Beautiful Monster

by Azure Sandora

Chapter 1: Black and White

This is just to hold me over while I come up with more Lunar Engagement and Alive (currently a fanfiction exclusive). I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Rated Teen for some suggestive themes, implied violence, and stronger language. Seriously, these are some screwed up fillies.

All my life I was pampered. I was that rich girl who never had to worry about anything because her parents would take care of it all. No, I'm not talking about gifts, parties, and other pointless stuff, although Mommy and Daddy always said I could have whatever I wanted.

No, I'm talking about the things that really matter. Things like love, attention, protection, food, healthcare. When I had my first asthma attack they rushed me to the hospital and made sure I was taken care off.

My parents were the best in the world. I loved them, and they loved me. I was they're little princess. If I could have, I would have stayed by their sides forever.

Unfortunately though, that changed when I turned ten, and my parents enrolled me into Ponyville Academy. I had been home schooled my entire life, so this was a sudden shock for me.

"But I don't want to go to public school!" I whined, "I want to stay home with you and Daddy!"

"I know, Silver Spoon," Mommy said nuzzling me, "But it isn't healthy for a filly your age to be so attached to her parents. This is a chance for you to not only branch off into the world, but possibly make some friends."

I looked up at my mom is confusion, "But I already have friends. You and Daddy. I don't need anymore."

"Oh sweetie," Mommy said hugging me. I could tell this was hard for her too. I mean, she was letting her precious princess out of her castle, "Now the bell's about to ring. You have a great time, okay?"

I was about to protest, but the bell rang at that very moment. I had no choice. I had to walk away from her, into the building. I made my way to the school, waving goodbye to my Mommy one last time before going inside.

The teacher was a really sweet earth pony named Cheerilee. She told me to wait a bit so she could introduce me to the class, because I was joining them only a few days into the school year.

"Class, today we have a new student joining us," she said ushering me inside. I slowly walked in, and was overcome with fear. There were so many kids. I could barely breathe, and I was trembling so much that my teeth were chattering a bit.

"Why don't you introduce yourself," Cheerilee said. I took a deep breath and spoke as loud as I could.

"....n....me....Sil....oon...." which wasn't very loud at all.

"I don't think they can hear you honey," Cheerilee said, "Could you speak up?"

I took another deep breath and tried again, "M-my n-n-name is S-S-S-Silver S-S-S-Spoon..." I said, noticing how some of the students were snickering at my speech impediment. When I was really little, I used to stutter all the time. Now it only came up with I was nervous, or if I had to speak in front of a crowd.

Both were happening right now.

There was one student who wouldn't laugh at me. In fact, as far as I knew she didn't care about me at all. She was a pink earth pony, with a purple and white mane and matching tail. Her Cutie Mark was the same as the object she wore on her head, a tiara made of some sort of jewel.

"Why don't you take the vacant seat next to Diamond Tiara," Cheerilee said. Thing about pony names, we always took on a likeness to our names, so I assumed that the filly I was looking at was Diamond Tiara.

I nodded to Cheerilee and sat down next to the filly. She finally looked at me, and my heart stopped for a second. It felt like she was looking into my soul. She didn't say anything at all. She just... stared at me.

After a bit she turned and went back to eying the clock. The day just started and she was already counting the hours until it ended? I doubted this filly was very enthusiastic about school.

The lessons went on without a hitch, and halfway into the day we were dismissed for lunch. I rushed out of the classroom to go eat outside, where I could be alone. Once outside, I couldn't hold it in any longer. I found myself crying. Being away from Mommy and Daddy like this was upsetting.

"Aw, little baby misses her mommy?" a voice said. I looked up and saw two colts looking at me. One was short and pudgy with a light blue coat, short brown mane, and matching tail His Cutie Mark was a pair of scissors. His partner was a taller and skinnier colt with a light brown coat and a dark blue mane and tail. His Cutie Mark was a snail. During roll call, I heard their names were in fact "Snips and Snails".

