Foals Of Harmony

by Shadowmane PX-41

Chapter 1: The Mane 6 Reborn. (Quite Literally Reborn)

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Thank you all for coming today." Twilight announced to her friends once she closed her latest spellbook, "I suppose you're all wondering why i've summoned you. Correct?"

"Is it because you want to schedule another party? You can never have too much parties in your life!" Pinkie Pie started to trail off into space, "I can just see it now. those cupcakes and-and those pinatas! and those-those streamers and-"

"PINKIE!!!" Twilight yelled, causing the pink mare to return to reality, "Thank you." She cleared her throat before starting up again, "I' was handed a new spell by Princess Luna herself. Some say that only Alicorns can pull it off without burning out their magic."

"What kinda spell did ya get this time, Twi?" Rainbow Dash asked, "Is it Dimension Travel?"


"Or maybe, Arcane Arts like star related stuff?"

Twilight sighed, "No, i wish though."

"Alright then, one more guess, i'm gonna say..." She stroked her chin for a moment, "Pony Breed Changing?"

"Dash, once again i must say no." Twilight levitated the spell towards her five friends, "I've been handed an Age Spell!"

"Dangit! That was gonna be my next one." She sighed defeatedly.

"Now then, i assure you've all brought along one decrepid foodstuff or object that i can try it out on?"

"Ah brought along some rotten apples ah was gonna burn." Applejack said as she pulled out the rotting apples from her flank pocket.

"And i had the idea to bring one of my tattered old dresses with me to this little chit-chat." Rarity said as she conjured up the ruined clothing before immediately sending it over to Twilight, "Waste not want not. as the saying goes."

"The Cakes have been stockpiling vegetables and healthy stuff for me ever since i got addicted to sugar." Pinkie said as she pulled out some rotting vegetables from nowhere, "So you can imagine they've gone a bit icky."

"It took me time to find something that wasn't really my style." Dash said as she pulled out a cardboard box that looked like somepony had ripped it asunder, "But i found this runied box from ten to fifteen years back and, thought i might have it disposed of."

"Oh, is it my turn already?" Fluttershy said as she poked her head out of a bookcase, "I-I couldn't really find anything important or rotten for a while, until i found my 1st birdhouse." She said as she pulled a rotting birdhouse from her flank pocket, "Maybe you could make it better?"

"Excellent. It's good to know everything was accounted for." Twilight said as she conjured a target reticle on the floor and pointed her hoof towards it, "Now then, everypony. If you could drop your items/food here, we can begin the process."

The 5 mares did as instructed and dropped their items on the marker. Once she got a good position, Twilight began casting the spell."

"Are you sure about this, Twilight?" Spike asked as he pulled himself out of the basement, "This spell hasn't been witnessed before. What if you mess it up?"

"Spike, please." Twilight sternly told him, "It takes an Alicorn to pull off a powerful spell like this. Now then, have you finished cleaning the lab yet?"

"Well, not really." he said as he forced out a hiccup, "Most of the stuff i clean out is- Hic!- sent faraway."


"Sorry- Hic, i'll just head up- Hic!- stairs now." He said as he bolted up the stairs leaving behind nothing but hiccup remnants as he vanished from sight.

Twilight then focused her spell on the marker again. It took her some straining to get the spell's frequency and colour right. But it didn't take long before she had a clear white aura glowing from her horn. She was about to fire at the objects on the marker, but then-

The spell left Twilight's horn, but she didn't fire it. The spell had gotten so powerful that no unicorn could contain it. And it wasn't long before this white bolt of magic was bouncing off every corner of the library like a pinball in a pinball machine.

"Everypony, duck and cover!" Twilight yelled as the magic bolt struck again and again and again on multiple different objects.

The 6 mares were now in a state of panic, desperately trying to avoid the white beam's energy. Spike had heard the chaos and rushed down the stairs to help the situation. He noticed the 6 ponies were running from a white light that reverted everything it hit back to its infantile state. Turning books into writings, food into ingredients and other things into younger other things. He came close to Twilight and friends, who were now huddled up together in panic.

