Equestria Girls Remake

by JusSonic

Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Coming Home At Last

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Chapter 8: Coming Home At Last

Chapter 8: Coming Home At Last

It was almost midnight, Twilight and her friends giggle while hugging each other. It is now high time for the princess, Ben, Spike and Phobos to finally go back home, and quickly.

"You'll look out for her, won't you?" Twilight ask her new found friends in concern.

Twilight of course is referring to Sunset Shimmer who decided to stay behind. The girl right now is sadly fixing up the front entrance of the school that she messed up during her madness. Vice-Principal Luna is nearby sternly supervising Sunset and Snips and Snails, who are bringing in bricks and cement, to clean up the mess as punishment for their actions.

The students and Hobo Joe, no longer afraid of Sunset, Boris and/or the goons, finally told Celestia and Luna as to what Sunset has been doing. That, along with the photographs and the girl's confessions, are enough for them to punish Sunset and her goons for what they did. The girl may have changed but she in guilt must accept her punishment for the crimes even if Sunset was indeed manipulated by the Superior.

"Of course we will." Rarity said with a smile though frowns a bit. "Although I do expect some sort of apology for last spring's debacle."

"I have a feeling she'll be handing out a lot of apologies." Twilight giggles a bit. It's true, Sunset Shimmer will have to go through a lot if she wishes to regain the trust of everyone that she and her pals has broken during her time in this world.

"I wouldn't worry much about Sunset Shimmer being trouble anymore, now that she'll have friends to keep her on the good path, right Twilight?" Ben came near Twilight to have his arm around her shoulder in smiling to what the girl said about Sunset Shimmer no longer being a threat and to start fresh with a new start. "Besides, I've also asked Hoboken Joe to have Boris & his gang have quite the janitorial work for making a big mess. Not to mention fix the blackmail stuff & find Miss Mona Craft's prize artwork the guy's been trying to get back." As Ben stated this, he saw with a smiling Hoboken Joe looking back to him with the same expression, while staring back to Boris, Dum Dum & Boxco in enforcing Vice-Principal Luna's task of having the students work hard to fix & clean up this mess.

"Hehe; bet they'll be cleaning up their bad act for a long time." Nyx giggled under her breath in seeing what Boris & his stooges in this world are gonna be doing to fix their behavior. "What about Snips & Snails?" The girl remembers the colt versions of the two, so shouldn't the ones here be the types as to be goofs, but not exactly evil minion material.

"They're just going along to help out, they were just blindly following orders without much thought to what they get out of it in the end." Ben explained to his daughter about what Snips & Snails will be doing at the time. "It's almost like Trixie from our world how those two behave to be complete obsessive followers to the ones that they think is great." He knows about the Snips & Snails that were troublesome goofs to deal with in Ponyville, but they were nothing of evil back there as they are here in this world, it'll be tough but fair for their case.

"What about the Trixie here?" Phobos asked about recalling about how they know a human version of Trixie they've come to know, what will be her issue?

"As much as it's strange, let's just say…Trixie might get through to Boris." Ben rubbed the back of his neck in slowly stating a fact, about Trixie somehow getting Boris of this world to like her, maybe even love the girl. "Hugh, if that ever happened back home, we'll all be amazed." The guy sighed from such a thing that if that happens with their own pony versions of Boris & Trixie, then they'll all be surprise to see that.

"Agreed," Twilight nods in thinking that Trixie & Boris being together, if that were to happen in their world like it did here, that be someday for the ponies.

"We better get going." Spike said in concern, reminding his friend that it's time to get back. The portal will soon close and won't open again for another 2.5 years.

"Right, well, time to go!" Phobos exclaims with a smile.

"I know we've only been friends for a short time, but I'm going to miss all of you so much." Twilight said, sighing as she hugs her friends, the human ones, for what may be the last time. Who knows, though? The princess could see them again, right?

Unknown to the group, a familiar figure in a hood is about to head home through the portal...though he spots Derpy spotting him, saying happily, "My love, wait!"

"Look, a muffin!" Lorcan exclaims quickly while pointing at nothing, making Derpy runs off excitedly in search of the 'muffin' itself.

"Where, where?!"

Lorcan chuckles a bit and jumps into the portal quickly. Hopefully no one is there is greet him as he has to come home with less trouble as possible. As Twilight says goodbye, Pinkamena came up to her and says, "Twilight, what that creep said about me, well, after all we are like your friends in the other world but if you ever meet me, no, the real one in your world, tell her I said hi, ok?"

"Uh ok," Twilight said with a shrug of confusion.

Pinkamena then hugs Twilight. As she returns the hug, Golden Heart says in his mind, 'I would not be surprised if the real me's little sister may do that one day when she no longer needs to hide."

Flash shook Ben's hand while smiling. The prince said, "Thanks for everything, Flash. You're a great friend. I'm very sorry for everything: being jealous, hiding secrets and putting you in danger."

Flash chuckled, "C'mon, stop it. I told you for the last time. It's okay and no harm's done. Everything I do is for you, my best friend. You're doing this and getting the crown back is for everyone and Twilight. That's what Prince Charmings do." The student smile making his pal smile right back.

"Yeah, you're right. Thanks."

"I'm gonna miss you girls." Nyx said, preparing to say her last goodbye to the human version of the CMC.

"Me too, Nyx; Thanks; Yer're a great friend." Apple Bloom said with a smile on her face.

"Me three; this is the best and last night we ever had." Sweetie said with a smile as well.

"All of us made an awesome friends, along with you sis- I mean, your mom and dad." Scootaloo remarks, then groans a bit. "Aw man, I'm still getting used to that."

Nyx smiles as she said, "Don't worry, you don't have to get used to it. Pinkie said that this world have my Human form, and probably a sister to Twilight. I think she would make a good friend to you all."

The CMC smiled, saying together, "Maybe. But thanks."

Nyx and the CMC hugged together. Sunset Shimmer, allowed by Luna to say some final goodbyes, approached Twilight and her friends; the alicorn ask her new friend, "Are you sure you don't want to come home? Princess Celestia may give you a chance to become her student."

Sunset smile gently and shook her head, saying, "Thank you, Twilight. But no thanks; I have so much damage I have to repair. But thank you for everything, you teach me something that I have not realized since I left Equestria: friendship. I will do my best to be good as you are."

"I know you will." The purple girl said as Twilight patted on Sunset's shoulder. The former villainess then turned to Ben. She gave the piece of paper and golden sun necklace to him.

"Can you give him this? And please tell him for me, I'm truly sorry for everything I had done to him. Tell him, I love and miss him so much."

Ben smiles, knowing that Sunset is referring to the Pegasus version of Flash; He said, "I will." Turning to Flash, the boy asks, "Can you look after her? And I don't mean to be her boyfriend again since you broke up with her."

Flash chuckles, saying, "Of course. I'll do it, your majesty." Ben gave an annoyed glare to Flash making him chuckle, "Just kidding, Ben."

Flash gave Ben a noogie on his head after he grab it. They both laughed.

"Do you think we'll see each other again?" Sunset Shimmer asked. "If not, then I guess this is goodbye then."

"No it's not," said Twilight with a smile. "Even if we're all far apart, we will always be friends forever."

"W-wait..." gasped Sunset Shimmer. "After everything I did, you would still be my friend?"

"That's what friends do." Twilight said as she gave a reassuring hug to Shimmer. "They forgive each other."

With that, the heroes from Equestria then heads to the horse statue, hoping that the portal is opened long enough for them to make it through.

"That crown really does suit you, Princess Twilight." Spike said to Twilight with a slight smirk.

"You know what, Spike? I am starting to feel a little more comfortable wearing it." Twilight said as she looks at her crown in approval while the gang heads to the statue.

"Still worry about the nightmares? You know whether you should be benevolent or a tyrant?" Ben asks Twilight, pondering if the girl is still worried about those nightmares.

"Are you sure that you can handle being a leader? It's not an easy job." Nyx said to her mother in concern.

