Role Reversal

by Shadowmane PX-41

Chapter 1: The Dare Begins

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"Morning, Di!" Silver Spoon said as she neared her closest friend, Diamond Tiara. These two always had endless possibilities on what they would do today once they got together.

"Morning, Silvs!" Diamond returned a happy greeting and walked over to Silver's side. "I was just about to come looking for you."

The two fillies shared some more pleasantries before setting off on their way, into Ponyville. On their way, they passed a few familiar faces, but decided to stick with each other instead of greet them.

"Did you hear? Sapphire Shores is close to finishing her latest album." Diamond began another conversation with Silver, and she hung on every word.

"Since when were you a fan of Sapphire Shores?" Silver responded with a raised ear. Diamond had a lot of private fantasies, but Silver never knew that Diamond was a fan of Sapphire Shores, The Pony Of Pop.

"Funny story about that, there was an album of hers named Blank Flanks Just Won't Do. I decided to listen to some of the songs inside, and while there was a severe lack of Blank Flank hate, I liked how urban it sounded and how freely Sapphire expressed herself." Diamond explained.

"Oh, Okay then. It makes a lot of sense when I hear it from you then." Silver said once she had allowed Diamond to finish.

"Hang on." Diamond stopped Silver with a hoof. "Do you see what I see?" Diamond turned Silver's head so that she too was seeing what exactly Diamond wanted her to see.

"I see now, Blank-Flanks at 12 o' clock." Silver saw Applebloom and Sweetie Belle chasing each other in a nearby field, right next to a few houses. "What should we do?"

"The same thing we do all the time, Silvs. Have a little... Fun with them." Diamond put on a smirk and began to confront the two markless fillies.

Diamond and Silver began to advance on Sweetie Belle and Applebloom as they began to take cover behind a few townsponies. Eventually, Applebloom tripped and fell, and Diamond made her move.

"Wow, Applebloom. I never knew you liked the taste of dirt." A line which made Silver chuckle as well. "How does it taste? Like failure?"

"Ya know, Diamond, Yer lucky ah never have the tahme ta fill in a restraining order against you and Silver." Applebloom got to her feet and brushed the dirt and grass off of her belly.

"Believe me, I know. You'd probably end up losing the restraining order in that labyrinth you call a farm!" Diamond retorted, "Oopsies, there I go again, ripping on your quaint little dirt field once again."

"Ya wouldn't know apple farmin' if it hit ya over the head." Applebloom said, quietly, as if uttering a plan in her head. Yes, it seemed so obvious now. The way that Diamond was being a jackass to Applebloom, was that she thought that Diamond had only seen the posh side of life. If she could get Diamond on the farm and give her a sweet taste of country, then maybe if would change her tone once and for all.

"Um, hello? Earth to Blank-Flank. You're kind of spacing out on us now." Silver said, breaking Applebloom out of her trance and bringing her back to reality.

"Come on, Applebloom. They're not even worth our time. We can go and play somewhere else." Sweetie began walking off, but was surprised to see Applebloom just standing there, doing nothing. "Applebloom?" She turned back and saw the filly was thinking of something, something big.

"Ah'm willing to dare ya on something, Diamond." Applebloom said, her stance not moving, not even an inch.

"Ooooh, You want to try and best me at a dare?" Diamond always believed that no matter what Applebloom could throw at her, she would be ready for it. A dare was just a mere trifle to her nowadays. "While I would usually say no to your little dares, I'm feeling generous today. Go on then, Applebloom. Name your challenge."

"Role-Reversal." Was all Applebloom could say as she began to pace around Diamond and Silver. "Ya'll have always seen the high side of life, without even sparin' a thought fer the country tahpes. Well, Diamond, I think it's time for a little changing of the roles."

"English, please?" Diamond both said and taunted as Applebloom just shrugged her words off.

"Fer the next week. We have to switch our roles. Ya'll will be taking on the country style. While ah get yer fancy-schmancy style fer the week." Applebloom cast a wicked smile, knowing that Diamond would have to accept, lest she be mocked by her classmates.

"Are you crazy?!" Diamond was stunned as she finally pieced it all together in her mind. "There's no way I'd do something like that, Daddy would kill me!"

