Equestria Girls Remake

by JusSonic

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Ponies Now Humans

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Chapter 2: Ponies Now Humans

Chapter 2: Ponies Now Humans

Twilight groans as she begins to wake up. The mare just went through a weird experience. Where is she and what's going on? Just then a familiar voice spoke up, "Uh, Twilight?"

"Huh? Spike! You're not supposed to..." Twilight begins to say in concern. Her assistant isn't supposed to be here! But the girl looks startled as she saw Spike...who is now a dog with a collar, "Spike? Are you a dog?"

"A dog," Spike asks while looking at himself as if he's being insulted while being transformed. The dog calm down somewhat as he continues, "I... think so; Twilight. Please don't freak out. Whatever you do, don't look at your hands. I mean, hooves!"

"Hands; what are you -!" Twilight holds up her 'hooves' but saw that they are now hands. She screams. "I'm a Human?" The newly human Twilight looks at her new body. She is now a purple skinned girl with moderate violet eyes and hair that is moderate sapphire blue with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks. She is wearing a blue short shirt, a purple tie, a purple skirt with a star on it, purple socks with violet tops, and black shoes, "But how? When did -!" Twilight screams again before Spike covers her mouth, keeping his paw there until she calms down. "What happened?"

"I don't know. All we did is go through the mirror, and arrive here. That's all I know."

"Twilight; Is that you?” The familiar voice of Ben is heard.

"Ben?" Twilight ask as she turned and saw Ben. He is a brown skinned boy with spiky brown hair, green eyes, a black vest over a white shirt that has his Triforce Cutie Mark on it, blue pants with a belt, tennis shoes and a red collar. Both are startled when they see each other's Human form. "Ben, is that you? For your mom's sake! You're....... You're a Human!"

Ben looks at himself and another person who slowly got up, much to the father's notice as he said, "It looks like we're not the only ones, Twilight! Nyx, is that you?"

"I think so." Nyx said while looking at her body. She is now a child with dark purple hair, very dark cornflower black skin; her eyes were moderate opal to dark opal and a light opal outside while strangely, it was looking almost like catlike irises. She is wearing a purple jacket over a purple shirt with purple shorts and purple boots. "Whoa, why are we Humans? I thought we're supposed to be ponies."

"I don't know. What I don't understand is when I first came to Megan's Earth, I'd never transform into this before; But why this world's?" Twilight ask in confusion and disbelief. This hasn't happened to her before when she first came to Megan's home world.

"I don't know. I think it must be dimension's some kind of rule or order for anyone or anypony when coming to this place." Ben explains to Twilight clearly. "Whatever the reason we've become humans, we have to fit in this Human world. But now, we need to focus on important task."

"You're right. There's an important task to do alright. But first," Twilight glares at Ben which startled him, "What are you, Nyx and Spike doing here? Did you follow me? I thought your mother told you that it's too dangerous because it could upset the balance of this world."

Ben angrily answers, "Look, I know I'm supposed to stay back. But I'm worried."

"Worried? Are you saying that I can't handle this job? I've been fighting some monsters and villains to save Equestria. I even risk everything to save you from Boris! And you're telling me that you're worried because of what I can't handle?!"

"No, because this could be a trap," Ben insists to Twilight. The girl is calm down somewhat as he continues, "You need help, Twilight. Besides, I told you that you have me, Nyx, Spike, and family and friends. We'll face the obstacles together. You need us, Twilight, to help and protect you. I made that promise. So I'm not going to let you go alone without me or any of us! No pony hurts Twilight, or they'll answer to me."

"Please, mommy. Don't be mad at daddy or any of us." Nyx pleads to her mother in concern. "We don't know what Sunset Shimmer's plan or trap is. But if we work together, we can overcome anything and get the crown back in time."

"Twilight, they're right. Even though you've been to Megan's Human world before, but here, we have no idea of what we can do when we're in these forms." Spike said, still getting used to his new dog form. "It's going to be hard for us because I don't think Megan or any of her family will be helping. If Princess Celestia had informed them about the situation, they would be here by now. As far as I can see, they're not. So, that means we're on our own."

Twilight sighs and calms down, "I guess all of you are right. I'm just worry that you will be in danger because of the mistakes that I've made for past few months. I'm sorry for being angry at you." She hugs Ben as he looks calm down. "Then, let's get going before anything happens."

"Wait, where's Phobos? I thought he was with me." Nyx said while looking around for Phobos.

"I'm right behind Spike." Phobos is heard from behind Spike, much to the others' notice. What is he doing hiding?

Spike shook and turns his head. He gasps upon seeing something and chuckled while covering his mouth with his paws. Something funny has happened to Phobos.

"Phobos is here too? Ugh! What am I asking? He's Nyx's pet and friend. He'll be following Nyx anywhere she goes." Twilight said as Ben helps her up; the purple girl is trying her best to get used to her new form but she is falling each time. "Come out now, Phobos."

"No way! I'm not coming out!" Phobos's voice snaps in protest.

"What are you talking about? Come out now, Phobos." Ben said to Phobos with a frown.

"You'll laugh at me. So, forget about it!"

"Don't make me use the feather to tickle you again." Nyx said sternly to her best friend. She will tickle Phobos unless he shows his face soon.

Phobos groans as he comes out as a cute and fluffy dog. Twilight and her family gasps of what they saw. Phobos sighs as he said, "I look ridiculous and funny."

Spike chuckled, "Yup, very ridiculous and funny too." Phobos glared and growled at Spike before he panic. "Okay, not ridiculous and funny!"

