R.A.I.N.B.O.W Dash

by TheOnly

Chapter 1: R.A.I.N.B.O.W Dash

"I'm not so sure about this."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine."

Twilight Sparkle flipped through the book she was reading, intent on finding the spell she was looking for. The library was a mess, with stacks of books strewn all across the floor. Rainbow Dash stood in the corner, a small bead of sweat forming on her brow as she awaited Twilight to find her spell. The pegasus eyed the door longingly.

Looking through one book and then another, Twilight muttered to herself, while shaking her head in disapproval. "Where could it be?" Books flew left and right as she searched. The shelves became increasingly empty while she read each book quicker than the last.

Rainbow Dash's eyes darted from one corner of the room to the other, not sure of what she had gotten herself into. She almost hoped that Twilight didn't find the book she was after. Rainbow Dash imagined lying on a soft cloud, soaking in the sunlight while the wind passed through her mane. She groaned mentally, wondering why she had even decided to help Twilight. Being a good friend brought pains she didn't want to deal with. Not to mention the fact that this was going to be the first time Twilight would try out this spell and she couldn't even find the book that contained it. Thoughts of all the things that could go wrong passed through Rainbow Dash's mind. What if I go bald? Or even worse, what if I lose my wings! More sweat began to form on her forehead.

Twilight shifted from one hoof to the other as she continually found herself disappointed by what was in the books. "I know it's here somewhere, I just read it a couple minutes ago," she mumbled. Books flew off the shelves and were magically suspended in front of her, only to be tossed to the side moments later.

Rainbow Dash stared at the door, and it began to look more and more inviting. Maybe, if I sneak out of the door she won't even notice, and then I can–

"Aha!" exclaimed Twilight.

She had finally found her spell. Lifting the book up into the air with her magic, she trotted over to Rainbow Dash. A smile on her face, she looked at Rainbow Dash and began to give instructions. Her grin was met by the pegasus' forced smile, trying to seem happy for the help she was receiving.

"Now just stand still and you shouldn't feel a thing. It'll be over in under a second!"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. Why did I even tell Twilight about my mane anyway? I should have just had Rarity cut it.

"Let's see, this spell is called the 'mane splitter', it'll cut your mane faster than you can say the name of the spell. Are you ready?"

"Yah, just get this over with," replied Rainbow Dash. She admired a small piece of dust floating through the air in front of her, trying not to focus on what was about to happen. Rarity cuts manes, right?

Twilight quickly reviewed the spell one last time before turning and pointing her horn towards Rainbow Dash. Light began to form around her horn. Rainbow Dash took one last look at the door that looked so far away now. At that moment, she had inhaled a small bit of dust and was on the verge of sneezing.

A blast of light shot from Twilight's horn, engulfing the sneezing pegasus. Twilight stood back and closed her eyes. The light wrapped around Rainbow Dash, blocking her from view. Taking a step back and using a hoof to block the light, Twilight awaited the moment that the light released Rainbow Dash, revealing her beautiful mane. The light swirled around Rainbow Dash, causing the pages of books to flip rapidly. Outside the windows, other ponies could see the light flashing.

As the brightness slowly diminished, Twilight opened one eye. Standing in front of her was something she never expected. Her jaw nearly hit the floor as she took in what she had just done.


"You did WHAT to Rainbow Dash?" asked Rarity, standing outside the library door.

"Yes, um, take a look for yourself." With that, Twilight opened up the door to allow Rarity a full view of the library.

Flying around the library, seven different pegasi zipped around the library causing havoc. Two of them took books off the shelves, throwing them at the others. One of them laid atop a bookcase with a book on her head, trembling. Another gnawed on a book, and yet another was trying her absolute best to clean up everything, getting hit by the thrown books. One of the pegasi simply flew above the scene, trying not to involve herself. Instead, she egged on the others. Flying from book to book, one of the pegasi found the need to touch absolutely everything.

Pinkie Pie stood grounded on the floor, trying to bring order to the chaotic scene by throwing books at them.