"What's the matter, Diamond. Ya finally chicken after all these years?" Applebloom then did the icing on the cake move, She began trotting around in a really awkward style on her hind hooves, putting her front hooves to the side and flapping them like a chicken's wings. All the while making telltale chicken noises that would definitely invoke a dare.

"Diamond, I hate to say this, but she has a point here." Silver began as Applebloom stopped issuing a taunt. "If you're not willing to accept a challenge, no doubt she'll tell everypony in class about your cowardice. It's a massive sign of weakness if you don't decide to accept."

"But Silver, I don't think it'd look good on me. Furthermore, everypony would see me walking around in those cowpony clothes, and then, I am finished, done. My reign of manipulation is over, OVER I tell you!" Diamond said as she envisioned the entire thing in her head.

"Then you have a tough decision here, Diamond." Silver sighed deeply as she walked over to Applebloom and Sweetie. "Accept the deal and retain your pride, or refuse and watch as your classmates eat you alive in school tomorrow."

Diamond thought it over in her head. If she accepted, there was a risk of everypony laughing at her in class and ruining her reputation, besides a definite job working on Applebloom's orchard. But if she refused, it would give the Cutie Mark Crusaders the chance to finally put an end to her reign as the princess of the class once and for all. And she sure as hell was not going to give up her pride. Not now, not ever!

"I have come to a decision..." She looked up at the three fillies. who all looked back at her. Diamond felt a little nervous at first, but then she summed up the courage to speak at last. "I accept your terms, Applebloom. Your dare is officially on."

Sweetie began cheering in joy and bouncing. Only for Applebloom to calm her down after a good 15 seconds of it. Silver walked back over to Diamond and gave her a hoof bump for good luck.

"Before we begin, we need ta make sure we definitely look the part." Applebloom said as she lead her band of fillies over to the Carousel Boutique. "We're gonna get a full and complete makeover."

Diamond lightly shuddered, for once in her life. This was a makeover she was dreading. But she decided not to show any signs of fear or worry. She had her dignity on the line here.

"Thanks fer helping us out with our little dare, Rarity." Applebloom complimented as she and Diamond were already getting their new looks ready for the challenge ahead of them. They were getting a blind treatment, so they wouldn't see what they would look like until the end of it.

"It's the least I could do, Applebloom. I have always wanted to test out the style of country on a few other ponies after that little quarrel with Applejack a while back." She said as she began to apply some of her finest shampoo to Applebloom's hair, so that she did look like an upper-class filly. "Oh, and, I just want to say this now. It's usually uncouth for rich fillies your age to be wearing bows. So you're going to have to lose it for the week."

"But how will everypony even recognahze me?" Applebloom asked, with her hooves in a shrugging position. "They'll be expecting Applebloom, not her fancy schmancy rich cousin twice-removed."

"Believe me, Applebloom. They'll know." Rarity finished up her makeshift rich style for Applebloom with a nice little necklace. "It's a good thing Applejack said I should have kept this, otherwise, their would have been no practical use for it."

"How do I look, Silver?" Applebloom turned to face her style critic. You see, Silver and Sweetie decided to be coaching their designated pony on what they think would be the perfect fit for their borrowed styles. Long story short, Silver would hang with the high-class Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle would be working with the country Diamond Tiara.

"All in good time, Applebloom. All in good time." She wanted to hide her feeling until the big reveal, to Diamond, and to herself. She did not want to give away anything about Applebloom's get up.

"Oh, that reminds me, I have to see how Sweetie Belle is getting on with Diamond Tiara." Rarity made her way to another fitting room. "You and Silver take care now, Alright?"

"We'll be fine." Applebloom said as she and Silver sat next to each other. The ponies' style mentors would also have to teach them how to act and talk their current styles.

"Alright, Applebloom. If there's one thing that defines a posh pony from a regular pony, it's their elocution." Silver began to explain to Applebloom a key issue on how to act popular and posh.

"Elocution?" Applebloom was unsure whether or not she had even heard the word before. But if it was to do with her posh new style for the week, she'd have to learn it, and fast.

"The style of speaking. Have you noticed mine and Diamond's extensive vocabulary over the time we've spent in class?" Silver calmly asked her.

"Well, ah do know that ya lahke ta use big words to pronounce things. Does that count?" She asked as she put a hoof to her chin.