"I think Phobos is so cute and fluffy." Nyx giggles a bit.

Nyx pick Phobos up and pets Phobos. The new dog looked annoy and angry. But with Nyx's touching, scratching and petting on his fur, Phobos looked relax and calm.

"Whoa. That's good." Phobos said with a sigh.

Ben smiles, blushing as he said, "You know, Twilight, you look even radiant and beautiful in Human form."

Twilight smiled, blushing as she said back, "Thanks; and you look even more handsome and awesome as being a Human."

Twilight and Ben laugh together. Spike then spoke up, "Okay, so we got the whole thing out of the way so let's get to the question. Where are we? "

"I don't know. But that must serve as the gateway back to Equestria." Twilight said as she saw what the group fell out of: a horse statue. Must be the same one spoken of by Golden Heart. The girl put her hand in, showing her hoof in the reflection before pulling it out. "We need to find my crown as soon as possible and get back there. I suggest we start searching the castle first."

The group saw what appears to be a castle in front of them, but it appears to be something different. Nyx comments, "I think that looks like a school."

"Still, it's a castle to us." Ben said to his daughter with a shrug.

"Works for me," Spike remarks with a nod. Time to track down Sunset and the crown before the portal home closes.

As the group are going to the school's main door, they look at the statue of the horse but sees a female human with flat pink hair staying with the statue as she studies her work. The girl looks at the group as they look away.

As the human returns to studying, the group heads towards the school. The human says quietly, "They must be from the pony world just like my big brother said from his far sight whose is helping Celestia right now. Better get this done and bring it to class."

Pinkamena keeps working. The group heads to the building with Phobos groaning, "Oh, great. Spike and I have been turned into fleabags--." The dog yelps as he realize something, "Fleabags?!"

Phobos starts scratching himself nonstop. Nyx giggles while shaking her head, "Silly old Phobos."

Phobos to the audience said, "Yes, I know that I'm a Dragon, but now that I'm a dog...I've got a lot of problems, especially fleas. Ha ha ha," He then goes back to scratching nonstop.

While Ben and Nyx are walking like humans, they gave awkward looks to Twilight...who is on all fours with Spike on her back literally. But everyone saw a boy and his dog passing by, giving the same looks to what Twilight and Spike are doing. The new dog chuckles as he got off his human friend's back while Twilight stood up right (like all humans should).

"Yeah, I don't think that's how the new you is supposed to..." Spike begins to say. The other dog looks to his owner with a hopeful look, he obviously want a ride on his back too. The boy just looks annoyed and motions his pet to move.

"Yeah, this could take a while to get used to." Nyx remarks with a nod.

"How can you and your father got it easy?" Twilight ask Nyx in concern. The girl is still having trouble walking on the two back legs, using a railing on the steps of the ‘castle’ to keep from falling while the rest of her family appears to be doing fine.

"I don't know. I guess after hanging with Megan, we got the hang of it."

"Come on, everyone. I do not wanna be like this for longer than I have to."

"Look on the bright side. You don't have those pesky wings to worry about anymore!" Spike points out, trying to show Twilight the bright side of the transformation. The girl glares at him, then nods as she heads to the door, expecting her magic to open it for her...but she ends up slamming right into the door hard.

"Mommy, you okay?" Nyx ask Twilight in concern.

"Hmm," Twilight exclaims in concern before pulling herself off the door. She tries to use her magic but nothing's working, much to her horror, "My magic! It isn't working!"

Nyx tries to use her own magic but nothing's working. She exclaims, "My magic isn't working here!"

"Weird." Ben said as he tries to jump up and fly and/or use his magic, but nothing's working either. "My magic appears to be missing in action.

"Makes sense," Spike remarks with a shrug. "Twilight, you and Nyx don't exactly have your horns."

"WHAT?" Twilight and Nyx screams in shock as they check their own forehead and each other. Yep, the horns are indeed gone!

Phobos rolls his eyes as he opens the door, remarking, "We really need to find you a mirror."

The group enters the building which appears what Nyx suspected: some sort of school. The place appears to be empty; no one else but them appears to be around.

"Twilight, I hate to say this, but...we may have to make a few changes while we're here." Ben issued this out suddenly from continuing to take notice of their situation.

"What do you mean Ben?" Twilight asked curious in what her love was saying.

"It's just that, from what we know, the Mag'ne was a human, she could walk on two legs instead of four, and instead of hooves had, well hands with....these fingers." Ben issued to themselves about a human that they know that came to their world, even showing his hand wiggling the 'fingers' around.

"Don't forget the toes! Which seeing Spike & me as Dragons, we already were used to that!" Phobos pointed down at the boy's shoes where his toes are.

"Yes, but my point is," Ben rolled his eyes in getting that statement to continue. "We may have to change how we do things here, so we don't attract the wrong kind of attention." He stated the crucial matter of their stay here.

"What kinda wrong attention, daddy?" Nyx asked in wonderment.

"Well Nyx, for starters...you may have to not call me or Twilight your mom and dad." Ben sadly spoke in what his adoptive daughter has to do at this time.

"What? Was it something I did wrong?" Nyx asked in panic, what did she do that her father wants her to not call him dad or Twilight her mom?

"No honey, nothing, but...Ben, explanation." Twilight patted her daughter's shoulder before asking for more explanation from Ben Mare.

"Well it's just, from what I can tell, we look like human teens. And Nyx looks like, well a little girl. If any of the inhabitants heard her call us her parents, imagine what they might think." Ben explained that while they are here, any strange and unusual actions may attract bad attention to them, including a little girl calling two teens her parents...with such an age difference.