"You, stop flying over there!" she commanded, "And you, stop fighting with yourself!"

Rarity rolled her eyes, knowing that she did not want to take part in whatever was going on but knew that she would have to. The seven pegasi all shared two common characteristics, they were all sky blue and had the same mane cut, but different colors.

"Where did all these ponies come from? They look oddly similar to Rainbow Dash." Rarity made sure to keep her distance from the chaos that took place in the center of the library.

"That's because they are Rainbow Dash," said Twilight, trying to make it sound like it was no big deal. Rarity's eyes widened.

"What do you mean they are Rainbow Dash?"

"Well, I was trying out this new spell that I found a while back that's supposed to cut manes, but somehow it ended up creating seven different versions of Rainbow Dash."

"Well it sure split her mane, look at each of the ponies' mane. Each one is a different color of the rainbow."

"Yes, I noticed that, now help me get them to stay put." Twilight yelled at the flying pegasi to sit down and stay put. Six of them obeyed, but one of them continued to fly above the bookshelves.

"Get down here, Rainbow Dash!"

"I am down here," responded one of the copies.

"Not you." Twilight looked up toward the ceiling, as if she was hoping something would drop down from the sky to help her with this. "I meant her." Twilight pointed toward the flying Rainbow Dash.

"You can't make me come down!" jeered the flying Rainbow Dash, making faces that recreated Twilight's angry expression.

"That's it! Rarity go get Applejack and tell her to bring a rope." Rarity nodded and ran off to get Applejack from her farm.

"Okay, while we wait for Rarity to get back I'm going to need you all to stay put." Twilight shot a glare at the Rainbow Dash that refused to come down.

"Um, excuse me, Mrs. Unicorn lady?" asked a Rainbow Dash.

"Yes, Rainbow Dash?"

"Why do we have to stay still?"

"Because if you don't it's going to–" with a thud Twilight felt a book hit her in the back of the head. She turned to see the flying Rainbow Dash laughing uncontrollably. This Rainbow Dash had a blue mane. All the other Rainbow Dashes laughed, too. Recovering from her laughter, the blue-maned Rainbow Dash picked up another book.

Twilight would have none of it. She used her magic to pull the book from Rainbow Dash's hooves, placing it back onto the shelf where it belonged. Just as quickly, Rainbow Dash had pulled out another one. The others began to join in, pulling books out. Even Pinkie Pie was taking books off their shelves until Twilight scowled at her.

"Hey you, stop that!" demanded Pinkie. The Rainbow Dash looked at Pinkie, and attempted to lick her face. Pinkie jumped back, disgusted at the yellow-maned Rainbow Dash. Another Rainbow Dash, with a violet mane, covered her face with her hooves, shaking as she tried to tell everypony to stop throwing things. Twilight tried to convince the Rainbow Dash with an indigo mane that the ten books she held were not the best things ever, and to put them back.

Only one of the Rainbow Dashes didn't cause any problems. She sat on the ground, staring blankly ahead of her. Another Rainbow Dash slicked her red mane back as she had a green maned Rainbow Dash bring her some food. Flying through the havoc, she apologized to everypony she came in contact with as she made her way to the kitchen. Twilight screamed, freezing all the pegasi.

"Sit down and line up!" The orders were followed, each Rainbow Dash flying quietly to the spots they had previously occupied. Of course, the Rainbow Dash with the blue mane remained flying.

Rarity had finally returned with Applejack, moments after Twilight had screamed. Relieved that her friends were finally here, she relayed her plan to Applejack. Smiling, Applejack began to spin a lasso, and within thirty seconds she had the flying Rainbow Dash on the ground and tied up.

"Well, that was easier than lassoing a sleeping bull!" laughed Applejack. The Rainbow Dashes proceeded to line up in a row as Pinkie Pie examined each one.

"Okay, I've figured out names for all of them," she began, "The red one is Radical Dash, because she's cool. The orange one is Apathetic Dash, because she doesn't care about anything. The yellow one is Idiot Dash, because she has no clue what's going on. The green one is Nice Dash, because she's way too nice. The blue one is Brash Dash, because she's impatient. The indigo one is Over-excited Dash, because she's way too excited about everything, and the violet one is Worried Dash, because she's way too worried about everything." Pinkie smiled and laughed at all the great names she had come up with.

