by Sir Hat

Chapter 1: Red Stain

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I laid in the dust as a loud thudding rang in my ears. I felt tired, worn out, amazingly beaten down as I tried to get up. I tried to sit upright several times before giving up and staring up at the pale gray sky above.

I could feel a dampness creep down from my brow, soaking into my hair as the Pies ran over. They were shouting, their words garbled, everything sounding hollow as my ears continued to ring. I tried to read their lips as Igneous Rock, the father of the household, tried to help me up.

Eventually, with a splitting headache taking its place, my ears cleared and I became fully aware of the stream of blood dripping down my face. “Peter, Pete, ya alright?” Igneous asked as I wobbled to my feet. “Pete, you're bleeding.”

I held the start of the blood, pressing my palm against it and stemming the tide. “Better!?” I asked, accidentally yelling, “Sor- sorry, better?”

Igneous looked me over. “Pete, go to the house, get that checked out.”

I looked back at my pickaxe, thrown a few feet away. “What...what happened anyways?”

Igneous shook his head. “Don’t worry about it son, go get yourself fixed up.”

“But I--”

I was cut off as Marble Pie started pressing her hooves into my back, pushing me towards the path back to the house. “Go, get going. We can’t have you passing out this far from the house.” She continued to poke and prod me, herding me towards the house.

I felt like death upon reaching the back porch of the Pie’s rather large house. I sat on the back steps and tried to collect myself. Marble trotted past and into the house. “Stay here, I’ll be back.”

I nodded blearily, stopping half way as the movement aggravated my headache. “Fine- advil, tylenol, something...please.” I begged, leaning against the banister and trying not to pass out. I took a deep breath and clutched my head, the blood drying and caking my head in a crusty layer of disgusting mess.

Marble walked out with the rest of the Pies, Marble and Maud helping to bandage me while Quartz, their mother, held a hoof-full of pills for me. I took the pills from her, throwing them back in seconds. I prayed that they would kick in soon, the Pie sisters bandaging my head were rather rough and the tightness of said bandages was turning my headache from bad to worse.

Once the sisters were done Quartz and Maud disappeared back into the house. Marble sat with me, watching her parents as they walked over, Igneous carrying my pick in his bags. “Peter, it ain’t your fault.” Igneous stated as he stopped a few feet before me. “Ya broke a pick.” He pulled the pick from his bag and tossed it down for me, the tip of it completely missing.

I rubbed the side of my head and stared at the broken pick. “Wait...so what happened?”

Limestone Pie leaned against her father’s head, whispering into his ear. Igneous nodded and walked past me, into the house. Limestone took his place and pointed her hoof to the pick. “You broke it, the tip hit you in the head. Do you need a doctor?”

I took a moment to register her rather direct speech. “Uh...am I still bleeding? Like...a lot?”

Marble leaned forward, peeking at my head. “No, maybe a little, but not bad.” Marble’s speech much less rough and her voice rather pleasing on my possibly concussed mind.

I took a deep breath and pulled myself up by the bannister. “Then I’m fine...I’m okay, let’s get back to it.”

The sisters looked at each other, sharing a concerned glance before blocking off my way back to the rock fields. “Peter...go lay down.” Limestone stated coldly. “Our sister’s supposed to be getting here, we’re all going to take the day off.”

I rubbed my head and looked down at my broken pick. “Uh...I- yeah, can’t work without tools.” I let out a short laugh, getting nothing from the sisters as they started pushing me into the house. “Hey I--”

“Find a seat, sit, be quiet.” Limestone demanded, shoving me towards the Pie’s living room. I knew I would never win an argument with her and found a seat on the communal couch. I plopped down and was immediately joined by Marble.

“I’m fine, really.” I pleaded, trying to gain a little independence.

Marble blinked at me, her dull purple eyes unwavering. “Peter, sit down.”

“I-uh…alright.” I gave up and let my hands rest on my knees. I closed my eyes, trying to rest my pained head.

Marble jabbed my thigh with the tip of her hoof, snapping me awake. “Ah- what!?”

Marble looked at me. “Don’t fall asleep. If you have a concussion, you might die.”

I stared at her, a bit concerned about her somewhat concerned expression. “Uh, okay...sure.” I laid back, my eyes wide open as my head ceased its throbbing. “Marble...can I ask something?”

“Is this about--”

Marble was cut off as a pink blur cartwheeled into the house. “Weeeee!” The blur tumbled past the living room door and into the kitchen. “Hi chair! Hi table! Hi--” The blur took shape, a poofy maned mare was staring me dead in the eyes from the archway. “Oh--my--gosh!” She rolled in and sat before me. “Hi, who are you?”

I looked nervously at the apparently spazztic creature. “Uh, I’m Peter...hello.”

The crazed pink menace started shaking. She was smiled like mad as she bounced around the room. “Hi, hi, hi, hi!” She stood before me, bouncing in place. “Why are you here, do you know Marble, what's that weird hat, what-”

I tuned her out as her shrill voice made my migraine grow worse. “Dear god...stop, please stop, stop, stop, please!”

Marble hopped off the couch and bopped the pink mare on the head, stopping her and leaving her stunned for a few seconds. “Pinkie...he’s hurt, please don’t yell.”

The apparent Pinkie folded her ears back. “Oh, sorry...what happened?” she asked with a genuine innocence that was rather heartwarming.

