got you. No need to get up for me now.”

“Th-thanks.” she stammered in a continuous blush.

After gently placing Roseluck back on the bench, Fleetfoot glanced down and saw a smudge of ugly purple on her swollen ankle and was curious if it was just a minor injury as the Eponian has stated.

“Do you mind… if I see your leg for a second?” asked Fleetfoot.

The blushing Roseluck was surprised to hear such a strange request. Yet, she didn’t mind it at all when she answered, “O-o-okay. Sure.”

Crouching down right at Roseluck’s waistline, Fleetfoot slowly reached for one of the exposed legs. But as soon as her snow-white fingertips touched the soft skin…

“Eek!” Roseluck instinctively pulled her leg away from the Wonderbolt’s grasp as Fleetfoot was startled by the flower girl’s reaction.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in alarm.

“Sorry! Your touch was quite cold!”

Upon hearing those words, Fleetfoot hastily pulled her hands away, as Roseluck was surprised to see such a fearful expression on the Wonderbolt’s face.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to--!” she hastily explained in such unusual shame.

“No, it’s alright!” Rose quickly reassured her. “Really! I was just… startled, that’s all.”

She felt a little better after hear that before responding, “Oh, o-okay. I’ll try to be gentler this time. Let me know if anything hurts, okay?”

With a quick nod from Roseluck, she was more prepared for Fleetfoot’s cold touch as the Wonderbolt gently inspects the swollen ankle and all of the bones and ligaments attached to it. As for the Ponyvillian, she definitely felt some soreness from every time Fleetfoot’s delicate fingers would press or pass around the inflamed, purple area of her tender foot. But she pushed her gripe aside as she figured it wasn’t something to disturb Fleetfoot’s careful inspection.

Afterwards, she confirmed her simple analysis to Roseluck with a comforting smile. “Well, there’s definitely some swelling here, but like you said, it’s nothing too serious thankfully.”

Whew! That’s good to hear.” she smiled in response.

“You know… I might have… a way to help reduce the swelling for a change.” Fleetfoot offered in mild hesitation. “If that’s okay with you of course.”

In return, Roseluck nodded her approval, “Please. Go right ahead.”

Closing her eyes, the Jupitarian let out a soft breath as she extended her hands out. Through concentration, her conjuring hands were wrapped in a form of mist as they produce transparent, sparkling ice crystals. Once she completed her spell, her icy hands gradually approached Roseluck’s skin once again. Upon contact, the Eponian greatly shivered from the frosty touch of Fleetfoot’s fingers, but this time, she didn’t pull her leg away like before.

Okay, so far, so good! Just don’t lose control, Fleetfoot! Don’t lose control!

With mostly her fingertips, Fleetfoot gently rubbed and stroked Roseluck’s sore foot and leg. As she carefully carcasses the leg, she couldn’t help but be in awe on how perfect it was.

Oh wow! I can’t believe this! she slightly blushed in admiration. Her skin is just so silky smooth! It’s unbelievable that she can have such beautiful legs when they’re this nimble and strong! No, stop that! Be professional, Fleetfoot! Focus on the task at hand!

As for Roseluck, she is amazed how skillful the female Wonderbolt was regarding with her foot massage. Fleetfoot’s hands had the right balance of soft and firm as she masterfully rubbed and bent her foot with pure gentleness. Plus, the cold-imbued hands help sooth and relieve some of the pain. Her exposed leg was practically puddy in Fleetfoot’s hands.

During the session, Fleetfoot asked with a hint of worry, “My hands aren’t getting too cold for you, are they?”

“No, they’re fine! In fact, they feel… rather nice actually.” Roseluck admitted softly with a rosy blush.

While a bit surprised by Rose’s response, Fleetfoot began to smile warmly upon hearing that. “Oh… I’m… glad to hear you said that.”

“How did you come up with this technique?”

