To Be a Mother

by TittySparkles

Chapter 1: Is To Love Your Child

Drip, drip, drip…

The small cavern was quiet, save for the deafening sound of water dripping from the ceiling and the sole occupant laid in her spot, malnourished and starving for both common food and love. She laid there, disheartened that she had been banished from her colony for failing her raid on the capital of Equestria, by her own parents no less. They wanted nothing to do with their failure of a daughter and even the changelings most loyal to her had casted her out. A new queen had been named but as far as Chrysalis knew, they had left Equestria in search of easier prey. As for Chrysalis, she was cut off telekinetically from the hive and knew she would never see anything of them again.

Forced to live alone, Chrysalis had no choice but to try and live on. For days on end she would venture out of her new home, looking for any wandering pony to siphon love from and live for a bit longer. Some days she found vessels of love, but they were never enough to sate her needs or her stomach.

Frowning at the lack of love she had been taking, Chrysalis’ mind drifted back to a time when she’d taken over the form of princess Cadence and harvested the love from her groom-to-be. Snarling at the memory, Chrysalis refused to say his name, upset that part of him was still with her.

Looking down at her stomach, she noted how wide and plump she had gotten, knowing the child would be born very soon. Whilst her changeling anatomy destined her to lay eggs, if she were to become pregnant in a form other than her natural self, her body would adjust accordingly. She knew how ponies gave birth and dreaded knowing she would be in a world of pain once the day had come.

“Just under eleven months since that day,” Chrysalis spoke weakly as she hungered for anything to eat. “I loathe waiting for this child. I just want to get it over with!”

She laid her head on the floor, knowing very well the depravity she suffered thanks to the pregnancy. She couldn’t venture out for love, knowing that even if she transformed, her pregnancy would still show. A few times she’d tried, but seducing ponies and other races while she was pregnant never worked. Though she did have the ability to control the mind, it drained her too much to maintain a long enough grasp. It’d only happened once and... as she was feeding, the stallion had broken from his trance and pushed her off.

“He… didn’t have to kick me so violently...” She whimpered in memory of the harsh beating her body had taken from that day. “I need to live like any other creature. It’s not my fault I was born a damnable changeling and carry an unwanted child.”

Though she cared little for it, she was still a mother by nature, and while most of her changeling drones were converted from ponies and other races, she felt the desire to call them all her children.

“I hope my child is a healthy one. Being alone for so long hurts.” Chrysalis spoke quietly as she rubbed her stomach. “Even if it’s... his child, I’ll still love it enough.” At the mention of love, her stomach grumbled.

“Love... I hunger for it so much. I would even settle for a locket of a couple right now.”

Desperate for feeding, she tried to pull her weak body off the cold stone flooring. She didn’t get far, and quickly fell back down, too weak for her own good to do anything. She sighed deeply and groaned with pain as she felt her child shift in her womb.

“Wouldn’t hurt if this accursed child would come out already!” she hissed weakly as she grew thirsty. Looking around her area, she quickly noticed a build up of sparking water on the flooring, before she quickly started to lap it up. Hopefully I can redeem myself with a second chance once it’s born. It would be nice to call something my child once again.

Once her palette had enough water, she turned her head up and sighed, wondering how long she would continue to wait. She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but countless minutes of staring at the stone ceiling eventually yielded to what she desired as a jolt of pain hit her womb, telling her it was finally time.

“Ahh! Looks like you are finally ready!” She winced in pain before a loud, painful scream left her throat as her backside started to shift. “Gods, I hope this is over quickly!”


Time ticked by at a slow pace as the changeling pushed as hard as she could. She wasn’t aware of how long she’d been in labor, but as she pushed, all she could do was curse his name and hate him that much more. Every part of her body screamed in agony as the child pressed closer and closer to coming out, telling her to take a quick break and regain a bit of energy back. Part of her wanted to cut her own throat just to be rid of the pain, but the motherly nature of her wanted her child to be born, just so she could hold it in her hooves.

“This is… all your fault! Everything that’s happened… to me is because of you and that damnable… pink menace! Damn you, Shin-argh!”


Chrysalis cried and panted for a release and with one final push she felt the child leave her body. As it exited her womb she stared up at the ceiling wide eye and almost in a state of shock, before she felt her body respond once again.

“Oh thank the gods,” she said in a single breath as she slumped to the floor, panting.

She laid there, breathing quietly and staring at the ceiling above, proud that she was able to give birth to a foal. Nearly a year of carrying that extra weight and finally she was free of its burden. Though her body felt numb and her backside was drenched in a sticky fluid, Chrysalis turned her head weakly and stared at the small black changeling that rested on the floor.

“Why... are you not crying?” she spoke quietly as she stared at the still mass resting on the floor. From what she’d learned from books and general knowledge, she was under the impression the child would whine for its mother to grab them and clean them up. On rare occasions the child would come out asleep, only to awake seconds later.

She stared quietly, waiting patiently for the child to move or even let off a whine of need. Finally, as she felt life return to her body, Chrysalis pulled her body up and turned to face her child.

“Sweetheart?” she spoke quietly as she bent down and pressed her muzzle against the wet body.

The body didn’t move and Chrysalis grew more worried by the second. As much as she cursed its existence, she didn’t want to be alone anymore. She wanted a child to nurture, a child to say that she loved and would feed love to daily. She wanted to raise the child and try to begin her life anew.

She wouldn’t get that chance.

For minutes she stared at the soulless husk, hoping it would pop to life and cry for its mother. For minutes she debated not touching it, fearing the wrong touch would harm it in some way. Finally she brought herself to pick it up and started to cuddle it in her hooves.

“No… this can't be happening to me,” she whimpered, staring at the peaceful expression of her child. “it’s… not fair! This… this isn’t fair! I don’t want be alone anymore! No! No, no, no! Please wake up for me! Please, you have to!

As she rocked her child endlessly, she couldn’t help but cry. The pain, all that extra weight, all that hatred she bore for the stallion who’d done this to her, it all amounted to nothing in the end. Hugging her child close to her body, her cries echoed loudly in the cavern as she’d lost the only thing worth living for.

Author's Notes:

This story reflects a real life tragedy that struck a friend of mine recently.

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