"Kind of. But it's not just having an expansive vocabulary that makes you sound posh. You've got to add a little charm to it as well. Let me demonstrate..." Silver began to teach Applebloom how to speak like a proper upper-class pony.

"Diamond, there's only a few things left. Just calm down for a second." Sweetie's client, Diamond Tiara, was starting to hyperventilate. It was going to be a massive change having to wear a different hairstyle for the week. And she was unsure whether or not she could pull it off.

"Sweetie, I don't know if I can do this." Diamond said, letting the stress off of her chest. "It's one thing seeing country style every day, but actually embracing country style could be my overall breaking point."

"Then you'll have to be strong, and take it like a mare." Sweetie said as she pulled out all that she needed. "Rarity, can you help Diamond with her country mane for today?"

"Of course I can, Sweetie. In the meantime, you can find the perfect apparel for Diamond for her week in the country." Rarity said as she began to pull out everything that could make any hair into the hairstyle she needed.

As Rarity pulled out the hairstyler from the compartment marked "COUNTRY" Sweetie Belle began to fiddle through a chest full of accessories, in the hope that she could find what she was looking for.

"If I was a country get-up in Rarity's chest full of accessories, where would I be?" Sweetie dove into it and began to shuffle a few accessories around. "Perfect!" She gasped in delight as she found what she was looking for.

Sweetie climbed out of the chest with two accessories in her muzzle, one of which was a neckerchief, the other, a hair tie. Both of them being sky-blue. As she neatly put all the hitchhiking accessories back in the trunk, she walked over to Diamond, who was getting the full country hairstyling from Rarity and her equipment.

"Alright, Diamond. The good news to you is, it's almost over." Sweetie Belle said as she tied the hairtie around the near end of Diamond's tail. It was hard for Sweetie to get it firmly on the hair, but she succeeded in the end, thanks to Rarity.

"I just hope Silver isn't gonna make fun of me for this get-up." Diamond was a little concerned as Sweetie tied the neckerchief around Diamond's neck, so that it was comfortable as well as country.

"I can't help but feel like something's missing." Sweetie Belle said as she beheld Diamond's new country style. She let the thought fester in her head until she finally had a dash of inspiration. "I've got it!"

Sweetie ran over to Rarity's hat line and shuffled through all the hats she could find until she eventually found what she was looking for; A cowgirl's hat, large enough for Diamond to wear. It looked a little similar to Applejack's hat, only this one was a little brighter than hers.

"Diamond, I know how close you're attached to that little tiara of yours, but it's just for the week. You'll get it back once this little ordeal is over." Sweetie pulled off a quick switch, too fast for Diamond's eye. In a split second, Diamond was wearing the hat, and Sweetie hoofed the tiara to Rarity, who kept it stored in a nice little safe, for future use.

"Just make sure you'll take care of it. Daddy had me pay 750 bits for it." Diamond said with the concern of anyone who loved something deeply as she leapt down off of the table.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine. Rarity treats jewels, gems, and jewel encrusted things with the best care she can deliver." Sweetie reassured Diamond as she walked her over to the other changing room, where they would no doubt see Applebloom and Silver.

"Alright, Applebloom. I know it's only been a few minutes, but I think you're ready for your final step in elocution." Silver began to speak. "Now it's usually uncouth for a fancy pony to break character. So the last step on your exam is to keep your act going until the end of the dare. Do you think you can handle that?"

Applebloom cleared her throat and began to speak. "Why, of course I can, Silver Spoon. Surely a high-class pony like myself can keep up one little charade until the end of the week." Applebloom had also picked up a fancy accent, and there was no trace of the country voice in her left. A smile from Silver Spoon was a dead giveaway that she was impressed by Applebloom's new accent.

"Wow, Applebloom. You're one fast learner!" Silver complimented on Applebloom's new voice. "If you keep this up for the rest of the week. I might just have a new favourite classmate."

Suddenly, the door opened behind them with Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara walking in. Applebloom and Silver were a mix of surprised and impressed when the country-styled Diamond walked in. Sweetie and Diamond were just as surprised when they saw Applebloom's new style.

"Oh my, Silver. If it isn't one of our oldest colleagues, Diamond Tiara." Applebloom said, still in her posh character. "And it seems like she's decided to go country-style for today."