"Woah, they probably don't get the idea of teenagers being parents so likely around here!" Spike yelped in suddenly getting what Ben was getting at.

"Right, best guess, if any human ask, we're couple of friends from out of town that grew up with each other. And that Nyx might be Twilight's distant younger cousin." Ben nods before issuing what they can do to keep their relationship here on a careful basis. "Since with her background in our world, makes the most sense, right?" He shrug off that with a history like Nyx, the most truth out of it, has to be changed to not cause any trouble around here.

"So I have to address you both as...Twilight & Ben then?" Nyx slowly lifted her head to her parents in thinking...she has to call them different names here.

"Yes, but from Ben's plan, that doesn't mean we're not close like family, just...have to make our story seem reasonable." Twilight rubs Nyx's hair gently in saying what they need to do while here, but other than that, they are still the same through n' through. "It might have to be for while we're here & in public sweety."

"I...understand mo...Twilight," Nyx sniffed to rub a loose tear away before smiling and correctly saying her mother's full name.

"Hugh, haven't heard Nyx call you by your real name since you brought her home Twilight. Boy, was that an adventure." Spike spoke off in hearing Nyx call Twilight by her actual name, it's been a long time since she last did that from the whole Cult of Nightmare Moon event, etc.

Nyx comment, "Wow, Mommy; I look only two years younger than you and Daddy in this body. So I guess I'm going to have to call you my cousin...or maybe my big sister to avoid suspicion."

"Yeah, big sister sounds more better." Twilight said thoughtfully. Perhaps being a sister is much better than a cousin.

"Then what about us Ben? What are our roles?" Phobos asked off in wondering what Ben has them to do.

"You both will have to act exactly as you are." Ben issued the answer as clear as day.

"A couple of cool, dashing, smashing, tough, but lovable Dragons in disguise," Phobos held up his paws to his waist in standing proud and tall in describing himself.

"Hugh, I could come to like that." Spike smiled in liking the sound of what they can be.

"Ah...no...As a couple of average dogs that only make canine noises that don't talk plain English. Even for a talker like you Phobos, you'll have to endure." Ben slwoly issued off in what the two Dragons have to do while being dogs now.

"Hugh?" Both Dragon transformed Dogs responded stumped and surprise, they can't talk?

"You'll both be like Twilight & Nyx's dogs if anybody asked, okay?" Ben explained what Spike & Phobos have to do while they are here. "It's one thing if they didn't believe us three were ponies, but for you...Do you know what would happen if the inhabitants saw you both talking?" The guy couldn't even imagine what happen if folks saw their dogs talking & didn't believe that the humans with them said that they were ponies.

"The government would take us away and do dangerous test on us to discover our talking origin?" Phobos dryly pointed off in mentioning this while a bunch of weird sound effects happened in the background.

"Woah, that sounds creepy!" Spike yelped a bit from hearing this...that does sound bad.

"Wait! I know what would be even worst!" Nyx suddenly spoke off to make a suggestion here. "Some Hollywood producers will descend around us, and make you two the stars of a reality series." Now a lot of them were looking at Nyx like she spoke crazy talk. "What, it's another Pinkie Pie theme of breaking the forth wall stuff moment." She shrug off in stating what she did was what her other aunt would have done.

At this moment, a different scene came over what we were seeing to show us...a TV with a title 'Talking Dogs' label.

"It's time for everyone's favorite reality show. Talking Dogs" A female announcer issued in what they have on today's show on reality TV.

The screen from the TV shows Spike & Phobos sniffing around a fire hydrant and looked like they were about to do 'business' when.... They turn around to look to see, they were being watched...As the scene shows camera crew filming the dogs in what they’re doing everyday....LIVE!

"Oh, again; whatever happened to privacy?" Spike moans in seeing it's the same filming crew from before catching whatever they do.

"Would you all just please...LEAVE US ALONE," Phobos turned to snap and yell off in shaking his paws that these guys can't let them be in peace.

The screen wobbles to return our main focus on Twilight's group after...all sharing the same thing in what they witness.

"AAAAAHHHH," Finally, the dog changed Dragons snapped from their stump moment to hug and scream in horror. Spike & Phobos do NOT wanna have to deal with that sorta stuff in this world.

"Okay...seeing that stuff seemed more Pinkie Pie relative than usual." Twilight slowly responded a bit freaked out that they all saw that.

"Right, and with your magic tone down and mine probably in some stasis while we're in this world, we'll have to make do." Ben shrugs off in hearing Twilight out, both theirs and Nyx's magic won't work so well here, since both alicorns' horns were gone & the Earth pony's Triforce was seemingly not active.

"You sure the Triforce Element magic stuff is sealed off?" Phobos asked off in Ben was so sure that he couldn't use the most powerful element blessed on the guy.

"It is, I can only get some fractions from the Wisdom Element that's been telling me these things about this world. Courage's Element is still there, but Power seems like the most deep stasis that might not be much help unless something helps me to reawaken it." Ben shrug off his shoulders in not having much of any shot in using his gifted magical ability, he's now as normal as an Earth Pony like he was when he was born.

"Then our options seem pretty low, hugh?" Spike asked off in noticing what their current capabilities are while in this new world.

"Alright you guys, let’s just try to find what we're looking for, okay." Twilight issued off to cut their moment in what they're discussing to focus on two things; find Sunset Shimmer & retrieve the Element of Magic while getting home before their pathway is closed for 2.5 years.

