The Elder Scrolls: The Dragonborn of Equestria

by Urimas Ebonheart

Chapter 1: Prologue

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The Elder Scrolls: The Dragonborn of Equestria

In the city of Whiterun in Skyrim, I sit at an Inn drinking and eating after a successful job clearing a bandit camp.

My name is Farengar. I'm twenty-five years old, about six foot three inches tall, shoulder length brown unkempt hair, green eyes and pale skin. I have a scar going down my left eye, but fortunately I wasn't blinded.

I wield a Dwarven Greatsword with a weak fire enchantment on it that has seen better days with a few notches on the blade. A suit of heavy plate armour made of steel that has scratches and dents from battle. A few pouches holding one-hundred and forty septims, five health potions, seven lock picks, an assortment of gems and a ring that weakens the effects of controlling magic (stuns/paralysis/mind control/Manipulating the body) greatly against me.

I also learnt some minor healing magic but I'm only good enough to heal cuts, minor burns and infections. I never did have the magicka reserves to heal big wounds.

After finishing my meal I call the barkeep over, She's a Nord with long blonde hair and is wearing a simple dress.

"Barkeep, any jobs available?" I ask getting out ten Septims to pay for my meal.

"Only one left, but it doesn't look like a good one," she replies handing me a piece of paper. I take it and read it.

Employer: Estormo
Job: Locate a rare tome in an old ruin.
Description: In a ruin called Felglow Keep to the North-east of Whiterun is a tome called The Art of Illusion I've heard rumours of being there, I would like to hire you to find this tome and bring it back to me in Winterhold.
Pay: 500 Septims.

After looking at the job, I'm confused as to why she said it was a bad one.

"Looks like an easy job with high pay, why is it not a good one?" I ask her.

"There's a necromancer living in those ruins with an army of the undead," she replies. I think this over, sure I've slain hundreds of the undead before, but never went face to face with a necromancer.

I really need this job, with that money, I could pay off a debt I owe.

"I need the money, and since it's the only job available I'll have to take it. By the way you got any rooms available?" She looks back to me while cleaning a tankard.

"Aye, I have one room left, its ten gold a night." I pull out ten Septims and hand them over. "Alright, follow me I'll show you to your room." I get up and follow her up the stairs and down a hallway. We reach the last door to the left.

"Here's your room, enjoy your stay," she says as she starts to walk away, I thank her and enter the room.

It's small with one bed in the right corner and a small table with a candle and chair to the left. The bed doesn't look that comfortable but I'm used to it after travelling for four years.

I strip out of my armour and place it with my sword at the base of the bed, I then lock the door and lay down on the bed. I then start thinking on how to approach this necromancer.

After an hour of thinking nothing comes to mind, I never was much of a thinker and mostly went head first into things. I give up thinking of what to do and drift off to sleep.

Morning arrives and the light from the window on my face awakens me. I yawn rubbing my eyes and lazily get out of bed and start equipping my gear for the task ahead of me.

Once it's all on there's a knock at the door as the Barkeeper lets me know that breakfast is ready. I open the door and thank her as I follow her down stairs.

I sit at a table and order a mug of water, eggs, a piece of cheese and an apple. I pay her twelve Septims for the food and wait for her to bring it to me.

I look around and see a bard playing next to the fire-pit and see other patrons at the bar and tables. Eight minutes later she arrives with my food, I thank her and start eating. Once I finish, a loud crash echoes through the Inn as an Orc punched a beggar into the wall knocking over a chair.

"Don't hear so good do you old man? I told you to get lost!" the orc yells at the old beggar. The orc is about five foot nine inches tall, wearing orcish style armour and a nasty looking hammer on his back.

"Please, all I ask for is a coin or two," the beggar asks on his knees. His face starting to swell up from the blow and landing, I get up and start walking over to them.

"Then get a job like a real man, filthy piece of...." the orc raises his hand for another strike but is stopped as I grab his wrist.

"That's enough, you've made your point, no need to beat him for asking for a handout," I tell the orc sternly. He turns his head to look at me, I can tell he's slightly drunk as his eyes are a bit unfocused.

"Oh yeah? And who do you think you are telling me what I can and can't do?" He pulls his hand away from me and draws his large hammer off his back.

Seeing this won't end well, I draw my Greatsword and start circling him. I stare him down waiting for him to make the first move, he gets impatient and rushes me.