“When you’re a Wonderbolt like me, an injury like this just comes with the territory!” she answered with a smirk. “So with my time at physical therapy every now and then, you tend to pick up a few tricks along the way. Plus, I started testing out my ice powers to help numb the swelling when I performed these sports massages for myself and eventually others.”

After the short-lived foot rub, Fleetfoot ceased the icy spell that she casted on her hands. As for Roseluck, she examined her slightly chilled foot and carefully rotated it around. To her amazement, she didn’t feel much of the soreness thanks the numbness of the Jupitarian’s cold hands.

“How’s your foot now?” asked Fleetfoot.

“A little better than before, I guess. But thank you for your help.” Roseluck smiled at the Wonderbolt.

“You’re welcome.” she smiled back before she gets up from the floor. “Well, I better get go--!”

“Please wait!” the red-haired Eponian stopped the Wonderbolt by gripping her right arm.


“I… never got the chance to tell you just how sorry I was when you stopped for me.”

“It’s all good, Roseluck! Really! It’s not your fault to begin with anyway, so there’s nothing for you to be sorry for--!”

“Please, just… don’t sugarcoat me like that!” Roseluck retorted while her emotional, green eyes began to break into tears. “You know full well that all this was my fault! Because of me, I got you disqualified in the Games’ first race! How can you be so forgiving and considerate towards me after what I’ve done to you?! I… I…!”

Without another word, Fleetfoot sat next to the remorseful Roseluck on her left side and gently pulled her in for a reassuring hug. As Fleetfoot was silently comforting the poor girl, Roseluck poured her tears into the Jupitarian’s uniform as she hid her shameful face into her shoulder. After an irrelevant amount of time later, Roseluck finally started to calm down as she still held on to Fleetfoot in the midst of their hug.

Sigh… maybe… competing isn’t for me after all, especially when I’m just some… flower girl from a small town like Ponyville.” said Roseluck in self-pity.

“Well, you could have fooled me…” Fleetfoot smirked in response. “…because what you did today was absolutely amazing!”

“R-really?” she looked up with surprise as her tearful eyes widened.

“Yeah! You may not have notice this yourself, but for a brief moment, you’ve managed to take the lead ahead of me! Me! Fleetfoot of the Wonderbolts! For someone to able to outrun me in a hurdle race like that, that’s quite an accomplishment that’s not to be taken likely!”

“But… I was just lucky… that’s all.”

“Honey, luck has nothing to do with that!” she waved her index finger at the unconfident athlete. “Remember when I told to you to treat that race like it was practice? Well, when I took a glance at you, I saw just how absolutely focused you were out there, and more importantly, I could tell that you knew what you were doing too! And you may be just a small town girl to most people’s eyes, but to me, you’re really one-of-a-kind, Roseluck!”

The red-haired Eponian was briefly astonished to hear such extraordinary praise from a Wonderbolt of all things, but at last, the simple flower girl started to show a bright smile as she wiped away her remaining tears.

“Thanks, Fleetfoot… but… it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still my fault we both lost the race today.”

The Jupitarian shook her head and repeated herself, “I already told you: it’s not your fault to begin with.”

“How can you keep saying that?!” Roseluck snapped at her white-haired competitor. “Of course, it’s my fault! I’m the one who tripped after the last hurdle!”

“True, but who was the one to tripped you in the first place?” she inquired with an knowing grin.

“Wh-what?” she perplexed suddenly right after her short outburst. “How can you be so sure of something like that?

“When I stopped in front of you after your stumble, I saw the bottom of your left shoe covered in a thin layer of ice. Someone caused you to literally slip up!”

“But… who would do something like that…?” Just as Roseluck was about to ponder on this, a crazy thought came to mind on a likely suspect. “Wait… Lightning Dust?!”

“And we have ourselves a winner!” Fleetfoot announced with an amusing grin.

“Why… why would she do that?” she stammered in disbelief.

“Because she was afraid that she might lose to some newbie like yourself. No offense, Roseluck. So she hoped to take you out of the competition. And luck would have it, she managed to take me out of the race as well.”

