My Little Twiny April Foals Day

by Rated Ponystar

Chapter 1: Part 1

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Author's Notes:

If you would like to learn more about Twiny's past please read CommanderX5's "Celestia's Tiny Student" story.

My Little Twiny April Foals Day

Written by Rated Ponystar

Edited by Unnamed Pawn

This story was made for the “Tiny Student Series” by CommanderX5 and is in canon with his story.


Miss. Bookmarker never knew a more serious library lover then the little protege of the princess herself, Twilight Sparkle. The tiny student was not only a gifted magic user, but also a gifted and dedicated reader as well. It had been such a long time since anypony had been interested in the library, most of the time she had to just deal with the occasional guard who came in during their usual patrol. The princess rarely ever visited, having surely read every book in here at least a hundred times over, and at times she would get one of the scribes or other servants who came in for some light reading.

But Twilight Sparkle? If she could live in a library, she would. It took awhile to get used to the tiny unicorn, but her polite manners and willingness to learn quickly won Miss. Bookmarker over. Twilight had come in many times, asking for books on magic, history, science, literature, and more. But today, the librarian had been asked to help her with a different request. One that she hadn't ever expected to hear.

Retreating back to her desk, she set the books down on the floor, right next to the tiny unicorn who looked at the book tower as if she was ready to challenge them. “These are all the books I could find on pranking,” said Miss. Bookmarker as she wrote down each title and return date. While doing so, she looked at Twilight out of the corner of her eye and raised an eyebrow. “I never knew you were a prankster, Miss. Sparkle.”

Twilight blushed and rubbed the back of her head. “Oh, I-I’m not really. I only just learned what’s coming up in a few days.”


“Yup! April Foals Day is coming soon!” announced Twilight with a beaming smile.

Ah, April Foals Day, thought the librarian as she turned her head toward the calendar. I almost forgot. The holiday for pranks and jokes. Miss. Bookmarker paused in her thoughts before looking at Twilight with a raised eyebrow. “I’ve never seen you interested in the holiday before, Miss. Sparkle. Why the sudden change?”

“Well...” Twilight nervously tapped her forehooves together. “It’s a bit of a long story...”


“Spike! I’m out of ink! Can you get me some more?!” asked Twilight from her seat on the desk. She was sure her voice, despite her size, was loud enough to echo across the entire room, but there was no answer. “Ugh, Spike?! Never mind, I’ll get it myself.”

Galloping down the desk, she reached the end and jumped off, landing on her mentor's giant bed where she bounced around on it for a bit before heading to the edge of the sheets. Sliding down, she reached the floor and galloped toward the store closet where she and Spike kept all her supplies. Not bothering to make the challenge too easy with help of her telekinesis, she jumped upon the handle, and, with a quick reattachment of her hooves, she pressed against it, before pushing the door open with quick swing of her hind-legs.

With the door half open, she grabbed the edge of the door and pushed herself in, landing on the second hoof shelf where the ink bottles were stored. With the bottle on her back and a quick spell, she tightened ropes of magic around her belly and her valuable cargo before jumping onto the floor. After effortlessly closing the door with her magic, with great skill she galloped and jumped over the bed, landing on the table with a weak thump, hardly affected by the extra weight. Once again sitting on her work desk, she dispelled the ropes and opened the fresh bottle.

What she didn’t expect was a giant snake to come out of it, causing her to scream and blast it with a powerful magical bolt, splitting it in half. Her scream quickly caused her royal bodyguards, Steel Blade and Overwatch to rush in, ready for action.

“Twilight! What’s wrong?!” demanded Overwatch, scanning the room for danger.

Twilight, holding her hoof to her heart, was about to answer when Spike came in, holding a bag of what had to be gems for a late night snack. “What’s going on?! I heard a scream!”

“S-snake in the ink bottle!” pointed Twilight, but her eyes widened when she saw that it wasn’t even a real snake. It was a stuffed dummy, one with a weird smiley face, it’s stuffing all over the place as a result of being blasted.

