Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara: The Reason For The Feud

by Never2muchpinkie

Chapter 1: Prologue: A meaningful name

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“Huff, huff, huff.” Heavy breathing went throughout the room.

“Push! Push!”

It was a very special time. A time of new beginnings. The day they had all been waiting for just like the end of Winter Wrap-Up, where the planting of a seed brings forth new life to the soil.

Outside the delivery room Applejack hopped around anxiously, impatient to finally meet her new sibling. Big Macintosh was more restrained but he was pacing around, feeling just as excited. He gave a little laugh as he watched the little filly’s rambunctiousness, feeling it would probably do little good to try to calm her down. Granny Smith was keeping an eye on the two, chuckling to herself, part of her wishing she had their energy. She didn’t begrudge them their youth. After all, she had had a long life, overseeing the start of the town they lived in and gaining a large family.

She thought of how interesting it was that her grandchildren had the same look as their parents in everything but their colors. Their coats and manes were the same colors as their opposite gender parent. Summer Macintosh Apple was a big burly stallion, incredibly strong but so very gentle at the same time. Big Macintosh was honored to share part of his name. Pacific Rose Apple was a sweet mare who put family above all else.

When the door finally opened the three looked excitedly towards it, waiting for the good news, for the excited voice of their dad as he told them the gender of the baby. Much to their dismay, when he came out there was none of that. He looked distraught, close to tears. He stammered incoherently before he could take a deep breath, saying, “There was a problem.”

“What kind of problem, sonny?” asked Granny Smith.

Summer Macintosh closed his eyes for a moment, a few tears running down his eyes. “She’s dying.”

“WHAT?!” all three of them yelled.

“They told me all they can do is try to staunch the bleeding and give her some medication to be sure she goes peacefully.”

A sense of gloom pervaded the atmosphere. “And… the foal?” asked Granny Smith in a small voice.

“It’s a girl,” he responded just as quietly. “She’s healthy.

“All of you need to come in and… and…” He took a deep breath, finding it difficult to say his next words. “...and come say your last goodbyes. The doctors say she has an hour to live at most. Let’s make the most of it.”

The four walked into the delivery room, their mother having been moved to a clean bed. Her face was drawn, she was panting heavily, and sweat covered her body. Her face was twisted in pain, but when she heard the voice of her husband bringing in the kids she quickly adopted a calmer demeanor.

“Go on,” said Summer Macintosh. “I said a quick goodbye to her already. We both decided it’s more important to spend her last hour with you kids. We’ve shared enough. The two of us don’t need an elaborate send-off.”

Granny Smith walked over first, saying, “I agree. This time is most important for you kids.” She hugged her daughter-in-law tightly. “We’ll take good care of them for you. Especially our newest little Apple.”

“Thank you, Mom,” she responded, hugging her back before letting go.

With that she backed off, and Applejack and Big Mac both climbed into her bed on either side. She placed a hoof on both of them, as peaceful a look as she could manage on her face. The medication was kicking in, and as the pain began to cease she was more able to act as she needed to as their mother. “You don’t need to cry, my children. This is life. Before I go, though, I have to give you my last words as your mom.

“Big Macintosh!”

“E-e-eyup?” he stuttered out through his tears.

“You’re the oldest of my three lovely children. Look after and protect your sisters always. Don’t ever let harm come to them where you can. Especially your newest sister. She’s so young and fragile and needs to be looked after.”

“Eeyup.” He nodded. “I promise.”

She gave him a kiss and nuzzled him. “Thank you, my little Apple.”

“And Applejack?”

“Y-yes, Mom?” she responded

“The same goes to you. Look out for and protect your sister for me. Teach her all of the important things that family should know. Care for her like I would. Be the closest sisters in Ponyville.”

Sniffing and holding close to her mother she nodded. “No. We’ll be the closest sisters In Equestria!”

“That would be a wonder and a joy. It makes me glad to hear that, my little Apple.

“All of you…” She looked around at her children, her husband, and mother-in-law. “The task falls to you to teach her what it means to be an Apple. Love and togetherness, family, working together; these are the things I want you to impress on your new sister, because without these we’re only relatives, not family.”

After that the baby was brought to her, having been cleaned and wrapped in a warm blanket. The two children looked at her with mild interest, too upset to really be able to care about their new sister.

“Oh, my sweet child,” Pacific Rose said with adoration. “I’m so happy to have you today.” She held and cuddled her daughter, gently running her hooves through the red mane. The baby was being quiet.

A little while after that, her formidable self-control began fading with her strength, and tears began coming down her face. “This isn’t right. I’ve only just met you. I don’t want to be separated from you yet. I want to be your mom for much, much longer.” Applejack and Big Mac both held onto their mother tightly as she began sobbing, they starting to follow along right with her.

“My little Apple, I’ll never get to see you bloom.” She suddenly gasped and became silent.

“Mom!” The two children called out, thinking she had passed. To their surprise they saw her smiling now.

“That’s it. That’s it! I finally figured it out.”

“Figured what out?” asked Summer Macintosh.

“The name. I know what I want to name her. Apple Bloom.”

“Apple Bloom… I like it.”

“Me too. It fits her well. She will one day inherit the Apple family spirit, and grow on to be greater than any of us. That is my wish and my hope for her as her mother.” Holding her baby close to her she knew she had given her daughter the most important gift she had been able to give: she had given her daughter an identity, the name by which all would know her in the future.

Taking Apple Bloom out of her cover she gave the child a kiss before turning on her side and placing her hoof around her daughter, seeing her squirm gently in her sleep. Despite her pain there was joy in her eyes and love in her voice as she said it again. “Apple Bloom.”

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