Twilight smiled, explaining, "Being a princess doesn't have to do with benevolent and a tyrant, it has to do what you think, do and believe in right and best for everyone and everypony. Even if I had become evil, I know that I will return to myself because I had you, my friends and family, no matter what. I'm not afraid anymore."

"That's good to hear, Twilight. You really had me worried." Ben said, hugging Twilight.

Twilight smiled, adding, "Not anymore."

Nyx smiled, happy to hear that her adopted mother will be all right. She said, "That's good enough."

"And the wings," Phobos ask, knowing Twilight will be getting her wings back upon returning to Equestria.

"I've been walking on two legs and picking things up with these!" Twilight laughs as she motions to her legs and hands which the girl won't have anymore upon returning home, "Wings? I'm thrilled that's all I'll be dealing with back in Equestria!"

Spike laughs a bit, "That crown really does suit you, Princess Twilight."

The others laugh with Spike as they all goes through the portal. As the others watch and wave goodbye, the new wings, pony ears and tails disappear from the Mane Five, meaning that the magic was only temporarily. Pinkie pauses a bit then rush after as if wanting to go into the portal...only to slam right into the base of the statue before falling back onto her butt onto the ground. The portal is now closed again for another 2.5 years.

"Oh, bummer," Pinkie groans a bit in disappointment. She wanted to see Equestria too! Oh well, maybe when another 2.5 years is up...

"I'm going to miss them." Fluttershy said with a sigh. It won't be the same without Twilight, Ben, Nyx, Spike and Phobos around. The school was back to the way it was before Sunset Shimmer thanks to them.

"Me too," The trio of CMC said at the same time. They too will miss their good pal Nyx.

Pinkie, recovering, grins as she bounces back up, saying happily, "Remember girls, if Equestria has Twilight, Ben, Nyx, Phobos and Spike, then this world probably should have too."

"If yew say so, but fer someone we know isn't going 'ta be easy." Applejack said to Pinkie in concern.


"First, Spike and Phobos are dogs, not talking like the ones we know of. Second, we can't simply say 'Hey, my friends. How do we know you? Because we've made friends with your pony forms'; they will think we're crazy. Third, Nyx won't be Twilight's daughter, but sister. It's going to hard to get used to it." Flash explains to Pinkie. He's right. The Twilight, Ben, Nyx and dogs of their world won't be the same as the ones from Equestria so it may be complicated to be pals with them all.

Rainbow nods, saying, "Flash's right. We don't know where their Human forms live. We have to get used to it, and not tell them about our pony friends."

"And if they do?" Rarity asks in concern.

"Then, you have to tell them the truth." A familiar voice spoke up. Everyone looked surprised and confused as they see a smiling Principal Celestia coming up. Somehow, the woman knew the truth all along! "Tomorrow, I'm having a visit from my family. My son is Benjamin Mare while his girlfriend is Twilight Sparkle."

Everyone was shocked of it. Applejack is the first to speak up, "They're coming here tomorrow?"

"That's shocking and unexpected." Rarity said in amazement.

"If they ask about the mess, I guess we should tell them everything." Fluttershy said shyly. If the human versions of Twilight and Ben want to know what happen, hopefully the truth can set everyone free.

"Might as well. I only hope that they are same or at least good as the ones we know of." Rainbow said pondering about what the human versions of her new friends would be like.

"I'm sure that they are. But first, we go easy on them first by introducing ourselves. We then tell them about ourselves before the truth." Flash explains, wanting everyone to go easy on the newcomers before getting to the truth part.

"I got it! How about we celebrate the party for our visitors," Pinkie squeals excitedly.

Celestia smiles, nodding as she said, "That's an excellent idea, Pinkie; my family would love it."

"Ah can't wait 'ta meet Nyx." Apple Bloom said, eager to meet the human version of Nyx for real. It would be like having a fresh new start.

"Hopefully it's not being a mother and daughter thing. Or else it's going to be awkward." Sweetie said in concern.

Scootaloo nods, adding, "No kidding; It will be weird and awesome. But being friends is important and magic."

Everyone but Celestia put their hands together in the middle and shouted, "Yeah!"


Back in the world of Equestria, the princesses and the Mane Five waits anxiously. Shining, who has got his business done a while ago, was there, waiting in hopes that his sister and the others would come back before the portal close. Luckily for Lorcan, he manages to get out of the mirror and leave before they came to see the progress.

To the group's delight, Twilight, Ben, Nyx, Spike and Phobos came back...and back to their ponies and Dragons selves, the ponies standing fell back onto their four hooves once more, all of them are butt naked again.

"Twilight," Fluttershy exclaims with a happy smile on her face.

"Ah, you're back!" Rainbow remarks with a smirk.

"You got your crown!" Rarity squeals, seeing that Twilight's crown is back on her head. She blinks upon seeing the new Fall Formal prince crown on Ben's head, "Uh, Ben darling? Are you wearing a crown of your own?"

"Oh that." Ben said with a slight chuckle while tipping the Fall Formal crown on his head. "Well, it's kinda a long story, yeah."

"I knew you could do it!" Pinkie giggles happily, this call for a party big time!

"Oh, we were so worried." Applejack said with a sigh, relieved that her friends came back safe and sound.

"Awww, I was getting used to being so cute and fluffy." Phobos said, disappointed that he is back to his somewhat dull Dragon self and not his cute and fluffy self.

Nyx giggles, petting Phobos while saying, "I don't know, you're still cute and fluffy to me." This made the Moon Dragon grin widely.

"Arf arf."

Princess Celestia, pondering about the fate of her ex-student Sunset, ask, "Sunset Shimmer, is she alright?" The Alicorn of the Sun is worried if she is all right.

Twilight smiles to the ones who came with her, saying in amusement, "I think she's going to be fine. I left her in good hands."

"What are hands? You mean those things that Megan and her family have got?" Rainbow asks Twilight, a bit confused by that part, unaware that her friend meant that Sunset will be fine and will be helped from now on.

Shining Armor hugged Twilight, looking concerned as he scold the little alicorn princess, "Twiley, you had me worried! Don't you go do something dangerous and stupid, young lady! You've seriously gotta stop making me worried. It's getting embarrassing."

Twilight shrugged, pointing out to her worried big brother, "I can't help it. I couldn't let Equestria or another world be in danger. As princess, it is my duty to protect my home, my people, my friends, my family and my loved ones." Geez, and ponies say that she is freaked out when it comes to her big brother.

Shnning chuckle, "Sounded like you've mature well; I had the feeling that you're getting used to being a princess very well since that going after the crown."

"I learn a great lesson, from my friends, my mentor, my family, and especially you. 'My decision is always stick with my family especially you, Twiley. Even if I'm the prince, it doesn't mean that I'll change because I have you and everypony I remember and love. My decision is always what's best for everyone.' Sounds familiar? So, I'm going to be myself and do my best for everypony."

Shining sobbed in happiness, "Atta girl. I was so worried that you won't overcome your nightmare. But now, I'm happy and proud of you."

Both Shining and Twilight sobbed and hugged together. Princess Celestia looked at her son with a stern face. Ben sighs as he knew what he should do. Face his punishment for disobeying her orders not to come in the first place.

Ben sighs again as he trots up to his mother, saying in regret, "Mom, I'm really sorry for disobeying you, and go off without thinking of the consequences. I'm a terrible son."

Princess Celestia approached Ben. Using her wing, she gets her son closer to her and hugged him. Celestia smile which made Ben confused. She doesn't seem angry at him!

"You've made me proud, my son. If you and your family had not gone with Twilight, I would've feared the worst for her." Celestia said to her adopted son gently, "Disobeying the order is one thing, but helping friends and family is utmost important of all. You are so much like your father, Ben."

Ben smiled, saying, "Thanks." The stallion hugged his mother. He then realized something, "By the way, mom, who is my father? You seem to know him, even though I'm your adopted son."

"When you're old enough, I will tell you everything. But for now, I believe you should rest and spend time with your family."

Ben smiled, planning on telling his mother his thoughts later, "I guess you're right. I'm just glad that all of us are home."