Spike groaned as he walked over to the desk and took the ink bottle. “I knew I left one of those somewhere. Great, now I’ll have to get a new one.”

“Why would you even put a fake snake in an inkbottle in the first place?” asked Twilight, shaking her head as she began to calm down.

The baby dragon covered his mouth and did his best to hold back a giggle. “S-sorry, Twilight. It’s for April Foals Day.”

“Oh, yeah! That day is coming up soon! Oh, I have got to get loaded up for my own pranks,” said Steel Blade, his wings flapping with anticipation.

Overwatch snorted. “Please, your pranks always fail. Remember back in the academy when you put whipped cream in the drill sergeant’s hoof and tried to tickle his nose? He woke up and knocked you out with one blow from his hoof before falling asleep.”

“Don’t remind me, I still can feel that hit,” muttered Steel Blade, wincing as he catered to his jaw.

“Um, I don’t mean to interrupt, but what is April Foals Day?” asked Twilight, tilting her head. This resulted in everypony looking at her like she had grown from the little unicorn that she was to the size of a fully grown dragon. “What?”

“Y-you don’t know what April Foals Day is?” asked Steel Blade in disbelief.

Twilight started to fret around in panic, wondering if this day was really that important. “Oh no, is this some kind of historically important holiday? Cultural? Do I have to do a ritual or perform some type of gift exchange?”

The three chuckled and shook their heads before Overwatch answered, “Twilight, relax. April Foals Day is a day where ponies prank each other. You know? Like mice in the corridor, itching powder on clothes, buckets of water above a door, and stuff like that.”

“Why would anybody want to do that stuff? Seems... pointless,” said Twilight, trying to wrap her head around how a day such as this even got invented in the first place.

“It’s supposed to be pointless. Just random fun.”

“Well, why haven’t I heard about this until today? Why hasn’t anypony ever told me about it?” asked Twilight, crossing her forehooves.

“I just assumed you knew and never took part in it.” Steel Blade started as Twilight gave him a confused glare. “You’re always in here studying or hanging around Princess Celestia, which is probably the biggest shield you can have on that day,” the guard paused as he put his hoof under his neck in contemplation. “Now that I think about it, nopony ever pranked Princess Celestia. I don’t think even a hard boiled griffin war veteran would take such a task.”

Twilight nodded in agreement. Princess Celestia was above such pranking and she deserved to go about her day without any interruption or needless jokes interfering with her busy life. Still, the more she thought of the idea of pranking, the more interesting it seemed to be. She had never really pranked anypony before and it would be a test for her skills to try and get away with such jokes and not get caught in the process. Making up her mind, Twilight nodded to herself. “It sounds really interesting, maybe I should take part as well?”

“Uh, no offense, Twilight? But you're not exactly the pranking expert. I doubt you’ll be able to prank even me and Overwatch here,” pointed out Steel Blade, this turned out to be the wrong thing to say as Twilight teleported herself onto his muzzle and looked straight into his eye.

“What do you mean? I can be just as good at pranking as anypony else. And I will prove it! I bet I can prank more ponies than you and not get caught at the same time,” challenged Twilight with a smirk.

“Umm, well.”

Overwatch chuckled at her partner’s expense before saying, “Looks like you have to put your money where your mouth is now, Steely. You’re not gonna back down now like a wimp, are you?”

Steel Blade’s response was a glare that could kill. On one hoof, he didn’t really want to challenge Twilight to such a bet as the unicorn had more skills and determination than a seasoned elite royal guard. She’d certainly find some way to win. On the other hoof, he didn’t want to look like he was afraid to lose by cowing down to Twilight, bodyguard or not. Gathering his courage, he nodded. “Okay, you're on. We both have until sunset to prank as many ponies as possible without getting caught. Deal?”