"Wow Pinkie, those are great names, but we won't be needing them for long. I'm finding the cure for this as we speak." Flipping frantically through the books that lay on the floor once more, the unicorn looked for a spell that would put Rainbow Dash back together. Both Rarity and Applejack helped Twilight look through the books.

"Okay you seven, who wants to play a game?" asked Pinkie.

"Meh, as long as it's not lame."


"Game? As in marshmallow?"

"Of course!"

"Yah right, probably some pansy game."

"Oh my gosh, a game? YES! I love games. I love all of them. ALL OF THEM!"

"Um, sure but as long as we don't go near anything dangerous. Or pointy."

Pinkie Pie only heard jumbled yelling, and decided that everypony wanted to play a game. "Okay, we're going to play hide and go seek. I'm seeking!" Pinkie Pie turned away from the seven ponies and began to count to twenty. Without a word, the pegasi ran for the door and flew in every direction. All except for Apathetic Dash, who sat bored on the floor, and Brash Dash who was still tied up.

"Hey, get these ropes off me," whispered Brash Dash.

"Sure, whatever." Apathetic Dash took the rope into her mouth and tugged, releasing the blue maned pegasus.

"Took you long enough. Have fun being boring."

"Yup." With that, Brash Dash left the orange maned pegasus to sit on the floor, waiting for Pinkie to finish her counting.

"Eighteen... Nineteen... Twenty!" Pinkie turned around quickly, only to see Apathetic Dash staring lazily back at her.

"Surprised?" she asked monotonously. Pinkie giggled.

"Gotcha! You're not very good at this game, are you?"

"Better question. How much do I care?"

Pinkie Pie lifted a hoof to her chin and began to ponder the question. After processing the question for five whole seconds, she gave up. "I don't know, how much?"

"I forgot, you obviously hit your–"

"Pinkie!" Twilight exclaimed, turning to see that only one of the Rainbow Dashes remained in the library. "Where are all the other Rainbow Dashes?"


"From what?!"


"Oh no. I've turned Rainbow Dash into seven different ponies and they've all escaped. Now Rainbow Dash will never be able to come back," Twilight paced frantically in panic, "That's okay. All I need to do is replace all seven ponies with exact replica clones and then put them back together! Or I could go back in time and stop them from ever escaping! Or I could use gigantic magnets in space to stop the rotation of the planet, and stop time! Then I could think of a plan in space and come back to Equestria when I've come up with a master plot. Or maybe I could create an exact robot clone of Rainbow Dash with all her individual personality traits and use a strand of her mane for DNA analysis! It's perfect! Where can I find a strand of Rainbow Dash's mane?"

Rarity hit Twilight across the face, bringing her back to reality. Twilight brought her hoof to her face, disappointment in her eyes. She couldn't believe it. Just as she had found the spell that would bring Rainbow Dash back together, Pinkie had gone and ruined it all. Rarity and Applejack were too busy helping Twilight find the book containing the spell to notice that all the Rainbow Dashes had escaped.

Letting out a groan, Twilight accepted the fact that she'd have to go find all the Rainbow Dashes.

"Rarity and Applejack, come with me. We're going to find the other Rainbow Dashes," she said, and then turning her attention to Pinkie Pie, "You stay here and keep the Dashes we bring company. Make sure they don't get out of your sight."

"Of course!" Pinkie followed orders, opening her eyes wide and staring deep into the soul of the one Rainbow Dash that remained in the library. Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity trotted out of the library in search of the other Rainbow Dashes.

"Kill me," said Apathetic Dash, still with a bored expression on her face.


Approaching Ponyville central, Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity looked closely for brightly colored manes and anypony resembling Rainbow Dash. Looking at every pegasus they saw intently, they got odd looks from the townsponies. They entered every store in search of the pegasi. Finally, they spotted a yellow mane in the crowd at Sugar Cube Corner.

