Octavia and Vinyl's "break-up"

by Mariacheat-Brony

Chapter 1: The aftermath of a musical break-up

“Come on, Octavia!” a mint colored Unicorn with a teal and white mane nearly shouted in frustration. “When will you stop acting like you’re still a couple?!”

“Lyra, I don’t see what you’re talking about,” a grey Earth-pony mare with a long, jet black mane wearing a white collar with a pink bow tie, apparently named Octavia, replied matter-of-factly as she took a sip from her tea.

“That mare completely hit on you and you didn’t even react!” Lyra argued while pointing at the white Unicorn with royal purple mane that walked back to her orange friend’s table across the cafe.

“She said she was a fashion designer, and wanted to ask me if I was interested in modelling for her,” Octavia stated, pointing her hoof at the business card the Unicorn had just given her.

“That’s a pick-up line if I ever saw one!” Lyra snorted in disbelief at her friend’s obliviousness.

“Considering that I know who she is thanks to Uncle Hoity Toity, I’d say you’re quite wrong.” The grey mare took another sip of her tea. “Beside, I think she’s taken!”

“Huh?” Lyra let out before turning her head to the pretty Unicorn’s table with the subtlety of a buffalo stampede.

The orange mare with a brown cow-pony hat at the table paid for the bill after the Unicorn walked back to her. Then she helped the white mare putting her coat on before they left the cafe together, their tails slightly entwined together and the Unicorn’s head leaning softly on the Earth-pony’s sturdy shoulder.

“Oh,” the minty Pony let out in realization. “I would have thought that a stylish mare like her would go for somepony more classy than a cow-pony,” she commented casually.

“You’re the one to talk, Lyra,” Octavia remarked in an even tone. “Aren’t you the famous Canterlot Orchestra first chair lyrist deeply in love with a Ponyville candy maker?” she asked with a small smirk.

“I’d rather not hear that from you considering who’s your ex-marefriend!” Lyra retorted snappily.

Octavia greeted her teeth in anger. “I thought we agreed to not talk about her anymore?!”

“I’ll stop talking about her, when you’ll start moving on! It’s been three months now, and you’re still grieving over your failed relationship!”

“I’m not grieving over anything, Lyra,” the grey mare snarled angrily.

“Then, start dating again!” Lyra demanded sternly. “I’m sure she’s not having any second thoughts about dating new ponies, her being a DJ and all.”

“First of all, it’s a rather offensive stereotype to consider that all Disc-Jockeys are loose ponies! Neon, for example, is a model for all gentlecolts to follow!” Octavia replied slowly. “Second, she can do what and who she wants!”

“So can you, yet you’re still not moving on!” Lyra argued.

“If this is why you asked me to come for a spot of tea, I’ll take my leave.” Octavia put her cup down and stood up from her chair.

“Hey, Octy, wait!” Lyra tried to reach of her friend.

In a blink of an eye, Octavia spun around and glared furiously straight at her friend’s eyes. Lyra gulped as she realized her mistake.

“Never. Call. Me. That. Again! Clear?” The grey mare ordered. Lyra was too intimidated to voice her answer, so she sheepishly nodded. “Good. Have a nice afternoon, Lyra.”

With that, Octavia turned around, ignoring the other customers looking at her funny, and made way for the door with dignity, while mentally regretting a bit not having ordered a much more rare tea since Lyra was now paying for her cup.


Octavia’s way back home was uneventful to say the least. After closing the front door of her house behind her, she took notice of her light blue coated roommate, with a small bag secured in her mouth. Octavia tilted her head in confusion when Beauty Brass stopped in her tracks with wide eyes after seeing her.

“Am I… interrupting something, Beauty?” Octavia asked with curiosity.

“...mNofff..” Beauty dropped the bag on the ground. “Huh, I mean, no!” she repeated sheepishly. “Just taking the trash out after a little spring cleaning in my room,” she said with a forced innocent smile.

“Then, why are you so nervous?” Octavia asked when she noticed Beauty was slightly sweating, just like when before an audition. “... What’s in that bag?”