As the group walk through the palace halls, the girls couldn't help but bugged Twilight with questions about her stay in the other world. Fluttershy ask eagerly, "Where did you stay?"

"What did they wear?" Rarity asks anxiously to Twilight.

"Did you have fun?" Pinkie ask playfully while bouncing up and down.

"What'd yew eat?" Applejack asks Twilight curiously.

"Would you say she's just as awesome as me?" Rainbow asks eagerly. Twilight, Ben, Nyx, Spike and Phobos has told their friends about the other Main Five who lived in that world, the other girls were amazed that there are indeed human versions that exist.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down, calm down!" Nyx laughs to her honorary aunts with a laugh, "One at a time!"

Twilight sighs a bit, "I want to tell you all everything, I do, but I'm just so exhausted from all the dancing."

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Princess Cadance ask in surprise and disbelief, "Dancing?" Twilight herself actually danced? Bizarre, she isn't much on dancing, even on one of her birthdays!

Before the alicorn could respond, Twilight bumped into a familiar Pegasus guard from before, causing her to fall to the floor as they both yelp, "Oh!" Flash gave a smile to Twilight, kinda like the same one that his human self has done

"We've got to stop bumping into each other like this." Flash remark. He chuckled while helping Twilight up. "Seriously, your Prince Charming is so gonna kill me when hanging out with you."

Ben chuckled, "Not anymore, old friend." The prince approached Flash and hugged with him, "So good to see you."

Flash smiled, hugging back as he said, "So good to see that you're back. I knew you would return home safely."

Ben smirked while asking skeptically, "You sure?"

Flash chuckled, "Seriously? After so long being best friends, you'd still doubting me? Now why would I lie to you when we're good friends?"

"No, I still doubt you." The stallion said suddenly. Flash is shocked upon hearing this before Ben laughed. "Of course, I still trust you, and I'd prefer to hear that sentence since our foal hood. It is a habit to remember."

Flash smiled as he remarks, "Of course. Is Sunset alright?"

Ben gave the sun necklace and notes to Flash. The stallion sighs as he said to the Pegasus guard, his eyes widen upon seeing the two, "She's not coming home but Sunset said she's sorry for everything that she had done to you. And she miss and love you so much."

Flash took it. He read the notes: 'It's been three years since I've left Equestria. But to be honest, I'd really miss you so much. You had stolen my heart. I will never forget about you and the things you've done for me. I will always love you; Love Sunset Shimmer.'

Flash sobbed and cried softly as he knew that Sunset is still the same Unicorn that he loved: kind, generous and gentle before she turned into a selfish and cruel pony.

Flash calms down enough as he spoke up, "Thank you, Ben for everything. You sure it's not fake?"

Ben smiles as he use some familiar words on Flash, "Now why would I lie to you when we're good friends?"

Ben and Flash hugged again. Twilight, Nyx, the Mane Five, Princess Cadance, Spike and Phobos except Shining Armor were confused and worried. What is this all of the sudden? These two acted like old pals!

Twilight is the first to speak up, "Who's that?"

Ben smirks, motioning to Flash as he begins to introduce his best friend, "Everypony, I would like you to meet my very first and best friend since my foal hood: Flash Sentry."

Twilight, Nyx, Spike and Phobos gasp in surprise, "Flash Sentry?"

"What's wrong? Do you know him?" Cadance ask her sister in-law in surprise.

Phobos shrugs a bit, "Sort of."

Spike adds in, "And kind of." After all, who could forget someone like Flash Sentry, right?

Shining chuckled, helping out, "Ben's right; Flash Sentry is Ben's first friend." Everyone looked at Shining Armor, amazed that he knows about this. "I kinda met and talk with Flash when he was a rookie and I first join the Royal Guard. He was so lonely when hearing that Ben disappeared, you know what I'm talking about."

"I'm honor to meet you, Princess Twilight." Flash said with a smile. Ben smiled as in it's okay to kiss his fillyfriend's hoof for a while. He kissed Twilight's hoof. "Ben sure picked the right friend and filly." He chuckled. "Trust me; I was so worried that Ben wouldn't make it without me."

Ben chuckled, rolling his eyes as he answers, "Not anymore. I've learn to be brave and heroic from you, old friend."

"Seriously; If Flash Sentry is your first and best friend, then why do you had problems with Flash's human form when we first met him?" Nyx ask her adopted father puzzled. Why would her father be fine with the pony version if the human one gave him problems in the other world?

"Yeah; Why?" Twilight ask Ben in amusement.

Flash chuckled, then turn to Ben, asking, "Ben, did you learn the Royal Guard's strategy: observe, analysis and concluded lesson?"

Ben blushed, saying sheepishly, "Sort of. I just want to make sure of it, and especially the words I'm familiar with about Flash's Human Form. Guess what? I can trust him since he and Flash are the same."

Flash chuckled, "Of course. After all, I taught you well about being a hero and a Royal Guard. You are a hero now. Well done."

Ben smiled, saying, "Thanks."

Applejack smirk a bit, saying, "Oooh! Better be careful, Ben! Somepony may have a crush on 'de new guy!"

"No. No, I don't." Twilight insists to Applejack in amusement. "Besides, we just settle this, remember?"

Rarity gasps, "She does! She absolutely does!" Some of the others look at her oddly. "Well, I would say that if Twilight does has a crush, I was only practicing."

Twilight admit, "I admit I like him, but not enough to betray Ben or him. Anyway, don't be ridiculous. I don't even know him more. He just..."

"Totally reminds you of a guy you met in the other world who played guitar, was in a band, and helped prove you didn't destroy all the decorations for a big dance, so you could still run for princess of the big dance, and then asked you to dance at that dance but does so as a friend and is a human pal of Ben!" Pinkie spoke a bit longer. The others look at the pink pony who took a long breath in amazement; some of their jaws almost hit the floor. "Right?"

"How did you know that?"

"Just a hunch!"

"Well ain't this a nice little picture worth seein'?" A voice from a familiar red-neck was heard as who should enter around now then...Hoboken Joe, aka Hobo Joe, the pony version that Ben, Twilight and those that went into the other world know him.

"Hobo Joe; why are you here?" Ben responded surprise to see an old friend of his all so sudden.

"Well the princess requested that I come clean up the Crystal Empire's library for the festivities, being that I live in the Canterlot Castle in the Library, and been made as Honory Task Volunteer, and I thought I surprise you Benny boy. Plus, it's been about so long since I've seen you." Hobo Joe came over to give a little hoof tap on Ben which made them both smile off in being glad to see one another after sometime.

"Heck, me an' 'de rest here were surprise 'ta learn 'dat yew all knew a member o' 'de Apple Family ways back." Applejack responded to state what surprised the Mane Six is that they learn about who the girls came across.

"Right, he's told us some interesting stories." Rainbow Dash nods in hearing some great stories from this guy.

"About how Twilight & Ben knew another when they were young." Pinkie Pie smiled to bounce in hearing a story when Ben & Twilight were little.

"And how he and Ben were both in love, it was very nice." Fluttershy smiled to nod in finding such a story a nice thing to hear.

"And how this fine gent managed to inspire Ben & encourage Twilight during their hardest moments before the whole Demon Pony fiasco, it was truly a divine story to hear to pass the time while waiting, darlings." Rarity wave motion how from what Hobo Joe has told them, he helped Ben out when he was shy & needed another friend's help on his dealings with love for Twilight and how the old stallion helped Twilight when her special pony went missing when he was turned into a Demon Pony, very old stuff indeed.

"So, what did ye all see?" Hobo Joe asked off in what this gang musta seen during their trip through the magic mirror.

"Would you believe crazy stuff and about another you doing stuff no hobo janitor ever does?" Phobos spoke off in pointing out something majorly weird in what Twilight's group saw and another Hoboken Joe to boot.

"Yeah, and that you're a retired veteran soldier with a cool bike driving motion to fire off mud pies from a tennis racket machine," Spike issued off in how he saw the other Hobo Joe fight off the demonic forces against Sunset Shimmer when she was evil, it was crazily awesome.