The three seekers sneaked up behind the pegasus, who was purchasing something from the store. Pouncing, Twilight tackled the pegasus to the ground, throwing the contents of the bag she had just picked up from the counter all over the floor. Rarity and Applejack trotted over to corner the pegasus, assuring that she wouldn't be able to fly away.

However, upon closer observation of the pony, the yellow mane did not belong to that of one of the Rainbow Dashes. It, in fact, belonged to Derpy Hooves who was just purchasing some muffins from the store. The muffins lay smashed on the floor.

After repeated apologies from Twilight, Derpy was helped up and brushed off in an attempt to comfort her. Looking sadly at the muffins that now covered the floor, tears began to well up in Derpy's eyes. Her smile had transformed into a frown.

"Please don't cry," pleaded Twilight, "I'll buy you some new muffins."

It was unneeded. Derpy happily began to munch the muffins off of the floor, and looked at Twilight with a smile.

"They taste better on the ceiling!" she exclaimed, enjoying her muffins that were clearly on the ground.

With a sigh of relief, Twilight and her two companions made their way out of the store, but as they opened the door, they spotted a pegasus with a bright green mane. Flying slowly through the central square, Nice Dash was apologizing to anypony that crossed her path. Suddenly, a brown stallion approached her.

"Do you have any spare bits?" he asked politely.

Nice Dash, without a word, emptied every last bit she owned into the hoofs of the stallion. Staring with disbelief at all the money he had just received, he thanked the kind pegasus and made his way to the nearest restaurant to gorge himself.

Approaching Nice Dash, Rarity put on her most distressed expression. She pouted and opened her eyes as wide as she could. She made eye contact with Nice Dash and said, "If you would be so kind as to follow me, that would be just lovely!"

Nice Dash thought about it for a second, and followed Rarity back to the tree library. Twilight's eyes widened at how easily they had gotten one of the Rainbow Dashes. As Nice Dash and Rarity trotted back to the library, Applejack and Twilight had spotted a new Rainbow Dash. This one had a red mane.

Radical Dash had stirred up a crowd that watched her intently. She held out a hoof to silence the crowd and placed sunglasses on her snout. She looked up toward the sky and burst upwards at rapid speeds. She tore through the clouds of the sky above and performed loops in the air. The crowd watched in awe.

After performing multiple airborne tricks, it was finally time for the grand finale. Radical Dash did a loop and flew straight down towards the ground where she had stood before. The wind blew her scarlet red mane back and sent her tail flying all over the place. The sunglasses stayed perfectly in place as Radical Dash flew towards the ground at speeds that were unheard of. A small cone began to form around her, and continued to narrow around the body of the pegasus.

Watching the intense performance, all the spectators held their breath. Radical Dash grinned as she peaked in speed and tore through the light spectrum, causing a massive sonic rainboom. The force of the explosion threw the entire crowd back and caused any loose papers to fly frantically through the air. Twilight and Applejack had to take a step back as the force caused by the boom reached them.

Flying at speeds that only Rainbow Dash herself had ever flown at, Radical Dash pulled out of her nose dive at almost ninety degrees, missing the ground by only a centimeter. With one powerful flap of her wings, she had come to a halt as dust flew in front of her. As the dust settled, she landed gently on the ground, her hoofs barely making a sound as they touched the floor beneath. She stood tall and looked out into the distance, not bothering to look back at the crowd or show any emotion at all. She acted as though nothing had happened at all.

All was silent for a few moments. Ponies picked themselves off the ground, shaking their heads while they tried to grasp reality again. Stomping hoofs were heard for almost a minute straight along with cheering and whistling. The ponies were absolutely stupefied by the epic endeavors of the pegasus who still stood indifferent meters away.

Signaling for the cheering to die down, Radical Dash turned to the crowd and waited for complete silence. Then she graced them with her voice, "Practice makes perfect. Perfection makes Radical Dash."