“huh… nothing important,” Beauty replied with a nervous gulp, only earning narrowed eyes from her roommate.

Before Beauty could react, the grey mare snatched the bag at her hooves, and went to open it. The blue sousaphonist tried to stop her, but was stopped by one of the cellist’s strong hind legs that kept pushing her back while its owner was casually undoing the knot of the bag.

Octavia blinked at the content of the bag: a few pairs of purple shades, a t-shirt with “Pony Rock Anthem” written on the front, several glow sticks, and some boxes of mane gel, probably half full. Octavia frowned at this. She had thought she had taken everything when she moved out three months ago.

“Where did you find those?” Octavia asked coldly.

“In my room and bathroom while I was cleaning,” Beauty confessed slowly. “I didn’t want you to see them, so I was about to give them back to her…”

“Because you know where she lives now?” Octavia asked with narrowed, suspicious eyes.

“Well, no,” Beauty replied with honesty.

“Then, it goes in the trash like you said.” Octavia stated before knotting the bag closed before taking it to the closet near the kitchen.

“Huh, that wouldn’t be very nice….” Octavia glared at Beauty. “Though, your house, your rules.”

Octavia nodded before entering the closet. Beauty heard her roommate throw the bag inside the trash can before trotting out of the closet casually.

“Anyway, what are your plans for the evening?” Octavia asked. “I know that Friday is our movie night, but since I can’t ditch dinner with my parents, you’d have to be on your own.”

“Oh, I’m going out with Frederic tonight, so don’t worry!” Beauty replied with excitement.

“Ooooh, again? That’s this third time this week!” Octavia smiled. Beauty chuckled with a small blush. “Things are going well between you two! That’s great!”


“Anyway, try not make too much noise if you come home late, then!” Octavia advised playfully. “You know how I get grumpy when someone wakes me up during the night.”

“No worry, I’m spending night at his place.” Beauty’s blushed deepened as she whispered her answer.

“Things are going that well, huh?” Octavia’s smile only grew wider. “I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow at brunch for details?” she asked playfully.

“Hehe, maybe, maybe not,” Beauty replied mysteriously. “Anyway, I need a shower after all the spring cleaning!”

“Try to not take too long,” Octavia called as her blue friend trotted to the bathroom. “I need some time to get ready for dinner as well.”

“I’ll try!”


''That dress suits you so well, Dear,’’ Sonata Melody praised her daughter.

Octavia was wearing a simple, yet very elegant, black evening dress with an open back along with her trademark accessory, her collar and bow tie, though both were pure white this evening, a nice contrast with the rest of her clothes.

‘’Thank you, Mother,’’ Octavia replied calmly as she glanced at the menu of the Golden Unicorn, one of Canterlot most famous restaurants.

‘’So, how is that new roommate of yours?’’ Arpeggio, her father, asked with curiosity. ‘’Not too much of trouble?’'

‘’Not really,’’ the younger grey mare at the table replied politely. ‘’Beauty does her laundry, respects the cleaning planning, she does the dishes normally… A nice roommate,’’ she summed up.

‘’Probably heavens on earth compared to that DJ,’’ Sonata commented, spitting the last word as if it was poison.

‘’Sonata,’’ her husband called softly, knowing that how their daughter reacted whenever she was mentioned.

Octavia immediately tensed, as her father thought she would. ‘’Can we not mention her, please?’’ she asked coldly.

‘’To think you tolerated her for so long, I simply wonder how you didn’t throw her out of your house after the first week?’’ Sonata continued, not noticing her husband and daughter’s reactions, like whenever she talked about her.



‘’I mean really, what in Celestia’s holy sun was that weird dishwasher of hers?’'

‘’MOTHER!’’ Octavia slammed her hoof on the table, nearly spilling her glass of wine in the process. ‘’I do not wish to have that conversation! Especially not here!’’

Sonata was more than taken aback by her daughter’s reaction, but she recomposed herself rather quickly after that.

‘’Right, sorry, Honey. I keep on forgetting that,’’ she apologized quickly. ‘’Let’s talk about something else, shall we?’’