The group looks around and saw a set of trophies behind a big glass. As they look at it, Phobos remarks, "Kinky."

"What do you think, everyone? Other artifacts she's stolen from Equestria?" Twilight ask curiously. She saw her reflection in the mirror, making the girl gasp as she looks herself over, "What am I? Wait, what am I saying? I know what I am but..."

Suddenly a bell begins to rang, startling the newcomers. To their surprises, teenagers begin moving through the hallway with the newcomers doing their best to avoid getting knocked down. Nyx notices two humans that looks like her bullies back home, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, passing by and pushing Twilight down.

"Hey, watch where you're hitting!" Nyx scowls to the two girls who apparently didn't hear her or care as they kept going. "Rude!"

Ben, Nyx and Phobos looks for Twilight and Spike who is doing their best not to get harmed by the teenagers passing by. This place is crazy! As things calm down, Twilight manages to escape the crowd but got one of her new legs stuck.

"Huh?" Twilight groans as she tries to get her leg free. The girl was successful but she bumps right into a locker which someone opens up.

"Mo...Twilight, you okay?" Nyx ask her mother as she, Ben, Phobos and Spike came over to see if she's okay. The group saw the human whose locker was opened closing it, looking surprised to see Twilight on the floor. He appears to be a boy with blue hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a gray with a white and red stripes jacket over a white shirt with a familiar cutie mark of some pony that Ben knows, blue pants and tennis shoe.

"Whoa. You okay?" The boy asks in concern as he held out a hand, wanting to help Twilight up. The new girl is hesitant but takes it, being helped up to her feet. She nod, assuring him that Twilight herself is okay.

"Flash Sentry," Ben asks in surprise, this boy looks like a human version of Flash Sentry from back home; But how?

"Whoa! How did you know my name?"

Ben, nervous and worried, ask, "Lucky guess?"

Flash smile, apparently buying the excuse, as he continues, "Well, since you know my name, may I know yours, and friends' name? You are new around here, right?"

"I'm Ben. This is Twilight Sparkle and Nyx. Those are Spike and Phobos; our...... dogs."

Flash smiles as he adds, "Cool. Anyway, welcome to Canterlot High, Ben. I hope you guys like it. By the way Ben, better take care of those two especially Twilight, lots of guys may be after pretty girls like her."

Ben smiles and reluctantly says, "Yeah, I'll try."

"Cool. I'll see you around. Get comfy here."

Flash left while Ben stares at him in disbelief and shock. This guy sure act like his pal back home in Equestria!

"He looks a lot like my friend. But it can't be him, can he?" Ben asks in surprise and disbelief. "Could this dimension have the same ponies as Humans? Can I trust him?'

"Daddy, what are you talking about? How did you know him?" Nyx ask her father in a puzzled state.

"I'll explain later. We've got to find the crown."

"He's right. But remember what we're supposed or not to do in Humans' world. Whatever you do, don't do something stupid or embarrassing." Twilight reminds the others of their task here. "Or else, this could attract more unwanted attention. I do not want that to distract our mission."

The group looks around as Spike said, "I don't think this is a castle."

"Right...this is a school." Ben said with a sigh. "Great, as if my last one wasn't bad enough."

The group begins walking through the hallway, looking around a bit nervous. As they do, a song begins to play as Twilight is heard singing.

Twilight's Voice: I've never seen a place

That's quite like this

Everything is turned around

This crazy world is upside-down

As Twilight looks, she yelps and fell to the floor, much to the notice of the students. Ben helps her up as the new girl flexes herself. Twilight could be a human if she can study how the other humans can be.

Getting on my feet

It's the hand that I was dealt

But I don't have much time with them

Got to learn all that I can

Twilight, with the others' help, observe the other students who are doing their abilities and the whatnot. If this girl could figure them out, then maybe this human thing cannot be a problem.

At one point, Twilight peeks through a window of a door, seeing what appears to be a human version of Cheerilee teaching a class. Twilight glances at her new clothes.

They don't use any magic, fly with any wings

I don't get these funny clothes, skinny legs or tiny nose

Everything's confusing when it seems so new

But I look a little closer and it starts to feel familiar too

As Twilight's group walk down the hallway, they nearly ran into three kids who looks like the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Nyx looks surprised, smiling. So this world has human versions of her friends as well! She wonders if she herself can somehow be their friend.

The group enters a restroom where Twilight is looking into a mirror there.

What a strange new world (strange new world)

Suddenly a boy came out of a stall, then gasps in alarm upon seeing Twilight and Nyx, making them, Ben, Spike and Phobos yelps as they run out what is actually the boy's restroom.

I'm trying to make heads or tails of this strange new world

Sorting through the small details of a strange new world

What a strange new world

As the song comes to an end, the group looks around in confusion or concern at the students heading for class. This may be complicated than they could imagine....


The group was looking around for any signs of the crown when they heard a familiar voice speaking around a corner, "I'm really sorry. I just found it, and I thought I should give it to her."

Twilight and her group turn to see someone talking to two other students. They look surprised as the one who was talking was a girl with yellow skin, moderate cyan eyes and has a long lightish rose hair with a butterfly clip on it. She is wearing a pink shirt, a green skirt with a butterfly symbol on it, pink socks and green with white on the sole boots. Oddly, the girl sounds exactly like Fluttershy!

One of the students that she's talking to has the same color of hair and eyes as Sunset Shimmer. The difference here is that she is wearing a black jacket over a violet shirt that has a shimmer sun, a orange, yellow and violet skirt, and she has black with purple boots.