"Well? What's the matter?" Snips continued to taunt, "Afraid to talk, baby?"

"L-l-leave me a-al-alone..." I said softly, only making my tormentors laugh.

"See Snails, I told you she talked funny," Snips said, making his obviously dumb partner laugh. I wanted to cry even more now, but I knew that if I did they'd keep making fun of me.

"So what were you crying about, baby?" Snips asked, making me really upset.

"S-stop calling m-me that!" I urged, sounding more desperate than strong, shown by how they continued to laugh at me.

"Maybe if you stopped crying I'd stop calling you that, baby," he and his follower continued to laugh, which actually did make me cry. I knew I would hate coming to school. Why did Mommy send me here in the first place?

"Why don't you leave her alone?" another voice said, this one female. Both Snips and Snails stopped immediately and slowly turned around. I looked up too, and saw a sight that made my heart feel weird.

The pink filly I sat next to, Diamond Tiara.

"Um... Diamond Tiara," Snips said, "We were just, um... talking to the new student, right?"

His partner nodded vigorously in agreement. Diamond Tiara gave them an oddly soft yet scary smile.

"If you two were just talking, why is she crying? Hm?" she asked. As she walked over to them, I could almost feel their fear of this filly, "Why don't you two go someplace before I make you cry, okay?" she said, sweetly yet with a scary edge to it. Snips and Snails nodded and galloped away. I would have felt better, but Diamond Tiara continued to stare at me.

"Um... th-thank you..." I said softly, making Diamond Tiara smile softly.

"Don't mention it. Silver Spoon, was it?" Diamond Tiara asked.

"Th-that's right... My n-name is S-Silver Spoon..."

Diamond Tiara giggled and at first I thought she was laughing at me, but what she said changed that thought.

"You're so adorable," she said, still looking at me oddly. My heart was racing looking into her eyes. There was something about her that was... different. It seemed like she was missing something, but I couldn't tell what it was.

"So, what do you want done?" she asked me suddenly, catching me off guard,

"Um... a-a-about what?" I asked, trembling as she leaned in closer to me, to the point where were were almost kissing.

"About those two. They upset you, right? Do you want them to stop? To never torment you again?"

Without thinking, I nodded. Diamond Tiara laughed, a pleasant yet terrifying laugh. She then stood up and walked back into the school. Something inside told me that I may have done something bad, but that was impossible. Nothing bad was going to happen.

My first day ended without any more problems. As I packed my bags, I looked at Diamond Tiara. She was looking at Snips and Snails, but she was smiling at them dangerously. She looked like a predator eying her prey.

Was she going to... nah... no way. She was only my age. She wouldn't hurt any foals.

"Um, I'll s-s-see you t-tomorrow..." I said to Diamond Tiara, not expecting her to answer.

"Yes, you will," she said as a statement, or a command. I was so afraid of her, that I ran out of the classroom. When I got outside, I saw my mother waiting for me.

"Did you have a good day, honey?" she asked me.

"I stuttered in class..." I told her honestly, "And a few of the kids made fun of me for it," I didn't tell her I cried. She'd worry too much if she heard that.

"Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry," she said nuzzling me, "Did you at least make a friend?"

"I think so..." I said, thinking about Diamond Tiara, "This filly made them stop. Her name is Diamond Tiara, and she sits next to me in class."

"Diamond Tiara, I wonder if you mean Rich's daughter."

Filthy Rich, or Mr. Rich as he preferred, was the richest stallion in Ponyville. I met him once before, since he and Daddy were business partners. He was nice, but I could tell he was ruthless in all things money.

"Mr. Rich has a daughter?" I asked as we walked home.

"Yes, and her name is Diamond Tiara. I heard that she's a bit of a problem child though," Mommy said, scaring me a bit.

"Problem child?" I asked.

"I doubt she's that bad though. Still, be careful around her. I don't want you getting hurt."

How could I get hurt dealing with a filly? What could Diamond Tiara do to me?