The crowd went wild once more, celebrating the pegasus who had won their hearts with the amazing tricks she performed. Without a bow or any nod toward the crowd, the sunglasses wearing pegasus trotted slowly off, leaving the crowd to revel in her glory. She picked up her saddlebags and made her way out of the central square.

Thinking quickly, Applejack called out to the trotting pegasus, "Hey, Radical Dash. Can I have an autogra–"

Without even looking back, Radical Dash reached into her saddlebag and pulled out an already signed autograph. She tossed it behind her, without even looking to see where Applejack was, and landed the autograph in between the orange pony's teeth. The pegasus did this all while continuing to trot forward, not even wavering in her steps.

Twilight Sparkle stared wide-eyed and amazed at this pegasus, but quickly remembered the task at hand. It was her turn to try to get Radical Dash.

"Radical Dash, I'm having a sunglasses convention at my house, wanna come?"

"Cool story."

Twilight growled. It was impossible to get Radical Dash to do anything. Twilight gave up trying to use deceit to bring the red maned pegasus back to the library. Instead, she grabbed Radical Dash with her telekinesis and skipped off towards the library. Applejack was left to find the other Rainbow Dashes.

Applejack searched through every store, observed every pony, and made her way through all of Ponyville Central. After searching in every possible crevice of the central square, Applejack was just about ready to give up. She tried to think where she would go if she was an embodiment of Rainbow Dash's personality. After thinking about it for a moment, it hit her.

Idiot Dash had come flying through the air and clumsily smashed into Applejack, knocking her to the floor. After getting up from the collision, both of the ponies stared at each other. Idiot Dash's yellow mane was speckled with mud, but it wasn't apparent why. It hadn't rained for over a week, and there wasn't any mud anywhere. Or maybe it wasn't mud at all.

Idiot Dash took off to the sky again, unable to stay in a straight line for more than a couple seconds. Applejack watched in amusement as the unintelligent version of Rainbow Dash flew around the central square, sitting on the backs of random stallions and staring lazily at nothing.

"Get off me!" yelled one of the stallions.

From his back, the pegasus leaned over his head until she was facing the stallion eye to eye, only hers were upside down. After staring intensely for a couple of seconds, the dim-witted pegasus licked the stallion's face, and then took off toward the sky. Scared and feeling slightly abused, the stallion ran off, looking back to make sure the crazy pegasus wasn't following him.

Applejack wondered how she was going to get Idiot Dash to come with her to the library. She called out to the clumsy figure in the sky, "Hey, would you mind coming down here for a second?"

The pegasus looked at Applejack for a second before nodding her head. She flew down toward Applejack, landed a couple feet in front of her, looked up as though she was mentally counting, and then took off again. Applejack realized that if she was going to get this pegasus, she would need to use basic terms.

"Hey, would you mind coming down here for five seconds?" Applejack knew that it would only take a couple seconds to get the pegasus incapable of moving, and then it would just be a matter of dragging her back to the library.

Once again, the pegasus came down from her flight and landed a couple feet away from Applejack, who readied herself to pounce onto the clumsy pegasus. The pegasus looked up again, as if she were mentally counting. Unable to figure out what came after two, the pegasus prematurely lifted back off into the sky. Applejack, unaware that Idiot Dash had not finished counting, pounced. When she landed, she only found dirt between her hooves.

How could it be so hard to capture such an idiotic pegasus? Applejack stood on the ground, glaring at the flying pegasus. Pondering the many options she had, she watched as the pegasus flew in circles over and over again.

"Rainbow Dash, get down from there, you might fall!"

The voice did not belong to Applejack, but rather another Rainbow Dash that stood beside her, also looking at Idiot Dash fly around the sky. Applejack turned quickly to face the newcomer, but the quick motion sent Worried Dash running into an alleyway. The alleyway had some dust in it though, so Worried Dash ran the opposite direction toward the center of the square.

Applejack chased after Worried Dash, who was now sweating.

"Oh dear, oh no, please stop chasing me. I might fall over!" Worried Dash continued to run away from Applejack. Out of nowhere, Idiot Dash swooped down and picked Worried Dash up. She carried the pegasus high up into the sky. Through the entire ascent toward the clouds, Worried Dash began to hyperventilate, cursing between breaths.