The other student has red skin, he has a black sharp like mane with a black tail, a necklace of gold and silver, he wears a vest over a black shirt that has a shotgun symbol on it, blue pants and tennis shoes. Ben narrows his eyes as this guy reminds him of his enemy Boris AKA Boris the Animal from back home.

The pink-haired girl continues, "I didn't know you had dropped it."

"Well, I did!" The red-and-yellow-haired girl snapped, "And I was about to get it before you swooped in and ruined everything!"

Twilight and her friends look upset, not liking the tone that this bully is using. The bully adds, "You shouldn't pick up things that don't belong to you."

"Right, it's a good thing that you are a meek one." The boy remarks with a cruel laugh while filing his nails with a file. "It is against my policy to hit girls. Now be a nice animal lover and give us the crown back."

"It... doesn't really belong to you, either." The pink-haired girl said sheepishly.

"Excuse me?!?" The girl bully snarls, making the scared one shivers in fear.

"N-n-nothing," The scared girl said meekly.

"That's what I thought. It's good as mine and you know it." The red-and-yellow haired girl remarks in satisfaction. "You really are pathetic. It's no wonder your best friends are all stray animals."

"Oh, that ugly evil witch." Phobos mumbles a bit, getting upset by this scene.

"Easy, we can't make a scene by butting in." Ben said, trying to keep Phobos from going crazy.

"Face it; they're all Earth filths, just like you!" The boy bully taunts while pushing the girl.

"Okay, that did it." Ben remarks angrily. He has seen bullies like him, especially Boris, pushing foals around like that back home but here, Ben cannot stand by, especially since he used to be bullied, "Twilight?"

"Right," Twilight nodded firmly. Then she, Ben and Nyx stepped out of hiding to confront the bullies as the former shouted angrily, "How dare you speak to her that way!"

The bullies look surprised as they glare at the newcomers. Some students who are watching hid in lockers while the pink-haired girl looks a bit nervous.

"What did you say?" The bully girl asks Twilight as she and her group stomps over to her and her cohort.

"I said- how dare you speak to her that way!" Twilight exclaims to the bully furiously.

"You two are cowards! Picking on an innocent girl like that," Ben exclaims to the bullies in agreement. "What did she ever do to you?!"

"Right, bullies like you deserved to be pushed in the mud," Nyx remarks, siding with her parents on this.

"Yeah; So do pathetic little snoops like you," The male bully snapped coldly, giving Nyx a threatening glare.

"Say that to my face!" Ben snaps to the male bully, getting fighting mad. Twilight held him, not wanting a fight to break out.

The female bully looks surprised that someone would stand up to her and her cohort like this. But she smirks and flicks Twilight's nose while remarking, "You all must be new here. I can speak to anyone I want."

With that, the female bully took her left. The male one glare at the newcomers while saying, "Whoever you are, newbies, you'd better listen to my boss. She can do whatever she wants. If you don't," The boy punches his fist on the locker in an attempt to get his message across. "You get this. Got it, outsiders?" The bully look at Twilight then gave an impressive look and whistled. "Nice looking, pretty girl."

Twilight looks a bit disgusted. This male bully is definitely a human version of that creep Boris from back home! Students, scared, hide from him as he keeps on walking.

"Just great; it looks like this dimension has a familiar enemy." Ben groans a bit. Now he got to work extra hard as to keep Twilight away from this Boris. "It looks like I had to make sure that human don't come near Twilight."

"Yeah, looks like the problem got worst, da-I mean, Ben, especially when it comes to Boris's Human form." Nyx said, keeping up the charade of not calling Ben by 'daddy'.

Twilight looks disgusted as she said, "Don't remind me, Nyx. Let's check on our new friend.”

"I can't believe you three did that!" The pink-haired girl exclaimed in amazement after she recovered.

"We couldn't just stand there." Twilight explains to the girl in concern.

"Right, I was bullied back when I was little. I can't stand around while watching it happened again." Ben said gently to the girl.

"Well, it's just that nobody ever stands up to Sunset Shimmer and her cohort Boris." The girl explains with a nod.

"Sunset Shimmer," Twilight gasps as she and the others saw the two bullies heading off; So, the girl is Sunset Shimmer as a human, the same Sunset from their world!

"Boris?" Nyx ask with a frown.

"You've heard of them?" The girl asks the newcomers, surprised that they know someone despite being newcomers here.

"Sort of," Twilight said to the girl nervously.

"Let's say that we know them by...reputation." Ben remarks with a frown.

"I don't think I've seen either of you around before. Did you all just transfer to Canterlot High from another school?" The pink-haired girl asked.

"Um...yes!" Twilight said nervously, playing along, "Another...heh, school! My name's Twilight, this is my boyfriend Ben Mare..."

"Mare; Not to be rude but isn't that another way of calling a female pony?" The girl asks Twilight, puzzled by Ben's last name.

"Yes...but Mare is actually short for Maregillian." Ben explains, much to the surprise of the others.

"'Maregillian'; Really," Nyx ask her father in surprise.

"Yeah, my mother was going to call me that, but she couldn't complete the adoption certificate in time." Ben explains to Twilight and Nyx sheepishly. "I guess that explains where the 'Mare' last name came from."

"I see." Twilight said, amazed that her own teacher would mess up on a certificate like that. She finishes up the introductions, "And this little girl is my little sister Nyx."

"What's your name?" Nyx ask the familiar girl curiously, making her look away a meekly.