Did I even want to know?

The next day I came to school and I saw Diamond Tiara waiting for me. Before I sat down I looked over at where Snips and Snails were. When they saw I was looking at them, they immediately turned away, as if afraid. Why would they be afraid of me? Just yesterday they were-

I remembered what Diamond Tiara asked me, and I immediately looked at her. The way she smiled at me, while still glaring, it was like she could see right through me. My heart was pounding, and something was telling me that I should have run away, but I had to sit next to her.

And she knew I did.

She stared at me all while I sat down, still with that dangerous smile. It was then I realized that she was looking at me in the same way she looked at Snips and Snails. What did she do to them? And was I next?

As Cheerilee walked in, Diamond Tiara leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "You're coming with me at lunch, okay?" she said, in a way that said I had no choice. I nodded to her, unable to look her way, "Oh, and tell anypony what I did to those two, and I'll kill you."

That's when I realized two things. One, this filly was the same Diamond Tiara that was Mr. Rich's daughter. And two, I knew what Mommy meant by her being a problem child. She was missing something, but whatever it was it was the difference between her and every other kid in that room.

She was evil. Pure evil.

Lunch came all too soon, and unlike yesterday, when I couldn't wait to go to lunch, today I was dreading it. I didn't know what she wanted, but whatever it was it had me frightened more than even the monster hiding under my bed. That thing was scared of Daddy, and I had a nightlight to protect me from that.

I doubted a nightlight could protect me from this particular monster. I didn't even think Daddy could protect me.

She lead me to a tree that was looking out at the entire school There we sat down and ate our lunches in silence for the most part. I was too afraid to speak. She told me that she was willing to kill me. Was she serious?

"Disgusting, isn't it?" she said suddenly, catching me off guard.

"Um... I'm sorry?" I asked.

"So many blank flanks," Diamond Tiara continued venomously, "They can't contribute to society, they aren't worth anything, all they can do is take up space. I hate them."

That made me happy that I had mine already. The silver spoon on my flank was actually platinum, and I earned it when I learned I had a gift for seeing the worth of an object based solely on sight. It didn't matter what state it was in, I just knew how much it was worth.

"W-well, at least we b-both have ours, r-r-right?" I asked nervously.

"That's because we're special," Diamond Tiara said, "Currently in our class there are ten students that don't have their own Cutie Marks. Even worse, they're wasting time playing when they should be working to learn what they're good at."

"But they're o-only kids..." I said, "Shouldn't kids be m-more concerned with-"

Diamond Tiara snapped and turned to me, "No! A pony is only worth what they can do! Even now, a pony needs to be contributing something to our world or else they shouldn't even exist!"

She was so unstable. Why did she hate black flanks so much? She had her own Cutie Mark, right? Speaking of which, what was hers for?

"S-so... w-w-what's yours?" I asked, instantly making her change demeanor and chuckle to herself.

"My special talent? Why, it's leadership. I got mine when I realized how people listen to me. Once I saw that, I decided to use my talent to make my own perfect world," Diamond Tiara got up and looked at the sky, "All of this is going to be mine one day," she said, "This town, this country, even the world; I'm going to rule all of it one day."

And at that moment, I believed she could do it. Even though she was still terrifying, there was something about her that was radiant as well. Something still bugged me though. Why was she telling me all of this? What was she so drawn to? I was about to ask, but the bell rang.

"Let's go back to class," she said, trotting off in a manner that suggest I better follow her. Since I was afraid of what she would do to me if I didn't listen, I followed her closely. As the rest of the lesson went on, I noticed that Diamond Tiara stole glances at me every so often. I knew that I should have been uncomfortable, and a part of me was, but I was just intrigued by who, and what she was.

She couldn't be a pony. She seemed more like...

It hit me, while I was sitting at my desk. She was scarier than the monster under my bed, because she was a worse monster. That monster just liked to scare me. This filly wanted to do much worse things.

