Cuddling the Caretaker

by MightyShockwave

Chapter 1: Main

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The door to the Golden Oaks Library slowly creaked open, the setting sun overhead beaming rays of light into Twilight's home. Fluttershy poked her head in quietly.

"Um... You wanted to see me Twilight?" She called out into the darkened interior. The place was still; was Twilight even here?
From one of the dreary, dusty back rooms of the library, Twilight's ears perked.

"What? Already? Uh oh...." She thought to herself. Fluttershy had arrived much earlier than she had anticipated.

"JUST A MINUTE!" yelled Twilight as she used her magic to cork away the bottle of snake oil and levitate some pen and paper. She lurched forward towards the door, only to fall flat on her face.

"The book made it look so easy to move around," Twilight thought. She was still not used to her recent...transformation. "Could you latch the door and meet me in the back!? It's crucial that we not be disturbed in this experiment!" the purple pony called out again. Twilight tried sliding herself again, but the polished wood floors were very slippery. Besides, she thought to herself, perhaps it would be less of a scare on Fluttershy if she stumbled on this mess herself.
The yellow mare heard her friend's yelling and nervously stepped inside before shutting the front door of the library. Twilight had been quite vague on what it was she needed her for, only that she needed her to help with an experiment. It wasn't too often that Twilight needed Fluttershy's help for something like this, but with Spike out of town, it was only natural she needed somepony's help. Though, her friend’s panicky yelling didn’t really make Fluttershy look forward to whatever surprise the purple pony had in store. However, as cautious as this was making her, she trusted Twilight, and it would be rude to suddenly turn down her request for help.

With the exit secure, Fluttershy let out a small gulp and trotted towards the back of the library with her head hung low nervously. "I-is everything okay Twilight...? You seem kind of... panicked..." she said as she wandered into the deeper bowels of her friend’s home before finally coming to the door where the ruckus poured forth.
Twilight managed to throw herself against the door. "I'M NOT PANICKY!" she managed to yell. She was still getting the hang of moving herself, though she was beginning to get finer motor control over her new body. Twilight conjured a small desk beside her, on which she put her notes and instruments. Maybe she was being a little panicky, she didn't know how Fluttershy would react. She IS very skittish after all. Then again, she does like animals....

Twilight caught herself. Her friend was waiting just outside the door, and she was needed to help with the experiments Twilight had in mind.

"Uhh, Fluttershy, I'm going to come clean so you don't faint when I open this door. I drank a shapeshifting potion and now I'm half pony, half snake, just so you're not too surprised. I'll let you open the door when you're ready. It's unlocked."

In the meantime, Twilight was still playing around with her new tail, curling it, sliding it around, just whatever came to mind. If only there was a rug or something in here that she could use to get some friction on.
“W..what? But I thought you hated snakes Twilight... Why would you... O-okay, just give me a minute..." Twilight was blunt, Fluttershy had to give her that. She managed to swallow her initial fright, and tried to breathe to get a grip on herself.

"A... Alright... I'm coming in..." She said with a deep breath, shakily moving her hoof to the door and pushing it open slowly. When she emerged on the other side, her eyes were clammed shut fearfully, until she finally opened her eyes and saw the mass of coils spread all around the room.

...And fainted in a heap before Twilight could utter a word.

Twilight facehoofed. Of course. Levitating a pen and parchment, she made a note.

"Subject fainted on sight, despite prior warning. NOTE: Subject very skittish in general, should increase sample size to determine general pony reaction."

Twilight curled herself up as much as she could to try and look smaller. Even so, the giant swirl that was her new body had to be at least 4 meters across. "It would have to do" Twilight thought as she conjured up a small glass of water and splashed it on the unconscious mare's face.
The second the water splashed across the pegasus’s face, she jolted up with a scream before seeing Twilight in front of her. "I-I'm sorry... it's just..." She hesitantly moved her head down to look at Twilight's massive scales. "...I know you warned me, but I wasn't expecting this..."
"It's fine, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you beforehoof," Twilight said as she dried off Fluttershy with a swish of her horn. "It's just that I couldn't let you know to reduce the impact of outside variables."

Twilight lifted herself over to her desk. Now that she was all curled up, it was actually easy for her to move around, at least her pony half.