I scratched the bandaged. “Pickaxe, head, hit.” I clumsily stated. “I’m fine, but my head is killing me.”

“Ooooh, I’m sorry!” Pinkie ran over and hugged my legs. “Are you gonna be okay!?”

I held my hands off her, nervous from how close she was laying her head to my groin. “Uh...I’m fine, mostly fine.”

Pinkie smiled wide, nuzzling my lap before pushing off. “Alright, but you’ve gotta tell me when you’re better!”

I scratched my head as Pinkie rolled out of the room. “Uh...sure.” I turned to Marble. “That was...unique.”

Marble nodded. “She’s very active.”

I watched as Pinkie bounced into the kitchen. “Not the word I would have used. But yeah, I can tell.”

Marble looked towards the kitchen as a loud clatter rang out. “Peter, are you hungry?”

I wiped off my mouth. “I could use a drink.”

Marble took a deep breath and gestured for me to follow her. I got to my feet, better than before but still a bit unstable. Marble lead me into the kitchen and sat me down at a table. I was joined by the entirety of the Pie household as Pinkie bounced about the room, throwing pans and other bits around.

I stared at Maud from across the table. “Uh...Maud, thanks for the help.”

Maud nodded slowly. “You’re welcome.”

I turned to Marble as she sat next to me. “You too.” Marble nodded curtly as a loud bang startled me. “Wha- fuh!?”

“I’ve got it!” Pinkie yelled as a fire extinguisher went off. “Got it!”

I watched as a red cannister flung past and out the door. “Uh...is this--” Maud nodded, staying stoic as a blob of batter pelted the back of her head.

“This is normally how it goes….” She stated coolly, Pinkie smiling cheekily as she tried to get the batter out of Maud’s mane.

I just sat quietly, holding Marble’s hoof under the table as I tried to cope with my headache. We’d been trying to make things work.

I’d met her when I came over, it was her that hired me, it was her that took me off the streets. It was only natural that things developed.

I knew that Quartz knew, but Igneous was blissfully ignorant. The other Pie sisters had expressed some interest, but for now, I just needed to keep working and figure things out.

“Done!” Pinkie’s voice cut off my thoughts, followed quickly by a large platter slamming down before us all. “Dig in!”

I stared at the steaming pie as the Pies slowly took little bits from the over sized confection. I found myself schmoozed upon by Pinkie as she plated a huge slice for me, setting it down before me and smiled wide. “It’ll help you feel better!”

I stared at the amazingly sugary treat. I felt guilty as everyone else started eating their platefuls. I slowly tried the red gooey pie, taking a single bite and stopping dead.

It was delicious, but horribly sugary. I swallowed the warm jelly and tried not to vomit from the the overly sweet mess. “Ish- Great….” I grunted as I swallowed. “Really good...but I ca--”

Marble poked my leg. I knew what she meant and I took a deep breath. I was stared down by Pinkie, smiling wide as I ate the rest of the pie. I finished it, quickly standing up and making myself dizzy. “I gotta- uagh--” I nearly fell, grabbing a chair and holding myself up.

Marble stood up and pressed into my side. “Thank you Pinkie. You can take my room for the week.”

“I don’t- what does--” I muttered as Marble started leading me out of the kitchen. I stumbled along blearily as Marble lead me outside and towards my house. The Pies had provided me with an old loft room in the silo.

Marble lead me into the silo and leaned me against the wall. “We can sleep down here tonight.” She started climbing up to the loft, dragging down a few blankets. “I don’t want you climbing up there.”

I slunk down and sat on the wall of the silo. “Marble just go sleep in my bed. I know I’m not gonna make it up there, but you should--”

She stared me down. “Peter...lay down.”


“Lay down.” She demanded, patting her hoof on a blanket.

I laid across the floor of the silo and just laid there. “Marble just go use the bed...I just wanna be on the floor and be sad….”

Marble walked over, dragging my blanket across the floor and throwing it over me. She brought another blanket, settling in behind me and wrapping her hooves around my neck. She nuzzled my hair as she settled in.

“Peter...how long have you been here now?”

I relaxed and laid on the floor. “I don’t know...a month?”

“You keep getting hurt…. Pa said not to tell you...but we’re hiring a nurse for you.”

“No…Marble that’s--”

“She’s coming soon. And it’s coming out of your pay.”

I let out a soft groan. “I- fine…. I don’t even know what happened today! I was working, then bam I was on the ground!” I rubbed my head. “But my pay wouldn’t cover a nurse...I can’t take your money...it’s not right.”

Marble snuggled against the back of my head. “You’re bringing in a lot of money. You can pick rocks we can’t.”

“But you could hire someone better!”

“You’re staying...you’re getting help...now just get some rest. I’ll make sure you’re okay.”

I reached my hand back, running my hand through Marble’s mane. “Thanks...a lot. I don’t mean just this, I mean...well everything. I gue--”

“Go to bed...Pinkie’s gonna want to watch you tomorrow, so get some sleep.”

“I’m allowed to work tomorrow?” I asked with a laugh. “I said I’d work today.”

I felt Marble kiss the back of my head. “Get some rest before you get really hurt.” She joked, rubbing my cheek with her hoof.

I settled down, resting my pained head as Marble’s muzzle was buried into my hair.

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