I sidestep and avoid his down stroke, I then slam my sword's hilt into the back of his head sending him tumbling to the floor. He groans as he gets back up, but before he can attack again, a Whiterun guard enters and restrains the orc.

"Cease this fight now or you'll be hauled to the dungeons!" the guard commands. I put my sword away as the barkeep explains what happened to the guard.

I make my way to the old beggar and help him up, I place him at the table I was at and wait for the barkeep to return. As she finishes with the guard, I ask her to bring another breakfast for the old man.

I start reducing the swelling on the old man's face with a healing spell, it took two minutes and a quarter of my magicka but the swelling went down.

"Thank you, you’re the first one to show me any kindness in a long while," he smiles as I pull my hand away.

"Not a problem. My name is Farengar, what's yours?" I ask as I get some coins out of my pouch.

"My name is Joric. I used to be a farmer, that was until a giant rampaged through my fields and my home. The guards were able to kill it but the damage was done. I did not have the money for a new home or seeds so here I am, begging to stay alive," he tells me making me frown.

"Have you not any family you can go to for help?" I ask. Joric just looks depressed as he replies.

"No, my wife passed away seven years ago and my son died in an attack on a bandit camp twenty-five years ago. He was a member of the guards, and so I'm alone with no family to turn to."

Thinking it over I hand him twenty Septims and a small Emerald. "Here take these, it may not be much but it should last you awhile." Joric just looks at my hands with a surprised look on his face.

"I... I don't know what to say... Blessings of the divines upon you young one. Hopefully this will be enough for me to find a job at least, thank you," he smiles as his eyes start to tear up. I smile as well knowing I've done something good. The barkeep returns with the meal and I offer it to Joric, he thanks me as he starts eating. I pay for the meal and say goodbye as I walk out of the Inn.

I step outside and look around; to my right is some market stalls and stairs to the upper level of the city containing the Temple of Kynareth with a dead looking tree outside it. The Skyforge next to the Hall of the Companions, a mercenary group. Some upper class homes and at the top is Dragonreach where the jarl lives.

To my left is the Blacksmith, Apothecary, bow store, small homes, general store and further down the road leads to the main gate. I head to the market and buy some bottled water, salted beef and some fruits. I have sixty-eight Septims left and head for the gate.

I leave the city and look at my map. After finding the location of the ruins I head down the road passing the Stables, Farmlands and a Meadery.

I cross a bridge over a small stream and start to hear growling, a wolf stalks me and I draw my sword. After a few seconds, it leaps at me and I swing my sword horizontally at it, decapitating the wolf. The enchantment burning the flesh where it cut.

With that dealt with, I continue walking down the road with my sword still drawn. I make it to the Valtheim Towers where I will cross over the bridge to the other side, but a shady looking character blocks my path.

"Oy, this here is our road. You need to pay a toll of two-hundred Septims to pass," he says grinning like he's been snorting moon sugar all morning.

"There was no toll here last time I passed through," I reply.

"Well there is now, and just for your lip, you'll now pay four-hundred Septims to pass hehehe," he pulls out a rusty looking Shortsword and starts walking towards me.

I ready my sword and get into a battle stance, the bandit swings at me multiple times which I parry them all. After parrying the last attack, I swing my sword low cutting his feet off just below the knees, scorching the cuts. My sword dims as its enchantment runs out of energy.

The bandit screams as he falls to the floor clutching his knees. I thrust my sword down and pierce his throat, silencing him.

I start to hear noise behind the tower door. It opens revealing two more bandits, one with a bow and another with two daggers.

I rush the bowman first and slice him right down the middle leaving a gaping wound from head to belly. The other bandit thrusts his daggers, cutting my left arm.

I grunt from the pain and jump back a bit as the bandit attacks again. I parry one dagger and dodge the other as I punch the bandit in the face with an armoured fist.

He staggers back, dropping a dagger which I catch and thrust it in his chest. The bandit coughs up blood on my arm then drops dead.

I wait and listen for any more noise. Upon hearing none, I slowly heal the small cut on my arm. As I finish, I loot the bandits for a Lock Pick, seventeen Septims, a bow with fifteen arrows and a filled petty soul gem.

I pick up my sword and enter the tower, I climb the stairs to find a door. I open it and see a long thin stone bridge where I also see a bandit on the top of the tower on the other side.

I put my sword away and get the bow out and aim. After a few seconds of aiming, I release the arrow and hit the bandit on the shoulder.