"If that's how awesome you were back there, then you must be just as cool here." Nyx spoke off in issuing about this pony being something else.

"Well, I wouldn't say I'm 'all' dat great. I just do what seems right." Hobo Joe rubbed the back of his neck in feeling a little overwhelmed, he didn't do nothing like that around here and he's not all that great or maybe he's just being modest.

"As usually, you never change in our eyes." Twilight spoke from coming over, and then giving Hobo Joe a hug, like she did when she was a filly unicorn long ago. "But it's thanks to you in more ways than you think that you helped me & Ben in our tough lives." The now alicorn Twilight gave praise to Hoboken Joe that without his own efforts, even from another version of himself, things would have been hard for the girl and her love Ben without...their dear hobo pal.

"Hoboken Joe, you've been like the second closest friend to me ever since I was young before I disappeared, and if you saw me in peril, I can almost believe for sure that you save me no matter what." Ben approached to put his left hoof on Hobo Joe's left side to proudly issue how much he appreciates the guy and in seeing that if there was trouble with him needing aid, he can feel alright knowing that an 'old' friend like this retired veteran hobo can be there to bail him out.

"Aw shucks, you fillies & colts are making me blush and almost makin' me cry for joy!" Hobo Joe sniffs from feeling so much joy & happiness; it was enough to make him cry. "Sniff, whatever the case maybe, I'm always here to help. No matter how messy it maybe," He issue off before hugging Ben along with Twilight.

"As usually, he makes a statement from his janitorial work." Phobos rolled his eyes in seeing that was a clear pun use from a janitor, even a hobo one.

"Aw, lighten up, the guy's as much a good pony to know he's there even if he's only a hobo!" Spike shrug off to not bother, this pony's okay.

"Yah; Mr. Hobo Joe has that special magic touch, even as an Earth pony, he just makes us feel glad when we're sad." Nyx smiled to come over to join the hugging moment with her folks with their old friend, a special hobo even.


After some rest from Twilight's group that went to the other world, did they, the Mane Six, Golden Heart, Luna & Candace along with Shining Armor were in the Crystal Empire's throne room.

"So let us get something straight. Not only did you stop Sunset Shimmer, but you fought a NEW Enemy?" Rainbow Dash held up her hoof in trying to see that Twilight & the others with her fought the one that stole the crown and a NEW enemy foe.

"An' Sunset said 'dis guy was on a near comparison 'ta 'de guy called Grimmore fro' 'dat battle wit' Lorcan?" Applejack spoke off in knowing that the new enemy the others fought is on a near level of power to the Overlord King himself.

"The very same being Celestia warn us of his imprisonment while he made poor Spiky-Wiky a guinea pig to using what he snatched to copy Ben's Triforce to burn Lorcan's in a most….devastating display?" Rarity gasped in horror in remembering the very fiend that tried to use Spike to destroy Lorcan with Ben's own power that he obtain and he did it all while still trapped in his prison.

"Gulp…and he calls himself…the Superior and is a superior being that could bench press us without even trying?" Fluttershy gulps in fear, not liking the sounds of things that now a new enemy could appear and almost be more than the ponies ever handled of enemies.

"Holly-Mollie; this is almost sounding more super bad in a super-duper moment before we even went on our adventurous journeys!" Pinkie Pie yelped to grasp her mane in reacting to this action as something completely unbelievable.

"Right, the guy was not easy." Ben shook his head in feeling that when Twilight and the human girls fought the Superior, he's no ordinary opponent. "I even thought I finally got the drop on him, but he still had much strength and yet, I don't even know if that was truly the real deal that we fought or not." Ben was troubled on many scales of questions rising, the Superior that Twilight and her human friends fought could have been real or not, but that strength was no lie…and that's not a good thing to keep in mind.

"You are over thinking things nephew. But in lack of this, it still calls our highest attention." Luna came to pat Ben on the shoulder to release tension that was distracting the stallion on what to do about this new enemy that the ones that went to retrieve the crown came across a hard obstacle to overcome.

"But now I'm confused, Sunset also said the Superior was responsible for he did by summoning Discord during the great conflict years ago which led to Morning Glory being discorded and the Flutterponies isolated from us after Discord's imprisonment." Golden Heart spoke to hold his chin in pondering what was going on here; the story about the Superior didn't sit well with him. "However, that was Smaug the Great's work, and it's been years, the guy shouldn't even be around since Discord's defeat." The Alicorn male knows very much about what happened involving Discord & Smaug with the conflict and this Superior character made things even harder to follow.

"But he could have found a way to live out those years, and even with the strength of the elements & daddy's own. He said that in the past his power was not even at Nightmare Moon or Discord's level." Nyx spoke off in mentioning a major fact about the Superior's strength being at something that it wasn't from other foes.

"Yah, but now after that battle, the one girl from those previous battles that beat nasty Nightmare Moon…" Phobos was stating off to say until…

"Gah-hum," Nyx cough to remind Phobos that 'she' and Luna were Nightmare Moon from long ago from different events.

"Pardon, the 'old' Nightmare Moon, not the one about Nyx or Luna, though mostly was them, but isn't now. Anyway, moving on, and then the battle with Discord before he got beat, then reformed." Phobos spoke off in correctly issuing the manner of the situation from understanding what foes that Twilight & her friends have fought to defeat.

"I have to agree, Twilight beat them alright, but the Superior's movements & skills, even magic and Forbidden magic, made us thinks he was much worser today than he might have been in the past!" Spike responded in feeling the fear that the new enemy could be much more worst present time than he was long ago. "And to top it off, that one guy in a cloak that wielded my brother Lorcan's beam sword fought almost like Lorcan, but even skills with a weapon & fighting experience only helped a little," Spike issued this off about what the other cloak character, who was Lorcan but his existence is kept a secret, fought the Superior to a near standstill, but that was only temporally.

"To think such a powerful foe was running loose without us being alerted." Cadance spoke with worry, this doesn't sound good to any of them in learning a dangerous villain is on the loose, worse than the still escapee members of the Brotherhood under Lorcan's leadership.

"We thought the worst could be Grimmore's freedom if the seal keeping his entire being in Tartarus would ever break, but this new enemy, the Superior, seems to be on a near scale with the guy." Shining Armor spoke with a very serious look of worry about seeing that what's worst then one major villain is two of them to watch out for. "Only this time, what may fear us most might be that there are 'others' almost as strong as this Superior is!" What Cadance's husband state sounded a far more worse thought than anything anyone wanted to know.

Now everyone was worried that if the Superior was indeed very tough on Twilight & Ben's own handling the situation, then more of unknown enemies serving the same guy would be equally terrible. Worst, there were said to be thirteen in all with the Superior included, and if Sunset Shimmer succeeded in the evil plot would have been Number Fourteen, but that one got scrapped. So the bigger question is, who are the other twelve to watch out for and are they nearly as dangerous as the Superior in question, plus…what is their objective?

"But tell me Twilight, you said you felt something when you stopped the Superior's Killer Curse?" Celestia asked to change the subject in wondering about something that has caught her interest.

"It felt like magic from my element, yet not, it felt like it was almost in the stars." Twilight spoke from being a little unsure at the moment about what she did that was performing a spell move by instinct. "Even weirder was Star Swirl the Bearded's picture came into my mind as I almost made something from magic alone…but it failed to be stable enough." Twilight held up her hoof in studying it, she definitely felt something was in her grasp, but the magical forming of what she almost made slipped away before she fully understood how it worked.

"Perhaps…it's another secret that Star Swirl the Bearded discovered, and that only a certain pony in the arts of magic could summon." Luna spoke in thinking about what the once great father of magic had uncovered long ago is about to rise anew in this day of age. "Perhaps with time, you'll uncover the truth." She gently stated to Twilight that in due time, the new princess may discovered something that may even help in their times of need.

"Everyone, if you please let us be for now to enjoy the peaceful moment of everyone's return, my sister & Golden Heart wish to discuss the matters of learning another new enemy to be on highest alert for." Celestia kindly ask that those here to let the ones staying behind to discuss matters of what the situation is turning out to be.