"Twilight, any idea what's going- Hic!" His hiccup came at the very same time that the spell impacted its last target. The new Age spell had hit all of the Mane 6, leaving nothing more than a white smoke. His hiccup caused the smoke to vanish, but it also caused the Mane 6 to dissapear as well, "Oh my god. I've killed Twilight and her friends!" Spike yelled in horror as the cloud vanished from his sight and no ponies were found.


Celestia and Luna were having a chat in the throne room with a few other ponies and guards.

"Are you sure that this other world cannot be reached in another way?" An alicorn guard asked.

"I have studied the portal's magic thoroughly, and i can say that the portal in the Crystal Empire was crafted and sealed by a powerful entity who has long since passed away.

"But isn't there a way to contact this entity?" Luna asked as she dismissed one of her guards.

"Whoever he or she was, it really didn't like visitors." Celestia hung her head, "Before it vanished from Equestria, it placed an anti-communications barrier over both its' dying body and spirit, making sure that nopony could ever contact it ever again.

"So that means the conclusion is-" Another guard spoke before being stopped by Celestia again.

"This portal only opens every thirty moons and will always re-open every thirty moons. No amount of magic or spiritual travel can ever change that. And either way, Twilight said there was a hostile being trapped inside Sunset Shimmer during her travels, so i was worried that it would try to escape again when the portal re-opens."

"But, Your Highness, if we study hard we can surely-"

"I SAID ENOUGH!" Celestia snapped before calming down again, "From now on, no-one is to speak of the other world in the Crystal Empire unless authorized by me and me alone. Luna does not count when asking for permission. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Your Highness." The guards said in unison.

"Good, You're all dismissed. Luna, come with me." She said, causing all the guards to leave the room.

They took a little stroll down the corridors before coming to their private study. It was iconic to them both,seeing as it had both of their cutie marks on the double doors. Once they got inside they quickly saw 6 little foals on the cushions near the fireplace. They were all lightly coloured and were all in diapers. But Celestia and Luna quickly and precisely identified them as the Mane 6.

"Twilight?" Celestia asked as she came closer to the little foals.

"Mama?" The foal Twilight said as the two monarchs came closer and then stopped, surprised at Twilight's words. Twilight herself was surprised as well. She'd just called her ruler mama. The one word thought un-useable towards the princesses.

"I take it the age spell i gave you backfired?" Luna asked once she took note of the other foals.

"I tink i ovewdid it a wittwe." Twilight said before hanging her head in shame.

"A wittwe?!" Foal Rarity said, "We'we aww foaws again!"

"How did we get to de castwe is what i wanna know." Foal Rainbow Dash said as she examined the study carefully.

"I tink Spike hiccuped on us at de same time when speww hit us and tuwned us into foaws again." Foal Pinkie said.

"Spike sent you here?" Celestia asked.

"Accidentawwy i tink." Foal Applejack spoke now, "But in aww honsety, he did have a pwetty bad case of hiccups."

"Girws?" Foal Fluttershy asked, "Is it common fow Ponies hit by age spewws to wet their diapees without noticing?"

"Why yoo ask? Fwuttewshy?" Twilight asked once she turned towards the yellow foal.

"No weason." Fluttershy had wet herself without even noticing it, she proved this by covering the darker patch of her diaper with her hooves.

"Don't worry, i've got this." Celestia said as she began to conjure up a counter-spell for the Mane 6's predicament. She lifted the 6 foals up in her white aura before cocooning them in her powerful white magic. Celestia strained and struggled with the spell, almost to the point that she was gonna faint at some point. She would have fallen unconscious if not for Luna, who was adding her own magic to the cocoon concealing the Mane 6. But then the cocoon shattered and the 6 ponies were unchanged, still foals. Not even the combined strength of Celestia AND Luna could revert the Mane 6 back to normal.

"But how?" Luna said to Celestia once the magic dissipated, "We both mastered the art of age-changing in school."

"Twilight must have really poured all her power into that one spell." Celestia explained, "Only Twilight can fix the mess she made. Nopony else can."