I'm not very good with bows, but the shock of being hit sends the bandit off the side and to his death below. Upon hearing the screams as he fell, another bandit exits the tower on the other side and sees me.

I notch another arrow onto the bow and aim, only for a knife to be seen coming at me in the air. The knife hits the bow cutting the string which snaps whipping me in the face making me drop the bow out of surprise and stagger a bit. I recover and see the bandit rushing at me with a mace and shield.

I draw my sword and rush him as well, we trade blow for blow parrying or blocking each other’s attacks. As he swings at me, I grab his wrist with my left hand and stab him in the foot. He howls in pain and loses his balance, so I kick him over the edge of the bridge as he falls screaming in terror.

I make it to the other side and exit the tower to see a cliff side. I look to my right and see a small path up it and follow it. Once at the top, I see a ruin off in the distance, it must be Felglow Keep.

I start jogging over to it and rest half way there. Sitting next to a tree, I drink some of my water, eat a piece of salted beef and an apple. After ten minutes of rest, I get up and continue onward to the ruins.

After a twenty-four minute or so jog, I arrive at the ruins. The walls are crumbling, but the doors still look intact. I draw my sword as I can see two skeletons guarding it; one is an argonian and has a battle axe while the other looks like it was a bosmer and has a longsword.

I start advancing slowly, staying behind the walls. When I get close enough, I jump out and crush the skull of the argonian skeleton with my sword. The other turns to me and swings its sword.

I deflect it with my left forearm, the sword making another scratch in the gauntlet's steel plating. I then head butt the skeleton cracking its skull but not taking it down. I swing my sword in a three-sixty spin slamming the skeleton in the ribs shattering the undead creature.

After the fight, I open the doors slowly, they made a horrid metal screeching sound as I open them. I look inside to see torches lit on the walls with bones and rusted weapons lying all over the place. I advance slowly, encountering the random skeleton or two.

I finally make it to a large double door with three zombies; a dunmer woman, an imperial man and a redguard man guarding it. I watch from around the corner seeing if they were too decayed to fight back, unfortunately they looked like fresh corpses and were going to be a problem.

I use the soul gem to give a small charge to my sword's enchantment, probably enough for ten hits. After that was done I pick up an old rusty war axe nearby on the ground and throw it at one of the zombies, embedding it into its head killing it. The other two spot me and run over to me.

I get into a fighting stance and cut a zombie in half from the waist, I also cut an arm off the other zombie in the continued swing setting them both on fire.

The zombie still standing slams me in the face with his other hand making me fall over, coming face to face with the dunmer zombie that almost bites my face off as I roll away.

I get back on my feet and kick the dunmer zombie in the head, snapping its neck in the process. The imperial zombie rushes me again and is now half on fire... I'm starting to think using fire on zombies was not a good idea as they feel no pain.

I raise my sword as the zombie is about two arms lengths away and bring my sword down on its head, splitting it in two. The zombie shambles for a few more steps and then collapses.

I take another break and drink some more water. After that I walk to the door and try to open it, it's locked. I pull out a Lock Pick and start tinkering with the lock.

After two minutes and a broken pick later, it opens and I step inside. Entering quietly, I see a dunmer man in black robes with a skull on it standing next to a table with the body of a khajiit.

To my left is a pit with corpses and body parts dumped into it with coffins around its edges. To my right is an alchemy table and enchanting table with various items on them.

An orb on the enchanting table gets my attention as it looks white with the glow and an image of the sun inside it. Looking else where, there also appears to be a store room with ingredients and food.

As I look back to the table, I notice the necromancer is gone. With worry, I move to take cover behind a stack of coffins and look over the top of them.

There's a door to the left of the table he was at. The dunmer comes back out and starts casting a spell on the khajiit corpse. I ready my sword and slowly sneak around behind the coffins towards him.

I accidentally nudge a coffin making it fall over causing a loud crash of splintered wood. The necromancer looks over to my location and grabs his staff.

He makes his way over to my area and I start to panic. I notice an open coffin and quietly get in it and close the lid.

He leans over the stack of coffins and looks around. Upon seeing nothing, he shrugs and heads back to resume his spell.

After he left, I get out of the coffin and continue sneaking up to him. Once I'm about four meters away, I run out, sword held high and was about to strike when that orb starts glowing as bright as the sun.

I'm blinded by the light but continue my attack.

Author's Notes:

This is my 1st ever story I've wrote so feed back and constructive criticism are welcome.

Next chapter will have the ponies in it.

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