"No!" said Twilight before, with one swing of her hind-legs, she jumped from Steel Blade's nose onto Overwatch's head. Poking her tiny hoof into cold metal of her guard's helmet, she added, “To make it more challenging, I will prank more ponies than you, Overwatch and Spike all together. Any objections to add a three members each team rule?” Not hearing any objections, she jumped on the floor while saying a loud, “Deal!”

“Where are you going?” asked Spike as she ran towards the exit.

“To the library of course! I need to find as many books about pranking as I can!” shouted Twilight, leaving her friends behind with a gallop.


“... And that leads us to now,” said Twilight.

Miss. Bookmarker shook her head and smiled. “Miss. Sparkle, even if you read all these books, you're still going to have to plan and prepare for the day. And even then you’ll need to do even more work. I suggest going to someone who knows pranking inside and out if you want to beat both of your guards and your dragon friend."

“Then who should I ask?” asked Twilight, leaning forward. “Who can me help learn the art of pranking?”

Miss. Bookmarker bit her tongue as she thought about the consequences of the action she was about to take. There was only one prankster in the entire castle who was known as the “undefeated master of pranking”. The one that every staff member feared when it came to this day since she was both relentless and brutal. Still, the puppy-dog eyes on Twilight's face quickly made her give in as she said her suggestion's name.



Philomena raised an eyebrow at the little unicorn, unsure if she was even hearing what she said right. Ever since their first meeting, the phoenix had taken a bit of an interest in the tiny unicorn that her master had taken on as her apprentice. While she still found the little mare a bit annoying, Philomena had to respect her for her courage and guts. It wasn't every day that somepony that small managed to endure her blasts of fire, more or less damage her fire/magic resistant cage.

“So what do you think? Think you can help me pull off some pranks for tomorrow?” asked Twilight at the entrance of the newly repaired bird cage.

Rubbing her neck with a wing, Philomena tried to think of her options. She was not just a prankster, but the best prankster in the castle and everypony knew it. Some of her most famous pranks were still talked about to this day, passed on generation after generation. Unfortunately, some ponies didn’t know when to take a joke and Celestia had forbidden her to play pranks on April Foals Day ever since she poured that tonic into a soup for the nobles that caused all their fur to fall out. She chuckled at the memory; good times.

Still, this was a chance she could have some fun on this day. She wouldn't be doing the pranking, it would be Twilight Sparkle who would gladly take the blame should anything go wrong. If there was one thing she had come to learn about the unicorn during her examination of her, it was that she was too trusting for her own good.

Seeing no reason to deny the request, Philomena nodded her head in agreement. Twilight smiled with joy. “Oh, thank you so much! This is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Neither could Philomena as she began to plan for tomorrow’s pranks in her head.


The big day had finally come. Twilight had awoken early, like she always did, and already felt excited for her first day of pranking. Although she wished she could wake her mentor up like usual, she had to get up and meet Philomena for their first prank. They had spent all night planning and Philomena assured her she would take care of most of the supplies. Where the phoenix was gonna get even half of what they needed was beyond Twilight, but she wasn’t going to question it.

Teleporting into the opened cage where Philomena slept from time to time, Twilight waited for a few minutes until a twister of fire appeared in front of her, revealing Philomena in all her glory. Twilight nodded in greeting. “Good morning. Happy April Foals Day! You ready?!”

Philomena nodded and pointed to Twilight. She smiled and nodded back. “I’m ready too.”

Twilight jumped down from the cage and made her way towards the door. She was about to open it when Philomena suddenly grabbed her and teleported both of them into the hall, just atop the frame of one of the large windows on the wall. “What was that for?” asked Twilight as she looked around, noticing that they were now outside of Princess Celestia's room.

Below them were two royal guards, a pegasus named Sharp Spear and a unicorn named Vanilla Crest. Both guards yawned as their night shift was coming to an end. Philomena broke Twilight’s concentration by poking her on the head and handing her what looked to be a ping pong paddle from the games and recreation center for the guards who were off duty.