"To be honest this is a lot too. I had assumed that I'd be a lot smaller, based on weight estimations. Then again, the library had only one book on half-snake half pony creatures, and it mentioned nothing about transformation. I think that this field is relatively unexplored, so I thought it would be a good chance for me to make some discoveries of my own and maybe even get published in Wizardry Weekly."

Twilight jotted down another note.

"I just thought you wouldn't be over so soon. The Mailmares here must be good at their job. I'm still trying to get the hang of moving around. I guess I should have studied up on snake biology more before taking this plunge." Twilight shifted her coils in an effort to slither, but her efforts amounted to slipping and sliding. It was a cacophony of motion, yet her amethyst scales, periodically adorned with her cutie mark, flowed like a giant living river as Twilight moved.

Fluttershy understood where Twilight was coming from. She understood science enough to know that things had to be handled in a very particular way for the experiment to work properly, even though Fluttershy still didn't understand why Twilight needed her in particular. She could tell that Twilight was certainly curious about...whatever else this spell did. And, she supposed it would be nice for her to get published in the news. Fame was something Fluttershy herself wouldn't be as eager for, but regardless, she nodded in understanding as Twilight explained things.

She cringed watching Twilight stumbled around with her coils again. That explained all the noise, she supposed. Fluttershy trotted towards Twilight and helped her up. "Um, I can't say I know much about this... I've only ever taken care of garden snakes and the like..." She leaned down to look at Twilight's body.

"...But a snake's body is all just one big muscle. Maybe try concentrating more on moving your entire body rather than just certain parts of it? And for moving, try to swerve back and forth as rhythmically as you can..." she hid behind her mane slightly. "Or maybe you've tried that... I'm sorry, I don't really know what a snake FEELS like..."

"Thanks Fluttershy, let me try that," Twilight said as she stretched herself out a bit. She took a breath and closed her eyes, willing her snake body to curve back and forth. It made her think of sinusoids, but Twilight stopped herself before going on that tangent. Her contortions made her coiled body flow out and curve back and forth until she was almost fully stretched out from the base of her waist to the tip of her tail. The room she was in was long and narrow; it gently contoured around the back side of the library. There would be plenty of room.

Fluttershy finally managed a smile when she saw Twilight move around more naturally, as odd as it looked to her. She found herself glancing down and watching Twilight's coils move, the patterns on her body captivating her.

Slowly, Twilight began to move forward. The tiny pushes at the peak of each curve combined into a force strong enough to move the huge serpentine form.

Twilight was amazed. "Wow, this really works! Thanks Fluttershy!" she said turning to the pegasus. She blushed slightly as Twilight thanked her. Fluttershy was happy it worked, the last thing she wanted to do was break out the first aid kit to fix up Twilight's face from all the tripping she did.
Twilight took a moment to realize how long she was and how diminutive the nervously smiling Fluttershy looked compared to her new form. Twilight was going to measure herself, but she was interrupted. She'd do it later though, just to get specifics.

"Yeah, Fluttershy, it's really weird. Like, I'm not used to moving around, but the second I transformed, I could move my body like I've always been like this." Twilight said as the tip of her tail curled up, gave a little twirl, and gently booped Fluttershy's nose.

"Safe to say that's going in my notes. It has to be a really masterful enchantment to also update the brain with that information. When I was experimenting with shapeshifting spells myself, it was like I had to learn how to walk again in each form. It's been a while since I last cast one of those; even now I bet I couldn't weave a spell anything like this."

Fluttershy listened intently as Twilight spoke about it. "Well I'm glad things seem to be going okay. But, if you don't mind me asking," She tilted her head slightly. "...Um, why do you need me here? Not that I don't mind being here and helping, but did you need me for something in particular...?"
Twilight's eyes lit up as she remembered now. Now that she had her snake...err...legs?...whatever, about her, she could get on with the tests.

"Oh, yes, of course Fluttershy. I invited you over to help me do some tests so I can gleam more about this new transformation. I figured since you were already an expert on animal biology, you might be able to provide an even better explanation on our findings."

"First, I'll need you to touch me on the pony part of me, then touch the snake part. I need to determine if there's a temperature differential. I've I'm half cold-blooded, I need to know. You can just touch me with your hoof, just keep it there so I can get a solid idea about the temperature."
Fluttershy smiled and nodded. As scary as this whole thing was, that request seemed reasonable at least. "Yes, of course Twilight. I'm happy to help."