‘’That would be nice,’’ Octavia answered with a nod.

‘’I heard that the Nadermanes’ son is still single,’’ Sonata let out with caution.

Octavia mentally face-hoofed. It wasn’t really a conversation that she was willing to have, but unlike the previous one, she didn’t have any reason, or enough material to snap it away.


During the remaining of time of the dinner, her mother spoke lengths about all the eligible stallions that she thought would be perfect for her precious daughter, including the sympathetic maitre d’hotel, who received a pretty generous tip from Arpeggio for the embarrassment caused by his wife.

Octavia couldn’t help but to feel slightly envious of him. She had never received any tips from her father for enduring her mother’s embarrassing speeches, something that happened too many times to her liking. Though that would have caused her father to go bankrupt.

After bidding goodbye to her parents, and thanking them for that nice dinner, Octavia retrieved her small side saddlebag trotted to her destination. While she shared a small house with Beauty Brass in the closest suburb of Canterlot Town, she was heading towards the more modern districts, which were full of those constructions so common in Manehatten known as skyscrapers.

On her way, some stallions and mares queuing in front of a nightclub that cat-called her, and asked her to join them for the night. She humphed before ignoring them while trotting the rest of the way to her destination a few blocks away. She entered the hall of the tallest building around.

She was about to reach for the key of the front door in her saddlebag, when she had serious doubt. She decided to check the many mailboxes with her hoof until she stopped next to the name : Spitfire Maverick.

Right, floor seventeen, apartment E! Octavia remembered with a nod.

She opened the front door and went for the elevator shaft. After a rather quick journey with the rather soothing and catching tune in the upcoming little room, which Octavia was absently humming, the grey cellist walked out of the elevator and walked left until she stopped in front of the apartment E. Octavia used another key she had kept in her bag to open the door.

After closing behind her, and resting her saddlebag near the entrance, Octavia trotted to the living room, searching for the light. Suddenly she was shoved against the wall from behind. She tried to push herself off the wall, but the grip of the pony behind her was too strong.

‘’Well, well, look who’s back?’’ the mare spoke in a fiery purr next to the cellist’s right ear.

‘’What the…’’ Octavia started to blush when she felt a hoof caressing her right flank through her dress. ‘’Already?’’ she asked in a surprised tone.

‘’It’s been a long time since your last visit,’’ the mare behind her replied before peppering the back of her neck with kisses.

‘’I came the day before yesterday,’’ Octavia replied in a shaken breath, trying her best to not moan of pleasure. ‘’You can’t be that in need…Oh sweet Celestia!’’ she groaned as she felt her kisses going up her ear before it was licked sensually.

‘’It’s your fault,’’ the pony whispered lustfully. ‘’Coming in with that sexy dress on… How was I supposed to resist?’’ The mare lifted the skirt of her dress up, and massaged both her cutie marks. ‘’Though, you’re way sexier without it, Octy…’'

At the use of the pet name, Octavia strongly bucked the pony off of her. The force used was so great that the mare was catapulted directly on the couch with a short yelp. Flaring her nostrils loudly, Octavia turned around and strongly pinned the mare, whose face was illuminated by the light coming from the nearby window, on the furniture.

The moonlight revealed a whitish cream colored coat, a mess of cyan and deep blue hair around an twirly, ivory horn, and a pair of the most becoming ruby colored eyes.

‘’Oh, gosh. I’m sorry, I forgot you hated that nick…’’ Vinyl Scratch sheepishly started to apologize.

Octavia interrupted the Unicorn with a passionate kiss. While surprised at first, Vinyl quickly responded in kind. Their respective tongues dueled for dominance over the other’s mouth for a good five minutes. The mare in a dress pulled her lips away from the naked Unicorn, a strand of saliva still connecting their snouts together.

‘’I hate it when other ponies use it, Vinyl dear,’’ Octavia corrected in a sensual purr. ‘’Whenever you say it, it’s different… It turns me on… A LOT!’'

‘’Really?!’’ Vinyl asked in genuine surprise.

