Changelings aren't the only ones who can have secrets, as Shapedance is about to discover
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Every week around the same time, Skywrite the pegasus leaves his little cottage in the woods to “pick up groceries,” and every week around the same time, Petalgrown the pegasus welcomes him home with a few hours of cuddling and his favorite dinner on the table. Of course, not everything here is as it seems. For one thing, there’s the dinner. French fried potatoes? Who’s ever heard of such a thing!? For another thing, there’s the way Sky looks at his hooves sometimes, as if trying to will something else to be there. Also, as a footnote, Petalgrown is one of the hundreds of changelings thrown free of Canterlot during the failed invasion attempt, and has been living off Skywrite’s strange, fiery love ever since.

As time goes on and questions about the strange, loving pegasus start piling up, she grows determined to discover the truth behind the pony she finds herself growing more and more intrigued with. Of course, it could be something even crazier than “love-sucking, shape-changing bug-pony,” but that’s just speculation. After all, there’s no way a pony could ever hide such a strange secret from a creature born of secrets, right? Why, it would take something very unpony-like to pull that off, wouldn’t it?

Slice of Life

11,206 words: Estimated 45 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

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  1. Everypony has secrets, some are just bigger than others [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Jan 31st, 2014
Published Jan 31st, 2014


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