Twilight grabbed it with her forehooves and raised an eyebrow. “What am I suppose to do with this?”

Philomena grinned as she pointed at the paddle, then the guards, and then lightly tapped Twilight on her flank, making her blush. “Y-y-you want me to... spank them with this? This wasn’t part of the plan.”

The phoenix just shrugged and pointed again at the guards. Twilight shook her head. “No, I don’t want to hurt anypony. And wouldn’t this be labeled as sexual harassment?”

Philomena covered her head with a wing and shook her head. Once more, she pointed at the guards and Twilight sighed, giving in. With great reluctance, she lit her horn, the paddle levitated from her tiny hooves in a lavender aura as carefully as possible, quietly advancing towards the patrolling guards. Soon enough, she had it right next to Sharp Spear’s rump. She bit her lip and smacked the ping pong paddle lightly against his flank.

Sharp Spear reared back slightly while the paddle levitated behind a pillar. The pegasus looked around with red cheeks before he noticed Vanilla Crest staring at him with a confused expression. Glaring at his partner, Sharp Spear said, “Hey! What’s the big idea?! Why did you smack me in the flank?”

“W-what? Why would I do that?” asked Vanilla Crest, leaning back.

“Don’t lie to me! I know it was you! Don’t do it again,” huffed Sharp Spear before looking away. Crest stared at him for a bit longer before shaking his head and going back to standing still with his eyes straight ahead.

Little did they know that the paddle had advanced again, smacking across Sharp Spear’s rump, this time with greater force. “Dude!” shouted Sharp Spear, jumping up. “What the hay?!”

“I’m not touching you, you moron! It’s all in your head!” cried out Vanilla Crest, only to yipe when Sharp Spear suddenly smacked him in the flank. “The hay?!”

“How do you like it?” said a smug Sharp Spear, who stuck out his tongue. The two grumbled and went back to their posts, but kept their eyes on each other.

A few minutes passed without another smack, and it seemed it was finally over... until...


“That’s it!” cried out Vanilla Crest, who tackled Sharp Spear. The two of them began to tussle around on the ground, smacking eachother’s rumps while Twilight looked at the scene in shame and Philomena looked on with laughter.


Both guards stopped roughhousing the moment they heard this and slowly looked up to find a stern yet amused expression from Princess Celestia. The guards quickly got back up on all fours, wincing as they felt their now red bottoms itch with pain. Celestia sighed. “Now, I know that this job is very boring at times, my little ponies. But if you wish to entertain each other then I highly suggest saving such actions for a bed room.”

“Wait, we’re not... I mean...” said Sharp Spear.

“W-we were just... um...” stuttered Vanilla Crest.

Celestia raised her hoof. “It’s alright. I understand if you two wish to keep your relationship a secret. I am not one to judge. Just please, off duty hours, that’s all I ask.”

The two guards were left with their mouths open as Celestia walked past them, whistling a tune. The two looked at each other, then away while blushing more red than a tomato.


Both guards stepped back as Twilight teleported onto the floor, looking up at them with pleading eyes. “I’m sorry! That was me! I was the one slapping you!”

“Miss. Sparkle? But why?” asked Vanilla Crest.

“I... I was trying to do a prank. It’s April Foals Day...” muttered Twilight, barely loud enough for the two to hear. This caused the two to suddenly laugh much to her surprise.

“Oh is that all?! I see, you really got us there,

“Yeah, not a bad one there,” admitted Sharp Spear.

“You’re not mad?” asked Twilight, her ears still flat against her head. Both guards shook their heads, much to her relief. A relaxing smile spread across her face. “Thank Celestia.” She then looked up and saw a nearby clock. “Oh no! I have to get ready for the next one. Farewell!”

The two guards watched with smiles as the tiny unicorn galloped away. Sighing, Sharp Spear turned to his partner and sheepishly said, “Sorry, about accusing you.”