Soon everypony was turning to leave the room without arguing or making excuses. Well, almost all of them.

"Hay mom? Can…can I ask you something?" Ben turned to stop himself from leaving as he wanted to speak with his mother, the princess of the sun, while the others went ahead.

"Of course Ben, what is wrong?" Celestia kindly spoke in allowing her son a moment, what mother wouldn't hear their child's needs?

"The Superior said something about me that…kinda got me worked up." Ben spoke in feeling that just bringing up the subject got him on some edge in emotion. "The Superior said I was arrogant like my…" He was about to say something when he was cut.

"Hope he wasn't stating about your mom or aunt; that be just rude." Golden Heart interrupted to say that if the enemy was gonna insult the two princesses of the sun & moon, bad idea.

"About my father," Ben addressed off while looking to the ground in confusion. "You know, the same one that I asked about my mother about earlier.."

"Your father," Celestia responded surprise to hear this in almost shock to believe it. At the same time, the alicorn appears to be worried for some reason.

"WHAT MANNER OF DECEIT IS THIS?" Luna roared out in the royal calling tone about the enemy trying to trick them with lies on Ben Mare's past that was a mystery of his birth parents.

"I don't know, but…mom, you told me that you found me abandon and took me in? You never found out who my parents really were or told me who dad was yet." Ben spoke off in understanding everything about Celestia taking him in as a baby colt when none of the other royal guards ever found his real parents or that Celestia hasn't told Ben who his father is yet. "What if…what if the Superior knows who my birth father is and my…oh." The boy was about to finish his claiming statement until…he realized something that Ben should have thought ahead for.

"Your birth mother," Celestia spoke with some sorrow that for Ben, she was his adoptive mother after all.

"Mom please, I didn't mean to sound disgraceful, but….maybe this can be the chance to learn about my past and where I came from." Ben was speaking an apology for not being considerate, but thought that perhaps there is a chance that his life into this world from those that brought him here are something that leaves him deeply puzzled to wanting to know…whatever happened to them.

"You must realize that the enemy must have tried to psych you out with false senses of who your parents were." Golden Heart spoke with reason about Ben being played into the hands of the enemy by a false claim.

"Not likely, but he said I learn the truth when the time comes. Meaning, something must have happened to which cause a moment that I was endangered. A spell even that might have been cast, I…" Ben Mare was speaking with a much focus mind and serious sounding voice about what was gonna happen about learning what became of his parents, and what it all meant of his abandon, and if they were….

"Please nephew, you're thinking 'too' far into what the worst might have come." Luna came over to hold her nephew on his shoulders to gently wish he not push all thoughts together so suddenly. "Please, whatever the mystery maybe, we'll all help in solving an unsolvable mystery about you." She spoke in wanting to assure Ben that whatever the mystery behind his birth parents by what the Superior said, it will be solved.

"Sniff…thanks Aunt Luna." Ben sniffed some loose tears from his eyes while smiling to his aunt.

"Ben, please, come closer." Celestia spoke to which Ben left Luna to approach his adoptive mother…before she wrapped her wings around the stallion; giving him a hug. "What I want is to always see you happy, and if doing this will help you, then just know that no matter what…you'll always be thought of as the son I always wanted." The princess of the sun spoke in wanting to make sure Ben had his happiness ahead of him and if learning the truth is what he wants, then even she will still always see Ben as her own son.

"And no matter what, you'll always be my own mother that raised me with good kindness. I love you mom." Ben spoke with a smile while also returning the hug to the princess he always saw as a mother to him when growing up.

"I love you too, son." Celestia responded from feeling this moment lasting for some time now.

Soon Ben was leaving with his feelings now assured by his mother, Celestia. The stallion was now leaving out the doors while they closed behind him to allow those inside to discuss things of importance.

Celestia sadly whisper, "I just hope that when Ben does find out, he wouldn't be angry."

"Excuse me, Celly?" Luna ask her sister, wondering what Celestia meant by that.

"Never mind that for now."

"Is it safe?" A familiar voice spoke up. Lorcan came out of hiding from the shadows, hiding the whole time. "Sorry for not speaking up but even I can't let my old 'pals' see me too soon, especially after what I went through in the other world."

"Lorcan, you risk too much going to that world." Celestia scolds Lorcan a bit. "I let it slide because I know how important my son, Nyx and the Dragons are to Twilight but..."

"Please not now, Celly. I did it to save em."

"Right, you got to admit, Celly, Lorcan is important to his brother as Spike is to him." Luna points out to Celestia with a grin.

Celestia sighs, both Luna and Lorcan did indeed have a point. Changing the subject, she spoke up, "It appear that our enemy and his organization has made their first move. Luckily, it didn't do too much damage yet. I'm surprised Trixie didn't mention that to me before."

"Wait, wait; hang on. Trixie; You mean..." Golden Heart begins to ask, suspecting the truth.

"Oh bother. So that's why you didn't have my 'former flame' be arrested after the Alicorn Amulet incident?" Lorcan laughs a bit in disbelief. "She is your little spy in..."

"Ssssh, we don't know who may be listening." Celestia said quietly. Even the Royal Sister can't take the chance of the Apocalypse Ponies listening in. "Still, I do believe Trixie still has that grudge against Sunset Shimmer."

"Grudge," Luna ask Celestia, arching an eyebrow at this.

"Let's say that my two ex-students aren't exactly the best of friends. We don't know how far that the new group would go...but we need to take precautions because they are now targeting the new princess for elimination."

"I will make arrangements but not too much. May the Ma'gne help us all..."


Twilight, Ben and Nyx headed to the balcony while the others followed them. But they were stopped by a curtain when it closed in front of them. Flash smirked as he waves them off, saying, "C'mon, ponies, let the couples have time together."

"Yeah, Flash's right; Ben and Twilight need time alone." Spike said with a grin. After all that Twilight and has gone through, they need some alone time.

"Unless you want us to do the something bad at you when you're alone with somepony special," Phobos said with a mischievous look on his little Dragon face.

Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance nodded their heads as they agreed to leave Twilight and Ben alone. Outside on the balcony, Ben and Twilight looked at each other and smiles. Nyx smiles as well as she watched her parents. The prince and princess kiss as the moonlight glowed brightly. Nyx smiled happily. It's going to be an interesting future for them all.


The next day at the parallel world, the Main Five, the CMC, Flash and Sunset were waiting at Canterlot High with Principal Celestia; Today's the day that the principal's family would arrive, most of them will meet this world's Twilight, Ben and Nyx for the first time. They saw the car coming to the school before it came to a complete stop. Three familiar faces appeared as they came out of the vehicle, along with Celestia's husband, a yellow hair man by the name of Jack.

"Mom," The human Ben exclaims, smiling upon seeing Celestia. He rushed over and hugged his mother. "It's really you! I miss you so much!"

"Me too, Benjamin, me too," Celestia said with a smile. The others look amazed, so this is this world's Ben Mare.

"Long time no see, Celly." Jack said to Celestia with a slight chuckle.

Celestia smiled, happy to see her husband whom she hasn't seen much since the separation. The principal said, "It's good to see you, Jack."

They both hugged together, showing that the parents had indeed patch things up...to some point. Ben grins as he motions to Twilight, saying, "Mom, I would like you to meet my girlfriend: Twilight Sparkle." The Main Five look amazed, this girl looks exactly like the Twilight Sparkle whom they befriended during her time here at this school.

Twilight shook Principal Celestia's hand, smiling as she said, "It is an honor to meet you, Principal Celestia."

Celestia smile as she said, "It is an honor, Twilight Sparkle." The principal then noticed and meet Nyx, another lookalike. "And you must be Nyx?"

"Huh? How did you know my name? Are you psychic?" Nyx ask Celestia in surprise. The little sister hasn't met her until now so how did she know the girl's name?

Celestia giggled, adding, "You're quite cute. But no, I'm not psychic. It's a lucky guess." The principal then turn to Main Five, Flash, CMC and Sunset as she introduced them, "Jack, Ben, Twilight and Nyx. These are my dearest and good students: Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer."