“Can’t we report this to the Games’ official about her? That’s just grand-scaled cheating!”

Fleetfoot sighed heavily as she answered in disappointment, “I wish we could, but we need more concrete evidence to kick her out of the Games for sure. Not even the word of a Wonderbolt will be sufficient enough.”

Roseluck couldn’t believe it! All this time, she thought that it was her fault for tripping herself during her hurdle qualification, but instead, it was actually Lightning Dust who caused her to slip up! Before learning this new information from Fleetfoot, the young female Eponian was feeling nothing but self-pity and remorse for her actions. But now, she is trembling with anger at her newfound, hated adversary from Cloudsdale!

“I just can’t believe that Lightning Dust is going to get away with that and will pretty much just walk away with her first medal!” Roseluck growled with condensed fury.

“Well… she may be able to get herself a gold medal in the 100-Meter Hurdle, but who said that she’ll walk away so easily in the 200 and 400 as well?” Fleetfoot stated with an all-knowing smirk.

“Wait a minute… you?!” Roseluck gasped at this revelation, who received a nod in return. “But I thought you were disqualified from competing in the hurdles!”

“Only in the 100-Meter mind you.” she pointed it out with a confident smile. “I can still compete in the other two races, and I assure you that I will make into those two finals! That reminds me… are you still competing in any more games this year?”

“Yes, of course I am. I’ll be competing in Gymnastics this Friday.”

“Good! That’s let make a promise to each other!” Fleetfoot suggested as she extended her hand to the bewildered Roseluck. “You do your best to make a nice recovery regarding with your ankle and be sure to kick some serious ass out there in the rest of your matches! And as for me, I’ll be sure to put Lightning Dust in her place when I beat her in the last two hurdle races just for you! Does that sound good to you?”

Once she grasped on the Wonderbolt’s proposition, Roseluck smiled assuredly and firmly shook the Jupitarian’s hand. “Yes, I promise… I will continue to do my best from here on out!”

“That’s what I like to hear from you! And speaking of which, I better get back on track myself! Wouldn’t be able to whoop that cheater’s butt in the finals if I don’t complete the qualifications first, now will I?”

But just as the Wonderbolt was about to get off her seat, Roseluck asked, “Fleetfoot?”


In an unforeseen maneuver, Fleetfoot was nearly tackled off her seat as Roseluck rushed in for a surprisingly strong hug before the grateful Eponian whispered, “Thank you… for everything.”

After returning the embrace and gently patting her on the back, Fleetfoot responded with a smile, “Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?”

“We’re… we’re friends?” Roseluck replied in complete shock.

“Of course we are! Unless… you don’t want to be friends with me!” she said with a shrewd smirk. “Because I know a lot of fans who would keel over for a chance like this! But if you think you’re too good to hang out with a celebrity like me, then I guess I’ll--!”

“N-n-no! Of course I want to be friends with you!” Roseluck hastened her answer.

Te-hee! You are such cutie! You know that, right?” she giggled with a teasing grin.

“Sh-shut up!” she retorts with a heavy blush.

D’awww! Look at that!” Fleetfoot teased the blushing woman once again. “Your blushing matches that with the color of your hair! So cute!”

Despite frowning at being teased by the good-natured Jupitarian, Rose gradually broke into a slightly amused smile as she dismisses her new friend, “You better get out of here before you get disqualified from the rest of the hurdle races too!”

“Right!” Fleet snaps out of her playful mood as she takes her leave immediately. “I’ll catch up with you later! Wish me luck, Rose!”

After leaving Ponyville’s locker room and waving goodbye to Roseluck’s friends, Fleetfoot briskly takes flight and is about to head back outside to compete for the rest of her hurdle qualifications. But as she flew throughout the vacant hallway, she slowed down for a minute as she was distracted by her hands. As she was transfixed by her usually cold fingers while softly rubbing them, the Wonderbolt smiled broadly to herself from recalling the rosy Eponian’s compliment earlier.

She… didn’t mind them. She didn’t mind them at all.

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