She trotted up to Twilight and her upper half, gently pressing her hoof into Twilight's chest while suppressing a blush. Her coat was so soft and warm, and it felt nice to touch. She quickly shook off the strange feeling when she realized she might have been touching longer than she should have. "Still warm blooded..."

The pegasus then trotted over down Twilight’s snake body a bit, and hesitantly pressed her hoof against the giant scales. She didn't get much of a feel, so she had to press harder until she finally got a decent idea of the temperature. "Oh my! As cold blooded as any reptile!" she said in surprise. "That's... amazing. I can't believe that's even possible!"
Twilight sent a shiver that rippled through her snake tail. Fluttershy's hoof was incredibly warm and gentle. "Hmm, interesting" Twilight said as she jotted down another note. She'd have to remember to light a fire to heat up the library tonight. The last thing she needed was to get sick from all this.

"Duly noted," Twilight said as she levitated the parchment back to its resting spot. "Hey, can you press into my scales again? It felt kind of nice. A bit ticklish even. We should try and determine nerve sensitivity next. You know, see what this body's capacity to feel is."

Fluttershy stood aghast at Twilight's rather strange request, but she supposed testing nerves was important. With a nod, she trotted forward and pressed her hoof again, holding it a bit longer then moving further down her body and pressing down in different ways: with more force, less force, both hooves, and so on. Twilight took diligent notes; the top and sides were less sensitive, but her belly scales could feel every contour and press of Fluttershy's hooves.

"Makes sense, seeing as how snakes spend their whole lives crawling on their belly," Twilight told Fluttershy. Twilight couldn't lie, she was a bit sad when this part of the experiment was finished; she sort of enjoyed the massage. Would the local spa even take a client such as her after all this was over? They'd probably charge at least quadruple the normal rate.

"Alright Fluttershy, next test. You know your stare? The one book I had on pony lamias said that they could mesmerize normal ponies with their gaze. I'd like to see if I've gained this power, but only if you're comfortable with it."

Fluttershy tilted her head again. "M-mezmerize me? My stare kind of just freezes animals in fear. That's not what this is like is it...?" She was beginning to feel apprehensive about this.

She took a deep breath. What was she thinking? Twilight was her friend, and there was no reason to assume Twilight would do anything malicious. "Well, it sounds scary, but... I trust you." She said with a rather nervous smile. "If it helps, then you can absolutely... Um, mesmerize me."

"Alright, if it's okay with you. To be honest I'm not even sure how it even works."

Twilight lowered herself to match Fluttershy's eye level. Staring deeply into Fluttershy's turquoise globes, Twilight began to slowly move back and forth, like a pendulum. Twilight knew several mind-altering spells, but was completely unfamiliar with this kind of magic. She was flying blind here, and she knew it.

Twilight continued swaying back and forth for a few minutes, never breaking eye contact.
Fluttershy sat quietly as Twilight looked into her eyes, taking a breath of preparation as she followed Twilight's eyes carefully. Slowly, Fluttershy's eyelids began to droop.

"Uhh...feeling particularly mesmerized yet?"

"I... I...ah..," She stammered, almost mindlessly, only to close her eyes and let out an adorable sneeze as she broke eye contact and covered her nose with her hoof. "Sorry, I was holding that in since we started this..." She said with a small sniffle. "I don't think it's working Twilight."

Thank Celestia Twilight practiced force fields that morning, otherwise she might have been covered in fluttersnot. The boogers fell to the ground as the spell fizzled out. Twilight took a moment to think. What did the book say? The lamia ponies could mesmerize others with their beauty and...will? Was that it? Maybe she had to concentrate harder.

Twilight took a deep breath, raising herself a little bit so that she would be looking slightly down on Fluttershy. She didn't want to scare her friend, but at the same time the book seemed to imply a slight intimidation or confidence factor. Nevertheless, Twilight resolved to try it out. For science, of course.
The purple pony took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts. She had to be confident, collected. She would entrance the naive little horse before her, and that was that. She was powerful, beautiful, strong.

Twilight opened her eyes and let the will flow forth.

Flutterhshy was startled slightly when a strange light shined down from above, gazing up and seeing that they came from Twilight's eyes. Twilight's eyes had filled with pulsating rings of color. "O-oh, Twilight, I think it's...." She found her speech drifting off the more she stared, her jaw slowly starting to loosen and dangle open.
Twilight stared intently. Whatever it was, it seemed to be working. Fluttershy look like she had gone from completely collected to having drunk her weight in cider almost immediately. Could this be the strange power of the snakeponies?