The Main Five, Flash, CMC and Sunset smiled and waved to Ben, Twilight and Nyx. The boy looks at them, smiling a bit as he said, "Hey, we know you guys."

Everyone but Celestia ask in surprise, "You do?" Weird, this is the same reaction that some of them gave the Equestria Twilight!

"Yeah, you're the people who stick and hang out with me, I mean, my doppelganger." Twilight said in realization.

Pinkie and the CMC ask in surprise and a bit of confusion, "Huh? Doppel-what-now," They don't know what 'doppelganger' means.

"It means person's double. We had no idea what you're talking about." Rarity said to Twilight and Ben, acting like she and her friends hasn't met them before...which is true in some cases.

"Seriously, where on earth did you get that idea from?" Rainbow asks the newcomers with an innocent whistle.

Nyx showed her iphone to them by showing the video from 'Helping Twilight Win the Crown'. The Main Five, CMC, Flash and Sunset are both shocked and worried as they had forgotten about the video; Hoo boy.

"This is where we get the idea. I've gotta admit it. That was cool for someone who look like my big sister, to be princess." Nyx chirps eagerly. "She did win some competition from her junior high."

"She did?" Fluttershy ask Nyx in surprise.

"How she do that?" Pinkie ask Nyx curiously.

"Yup, through charity, compassion, devotion, integrity, optimism, and the leadership," Ben explains with a grin to the group. "That's what my girlfriend is good at, and not to mention she loved to study. After all, friendship is important to us."

Twilight giggled, blushing at that, "Stop that, Ben. You're flattering and embarrassing me. At least, I didn't embarrassed you about being a shy boy when we first met."

Applejack giggled, "It's nice to meet yew y'all. Welcome 'ta Canterlot. Ah hope yew all gonna love it here."

Flash nods, adding, "If there's any problem, you can find any of us to help, especially against some no good bullies. We'll teach them lesson. We'll be best friends in no time."

"You sure," Ben ask Flash curiously.

Flash smile as he repeats what he himself told the other Ben, "Now why would I lie to you when we're good friends?"

Ben smiles as if he can trust Flash. Sunset grins as she said, "I hope we all can be good friends."

Twilight smile as she responds, "We will." It's great to be friends with those who are friends with a girl who looks like her!

Apple Bloom decides that it's time to ask her world's Nyx a familiar question, "Hey Nyx, just wondering, would yew like 'ta join our club?"

"It would be great to hangout and have fun." Sweetie said with a hopeful smile on her face.

"Trust us, we'll be totally awesome, with you on our side." Scootaloo remarks in agreement. The CMC hope to goodness that their new friend would say yes.

"Really," The black girl asks hopefully. They nodded. Nyx turned to get permission from Twilight who smiled and nods, "I'm in, girls."

"Yeah, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are back together again." The CMC cheers loudly that they almost cause the others to deaf. At least it's great that Nyx is back in their group even if it isn't the one from Equestria!


Apple Bloom giggles a bit, "We'll explain 'dat later."

Celestia's husband Jack spotted something wrong at the front doors which haven't been rebuilt yet. The man, shocked and worried, asks in alarm, "Oh my god! What happened?! It's like there's a tornado, striking this place! Are you alright? You're not hurt, are you?"

"Yeah, speaking of which, would you like to explain what really happen here? We've received one video. Better hope it's not a joke. I'm not very used to that." Ben said in concern, not wanting a joke to end his new friendships.

"Yeah, I want the explanation about me or my doppelganger being humiliated in the video, and also the mess here." Twilight said in concern. The others look at each other, knowing that now it's time to explain what has happened recently.

"Seriously, my big sister never met any of you or anyone else. She would never do anything bad to you. So who and why did that?" Nyx ask the Main Five, the CMC, Flash and Sunset with a deep frown.

Celestia and everyone but Celestia's family chuckled and giggled uneasily about the mess that they made. The group gave an uneasy smile to their new friends. Jack, Ben, Twilight and Nyx raised their eye-brow at them.

Applejack smile as she said "We'll tell ya. What we told you is very honest an' hard 'ta believed."

"Applejack's right. You'd best be prepared for everything." Flash said, knowing that what the ones who experienced what happened will say is going to be shocking to believe in.

Celestia smiled and giggled, "We'll explain about it later; How about lunch?"

"Not to mention I prepared the 'Welcome Ben, Twilight and Nyx to Canterlot High' party!" Pinkie exclaims as she jumps in, always excited for a party. "It's so going to be good!"

"And I'm not included?" Jack remarks as if feeling hurt by being excluded. Everyone laughed at hs disappointed look.

"Of course, you're included, Mr. Ben's father! Everyone who came to this town, I always have the best surprised welcome party!"

Ben, Twilight and Nyx gave an uneasy look about Pinkie's behavior. Fluttershy just gave a smile as she said, "You'd have to get used to it."

Rainbow Dash smile while laughing, Pinkie Pie is always so random."

"But she's right on one thing." Rarity said, holding a hand to her chin. A welcome party for Ben, Twilight, Nyx and Jack does sound appropriate to have after dealing with great matters like Sunset Shimmer, the Fall Formal and the Superior.

"Yup, 'dis is welcome party fer our new best friends 'ta Canterlot High." Applejack chuckles as she tips her hat a bit. "So let's party, everybody."

Flash smile as he said, "You said it; Time to rock and roll."

"You do that? You don't mind me to join your band?" Ben asks Flash curiously.

Flash smiled as he said, "I'll always welcome to anybody to come to my band. C'mon, party is about to get started."

Everyone entered Canterlot High for the party. Twilight saw Sunset who looks regret, upset and unhappy. The purple girl spoke up to the former bully, "Hey, are you okay? Aren't you coming to our party?"

Sunset sighs, "I don't think I deserve to be in one after all, I was a bully before; I also the one who posted the humiliating video on the websites."

"So, you're the one who set the video? But you don't look like a bully, but regretful person like you who regret everything you did." Nyx explains to Sunset. After all, if she regrets what she has done, then the girl isn't truly a jerk, right?

"That's because I did a lot of hurtful things."

"Hey, it's okay. Whatever your reason you did those things, you shouldn't let that stop you. You can explain that later." Ben said to Sunset with a grin. "After all, everyone can't party without you."

Sunset, startled that Twilight, Ben and Nyx shows no ill towards her, begins to speak, "But- but-"

"Ben's right. Whatever the reason is, it can wait. But for now, let's party, my new friend." Twilight said gently, much to Sunset's surprise. This purple girl is indeed like her former enemy from Equestria. She is willing to forgive despite what the former bully has done in the past.

"You accept me as a friend?"

Nyx smile, saying, "Of course, whoever is nice and kind to us are our friends, like you, Ms. Sunset. So, c'mon, everybody is waiting."

Sunset smile, saying with tears in her eyes, "Thank you, my friend. Just Sunset is fine for me."

"Time to party," Pinkie calls out to anyone in a 5 mile radius. No one should miss this cool party in a zillion years!

Twilight, Ben and Nyx smiled at Sunset while laughing with others at Pinkie Pie's random behavior as they bring her to the party.


At this time, we return to the same gathering area that the Apocalypse Ponies are in, sitting in their member chairs. Even Merluck was in the room, but stood down on the floor to lean by the pedal-stool of the elevated throne chair. And strangely in the background, we hear it playing 'Organization 13 theme extended' from Kingdom Hearts, strange as it maybe while fitting the mood of what's happening which from a magic portal mirror revealed what has happened to the Sunset Shimmer, displaying the girl's demonic transformation, but soon ends up defeated. Twilight & Ben have managed to turn the tables by bringing out their inner power that defeated Sunset's operation of ruling her own world, now they see her pitiful state; the state of which even Twilight took sympathy to help Sunset by understanding friendship. It even shows the Superior's defeat, if not temporarily. Soon the mirror display vanished to where all the members in the room, even the fascinated Merluck and the flabbergasted Trix were utterly surprised by that defeat at Sunset Shimmer & from what the crown could do neither knew.