"I'm... Fluttershy," The pink-haired girl replies very quietly.

"Sorry, what was that?" Twilight ask a bit surprised. This conversion sounds so familiar to her...like when the first time that she met Fluttershy back home.

"It's Fluttershy!" Fluttershy said even quieter while looking away quietly.

"It sounds like you're saying Fluttershy, but how can that...?" Twilight begins to ask in amazement. She left Fluttershy back home in the Crystal Empire, so how could this girl be her as well?

"Twilight, I think Fluttershy has a human version here as well." Ben whispers to Twilight quietly.

Fluttershy suddenly gave out a happy squeal as she saw Spike and Phobos. The girl giggles and picks them up, exclaiming, "Oh, my goodness! Who are these sweet little guys?"

"One of them is Spike!" Twilight exclaims while motioning to Spike. "My, uh...dog."

"And the other one is Phobos, he is also my dog too!" Nyx explains to Fluttershy happily.

"Arf arf," Phobos exclaims a bit, going along with the charade that he can't be talking in this dimension.

"Oh, they're so cute!" Fluttershy said as she takes out two doggy treats, giving them to Spike and Phobos, putting each in their mouths. "Go on, eat up, little pups!"

Spike and Phobos ate their treats before swallowing, the former ask in confusion, "Huh?"

"Oh, wouldn't you just give anything to know what they're really thinking?" Fluttershy giggles a bit happily. She wishes that she herself knows what the dogs are thinking.

"They usually just tell us." Twilight said without thinking.

"And Phobos never knows when to shut up." Nyx said without thinking, earning a glare from Phobos.

"Twilight, Nyx!" Ben exclaims in annoyance, fearing that the two important girls in his life is going to ruin the whole thing.

"Oh, what do you mean?" Fluttershy ask Twilight and Nyx puzzled.

Spike and Phobos just bark. Twilight quickly said sheepishly, "Oh, uh, nothing; never mind."

"Right, we sometime say stuff without thinking." Nyx remarks with a sheepish chuckle.

"Obviously," Ben chuckles a bit. "Fluttershy, can you tell me about Boris?"

Fluttersy looks concerned as she said, "I don't know how you know him. But I can give you details. Boris is a big and bad bully since junior high. He doesn't care who he's bullying or what problem he's having. Either new students or currently students, as long as they do what he says, Boris won't hurt them. He even helps Sunset Shimmer as her bodyguard, three years ago when she came here. He is the worst."

Twilight smirk as she ask, "Does he hates the nickname 'Boris the Animal'?"

Flutterhy giggle as she replies, "Why yes. To be honest, the reason we call him that is because he has a fear of animals. He hates them a lot because of a small incident with dogs. So, whenever he sees any animals, he will go crazy and berserk like a wild animal."

Nyx giggle while saying, "That explains of why 'our' Boris had been called by that name."

Ben chuckled while adding, "Yeah. I can't wait to find out what animal he hates the most. He'll definitely freak out, and lose his cool."

Twilight and Ben giggled at what Ben had said. The former calms down as she got down to business, saying, "Sunset Shimmer said you picked something up. Something that belonged to her; It wasn't a crown, was it?"

"How did you know?" Fluttershy asked in curiosity.

"Uh, lucky guess," Nyx ask with a shrug. "Do you still have it?"

"Mm-mm," Fluttershy said, shaking her head ‘no’.

"But you know what happened to it." Ben said to Fluttershy curiously.

"Mm-hmm," Fluttershy said while nodding her head 'yes'. "This morning, I was passing out flyers for the animal shelter like I do every Wednesday."


Fluttershy was standing in front of a familiar statue, showing flyers in hopes that students can take one and maybe help the animals at the animal shelter out.

"Canterlot's animal shelter needs more volunteers. Won't you help an animal that can't help itself?" Fluttershy ask, pleading to the students. To her sadness, they just walk by, ignoring her.

Fluttershy sat down and begins to cry. No one wants to help, bad enough that her old friends from long ago are now gone, but this?

As Fluttershy continues to cry, she fails to see the base of the horse statue flashing as an object suddenly came out of it, hitting the girl right on the head.

"Ow!" Fluttershy exclaims in pain. While rubbing her head, the girl looks down and saw the crown and picks it up, looking confused. How did this get here?


"So you have no idea how it arrived to where you were this morning?" Nyx ask Fluttershy curiously. Of course, the girl, Twilight, Ben, Spike and Phobos knew how. It was thrown out of the statue when Sunset lost it during the struggle with Twilight and Ben the other night.

"No, I have no idea how it got there. But I didn't want anything to happen to it, so I decided to give it to Principal Celestia." Fluttershy explained.

"Principal Celestia?" Twilight gasps in surprise and amazement. So her teacher has a human version here too!

"Mo...err, I mean she's the ruler here?" Ben ask Fluttershy witrh a grin.

"You could say that." Fluttershy said, a bit puzzled by Twilight and Ben's reaction. "Technically, I guess she and Vice-Principal Luna do make the rules."

"And she let Sunset Shimmer and Boris gets away with what they're doing?" Nyx ask Fluttershy in disbelief. Why couldn't her grandmother, or at least the human version, do a thing to stop Sunset Shimmer and Boris?

"Only if she caught them both in the act...but so far, Sunset Shimmer and Boris manage to avoid getting into trouble with them." Fluttershy explains to Nyx.

"Where is she now?" Twilight asked Fluttershy with a grin. This is great! The group can just ask the principal for the crown back and this will be nothing but a bad dream!