"Fluttershy," Twilight said, "what do you feel now?" It was a little tough for Twilight to speak without breaking her own concentration. If she wasn't careful, she might be put into a trance of her own!
Fluttershy let a string of drool drip from her mouth as she continued to stare, finally speaking only because Twilight spoke to her.

"S...so...sleepy..." She seemed almost strained to speak, as her own pupils suddenly shrunk down as the very same rings flowed into her own eyes, mirroring Twilight's own eyes without even the slightest bit of lag. Fluttershy's body began to noticeably loosen up and relax, her forelegs wobbling as she began to have difficulty even standing.
Twilight beamed. There was a sick pleasure in seeing her predictions work. This might be a hereunto unexplored field of magic. She had to mess around with it.

"Sleepy? Mesmerized? Hypnotized?" Twilight asked. Even though it was all but confirmed, subject feedback was an important step of the scientific process.

"Y...yes..." She replied in a monotone voice. "S...sleepy... M-mes...merized... Hyp...no...tized..." she repeated, her eyelids starting to droop only to shoot open again when she realized sleep would mean looking away from the beautiful swirling colors.

The purple pony swerved gently back and forth, once again coming down to Fluttershy's eye level. With a gentle movement, Twilight shut Fluttershy's mouth with her hoof. The yellow pony’s jaw was soft and pliable; it was like there was absolutely no resistance. Fluttershy was putty in Twilight's hooves in more ways than one.

She remained on the edge between slumber and awareness, but to her it was beginning to feel like pure bliss. She felt like a figurine; when Twilight's hoof closed her mouth gently, her mouth obeyed and remained shut, her eyes never once breaking contact. The pegasus was a puppet that Twilight held the strings to... and the trance wasn't even complete yet.
Twilight continued her rhythmic dance while Fluttershy followed her, utterly captivated. "Hmm, a bit unsurprising, of course Fluttershy would fall easily if the power comes from will. I'll need to try this again with a more headstrong pony like Rainbow Dash," Twilight thought.

She noticed that Fluttershy was having a bit of trouble standing up, almost faltering from the small motions needed to keep Twilight in view. Conjuring a chair might break the spell, so Twilight elected to send a pulse down her snake body, contorting it in such a way that a thick portion was positioned behind Fluttershy's hind legs.

Now to see how well she reacted to commands. "Sit," Twilight said as she continued weaving her spell.

Without even a moment of hesitation, Fluttershy fell back and sat on Twilight's coils, all without moving her head away from Twilight and her captivating colors. Fluttershy's tail seemed to swish slightly, almost happily, before going limp once more as she returned to her loose and moldable state. Her expression remained blank and emotionless as her stomach rose and fell slowly with her silent breathes.

Twilight cooed; Fluttershy's tushy was nice and warm. She had barely noticed how much her body temperature seemed to have dropped. Twilight decided to do a little test. With a blink, she decided to let her mind wander and defocused. She was curious to see if the spell would continue on its own or see if Fluttershy would come out of trance when it stopped.
For several moments, Fluttershy remained as zombie-like as ever, not even looking away from her friend's eyes despite her wavering concentration.

After about a minute, the pegasus let out a small moan, as her body seemed to shift slightly on her seat. "T...wil...l-light...?" She barely managed to utter the alicorn's own name, and blinked several times despite the spirals still being in her eyes. Twilight noted that the entrance state seemed to slowly die down as opposed to outright stopping or continuing on.
"Interesting," Twilight thought to herself.

Well, at least she knew the effect wasn't permanent. This new knowledge emboldened Twilight, who immediately refocused herself and once again targeted Fluttershy's mind with her hypnotic assault.

"Don't come out, let's go deeper, Fluttershy. Deeper and deeper..."

The moment Twilight turned all her attention back to Fluttershy, it was as if she had never wavered to begin with. Once again, Fluttershy grew limp and watched without so much as a twitch of the eyelids. " Y-yes Twilight...D...deeper... yes... m-must go deeper..." She mumbled quietly as they picked up where they left off.

Twilight lowered herself closer to Fluttershy. "Yes, deeper..." Twilight said, trailing off.

"My eyes, they're so pretty, Fluttershy? Do they make you feel good? Do they make you want to keep looking forever?" Twilight was curious to see just how well Fluttershy would go with this. She was putting up absolutely NO fight.