"Well, uh. Hi the-" Sweetie nudged Diamond gently, a sign that told her not to break character. Diamond took this hint, cleared her throat, and started again. "Well, ah'd love ta have ya'll as company, but ah've got me a mighty fine orchard ta tend to today."

"We need to work a little more on your country voice, Diamond." Sweetie said as she ran over to get a mirror from the side so that Diamond and Applebloom could see themselves.

"Now, we both tried our bets to make your new guises very convincing." Silver began as she took the second mirror, so that Applebloom and Diamond didn't have to share. "Just give us your honest opinions on what you think. Okay?"

"I don't see how I could be taken off guard by-" Applebloom was cut short once she saw herself, her hair had been pampered and curled at the front and back, and her lack of bow complimented the maturity of her look. She was wearing a pearl necklace, much similar to Silver's only with the exception of an apple shaped jewel in the middle of it. "Oh my."

"Alright, ah think it's about tahme that ah see mahself in that there mirror of-" Diamond was also taken by surprise. She had been given a complete style change. Her hair was mostly braided at the back, and there was a few small strands of hair sticking out in some places, something she would like to see go by the end of the week.

As for accessories, Diamond was wearing a sky-blue neckerchief on her neck, and a sky-blue hairtie on her tail. This country style was complimented by the cowgirl hat on her head where her tiara would usually be. "I... uh, ah have no words ta describe this here get up!"

"Ok, we're almost done here. There's just one more thing we need to lay down for you both." Silver said as she pushed her glasses back up to her face. "The rules."

"They're the simplest rules you can possibly ask for." Sweetie Belle said after she let Silver finish. "I'm sure you two will pick them up quickly and easily.

"First off, you're not allowed to break character when I, Sweetie Belle, or somepony else is with you. The only time you can speak your normal self is when you're either alone, or alone with each other." Silver stated the first rule clearly so they could both hear it.

"Secondly, you'll be staying with your mentors for the week." Sweetie began after Silver finished. "Meaning, Applebloom will stay with Silver Spoon and her family, and Diamond Tiara has to stay with me for the week."

"Finally, if you make it to the end of the week in your new guises, you have the chance to keep them for an extended period of time, if you wish." Silver closed up the rules with that last sentence. "Follow these three rules and you should both be fine."

"Ah have a question!" Diamond said, keeping her character the best she could be at this moment. She even raised a hoof to grab the attention of Sweetie and Silver. "What in tarnation happens ta us if we break character?"

"If you break character, it enables me and Sweetie Belle to enforce a dare onto you." Silver smirked. "Some of them could be harmless, some could damage your psyche and pride massively, it depends on how we're feeling."

"Bear in mind, we'll be keeping close tabs on you throughout the week, so we advise you not to break character at anytime. And I've got a load of dares stacked up from the day we met, Diamond." Sweetie shot a glare to her country-styled student, who recoiled lightly in fear.

"I suppose we should get to your new homes for the week, if you two have something to say to each other, say it now. Then we can be on our ways." Silver said as Diamond and Applebloom turned to face each other.

"Well, I guess we should get going, Diamond." Applebloom said, her new posh accent sticking to her quite closely. "I hope you have fun toiling away on the apple farm."

"And ah hope ya have fun trying ta fit inta that crazy high-life society that ah used ta live in." Diamond said, in the best country accent she could muster from a few minutes training. "Ya wanna shake on our little bet?"

"Of course, my fine farmpony foe." Applebloom and Diamond stretched out their hooves, connected them, and shook. "It, is, on!"

Author's Notes:

Welcome to my new story. I thought to myself for a while, AR is a hot type of story at the moment, but for now, I've decided to relax and do something else for a change. A DT fic.

It has been a while since I wrote something with Diamond Tiara. Especially since, I'm usually lazy and constantly waste time playing Call Of Duty. But I had to think about what would be a good story...

And then in Drawfriend #1162 on Equestria Daily, I found this picture. And although, half of the Drawfriend folder was devoted to Lord Tirek and the S4 Finale. There was still some other cool pics in there as well. Including this one. Just looking at the picture alone, was the spark of inspiration I needed. And BOOM! I'm back in the DT fic business.

Be sure to Rate, Comment, Like, and Follow.

I want to make as much of this story as I can. Also, you may never get another chance to see Diamond Tiara in country clothing and Applejewel's supposed sister. So grab this fic while you can!

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