‘’Oh, yes!’’ Octavia nodded before nuzzling the white neck in front of her.

‘’Oh, wow,’’ Vinyl let out as Octavia started nibble her shoulder, sending shivers of pleasure through her spine. ‘’What’s got into you today? You’re on fire!’'

‘’Nothing yet, honey,’’ Octavia whispered sultrily. ‘’Though, I’m hoping you can correct that statement!’'

‘’That’s so-sounds like a ho-honor-honorable mission,’’ Vinyl whispered with great difficulty, due to the treatment the cellist was giving at one of her most sensitive spots.

It took a lot of willpower, but Vinyl’s horn lit up in a grey aura that surrounded the cellist’s body. Octavia yelped when she felt her body spun a bit in levitation, before Vinyl positioned the cellist so that her head disappeared under the skirt of the black dress while two well-toned, grey hind legs were rested on each side of her neck.


Soon after, in the apartment 17 E’s master bedroom.

‘’Are you sure you don’t want me to check what was that noise, Spitfire?’’ Soarin asked slowly as his marefriend searched through her nightstand drawer. ‘’What if it’s a burglar?’'

‘’It’s no burglar, Soarin,’’ Spitfire groaned before finding what she was looking for. ‘’Octavia’s probably visiting Vinyl!’'

‘’Oh, dang! They’re fighting?’’ Soaring asked with worry as he heard loud springs noises coming from outside the bedroom.

‘’No worries, Babe. Just use these!’’ the yellow pegasus-mare advised, while extending something to her lover.

‘’Earplugs?’’ Soarin cocked an eyebrow at what Spitfire gave him. “Why would I need…”

‘’OH YES! USE YOUR HORN MORE, YOU DIRTY LITTLE DJ!!’’ Octavia’s voice was heard in what couldn’t be interpreted as anything other than a sexually satisfied yell.

‘’If you ever thought that Vinyl was loud, let me tell you it’s barely anything compared to Octavia,’’ Spitfire stated apathetically while Soarin was blushing in realization of what was happening next door. ‘’Just put the earplugs on and try to get some sleep,’’ she added before putting her pair on, and scooting closer to her lover who quickly imitated her.


Octavia woke up to a sight of sweaty, white cream fur right in front of her nose. She looked around for a bit, and saw Vinyl’s foreleg wrapped around her shoulder. She smiled softly and snuggled deeply into her lover’s coat, earning incoherent mumbling from a still sleeping Vinyl.

She wanted to remain in that position forever, but that was before she noticed the clock on the living room’s wall. It was half past nine already. She tried to escape Vinyl’s sleeping, yet extraordinarily tight grip.

“Vinyl,” Octavia called reluctantly. Vinyl was so adorable when she was asleep. “Sweetie, could you let me go?” she asked with regret as her lover groaned before slowly blinking awake.

“W..Whaaaaaawwwt?” The DJ asked in the middle of long yawn. “What’s going on?”

“I have to go, but you’re not letting me move,” Octavia explained with a short chuckle.

“Why?” Vinyl asked with puppy eyes. “You got an audition or something?”

“No, it’s just that Beauty won’t be long to return home for brunch,” The cellist replied softly. “If I arrive after her with what I was wearing yesterday, she’ll start asking questions!”

“Awwwww!” Vinyl let out in disappointment. “I wanted to sleep in with you in my hooves!” she pouted sourly.

“Me too, Love,” Octavia agreed with a sad voice before giving a comforting nuzzle at her lover. “But I really must go, so help me find my clothes!” she added before standing up from the ground to start looking for her dress and her collar.

“It’s during moments like this one that I wonder if that fake break-up was a good idea!” Vinyl growled before nonetheless starting to look for the lost clothes in the living room.

“I know it’s annoying, honey, but compared to how we were when we lived together, you’ve got to admit we’re doing better,” Octavia remarked as she pushed two cushions aside to see if her dress was under it. It wasn’t.

“I’m not denying that,” Vinyl replied in growing anger. “I just don’t get why all your friends and relatives congratulated you when they thought you had left me!” she kicked furiously one of the scattered cushions across the room. “I mean, your parents, that was to be expected, but the others…I mean, am I really that bad for you?” she asked in a choked snarl, mixed with a sob.