“It’s cool, we both got slapped by Twilight so we’re even,” said Vanilla Crest with a blush.

Both guards started at one another in silence for several seconds, until Sharp Spear broke it, "So yea... Miss Sparkle really did slap us... does that mean she likes us?" he muttered, turning his head away.

Vanilla Crest eyes widen. “O-oh....” He turned his head away as well, but a small smile was on his lips. "W-when a mare slaps stallion in his flank... it is usually not that far off from dating."

There was a long silence between the two until Sharp Spear said, “Um, would you ever date her?”

"I... I would love to, she is so hot..." Vanilla Crest blush strengthened, "And she is so cute and adorable, especially her tiny eyes."

“Yeah, I hear ya. Not to mention how strong, brave and hug-abble s... see ya,” said Sharp Spear, walking down the hall as Vanilla Crest rubbed his sleepy eyes. “Well, I’ve had enough excitement. Let’s head to bed.”

Vanilla Crest sighed as he followed his partner, Wish I got a chance to slap her.


If there was one big benefit of having a room all to your own, it was that you could sleep whenever you wanted. Despite having a curfew placed by Twilight, Spike always found ways to stay up late and read his favorite comic books; provided he was quiet even when exciting parts happened that made him want to gasp in shock.

Last night was no different, despite having a big day tomorrow with April Foals Day, he was determined to see how the Power Ponies were gonna stop the invasion of Darkreign and his army of demons. The result was a tired Spike who was struggling to get up and shut off his darn alarm clock. It took a few throws of the toys and junk he had around his basket, but he managed to finally knock it down and smash it into pieces with a book. Stretching his arms, Spike yawned and smacked his lips, reaching out for a smaller basket that held his morning gems inside.

The dragon opened his mouth and—


“Ow! What?!” asked Spike, looking at the gem. He rubbed his tongue over his tooth to see if there was any damage but the small brief pain he felt was gone. Spike looked at the gem in his claw and tried to bite it again. Once more, his teeth couldn’t get through it’s surface; not even a scratch. Frustrated, he bit down even harder and continued to hold his grip on the jewel, moving his jaw back and forth in an attempt to at least tear a piece off.

Fumbling around his bed, Spike spent at least a good minute trying to get even a speck of the tasty jewel in his mouth, but, no matter how hard he clenched his teeth, nothing happened. Unable to take it anymore, Spike threw the gem across the room, only to notice his gem basket had been knocked over, most likely by accident when he was asleep.

Grumbling to himself, he got up and started picking up the jewels one by one, taking a bite out of each one. Sure enough, they also refused to let his teeth tear them up and each attempt only served to increase the hunger growing inside his belly. Just as he was about to pick up the last gem, he then suddenly felt it stick to his claw like molasses. Waving his claw back and forth, he grunted, “Get off... you stupid... ugh...”

Just as he was about to smash it against the ground, it glowed and suddenly began dragging him down the hall. “What?! Woaaahhh!”

Despite his legs resistance as they slid on the floor, the kidnapping jewel continued to drag him until it steered for an open doorway and stopped, making him land on his rear. Rubbing his backside, Spike looked around and wondered why he was in one of the janitor closets before a noise from above captured his attention. He looked up and...


Spike quickly shook his head and licked his now creamy face, eyes lighting up as he recognized the taste. “Banana cream pie?”

“Pphht... Bwahahahahaha!”

Upon hearing a familiar laugh, he turned around and saw, sitting on the nearby shelves, Twilight rolling around while holding her sides. Next to her was that annoying phoenix, Philomena, who was also laughing. Spike looked at them with disbelief until he too started laughing alongside the two.

After their cheerful moment, the three of them finally stopped and took few short breaths. “Okay, Twilight,” chuckled Spike. “You got me. You got me good.”