"It would seem..." The Superior slowly spoke in grasping the state of the situation. "Sunset has failed me..." He responded in seeing what has happened to the one he assigned his request to be utterly failed.

"No kidding." Warring Malice rolled her eyes in seeing that wasn't the obvious thing. "So...What should we do...about Sunset?" She asked in what the group do now after Sunset Shimmer's defeat.

"For now..." The Superior responded with a quiet response, "Nothing. Let her enjoy her life...for now." From his hidden dark tone, they shall deal with Sunset Shimmer for failing them, failure is not an option as they all know, but until that time....the girl will enjoy what new life of hers that is starting before it's destroyed.

"It won't matter, as you spoke Superior, the one you still have, even if not Twilight or Sunset, is I." Ms. Moon spoke humbly in issuing that despite not obtaining Twilight to join them or Sunset Shimmer bringing the crown or the Triforce, as long as she is here, the Superior will have her need where those two are not going to challenge her....especially from her own secret origin concerning over the matter. But that is another story.

"Aww, too bad, so sad," Psycho Pie responded off with a giggling cackle to hold her sides.

"Like we care if we fail," Liarjack responded off in lying about what she said now that the others figured what she actually meant.

"Should have sent ME to pick up the crown & the Triforce," R. Chaos addressed in stating that she should have gone for the goods instead.

"Like you would have done better, I would have beaten them with an inch of their life!" Fluttercruel cruelly remark how what she would have done if she gone.

"If I had gone for the crown, it would have been mine & no one else to have." Crarity spoke with a greedy tone in what she would have done instead.

"Hugh, must you all always discuss things like this?" Trix sighed in once again, seeing the other members argue amongst themselves. "Even the Superior has failed."

"That was only to test the new princess's powers. Even though I had failed, I will give her time for rest...for now." The Superior told his daughter sternly. In other words, his attack on Twilight was merely a way to test her new power and not just an attempt to destroy her once and for all.

"So what now; I take it that Sunset's membership is...terminated?" Deadly Rager asked off what the Superior believes they'll do about having Sunset Shimmer join under their rank.

"The offer I gave for Sunset has been rescinded." The Superior held his hooves together to coldly state that Sunset's membership has been revoked from becoming the 14th member.

"But now what do we do?" Suffocator Jill asked off from seeing what they saw happen now. "Now Twilight Sparkle has defeated an enemy from when the girl used the Magic element against the new princess." Seeing that feat is the weirdest thing to ever be witness and to conquer it is another step. "She even gave you a hard time though you were close in winning at each turn!"

"I agree, and the Triforce container has managed to reawaken his own magic. Not to mention, he carries the sword!" Starven Fran nods in agreement while pointing the subject to Ben Mare, seeing what feats he too has shown them they never expected.

"The Master Sword; A sword known as the Evil-slayer of all evil creatures; During times of war, that was only ever seen by the Hero of Legend long ago!" Warring Malice hummed to herself in vitalizing the ideal subject around the sword wielded by the Earth stallion & its history. "To imagine that he pull it out to use his abilities from the Triforce's three elements, truly a surprise." She maybe the pony of war, but seeing a sword that has made itself a history in battle, even she's a little intrigue about it.

"Indeed, now things have become much more different." The Superior nods with a serious tone about what has taken place. "While they are still inexperience in their newfound field, Twilight Sparkle & Celestia's son will no doubt become threats with each passing of time." He issued that in the future, these two ponies maybe become bigger threats in having much greater power than they ever imagined.

"Then it looks like me getting the crown will be harder after seeing what it did. But that just makes me want to have it more." Merluck spoke off from below in thinking that, despite seeing and hearing what Twilight said about the crown not working for Sunset Shimmer doesn't mean he's given up in trying.

"If we had the Triforce, the new princess would barely be much a threat." Wilco issued from something of metal noise when he bash his arm rest while it sounded like...Wilco was angry at Twilight for a reason. "The one called Ben, surely has not unlocked 'all' of the abilities of the Triforce, but has slowly been getting to know of his slow, but steady progress." He issued that from seeing Ben's actions, he'll slowly continue to learn how to unlock and improve himself in using the Triforce along with the Master Sword.

"Yes, the time for us to act, grows near, but we still need more time to coordinate our objective." The Superior held his chin in seeing that they'll have to pick up the paste, but the group still need some time before acting out now to reveal themselves.

"So any ideas," Warring Malice ask the Superior curiously.

"Hmm...send in Fafnir. He might have an idea as to how to handle this situation."

A burst of flames appears, the group saw a shadowy figure whose has a shape of a creature appearing. In a voice, he booms out, "You sent for me, Master?"

"Yes, Fafnir. I have...are you familiar with Rainbow Dash?" The Superior asks the being known as Fafnir curiously.

"Brave Heart's cousin from Ponyville? Yes...I am, and with her friends...and I have the perfect plan for Princess Twilight Sparkle's beloved Benjamin."

"Good, do it ASAP. We need no further problems with him."

Fafnir bows to the Superior before vanishing from sight, most likely to begin a new plan soon.

"It would seem you all are in a desperate state, are you not?" A new voice spoke from somewhere within the room that did not belong to anyone.

Much to the other members, but the calm leader, another portal of flames erupted in the center of the meeting. As it ripped open to show a view display, who should be seen sitting on his own throne, resting his head on his palm hand to stare without care at those that see him; it was Grimmore, the Dark Elf from Tartarus's prison.

"Ah Grimmore, how rare that you would come to speak to me....in front of the others," The Superior spoke in being surprised by this sudden visit while still ever calm.

"He's...Grimmore?" Trix silently whispered to Warring in actually seeing the dark elf in person even if it was through a magical portal connection showing them his prison territory.

"Yah, that's him. Got it Memorized?" Warring responded with the same quiet talk about who the villains are seeing. "Now hush, it's not every day you meet a big legend." She issued that Trix not make too much of an attention when another big contender, like their own leader, shows up where his standards...are higher than their own.

"To what, do we owe the occasion?" The Superior slowly asked in wondering what occasion had the Overlord King want to visit them now.

"I have recently learned about the pony that has become a princess, and more than that...has become an alicorn." Grimmore spoke with a cocky face in issuing what he's heard about a new princess in the woods. "The name of her would be Twilight Sparkle, would it not?" He spoke off to gently tease in not knowing who the pony was, but it was just for sport.

"It ain't her name!" Liarjack protest off to lie about the name of Twilight.

"Hay, you wanna try lying to THAT!" R. Chaos snapped at her colleague for wanting to make a scene with someone as terrifying as the Superior in the room.

"I've learnt of her entering another world, retrieving a stolen crown, and sensing a shift in the balance. Even knowing of 'your' existence," Grimmore addressed off what he knows has happened to Sunset Shimmer's situation of taking Twilight' Sparkle's crown and the princess getting it back while becoming stronger as was Ben Mare's Triforce. "Hmph-hmph-hmph-hmph, truly, the game slowly makes things more interesting as progress grows!" He actually chuckled of what was going on without batting an eye or concerns of worry what so ever, it was all...a moment to amuse him.

"Hmph, if that's progress, then I rather see it crumble." Fluttercruel huffed off in not liking how someone can be stronger to not be easy for her to break.

"Ohhhh, that be great to make cupcakes from something REALLY strong!" Psycho Pie responded in liking to wanna turn strong opponents into cupcakes, again it disgusted Trix's appetite.

"Tell us...Grimmore...of why you decided to reach us?" Deadly Rager asked in wondering why a powerful creature still trapped wants with them.

"To give my regards to your effort of a lost," Grimmore responded off to say with a cocky tone of wanting to give...his regards of the organizations efforts. "You wanted to gain power, but it slip through your grasp." He commented about how Twilight has stopped them from gaining the Element of Magic, as well as Ben's Triforce of Wisdom, Courage & Power.

"And you're telling us this, why...?" Starven Fran asked off in not getting what this character was going at with this discussion.

"To present you...with 'these' here," Grimmore slowly held up his hand through the magical flame display to give something out.