I wanted to run away, but I also wanted to know more about her. Perhaps I should have run away, reported her, but I didn't. Not even to Mommy.

As I left the classroom, someone walked up to me. The dark air told me that it was Diamond Tiara. I turned to her, and saw that she was smiling as if she got a new toy.

"Um... w-why are you following me?" I asked.

"I've thought about it for a while, and I just need to see a few more things before I make my decision. Is your mom coming to pick you up?"

"Y-yes, she is," I said.

"Well, this won't take long. Just tell her that you had to finish up something before you left," Diamond Tiara said, trotting in another direction. I just assumed that she wanted me to follow her, so I did. She took me back to the tree we sat at for lunch.

"Sit down," she commanded. I immediately obeyed, and she sat down in front of me, reaching for my glasses.

"Um!" I wanted to protest, but she took them off and looked through them, giggling that sweet yet terrifying giggle of hers.

"Are these cosmetic?" she asked, "I thought you actually had bad eyes, but they're not real glasses, are they?"

"N-no..." I said looking away in shame, "I w-w-wear them as a d-defense..."

"Eyes are a window to the soul," she said softly, "You're protecting your soul. Show me why."

"Huh?" I asked looking up at her, shocked when I realized she was making direct eye contact with me. Here I could feel it, the thing that had me so afraid of her. Eyes were a window to the soul, but something was weird when I looked into her eyes. Either I couldn't see it, or it was black. Pure black.

It was like her soul was either tainted beyond repair, or she had no soul to begin with.

She breathed in, as if in ecstasy, "I knew it..." she said, "You've seen nothing but love in your life," Diamond Tiara sounded weird. Her voice was quiet, as if she were about to cry. Right then, I sensed a sadness beyond anything I ever felt coming from her, and I knew what she saw.

Her soul was pure black, mine was pure white. She and I were exact opposites.

"Diamond..." I said, immediately mesmerized by the creature standing before me.

"Undo your braid," she commanded softly, "I want to see you at your most pure."

I did as I was told, without question. The reason I braided my mane was because it was so long and full, it actually fell to the sides of my face when it wasn't tied. Looking at my mane as it was, Diamond Tiara looked almost as if she had seen an angel.

Based off of what she thought of me, she might have been looking at one.

"You're so beautiful..." she said softly, breathing heavily. What she did next threw me for a loop. She shoved me to the ground, and kissed me, right on the mouth. After a few seconds, she shoved her tongue into my mouth, something I had never experienced before, but I read about. Our tongues met together in a dance that we seemed to know on instinct, and while I knew that I should have pushed her off of me, I didn't want to. In fact, I wrapped my forelegs around her and pulled her in closer.

After what felt like an eternity, we parted, a trail of saliva connecting our tongues together as we looked into each others eyes.. I found myself crying a bit, but not in sadness or fear. It was something else. It felt like I had found someone I had been looking for my whole life.

"I've decided," she said after a second, "I want you."

"Want... me?" I asked, my breathing picking up a bit as she nodded, that dangerous smile gracing her beautiful lips again.

"You belong to me now, Spoony," she said, "Your body, your heart, your mind, even your soul are all mine now."

Oh Faust, what was she saying? I belonged to her? She made it sound like I was her slave! But why didn't I hate that thought? Why was it that as she said those words to me, my heart was racing. Did I want to belong to her?

She leaned in, and licked my cheek, wiping the tears from my face. The action made my entire body feel funny, but in a good way. She then got up and turned to the school, "I'll see you tomorrow, my precious princess."

She trotted away, leaving me lying there on the grass. I tried to collect my thoughts, but no matter what I did, I couldn't focus them. This filly had practically raped me, and then took ownership of me as if I was a pet or an object.

And oddly, I loved every second of it.

When I got home that day, I decided I had to understand what she was. I had read something in Pony Psychology about ponies that were unhinged. There were multiple kinds, but I needed to understand what Diamond Tiara was. Something about her was just... unhinged.