While Twilight kept inducting Fluttershy, she moved the tip of her scaly tail towards where the two were engaging in friendly platonic brainwashing. In a deft motion, it formed a little loop around Fluttershy's hind leg. Twilight seemed a natural at moving her snake body around now.

"Y-yes... So pretty... F-feel good... N-never look away...." She continued to mumble what Twilight said like a parrot, a small smile noticeably starting to curl onto her face as her eyelids drooped without blocking her view of the colors. She showed no reaction to Twilight's tail coiling her leg, as her mind was too busy focusing on more 'important' things...
Twilight was amazed at how fast Fluttershy was falling. She half wondered how long it would take for the poor little pegasus to be so deeply hypnotized that she'd be unable to speak. Twilight's tail gently tugged on Fluttershy's leg, pulling it, pushing it, wrapping and unwrapping, a little squeeze occasionally...it was something for Twilight to play with as she thought of her next move. She'd have to push the boundaries, otherwise what kind of scientist would she be?

"Fluttershy," Twilight continued, "Listen to my voice, my beautiful, sonorous, angelic voice. My voice is like honey to the ears, sweet and overwhelming." Twilight leaned in close enough to touch foreheads with Fluttershy.

"It is the voice of your master, and you are my little pony, my obedient pet and servant. I will never hurt you, and in return you'll follow my commands..."

Twilight grabbed Fluttershy's head in her hooves, making it swerve back and forth along with Twilight.

"You trust your master, you love your master, you obey your master. Repeat after me: Trust love, obey..."
Every command from Twilight sank into Fluttershy's mushy head like a rock hitting water. Twilight's voice instantly became the most beautiful sound her ears ever heard. The very sound of it ignited Fluttershy's cheeks in passion, as her friend pressed her forehead against hers to further induce the trance.

No, not her friend... Her master. Twilight was her loving, kind and gentle master, and Fluttershy owed her eternal servitude for how wonderful she treated her. She'd never get hurt, not while Twilight was her master...
She trusted her...
She loved her...
She obeyed her...
"Trust, love, obey... She repeated the words in perfect harmony as her poor fragile mind believed it to be the truth.
Twilight was kind of surprised. "Wow Fluttershy, I don't know if you can hear me, but you are TOTALLY in my power. You're a pretty good test subject, I'll take you out to a nice dinner or something when this is all done."

Twilight cleared her throat. "Ahem, now getting back to the regularly scheduled mind control. Remember how you touched me snake body earlier, my pet? Master commands you to massage it again. Adore it, worship it. My scales are beautiful, and the muscle supple. Let it become the object of your adoration."

"Yes, master..." She said in obedience, finally moving her body again as she better positioned herself on Twilight's scales. She turned her body and rested stomach first on Twilight, her tail still swishing happily as she slowly began to rub and pamper Twilight's scales with her hooves. Fluttershy was already quite the massage expert to begin with, and knowing snakes he way she did, she seemed to know all the right things to do. Her massages were firm yet lovingly gentle at the same time, digging deep into Twilight's body with precision. She slowly slid her way along Twilight's body as she massaged her, even going so far as to plant affectionate kisses on the coils for absolutely no reason other than to give the affection she believed she had for them.
Twilight sank back into a pile of her own coils. This was heaven. Each touch, each caress...it seemed like the nerves perpetuated each good sensation throughout the entire length of her body. Fluttershy was an absolute expert and Twilight let the caretaker do her magic as she worked her way up Twilight's scales. And the warmth! Oh, how the warmth of Fluttershy's body invigorated Twilight. It felt as though ever bit without her was in a freezer. Twilight wanted, NEEDED that warmth. Taking a quick note on how she was being influenced by her new instincts, Twilight beckoned Fluttershy over to the mass of coils that Twilight was laying on.

"Fluttershy, pet, come here."

Fluttershy's head perked up like a cat as her name was called, instantly stopping everything she was doing and trotting over to Twilight and her personal throne. "Y-yes Master...? I'm not doing anything wrong, am I...?" She said in a worried tone as her spiraling eyes looked directly at her, surprisingly still retaining her meek personality. It was almost as if her mind and body was adapting to the trance as if it was a part of her.