“Thanks, Spike. You’re not hurt, are you? I tried to be gentle, but...,” said Twilight, jumping off the shelf and onto Spike’s awaiting palm. She examined him for any sign of injuries while Spike shook his head.

“Nah, maybe my pride was a little, but nothing that I can’t fix with some payback later,” hinted Spike, grinning at the smiling little unicorn. “Although, I have to ask, how did you do all that?”

Twilight puffed out her chest and smiled proudly. “To be honest, It was not easy. I put a small, but powerful, shield spell on all of your morning gems since I know you have one or two every morning when you wake up. I was able to hide them thanks to an advanced illusion spell Cadence taught me a while ago and it seemed like the best chance to try it out.” She then pointed at the rock in his claw. “I knew you would stubbornly try to eat all the gems in hopes of finding an editable one, but on this one I put a retrieval spell so it would come back to me once you touched it. As for the pie? I baked it and placed it there myself, using just my hooves.”

Using his tongue, Spike licked the rest of the pie off his face and rubbed his tummy in satisfaction. Dessert for breakfast was always a rare treat. “Well, I’d say you’ve gotten into the spirit quite early. Steel Blade’s gonna have to watch his back.” He nodded to Philomena, but with a scowl. “Especially since you got this rat with wings helping you out.”

Philomena responded by sticking out her tongue.

Rolling her eyes, Twilight jumped off his palm and landed on the floor before looking up at her charge. “Sorry, Spike, but I have to go. There are still a lot of pranks I gotta pull if I’m going to beat you guys. See ya!”

“Bye!” shouted Spike, waving Twilight goodbye as Philomena flew after her. He then paused and looked at the jewel still stick in his hand before rushing outside. “Wait! Uh, Twilight, do you think you could...”

The gem glowed a bit before Spike felt it moving in his hand, no longer sticking to it. “Thanks!” shouted Spike as he tossed it into the air, caught it in his mouth, and sighed in relief as he tasted it’s crunchy goodness.


After his encounter with Twilight and Philomena, Spike decided to quickly find Overwatch and Steel Blade so that they could catch up with the competition. Although he had some doubts that Twilight was going to be any trouble at first, this morning had proved otherwise. Walking down the hallway, greeting the occasional guard or servant along the way, Spike spotted Overwatch and Steel Blade, who looked ready to collapse from their laughter.

“Hey, guys? What’s so funny?” asked Spike, stopping in front of them.

“Hey, Spike,” greeted Steel Blade, grinning like a mad pony. “Oh, nothing much, just the first prank of the day belonging to yours truly.”

Overwatch lightly hit him in the shoulder. “Don’t let it go to your head. Although, I will admit I wasn’t expecting that big of a urine stain when you put Victory Cry’s hoof in that jar of water last night.”

Spike giggled at the thought but quickly remembered why he was looking for them. “While that’s great and all guys, there is something you need to know.” He quickly told them what happened with him and Twilight that morning. Needless to say, the guards were shocked to see Twilight plan such a complex prank so fast, but were more troubled by the fact that Philomena was helping her.

“Well, this raises the stakes,” muttered Steel Blade, ears flattening. “Philomena’s an expert when it comes to pranks I hear. Some of the rumors I heard about her in the past are the stuff of nightmares.”

“Twilight won’t let Philomena take things too far,” reassured Overwatch. “She’s too nice.”

“True, but even with Philomena against us we’re gonna win this contest,” declared Steel Blade, nostrils flaring. Suddenly his eyes widened, and he nervously blushed while retracting his tail underneath. “After I use the bathroom first, excuse me.”

Steel Blade quickly made his way to the nearby stallion’s room while Overwatch rolled her eyes. Turning to Spike, she asked, “So, wanna make a bet of our own?”

Spike raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. “What kind of a bet?”

“Simple, we both know that, by skill or luck, Twilight’s gonna win this one,” said Overwatch with a smile. She knew Steel Blade was good, but for some reason her gut was telling her to go with the underdog on this one. “I say it’s gonna be by five pranks, you?”