Suddenly, from the display flames came an inferno claw, much like what was seen during the Lorcan Invasion as many were either phased or unwilling to move of what this Dark Elf would do while the Superior remains as he was. Finally, the flaming inferno opened its grasp, revealing yellow crystal minerals that seem to have grown, as they floated when the claw cease being ignited while the flaming portal display remain. And the crystals floated to Wilco as he study them.

"Incredible, the energy output of these crystals are off of my understanding. These wouldn't happen to be..." Wilco was getting a reading from these crystals, these could not actually be...the thing the powerful creature used during the Lorcan Invasion, is it?

"Copy Crystals, the same I used to ensnare the Triforce to have one on my own." Grimmore exclaimed in what these crystals were, the same ones he had to gained Ben's Triforce, though the stallion still wields the original, he's been able to make a perfect copy. "As I speak, I am vastly having the ones here get strong enough, to present more...'promising' results." He waved off his free hand to exclaim that fact of what he's doing, making more copies of the Triforce, improving them to better than before.

"Results...of what," Suffocator Jill later on asked in now being curious here.

"For my own army," Grimmore made a sly smile on his face in addressing the answer. "As I speak, I've finished with the touches to create a stronger band of warriors; the Elite Warriors, where their power is near 50 percent from the Triforce's full might." He grasps the free hand in announcing what he's managed to create to be of great results to control the power of the Triforce.

"50 Percent; But from my knowledge, that much power could put one individual over five or ten alicorns magic scale level!" Wilco yelped from almost slipping out of his chair, just hearing this news was almost unbelievable.

"Oh my, and I wonder what just 25 percent would have done." Trix responded in being surprised, Grimmore made the crystals that have copied the Triforce's power to bring out 'that' much while there was still much to go, it's too scary to imagine what it be to control a hundred percent.

"Wouldn't you like to know, my dear?" Grimmore responded to where his eyes slowly narrow towards...Trix's station in hearing her question.

Just then, a sudden heart beat sound was heard as Trix's entire area was gone blurry with black & white linings of her view.

"Gaaaasp...." Trix gasped from her frozen state what seemed like a second, before her position of color view return, but she nearly pass out to hold herself together to just stay awake. "What...was that....that was just a moment, but that heavy presence....was his," Trix was softly speaking under her breath, sweating while she slowly lifted her eyes to stare with widen shock, Grimmore's presence from one view...did this much to tire her out. "It's almost like my father's, but...different...stronger. Who is this...Overlord King, Grimmore?" Trix's spoke under her muffle mouth in knowing what almost knock her out was the magic release of an opponent to display a show of who was stronger, and the girl felt her father's great magical might, her brother's too, but this dark elf...was more so that it almost knocked her out completely if her spirit wasn't well-build to overcome it.

"We offer our condolences for this generosity Grimmore, you have our thanks." The Superior spoke in being humble to the dark elf in bringing them such a gift.

"Hmph-hmph-hmph...anytime, after all...our objectives are similar to one crucial point, even if different in how they are made." Grimmore laughed under his breath, all while giving a strange emaning that was known only to the two in charge of their dominions. "And I shall say this, once my new creations go into Equestria borders, they might prove very useful in your efforts. And all while I have other ideas in mind," The dark elf's malicious expression never changed, many of the others could almost but swallow their gulps hard by what Grimmore plans to do while they greatly enjoy the extra aid.

"Stronger & fearsome creatures made behind Tartarus, and by just a copy from the Triforce, now I've heard it all." Merluck spoke off in hearing all of this and found everything almost too good to be true, maybe they will have the advantage after all.

"Until the next time we chat, Superior, I look forward to when the time arrives..." Grimmore slowly responded in preparing to sing off now. "When you all shall finally act, it shall provide the most entertaining display I haven't seen in so long." The Overlord King's smile hid more amusement and wickedness of wanting to see this organization go off to fight; they shall provide much entertainment in how Equestria shall handle them.

"Of course," The Superior held his cloth to his chest to do a little bow of praise from this powerful god-like being of demons.

Soon Grimmore's entire image from the flames eviscerated out into nothingness within the room. Many that were sitting slowly sigh to wipe off some sweats off their foreheads, that character is just as scary as the Superior is; no wonder that guy is their leader.

"Wilco, take the Copy Crystal to uncover what its use can be for us. It may be a fake from the original, but the Triforce from within, its energy, could serve a use in our other plans." The Superior pointed to the one that was their scientific mind, to use what they gain in their possession, for their own use.

"At once," Wilco spoke to slowly touch the Copy Crystals, just the shimmer of the glow, almost made sparks fly from the guy's body. What was up with that?

"The rest of you are dismissed." The Superior pointed to the others that they can leave now. "With our learning of Sunset's failure to the rise of the new princess and her love one's growing strength, this day has not become...a 'complete' disappointment." He issued from seeing that even after such a failure, they did get something out of it, knowledge of what to look out for and a little something extra on the side.

The other members nodded before each slowly vanished in their own corridors of darkness. Trix, Warring, Merluck, and the Superior were the last ones to leave by their own travel plans. The entire meeting room was emptied with no one left, as the background music soon ended at this time. Looks like whatever fiendish plans are being concocted here, it's going to be only the came before the ferocious storm that will soon befallen all over Equestria.


Twilight: A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

I couldn't see what was right there in front of me

Turned my back and my mind off track, yeah

You saw a world, there was something new entirely

Helped me to see all the possibilities

Oh, like a star in the daylight

Oh, like a diamond at night

Your light was hidden

From my sight

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

Every friendship is tested

You say you're sincere but it's all unclear now

But with a word, everything changes

And just like that, you and I are right back

Oh, like a star in the daylight (Star in the daylight)

Oh, like a diamond at night (Diamond at night)

The light will shine

When the time is right

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

When I put my hand out

And I thought I would fall

You knew what I needed

And you came around to fix it all

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me (A star in the daylight)

A friend for life

That's what you are to me (Like a diamond at night)

That's what you are to me

The End

Cast list

Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle, T. Moon

Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Liarjack, R. Chaos

Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Pinkamena Diane Pie, Female Announcer, Psycho Pie, Pumpkin Cake, Fluttercruel

Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity, Princess/Vice-Principal Luna, Mrs. Cake, Granny Smith, Pound Cake, Derpy Hooves, Photo Finish, Crarity, Various Girls

Cathy Weseluck: Spike the Dragon/Dog

Rebecca Shoichet: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle (singing voice)

Jason Marsden: Ben Mare

Daveigh Chase: Nyx

Chris Sanders: Phobos the Dragon

Tim Curry: The Superior, Grimmor

Nicole Oliver: Princess/Principal Celestia, Cheerilee

Vincent Tong: Flash Sentry, Various Boys

Britt McKillip: Princess Cadance

Lee Tockbar: Snips

Richard Ian Cox: Snails, Teacher

Peter New: Big Macintosh

Michelle Creber: Apple Bloom

Claire Corlett: Sweetie Belle

Madeline Peters: Scootaloo

Kathleen Barr: Trixie Lulamoon/Trix Lulamoon, Queen Chrysalis

Shannon Chan-Kent: Pinkie Pie (singing voice)

Kazumi Evans: Rarity (singing voice)

Orlando Bloom: Golden Heart

Crispin Freeman: Boris

Corey Burton: Sir Spell Nexus

Vic Mignogna: Lorcan

Monica Rial: Warring Malice

James Arnold Taylor: Boxco

Richard Steven Horvitz: Dum-Dum

Sam Riegal: Hoboken Joe

Tom Hiddleston: Deadly Rager

Jim Miller: King Sombra

Andrew Francis: Shining Armor

Brian Cox: Merluck

Brian Drummond: Mr. Cake

Brian Murray: Jack

Trevor Devall: Hoity Toity

Cree Summer: Starven Fran

Meredith McCoy: Suffocator Jill

John de Lancie: Discord

Brenda Crichlow: Zecora

William Lawrenson: Pipsqueak

Eric Stuart: Wilco

With special voice appearance by

Jeremy Irons: Fafnir

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