"No, no, pet...by the way, you like being called pet. It sends an electrical pleasure signal that reverberates through your whole being. To be a good pet is everything." Twilight said. She'd need to get more liberal with her commands: it seems the longer Fluttershy spent looking away from Twilight's magic eyes, the more she regained the ability to function.

"Come, my little pet, lay down in my coils. Aren't they beautiful? Just lie down and relax...."

"Yes Master..." She replied to Twilight's command instantaneously.

Twilight's "pet" shivered at the mention of her name, and did as she was told, gently lying down next to Twilight on her pile of coils and sighing contently. To her, it was like she was on the most plush bed she'd ever experienced, relaxing extremely easily as she turned her body towards her master with a sweet smile and a hint of a blush.

"Pet," Twilight addressed the mindless pony that lay next look her. "Look deeply into my eyes," she said starting the hypnosis again. Twilight could feel the magic flowing now. "You enjoy the touch of my coils, you enjoy how they slide over over fur. You like being held in their mighty grip. It is your dream, your fantasy....Surrender control of your body as well as your mind. Struggle gently, to feel how trapped you are, and the more you feel resistance, the deeper you will fall back into total trance."

Twilight raised herself up while a massive loop formed from one of the coils Fluttershy was laying on. It was almost as thick as Fluttershy herself, and Twilight briefly wondered if, if she wanted to, her snake power would allow her to swallow the helpless Fluttershy whole. Twilight shook her head, that thought was TOO morbid. She promised not to hurt Fluttershy, and that would be that. Still, maybe she could get a large bale of hay and try it out in some other experiment.

The first loop came to rest snugly around Fluttershy's belly. Twilight gave a gentle squeeze. Fluttershy's expression had grown blank again the moment Twilight's eyes spiraled, her already moldable mind becoming pure putty yet again. Her commands sank into Fluttershy's mind without question, and when Twilight's large coil pressed against her, she got immediate results.

Fluttershy let out a long, absolutely satisfied moan that Twilight would never expect from a pony as timid as her. With ignited cheeks, she struggled around in Twilight's mighty embrace, kicking her legs around. The struggles weren't extreme, but several grunts of struggle could be heard in between the mare's pleasured moans. Her tail swished around happily like a dog as she embarrassingly moved in ecstasy in Twilight's grip.

With another heave, Twilight slowly spun Fluttershy around in her amethyst coils, wrapping another meaty loop around the poor pony. Now her front legs were trapped against her chest and her long mane pinned to her back. Twilight cooed as the warmth from Fluttershy made her snake body feel alive and wonderful. To reward her pet, Twilight gave the loop around Fluttershy's stomach a gentle squeeze. The gentle kicks from Fluttershy's hind legs were like a massage on its own. Perhaps it wasn’t nearly as good as when Fluttershy was putting her full effort into it, but pleasant nontheless.
Fluttershy cooed herself, her legs stretching around happily as Twilight rewarded her with the squeeze she desperately wanted. The moan from the squeeze was actually quite loud, emphasizing her pure pleasure as she continued her ironically pleasant struggles of resistance.

Twilight continued to twirl Fluttershy once more, looping another coil around her thighs and pressing them together. She was gentle; Twilight knew pony legs were bonier that most other parts and only squeezed tightly enough for them to be immobile. Twilight could feel the contours of Fluttershy's flank as the snakeskin held snugly against her yellow fur. It was an odd sight to see Fluttershy cocooned like this. Normally, Twilight would be ready to blast whatever monster had captured her defenseless friend. Now, she was the monster, and a monster she would be.

Twilight maneuvered herself in front of Fluttershy's face again. Her pet would plunge deeper than she had ever done before into trance.

"Fluttershy, how do you feel?" Twilight said as she began her hypnosis again.

Fluttershy snuggled into her cocoon affectionately, her pure pleasure and tail-wagging happiness stopping instantly when Twilight approached spiraling eyes.

"S...sleepy master... Happy and... Sleepy..." She replied to Twilight's question as she helplessly gazed into her master's eyes.

Twilight turned herself along with Fluttershy as she looped one last coil around Fluttershy's neck, one thick enough to press up against the bottom of Fluttershy's jaw and force her to look slightly upwards. With a loud gulp, Fluttershy's entire body was sealed in Twilight's embrace, sans her head. Fluttershy had already began to fall deeper into Twilight's trance, but that feeling would intensify as she lost any sense of will her body could muster.