"Probably in her office," Fluttershy explains as she points down a hallway, "Third door on your left."

"Thank you!" Twilight exclaims as the group prepares to head off to the principal's office.

"Oh, wait!" Fluttershy exclaims, stopping Twilight's group from going anywhere. Glancing to the 'dogs', she adds, "You're not really supposed to have pets on school grounds; Might wanna tuck them into your backpacks. That's what I do."

Fluttershy removes a backpack that she herself is wearing and opens it, revealing a couple of animals hidden inside; one of them looks like Angel! The girl grins as she explains, "They just get so lonely when I'm in school all day."

The animals scattered making Fluttershy work quickly to put them back in her backpack. Twilight nods as she exclaims, "Oh, okay! Thank you!"

Twilight puts Spike in her backpack as the bell begins to ring. Fluttershy gasps frantically, "Oh, no! I'm late for class!" She quickly put her animals in her backpack before running off.

"Come on, Nyx. Let's see if there's a store nearby where you can get a backpack to put Phobos in." Ben said to his daughter with a chuckle.

"Okay, da... uh, Ben," Nyx said with a smile.


Luckily, there is a store nearby in the school that is opened during school hours. Ben went in to get a bag for Nyx. Luckily, since word of how he, Twilight and Nyx stood up to Sunset Shimmer and Boris is spread, the employee of the place gave him a bag free of charge. May as well since it avoid the awkwardness of wondering how to pay for it.

Ben gave the bag to Nyx who motions Phobos while saying, "Okay; hop on in, Phobos."

"No way! I don't wanna get in that thing!" Phobos protests stubbornly to Nyx.

"Come on, Phobos! Do you want us to get kicked out? Just pretend you're in a ride."

Phobos groans but hops into Nyx's backpack anyway. The girl puts it on, her Dragon turned dog is surprisingly light. Phobos smiles as he sat comfortingly in the bag.

"Hey, you're right, this is fun." Phobos remarks as the group heads down to the principal's office in hopes to speak to Celestia herself.

The group arrives to an office that is front of a door that is Principal Celestia's office. They saw someone at a desk working, a man with dark blue skin, slate gray eyes, a light gray hair and he is wearing a suit that has a spell star on it. This reminds the group so much of Sir Spell Nexus, the headmaster of the Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns back in Equestria and who was once possessed to start the cult that is trying to revive Nightmare Moon, only for Nyx to be born instead.

As the group approaches the desk, Spell Nexus spots them as he ask, "Can I help you, young ones? Are you transferred students? You do not look familiar to me."

"Yes. We're looking for my mo- principal Celestia." Ben said to Spell Nexus with a chuckle. "Vice Principal Spell Nexus, right?"

Spell Nexus chuckled as he corrects Ben, "You're mistaken. I'm merely a principal's assistant and history teacher. Vice Principal is Ms. Luna."

"Sorry, we're new here." Twilight said to Ben with a smile. Apparently, her boyfriend wants to make sure he had heard Fluttershy right about Luna being the Vice Principal here. "My name is Twilight Spakle. This is Ben, and my younger sister, Nyx. We want to talk with Principal Celestia. Mr. Spell."

"Call me Nexus. It's quite annoying with 'Spell'. I'll inform her through calling at once since you are here for registration and some good reason." Spell Nexus said. As the group watch, Spell Nexus talks through the phone. After that, he turns to Twilight and her friends. Nyx smiles innocently. Spell Nexus chuckled, "You're quite innocent and cute for a little girl, Nyx. Anyway, you may proceed inside, students; Aftermath, would you be interested in the Princess Fall Formal, Ms. Sparkle?"

"What is that?" Ben asks curiously to Spell Nexus.

"Explanation will be made from inside, young man, once you gather all the materials for your first day in this school."

"Thank you, Mr. Nexus." Twilight said as she and her friends moved inside. At least Nexus is much better than the one back home, even though the headmaster was indeed once possessed.

"Even here, that Human Nexus is a nice and gentle guy." Nyx said in observation.

Twilight smile as she comments, "Let's just hope, there's not another recreate Nightmare Moon incident in here again." Going through the same thing twice in another universe can be annoying.

"Or any bad guys we know of since the beginning as well, except Boris. That human hasn't change a bit. Let's get what we're looking for." Ben said though he stops at the door.

"Is there a problem, Ben?"

"Well, I am a bit nervous. I don't know how to talk to someone who is a human version of my mother...and to be honest, I don't know if there's another version of me in this universe who is her son."

Nyx pats her dad on the back as Twilight knocks on the door. A voice is heard from inside, "Come in." The group enters the room and sees someone behind her desk working. There's the human version of Celestia all right. She has the same hair color and eyes color as the princess back home. The difference here is that Celestia is wearing a tan orange jacket over a purple shirt and purple pants. As she saw the newcomers, the principal said, "You must be the new students that Nexus told me about. How may I help you?"

Twilight begins to bow to Celestia in respect as did Nyx, making the woman look oddly at them. The purple girl said sheepishly, "Um, uh... Whew."

"Yes, we are here to register as soon as possible." Ben said to the human version of his mother.

"Oh yes, well, here you go." Celestia said as she gave some forms for Twilight, Ben and Nyx to sign. "You must excuse me if the forms are short. We weren't expecting new students here and the school year has already started. Just fill out what I give you and you can give us more information later."