"Put me down before I die!" she scolded.

"Let's go visit the sun," responded the yellow-maned pegasus.

"How about put me down before I do things you only find in horror movies."

"To the sun it is!" Ignoring Worried Dash, Idiot Dash continued to fly toward the sun.

Looking down toward the ground below, Worried Dash lost it completely. She kicked her hooves out in every possible direction but Idiot Dash refused to let go.

"You're going to love the sun. He's my best friend." Idiot Dash grinned at her.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate him."

"No, you'll love him. He has a warm heart." Idiot Dash continued upwards while Worried Dash struggled to release the hoofs wrapped tightly around her.

Applejack stood on the ground in disbelief. If something weirder than this ever happens, she thought, I'm moving.

As Idiot Dash brought Worried Dash slowly upwards toward the sun, the efforts of Worried Dash began to diminish as her energy slowly drained from her fright.

"Nose dive!" yelled Idiot Dash suddenly.

"Wait, what?" It was too late. Idiot Dash had already turned around and sped toward the ground at breakneck speeds. Worried Dash's pupils widened as she saw the impending danger.


"He's busy!"

From the ground, Applejack saw what used to be a speck in the sky turn into a dot that was increasing in size with every second. Looks like the sun was too busy, or maybe it's just fired up and doesn't want to see anypony.

Worried Dash screamed as loud as she could while her carrier giggled all the while. One was totally consumed with the fear that they would hit the ground at mach-12 and explode into bits and pieces while the others only concern was how the clouds looked when you passed them really fast.

Closing her eyes, Worried Dash accepted inevitable doom. Her life flashed before her eyes.

Arrival into the world and a quick exit through a nearby door. After hiding in a crevice for a while to avoid dangers, being chased by an odd-looking orange pony. Finally, being swooped up by a maniac and taken high up into the sky, only to be turned around toward inevitable death.

That's my entire life? she thought. She sighed, it was a life nonetheless, and it was about to be ended. The ground was coming closer and closer as the speed of the falling pair increased.

"I'd like you to meet my friend," yelled Idiot Dash, "The ground!"

"I believe we've met before." Worried Dash took one last look at the world around her and closed her eyes as she prepared for impact. Applejack watched in horror as the pair came closer and closer to the ground. In a few seconds they would hit the ground with enough force to kill them both. Even Idiot Dash sensed the impending danger, and frantically tried to decelerate. The frantic flapping of wings was no match for the momentum that had been built up over the past few seconds. Idiot Dash closed her eyes.

The wind stopped rushing through her mane. Nothing had happened. Idiot Dash opened her eyes slowly, her nose almost touching the ground. Standing nearby, Twilight's horn was aglow.

Using her magic, she was able to slow down the pegasi just enough to allow a safe landing on the ground. After the pair was safely on the ground, Twilight fell to the ground, exhausted by the energy it required to halt a fall of such speed.

"See, I knew the ground wouldn't let us die," remarked Idiot Dash as she rubbed her cheek affectionately on the ground. Worried Dash hugged the ground affectionately as well, vowing to never let go of it again. Idiot Dash rose off the ground, and began to direct the ground in what could only be described as a choir lesson. Moving her hoof from side to side, the pegasus expected the ground to begin to play music.

"You're a little flat," she told the ground.

Twilight yelled to Applejack while panting, still recovering from her feat, "Well... now I'm too tired... to do anything... so you're going to... have to...lead these guys...back to the library."

Applejack sighed, the last thing she wanted to do was spend more time with these two pegasi, but she realized she had no choice.

"Worried Dash, follow me. You too, Idiot Dash." Worried Dash followed behind Applejack in hopes that she would be brought to somewhere indoors where she couldn't be taken hundreds of feet into the air. Idiot Dash continued to lead her friend, the ground, in musical rhythm. Applejack rolled her eyes, she didn't want to deal with this right now.

"Idiot Dash, I'm having a tea party at my house and the sun is invited. Let's go."