"Onwy i can fix it?" Twilight asked herself. She then got the idea to cast the spell again, but in reverse this time. She strained and struggled to get her horn working, however, she had no luck whatsoever. She was a foal who could not use magic.

"Weww, Twiwight?" Rarity asked after seeing so many failed attempts go by, "Can yoo make us mawes again?"

"I'm afwaid not, girws." She hung her head, "I made de speww so powewfuw dat i can't cweate any magic auwa anymowe. I tink de onwy way to get back to ouw pwopew ages again is to stawt aww ovew as foaws again."

"Dere's no way back?" Rarity started to cry like the foal she was, "But i don't wanna be a foaw! I wannt be a gwown up!"

"Who's gonna bwing happiness to Ponyviwwe?" Pinkie started crying as well, "Nopony has de abiwities to match my tawents in waughtew producing!"

"Who's gonna take cawe of my cwittews? and pets?" Fluttershy was crying as well, "It wouwd be howwibwe for dem widout me!"

"I-I can stiww fwy wight?" Rainbow Dash tried to fly with her newfound body, but she wasn't getting any distance off the floor, "I can't fwy anymowe!" Rainbow Dash now followed suit with the other foals and was crying as well, "But i wanna be a wondewbowt and fwy through de air wike a big mawe wouwd!"

"Appwebwoom. Ah towd her i'd be back in no time!" Applejack was also crying as well, "She's gonna be heawtbwoken and wonewy widout me to wook out fow hew!"

"Oh, girws. I'm so sowwy." Twilight finished up the group by crying as well, "I weawwy didn't mean fow dis to happen to us!

Celestia fought of a way to calm the 6 foals down, she knew talking wouldn't be enough in this situation, they were crestfallen here. she then got an idea that might just work. She gestured Luna to leave the study, an action which was quickly followed. Then Celestia cast a powerful aura pulse around the room, causing the foals to stop crying. Celestia was now looking at them with a motherly smile on her face, "Don't cry, my Foals Of Harmony. Everything is going to be fine." She then conjured a pacifier into each of their mouths and carried them out of the study in her aura.

"What is your plan, Sister?" Luna asked once Celstia came out of the study with the foals sleeping soundly on her back.

"Since this age spell can't be countered, we'll just have to wait it out." Celestia said, "The Spirits Of Harmony are just going to have to grow up all over again. Only this time. they'll be under the protection of us."

"Are you sure that's a good idea? What if we fall behind on the royal duties? The ponies of Equestria depend on our decisions."

"Which is why we'll have to take turns in raising them." Celestia levitated the foals to Luna, who then levitated them in her own aura, "You'll handle them in daylight and i'll overlook them at night. A good idea i'd say, even better than the time i enforced cross-breeding bananas and apples."

"Where should i take them then?" Luna asked.

"I had always prepared for this occurance since the day you handed her the spell, so i prepared a nursery for them just in case." Celestia told her, "Go down the stairs, middle corridor, turn left at the first fork and you'll find it at the end. I've marked the door with all of their cutie marks just in case you get confused."

And with those words, Luna was headed down the precise directions Celestia depicted for her. She went down the stairs and came to three separate corridors, all close together. She took the middle one like Celestia had told her and after walking past 5 doors on each side, Luna came to a fork in the corridor. She went left with the foals and finally stopped at the large door. Just like her sister said, Luna quickly identified all 6 cutie marks and opened the door.

It was quite an expansive nursery, even for 6 little foals like the Mane 6. There was also 6 cribs, close to each other, Luna walked closer to each crib and made sure to lay each foal in the correct crib. After matching each foal to their right crib, Luna started back towards the door, "Have a good nap, Sweethearts." She said as she closed the door and let the foals venture into dreamland.

Author's Notes:

End Of Part 1.

Wasn't that something? The Mane 6 are all foals now. A feat never accomplished by any other writer on this site. So they know that there is no way back. Will they still be fussing when they wake up? Or will they start to accept the fact that they are all foals again and they'll just have to roll with it? Also, will both princesses make sure to care for the Mane 6 like they actually are foals? Or will things get too pressurizing?


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