"Dear pet, good pet, the more I squeeze, the deeper you'll fall into trance. Do not resist one bit, unless it's the let me know you can't breathe at all. As I press into you, let your body feel one with the coils, one with me. Let your mind be totally consumed by the pleasure of obedience. Let master use you, become totally helplessssssss..." Twilight drew out that last syllable in a snakelike hiss, a bit corny, but she was a bit drunk with power now. Apologies would come later.

"Now, open your mouth. Let me taste you." Twilight said not breaking eye contact as she send a ripple though her coils, beginning the slight constriction. Fluttershy opened her mouth as Twilight commanded, sticking her tongue out unwittingly as the coils tightened. She barely had any senses left but that of pleasure, and Twilight's own note of a warning.

Without breaking eye contact, Twilight moved her muzzle close to Fluttershy's and took her tongue into her mouth as the coils continued to slowly cinch. Twilight did not intend to crush her friend, but draw out the squeezing for maximum enjoyment. Each breathe would be a little shallower than the last, each limb a bit weaker from falling asleep. Slowly bring Fluttershy into a state of total trance, one that would make her into a little toy, happily helpless in the clutches of a lamia.

Twilight stroked and grappled Fluttershy's tongue; Twilight liked stallions, but this expression was an act of dominance. She pressed her snout into Fluttershy's as Twilight admired the subtle taste of strawberries on her friend's tongue. Fluttershy happily salivated as Twilight worshiped her tongue, unable to kiss back due to the sheer lack of control she had over her body. She was Twilight's and only Twilight's, even she didn't seem to own her body anymore.

The coils constricted tighter and tighter, pressing against her body in a way that fueled the only sense she had left, even letting out a small bit of juice in between her legs as Twilight worked away every last bit of Fluttershy's free will. Twilight moved her tongue to Fluttershy's teeth, the roof of her mouth, the soft insides of her cheek, everywhere in the poor pony's mouth was assaulted by Twilight's relentless makeout. Twilight herself had rarely kissed another like this, and it was extremely exciting. Twilight's heart raced as she unloaded spiral after spiral into Fluttershy's now-empty head, overwhelming her with euphoria.

Twilight's coils continued their cinching, by now Twilight could feel her friend's bones beginning to provide resistance to the squeezing. Tender attention was given to the coil around Fluttershy's neck; it had to squeeze hard enough to restrict airflow, but soft enough to still allow circulation. Still, Twilight made sure her entire grip squeezed the helpless pegasus everywhere. Subconsciously, the tip of Twilight's snake tail wormed its way up to where the action was and curled around Fluttershy's head, softly stroking it. Fluttershy's gorgeous mane began to get ruffled as Twilight's tail gently pet it. It felt incredibly well groomed and soft to her touch: almost a testament to how naturally her mane seemed to flow under normal circumstances.

It was around this point that Fluttershy began to noticeably have trouble breathing, her panting becoming rather heavy as she blew air into Twilight's face with surprisingly fresh breath. Her tongue was helpless to do anything but get pushed around and worshiped to no end. Twilight broke the kiss and slowed down the constriction. Fluttershy had to be close now. She allowed the snake tail to dart and weave across Fluttershy's face, caressing her eyes, stroking her cheeks, and even slipping shallowly into her mouth. In addition to the cinching, Twilight made her coils slide and move across Fluttershy, tightening unevenly to mimic some sort of bizarre massage.

"How do you feel, Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy gave no reply of any kind, staying limp in Twilight's grasp with gentle breathing. It was like she was asleep with her eyes open, only her eyes were bombarded with mind-numbing colors. And yet, she still listened. Twilight was in absolute 100% control of the mare: So much that she could literally change Fluttershy as she knew her. She could rewrite her history and memories, her feelings, her personality; almost anything was possible at this point. She was nothing but a blank slate, and Twilight was her sculptor, an artist who could turn the pony into whatever she desired. Twilight was astounded. In the span of fifteen minutes she had turned her friend into an utterly mindless slave, addicted to her coils and her spell. In some ways, Twilight envied her. Maybe even make Fluttershy drink the snake oil one time and hypnotize her. Twilight chuckled, hypnotizing a pony to hypnotize you...what a huge can of worms.

Still, it was sobering. Fluttershy was so deep in trance that she could be permanently rewritten. She could make it so that her friends, her family, her life, were all forgotten and instead know only a life dominated by hypnosis and coils.

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