Sensing the DJ’s nerves breaking, Octavia quickly abandoned her search to soothingly nuzzle her lover’s cheek. After a short sigh, the blue-haired mare nuzzled back.

“You’re not bad for me at all, Vinyl,” Octavia assured as she planted a gentle peck on the Unicorn’s cheek. “Don’t let what that band of hypocrites says fool you. You’re the only one for me!”

“Then, why did we keep arguing every single day when we tried to live together?” Vinyl asked with sadness.

“I guess we were so stubborn with our own habits that none of us was ready and willing to make a compromise,” Octavia suggested slowly. “It wasn’t working… I mean… We used to argue for what to eat for breakfast!”

“I still maintain that poptarts are as healthy as your oatmeal with berries!” Vinyl added in a low chuckle.

“Whatever floats your boat, Vinyl.” Octavia rolled her eyes with a brief smile. “But, you see what I mean? That wasn’t a healthy situation for us. It didn’t bring any good to our relationship.”

“Well, the angry sex was kinda awesome,” Vinyl said sheepishly, nervously bumping her hooves together.

Octavia blushed massively. “Ok, maybe it did bring something good in our relationship,” she agreed. “But the rest…”

“I get it, Tavi,” Vinyl interrupted her softly. “I know we took the right decision to stop living together. It hurt me to fight with you over things as stupid as the dishwasher, or the volume of the music, or the time spent in the bathroom… I just miss having you next to me in the morning, going on dates with you, sleeping in with you in my forelegs.”

“I miss those things too, Sweetie,” Octavia nuzzled Vinyl once again.

“Then why didn’t you just tell your friends we were still together?”

“... I wanted to when they first thought we had broken up… But all those things they said about you,” Octavia growled in righteous fury. “All of them saying that it was good riddance that you were gone. That you were a bad influence, while they’ve kept telling me that they were happy for me before!” she flared her nostrils, creating subtle puffs of steams. “If they could play hypocrites with me for so long, then so could we!”

“Gosh… you’re so sexy when you’re angry at somepony else!” Vinyl sighed in admiration of her marefriend.

Octavia’s facial expression passed from the righteous and vengeful scorn to the sheepish blush worthy of a young school filly in a matter of seconds at her lover’s words.

“Though, you’re just adorable most of the time.” Vinyl leaned her forehead against Octavia’s. “That’s the Tavi I love the most.”

“When did you get so sweet, Vinyl?” Octavia closed her eyes at the closeness they were sharing. “I thought ‘sappy’ wasn’t a qualifier for the great DJ-PON3?”

“It still isn’t… Doesn’t mean I can’t try to be sappy for you, since you kind like that sort of thing,” Vinyl whispered affectionately.

Octavia slowly pulled her head away with a small frown.

“What are you saying?” Octavia asked slowly.

“Well, I know you like that, so I thought I’d make the effort of changing for you… You know, as a preparation for when we would be really ready to live together?” Vinyl said with worry when she noticed the frown on Octavia’s face.

“Vinyl… I don’t want that!” Octavia claimed in a low tone.

“W-what?” Vinyl asked with a shaken voice. “I thought you said that we were just post-posing living together!”

“That’s still true!” Octavia quickly shouted when she realized how she had sounded like. “What I meant is that I don’t want you to change for my sake!” she rested her hoof on the white cheek of her lover. “Living together is about making compromises, and if I let you change who you are on your own, I’d lose you despite living with you!”

“But, I know that most of the reasons we argued were my faults, so if I don’t change…”

“Listen to me, Vinyl Melodia Forte Scratch, and listen to me carefully!” Octavia interrupted her sternly. “If for us to live together without arguing too much, you have to stop being the funny, sassy, and rather obnoxious DJ I fell in love with a year ago, I’d rather like we spend the rest of our lives in separated houses.”

“You sure about that?” Vinyl asked.

“As sure as I love you.”