"Thank you. My name's Twilight Sparkle and this is Ben Mare and my young sister, Nyx." Twilight said with a smile as she and Nyx begin filling out the forms next. Once they are done, the new 'students' gave them to Celestia who got up to file them. "We're new here, and well, I understand that Fluttershy found a crown this morning and gave it to you."

"Yes. I've had Vice-Principal Luna put it somewhere for safekeeping. No idea how it ended up in the front lawn." Celestia said as she puts the forms into the cabinet for safe keeping. "Were you interested in running for Princess of the Fall Formal this year?"

"Uh, no; Not exactly; the truth is... Well, the truth is I... You see, the crown is actually...Princess of the Fall Formal?"

"Nexus told us about it upon arriving." Nyx explains to Celestia who goes over to a group of photos nearby. "Can you please tell us what it is, gra...err, Principal Celestia?"

"It's Canterlot High's big Fall dance." Celestia explains as she marks off a day on the calendar which shows the 'Fall Formal' event that is marked on it already.

"Like the Grand Galloping Gala!" Twilight exclaims in realization. Of course, this causes Celestia to turn and look at her oddly.

"Uh, Grand Galloping Gala?"

"Oh, uh, it was a big deal at my old school."

"Right, it's kind of like this, only...well...not so big." Ben explains to Celestia with a sheepish look. He doesn't want to tell the woman that the GGG is really boring, especially from how he witnessed back when the boy was a Demon Pony as well as what Twilight and her friends has told him before.

"And was there a princess?" Celestia ask in amusement to the group.

"Yes, but she wasn't exactly a student." Twilight explains sheepishly. Boy, this is getting more awkward and embarrassing by the moment!

"Here at Canterlot High, the students select one of their peers to represent them. She receives a crown at the Fall Formal."

Twilight's group look at the photos that Celestia is showing them. Sure enough, each of them shows Sunset Shimmer wearing a crown that looks like the missing one with the last photo showing the girl looking mad with power. The group suspects that Sunset must've stolen the fake crown for this year in a failed attempt to replace the Element of Harmony.

"Not to be mean, Principal Celestia, but Sunset Shimmer looks a bit crazy in each photo." Ben said to Celestia with a shrug.

"Yes, I know, she appears to win each time. Luna and I think that she may have intimidated the students in voting for her or whatever Sunset and Boris has done, but we never caught them in the act of doing anything against the rules. I don't understand why the students don't just tell us what they did." Celestia explains with a sigh. Twilight's group suspects why: the students are scared of what Sunset and Boris would do if they even try to tell on them to the principal.

"Hmm; you asked me if I was interested in running for Princess." Twilight said thoughtfully. "Can anyone run?"

"Right, besides Sunset Shimmer," Nyx ask Celestia curiously.

"Yes, you just need to let the head of the Fall Formal planning committee know you'd like to be on the ballot." Celestia explains with a smile to the group. As she heads back to her desk, the principal ask, "Was there anything else?"

"Uh...nope! That was it!" Twilight said sheepishly. She and her group prepare to take their leave, now that they know what must be done.

"Well, if you do need anything else, my door is always open."

"Yes, of course, thank you, Principal Celestia." Ben said as Twilight and Nyx leaves the room. The boy notices Celestia giving a concerned look to him. "Err, Principal Celestia, is there a problem?"

"Excuse me if this sounds odd...but...do I know you?" Celestia ask Ben curiously, making the boy nervous. "You remind me of someone I know..."

"Nope, afraid not; this is my first time here so I don't know how you could've recognize me from somewhere else."

"Hmmm, I guess not. I think my eyes are playing tricks on me."

"Well, thank you for your time, Principal Celestia." Ben said as he leaves the office quickly to follow his filly-friend and adopted daughter.

Once the newcomers are gone, Celestia pauses as she goes to her desk and opens it, taking out a picture. The woman looks at it; the picture is of herself and a little boy...who looks very similar to the one who came into her office just a few seconds ago.

"No, it can't be...I would've known if my son was transferred here or he would've told me about it himself." Celestia said quietly to herself, looking concerned while looking up to where Ben was at. "But...why does that boy still feel familiar to me?"

As Twilight's group walks away from the office, Spike and Phobos came out of hiding while still in the backpacks. The former looks concerned as he ask, "Twilight, why didn't you just tell her the crown was yours and ask for it back?"

Twilight sighs as she explains, "Oh, I was going to, but imagine if one of them showed up in Equestria saying they came from a place filled with tall, bushy, two-legged creatures with these? We'd think they were crazy!" The girl got a point, especially since a teenage boy saw her walking weirdly, making him back away uneasily.

"Hmm; you make a good point."

"So what should we do?" Nyx ask her mother in concern.

"I say we find the crown and steal it back!" Phobos exclaims eagerly.

"Phobos, no. 1, we don't know where Vice-Principal Luna has hidden it. And 2, even if we did, we would be stooping to Sunset Shimmer's level." Ben explains to Phobos sternly. "No, if we want the crown back, we must do so fairly."

"Ben's right. Looks like if I want my crown back, I'll have to become Princess of the Canterlot High Fall Formal," Twilight said in determination while throwing her arms into the air, "So that's what I'm gonna do!"

"And how exactly do you plan on doing that?" Spike asks Twilight skeptically.

"I have no idea!"

Ben, Nyx and Phobos sighs a bit as the school bell rang, causing students to come out. The newcomers will need to attend some classes for a while until they figure out what to do to get the crown back. It may be complicated... Next Chapter: Chapter 3: New Challenge, Familiar Faces Estimated time remaining: 7 Hours, 17 Minutes

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