The term psychopath came up, and I read it in depth, but after a few chapters I realized that Diamond Tiara wasn't that. She was something, but she wasn't this crazy. She was more controlled, and knew what she was doing.

Then I saw the term sociopath. As I read it, I noticed a few things that connected Diamond Tiara to this term.

"A lack of empathy..." I said, thinking about how she clearly hurt Snips and Snails just because they made fun of me, and then she threatened me if I told anyone that she hurt them. All of which she did with a calm face, like she knew she was in the right.

"Great deception skills..." she went to a regular middle school for Pete's sake, and hadn't been reported. I was sure that if this filly were ever caught, she'd be able to weasel her way out of just about anything with ease.

"Grandiose sense of self worth..." well, I thought, she did proclaim that she was going to rule the world. That was pretty grand. She also wasn't the type to try and prove herself. Her actions spoke volumes.

Finally, I saw the entry that really peaked my interest, "Inability to form social relationships?" as I read further, it said that a sociopath couldn't form emotional attachments to anyone. She didn't really have a lot of friends. In fact, apart from me, she didn't seem to have any friends.

But we just met yesterday. Were we friends? Could someone like her have a friend?

I then thought back to what she said to me after school. You belong to me now. The entry I was reading said that a sociopath could only be attached to someone in the manner of an owner attached to an object.

I felt like I had been hit hard with that realization. When she said "you belong to me" she did mean as an object. She wanted to actually own me. But not just in a shallow way, like this book described. She wanted to own every aspect of me. No, she did own every aspect of my being now.

My body...

My mind...

My heart...

Even my soul...

This evil filly had all but put a collar around my neck, drag me to her room, lock me up, and thrown away the key. I was her play thing now. She could use me, abuse me, do whatever she wanted to me, and I had no choice but to go along with it.

I was scared. Terrified actually. But most of all, I was thrilled. A filly that couldn't form attachments to anypony had claimed ownership of my very being. Did that mean that I was her most prized possession, to be held above all other things in her life?

For the next few days things were perfect in school. I knew first hoof to listen to whatever Diamond Tiara said, and without question. As I spent more time with her I began to really see how ruthless she really was. The odd thing was though, that I wasn't turned off by her at all. In fact, I was mesmerized by her, and I felt perfectly safe with her.

"So where did you go to school before?" she asked me one day at lunch. By now I had gotten over my stutter with her, and could even speak to her on an even level.

"I was home schooled," I explained, "The only reason I ended up here was because my mommy wanted me to socialize with other fillies."

Diamond Tiara snorted, "Wow, that's something. Almost like what I went through, but the opposite."

"What do you mean?" I asked, eager to know more about my new, scary friend.

"I came from a boarding school in Canterlot," she said, "It was an all girl's school, for the elite."

"So, why did you end up here?"

"I was let go because of 'poor conduct'" she said rolling her eyes, "After the incident, no other boarding school wanted me, so Daddy placed me here. Ponies really are stupid."

"What do you mean?"

"Cheerilee let me attend this school because, as she put it, she could 'help me socialize better with my peers'. I'm not broken, I just don't give a shit. Besides, Sable got what she fucking deserved."

I assumed that "Sable" was the student she hurt/possible even killed that got her expelled and sent here. I shuddered thinking about it, and decided to change the subject.

"So, think you'll be ready for the test on Friday?" I asked. She sighed and looked away.

"Nope," she said simply, "I don't get this stuff. Cheerilee told me to ask the other students to help me, but I can't stand them. Besides, how much more do they know?"

I shuffled a bit, thinking about my next move carefully, "Um, I could help you... you know. Math is my best subject, so..."

Diamond Tiara looked at me, considering my offer, "You sure you want to tutor me?"

"Well, we're friends. What are friends for?"

Her eyes were wide when I said that. Friend, something she probably never heard before.

"Friends...? Us?" she asked me.

"Well, we always sit together, and you're the only student that talks to me, and you even protect me from bullies. That sounds like a friend to me. I can't do much for you, but I can at least help you with this."