Octavia stared straight into Vinyl’s eyes, trying to convince with the flow of emotions that were coursing through them. Vinyl managed to see it. She managed to see the sincerity and the undeniable strength of her lover’s words. Octavia loved her as much as she loved her back, heck probably even more. If more than infinitely was possible that is.

The pair of musical mares slowly leaned forward, allowing their lips to touch. It was much more tender than the many passionate kisses they had exchanged during the night, but it had much more meaning. It wasn’t just an expression of carnal lust, or a simple gesture of affection. It was a declaration. A declaration of the love they had for one another.

They parted their lips only to have their heads pressed delicately together. They remained there for a good ten minutes, listening to each other’s respiration.

“Let’s find that dress of yours,” Vinyl whispered softly. “The Tavi I love isn’t one to be late at anything.”

“All right,” Octavia whispered back.

They searched without much success, until Vinyl looked up in frustration, seeing the black dress hanging down the chandelier in the middle of the high ceiling. Octavia’s white bowtie was hanging down another arm of the chandelier.

Octavia and Vinyl looked at each other before they chuckled with a soft blush as they remembered how Octavia’s clothes ended up there. Thanks to Vinyl’s magic, the dress and bowtie were safely recovered by the cellist. After Octavia quickly put her clothes on and sprayed her perfume to mask the smell of her torrid night with Vinyl until she get in her shower, she pulled a small bag out of her saddlebag and gave it Vinyl.

“Beauty found those yesterday while cleaning,” Octavia explained softly, picking her brush from her bag to tame her bed mane a bit. “I had to make her believe I had thrown them in the trash can.”

“You’re sure you have to keep what we have from her?” Vinyl asked with curiosity while peering inside the bag. “From what you told me, she was about the only one that was actually sad that we “broke-up”?”

“I thought of letting her know, but she can’t keep a secret,” Octavia explained with a sigh. “She’s way too much into gossip.”

“Well if you’re sure.” Vinyl shrugged matter-of-factly. “Hey, I just thought about something!” she added as Octavia was about to leave the apartment.

“What is it?” Octavia asked, in a hurried tone.

“Well, next saturday, it’ll be exactly three months since our break-up… I was thinking you could go to spend the weekend in Las Pegasus to get away of those bad memories… There’s one of your Uncle’s fashion shows at the Palomino Casino.”

“Are you suggesting that we take a romantic, secret escapade to one of Uncle Toity’s fashion show?” Octavia asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“No, I was thinking of taking the largest suite available in the Hurricane Palace and not leaving the bed for a bit more than thirty six hours!” Vinyl grinned sensually.

Octavia gave Vinyl a blank look before turning around and opening the front door of the apartment.

“Vinyl,” Octavia called from above her shoulder, a lustful glint in her purple eyes. “Try to get the one with the view on the fake Marefel Tower, it has a large hot tub in it if my memories are correct!” she brushed her tail over Vinyl’s snout.

“Yes, ma’am!” Vinyl nodded solemnly, blushing a bit at the softness of her lover’s tail, as Octavia trotted to the elevator. “Tavi!”

“Yes?” Octavia looked back with curiosity.

“I love you!” Vinyl said simply.

Octavia softly smiled in response. “I love you too!”

Bonus Ending

Spitfire peaked in her living room to see if nothing embarrassing was happening and that would prevent her coltfriend from leaving her bedroom. Her amber colored eyes fell on Vinyl Scratch closing her front door, then they swept the room, narrowing at the scattered cushions on the floor, and finally widening in shock at the sight of her couch.

Or what was left of her faithful, yet brand new couch, whose arm and back-rests were separated from the proper seat part, which was also broken in two pieces, to be more specific.

Spitfire glared in Vinyl’s direction, earning a nervous gulp from the DJ.

“That’s the fourth couch you and your ‘’ex’’ owe me, Vinyl!” she growled before getting back inside her bedroom.

Author's Notes:


Just a little something I thought off two or three days ago.

Take it as little Xmas present (though Xmas isn't really related to the story.)

Thanks to G3K0771 for his editing job.

Hoping you liked it and Merry XMAS


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