Friendship is Shining: Twiley's Return

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

Chapter 1: Sunrise Surprise

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It was a calm and quiet summer morning in Ponyville. A morning that was being missed by the residents of Ponyville's library.

Both were still asleep. Spike laid in his basket, buried among his pillows and having the blanket pulled tight around him. Shining Armor was in his bed, the sheets tossed aside. The stallions front legs were wrapped around a pillow, pulling it against him as he rested his muzzle against it.

"SURPRISE!" two voices shouted.

Shining Armor jumped as was yelled at. Letting out a wicker of surprise. The stallions shifted and kicked, falling out of bed with a loud thump as his back hit the wooden floor. He let out a groan as he shifted to look around.

Two faces looked down at Shining Armor from the bed. One was the grinning face of a full grown pink mare with poofy pink mane. The other was a pale purple filly with dark purple mane. The pair watched as Shining struggled to sit up, blinking rapidly as he turned to stare at the two.

"Twiley? Pinkie Pie?" He rubbed at his face as he started climbing back into bed. "What are you doing here?"

"I came back to visit," Twilight answered.

"And I met Twilight and your parents at the train station and came with them to come see you," Pinkie said. "I even started making a big breakfast for everypony."

"Pinkie?" Shining asked as he climbed back into bed. "How are you this awake and hyper this early? You worked all day at Sweet Apple Acres too."

Over a week ago, Big Macintosh had hurt himself and it happened to be harvest season. For most of the week, Applejack had been trying to do the harvest on her own, as well as numerous other chores, and was quickly becoming exhausted. Unfortunately, she also refused any help. Yesterday, she finally gave in and accepted it. So Shining Armor, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy all helped Applejack get the apples. Shining Armor, for one, had been exhausted, and had been pretty sure the others were as well.

Except here was Pinkie Pie, fine and as hyper as usual. Even after suffering from food poisoning.

"Don't be silly," Pinkie said with a grin. "I grew up on a rock farm. It's going to take more than pulling carts of apples to tire me out."

"Well that's nice for you," Shining Armor said as he laid back down, "but I'm still worn out and would like to go back to sleep."

"Okey-dokey-lokey," the pink pony said. "We'll be downstairs having breakfast. I'll try to save you some waffles." Taking a hold of Twilight, Pinkie bounced across the room and out the door.

"Thank you," Shining said as he closed his eyes again.

"Uh." Spike moved over to the bed. "Shining?"

"Just five more minutes," the stallion groaned. Grabbing a pillow, he pulled it over his head.

"Okay," Spike gave a roll of his eyes, "but I don't think you realize that Pinkie Pie is downstairs cooking breakfast for your sister and parents."

"My parents!" Shining Armor shot up, eyes wide. "My parents are here? And they're downstairs with Pinkie Pie?" Tossing the sheets aside, the stallion jumped out of bed. As fast as he could, he ran out the room and headed down the stairs.

Spike stood there, watching. With a groan, he rolled his eyes, then started following after him.

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