At this comment, the cheerful pegasus followed behind Applejack as they trotted off to the library,

Only two more Rainbow Dashes remained. Over-excited Dash and Brash Dash. Rarity had the honor of seeking out these two, seeing as how Applejack was busy bringing two of the pegasi to the library and Twilight was too exhausted from saving those two pegasi.

Searching for the final two Rainbow Dashes was easy to say the least. Within a minute Rarity had already found the indigo mane of Overexcited Dash. She was practically drooling over a rock that shined slightly when turned correctly toward the sun. Every time the rock shied, she jumped back and giggled. It was a quick pleasure to her, and she darted from one activity to the next.

"Excuse me, but would you mind escorting me to the town library?" asked Rarity, planning to outsmart the enthused pegasus.

"There's a library?" inquired the pegasus.

"Oh yes, it's filled with books and..."

An abnormally wide smile appeared on Overexcited Dash's face. "Books!? I love books. I want to read all of them!"

"Well, if you would be so kind as to follow me, I'll gladly bring you to the books."

"Holy Equestria!"

"What? What is it now?"

"Look at her go!"

Brash Dash darted out from behind a tree, aiming directly for Overexcited Dash.. With a burst of speed, she tackled Overexcited Dash. Overexcited Dash hit the ground with her clone standing on top of her.

"That was awesome! Do it again!" she squealed in excitement.

"Shut up. Don't tell me what to do."

"Your mane. It's so nice."

"Don't touch it."

"Poke!" Over-excited Dash poked her companion's mane with her hoof, giggling after it had been properly poked.

"Stop that. Why don't you stop giggling and start learning your place?" Brash Dash shoved her hoof onto the other pegasus's head, pushing her into the dirt.

"I love dirt, it's delicious." The enthusiastic pegasus took a bite out of the soil, chewing properly before swallowing.

"Both of you be quiet," demanded Rarity, "Now be some good pegasi and follow me back to the library."

Over-excited Dash quieted herself, trying to see how long she could go without breathing. Brash Dash would have none of it.

"Why should I bother to follow you?"

"I'll tell Over-excited Dash to start singing if you don't."

"I WIN!" exclaimed the indigo maned pegasus, gasping for breath, "You guys aren't very good at the holding your breath game."

"Deal." Brash Dash would rather do anything than have to listen to the overly enthusiastic pegasus sing.

Rarity nodded and trotted toward the library. Over-excited Dash followed her in simple admiration of her tail and the way it moved when she trotted.


All seven Rainbow Dashes had finally been rounded up and brought to the library. With Pinkie Pie standing guard at the door, none of them were going to escape this time. Twilight searched frantically for the spell that would end all this and bring Rainbow Dash back. In the background, the multiple versions of Rainbow Dash conversed.

"I'm claustrophobic."

"I love libraries!"

"Where's the sun? I thought we were having tea..."

"If I had a penny for every ounce of uncool there was in this library, I'd have zero pennies. I make up for all of the uncoolness of this entire place."

"Kill me now."

"Well, if you want me to kill you I guess I can't turn down that offer."

"So many books on the floor! I must clean them all."

All this commotion had sent Twilight into rage, "Would you all please be quiet?"

The room settled into silence. Nopony wished to test the rage of Twilight. Finally flipping to the correct page, Twilight read over the spell that would reverse the effects of the one she used earlier that day.

Turning hastily toward the group of Rainbow Dashes, Twilight readied the spell. She had had enough of the crowd today, and let out a flash of light that consumed the room. Everypony stood back in awe of the light.

When the light had finally cleared, the ponies opened their eyes to see what lay before them. Sure enough, Rainbow Dash stood before them, looking like she always did.

"Rainbow Dash, you do not realize how pleased we are to have you back," exclaimed Rarity, trotting over to give her a hug.

As the ponies embraced, Rarity noticed something odd about Rainbow Dash's mane.

"Rainbow Dash. Why does your mane have a pink colored strand in it?"

Twilight observed the room, "Where's Pinkie Pie!?"

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