Spike rubbed his chin with his claw for a bit before his cheeks turned red and smoke emerged from his nose. He grabbed Overwatch's neck and pulled it, pressing her head against his nose, staring into Overwatch's eyes with a piercing glare as if he was looking into her very soul. "I would rather dress as a ballerina and sing disco in front of a crowd than let that stupid bird win this bet. You hear!?"

Overwatch blinked for a moment before smirking. Anger, determination, vengeance, she didn't expected to encounter such trials in the innocent young drake. "If you will, you get to eat donuts at Donut Joe's for a whole day." Overwatch said as she knelt, poking her hoof against Spike's chin, "But if you lose. You will get your five minutes of spotlight inside a throne room, and for your own good, take some dancing lessons."

"Deal!" yelled Spike, reaching his claw out and shaking it with Overwatch's, sealing the deal. "Any embarrassment is worth it for those tasty jelly filled donuts. Just do not try to cheat by letting Twilight win."

"I am more of a chocolate glazed myself," said Overwatch before patting Spike on his head. "And do not worry your pretty little head over the bet. I do rather enjoy Philomena's reaction after she lose against us rather than your dancing and singing performance."

Suddenly, both of them jumped when they heard a loud scream coming from bathroom nearby. Steel Blade, from inside, then cried out, “Help! Emergency!”

Overwatch and Spike both looked at each other before rushing towards the door, only for the former to stop in her tracks. “Wait! I can’t go in there! I’m a mare!”

“Ugh, fine,” grumbled Spike before pushing the door open, leaving Overwatch to grumble.

I wanted to see Steely embarrassed...


Spike ran into the bathroom, keeping his guard up as he searched for Steel Blade. “Yo, Steely! You in here?!”

“In the stall! Fifth one!” cried out Steel Blade. “D-don’t come in!”

Walking towards the correct stall, Spike knocked on the door and huffed. “Dude, if this is only because you ran out of toilet paper...”

Steel Blade sighed. “I wish... you see... I’m stuck...”

Snorting, Spike asked, “Your... butt’s too big?”

“No!” shouted Steel Blade. “I mean there is some kind of sticking charm on the seat! I can’t get up!”

“Well, what should I do?” asked Spike, shrugging.

“Get some rope and... wait...” Steel’s voice stopped as the sound of magic activating ringed in Spike’s ears. “Something’s happening with the toilet paper. It’s levitating and MPHH!”

Spike jumped back as the muffled moans started to get louder, the sound of struggling, magic, and splashing following it. The door opened and Overwatch finally came in, unable to wait any longer and curious of the noises she was hearing. She walked over to Spike and watched with wide eyes, and a hint of disgust, as the noises continued from Steel Blade’s stall.

“Please tell me this isn’t a bad reaction to his breakfast,” whispered Overwatch.

“I hope so too,” muttered Spike.

Finally, the moaning stopped and there was a long period of silence. The stall slowly opened as both watchers waited with held breaths. They soon released them in a roaring fit of laughter as Steel Blade hopped his way out of the bathroom’s stall. He had been wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy and the bathroom seat was still sticking to his rump. Both Spike and Overwatch quickly fell onto their backs, laughing and kicking their feet in the air

Steel Blade tried to say something, but his voice was completely muffled. It didn’t help either that he lost his balance and fell face first onto the floor. Overwatch, holding her sides, looked at her partner and shouted, “Oh Celestia, I wish I had a camera! Ahahahahaha!”

Steel Blade struggled to get out of his bonds when he noticed a bottle levitating nearby and moaned loudly while nodding to it. Spike, able to calm himself, got up and grabbed the levitating bottle. “Anti-Sticking Charm Spay,” he read before noticing a note on it. This made him laugh again as he read it out loud.

“Twiny: three, Steely: one, PS: Sorry! Please don’t hate me!”

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