She looked down with the saddest yet confused expression on her face, something I had never seen on her. She had clearly never been shown any kindness or affection, which was probably why she became so antisocial.

Though she had never experienced it, she clearly craved it.

"Um... the bell's about to ring," she said suddenly, "We better get back to class."

She quickly finished her sandwich and galloped back to the classroom. I knew then why she was so drawn to me. She was a filly who had never felt love before, and I was a filly who knew nothing but love.

She wanted love, but didn't know how to receive it.

After that day I began treating her less like my guardian and more like a real friend. I told my mom to not pick me up so early anymore, so I could play with Diamond Tiara. At first I thought she would be against it, but she was so happy she cried.

Diamond Tiara and I spent a lot of time together, even at each others houses. Most of the time though, her dad wasn't home. My parents loved Diamond Tiara, but that was mostly because she put on a fake smile and was absolutely polite around them.

I knew her too well at this point.

The day of the test Diamond Tiara actually looked nervous. It was like the tables had turned suddenly. I placed a hoof on her shoulder to let her know that she would do fine, a gesture she returned with a smile.

The test began, and while I knew all the answers I was mainly concerned with Diamond Tiara. She mentioned to me that if she didn't pass this test she would have to go to summer school, and probably be held back a grade. I wasn't going to have that.

I glanced at her, and while she struggled a bit, I could tell that she was doing a much better job than she would have done normally. She didn't look as stressed. Smiling, I focused on my test for the rest of the period.

Of course I got an A+. That was expected, I mean, it was simple algebra. The real one I was concerned with was Diamond Tiara, who was eagerly waiting for her results. When her test came down in front of her, she looked at it and smiled.

It was a B.

She looked like she was about to cry she was so happy. Apparently this was her first B ever. She looked over at me holding her grade, and I couldn't help but smile. Not just because I was happy for her, but I knew that she got that grade because of me.

I helped her, finally.

When class ended she ran over to me and hugged me.

"I don't believe it! I passed! I passed!" she said gleefully.

"Good job Diamond," I said with a smile, "I'm proud of yo-"

I didn't see it coming. She kissed me right there in the middle of the classroom. Thankfully no one was there, but it was so spontaneous, and so unlike her.

Apparently she realized that, because she stepped away from me and looked at me surprised, "I'm... uh, sorry about..."

"Diamond, it's okay. But, what's wrong? You've been up and down all week?" which was true. Ever since I called her my friend her mood went up to these moments, to down where she seemed sort of depressed.

"I... have to go!" she said picking up her saddle bag and running to the classroom exit, "Thank you... Spoony."

She then ran out of the classroom, leaving me shocked. Did she just... thank me?

I closed my saddlebags and smiled, "You're welcome, Diamond."

It was the weekend, and I wanted to spend it with Diamond Tiara. Since last time she came over to my house, I decided to go to hers. I was really happy that day. Thanks to her I had enough courage to walk around town by myself.

She protected me. All I had to do was be myself.

At this point I didn't care that I "belonged" to Diamond Tiara. In fact, I was overjoyed by the thought. I knew what she was, and according to the book, a pony like her would only see me as an object meant to be owned.

If that was the case, then I was proud to be her most prized possession.

I approached the mansion, and saw Diamond Tiara sitting outside on the steps. After passing the test, her expression had become really bright and cheerful, she almost seemed like a normal pony. I expected that feeling to last.

But when I saw her that day, she looked just as dark as ever, if not darker.

Carefully, I walked over to her and nudged her to get her attention, "Is something wrong?" I asked. Diamond Tiara looked up at me with the saddest eyes, and then got up and walked past me.

"I don't want to be here today. Let's go out," she said softly. Something happened, I was sure of it. Instead of questioning it, I followed her. I was used to her not telling me what was wrong. She didn't want to face it, and I wasn't going to force her.

We stopped by the tree we always sat under when we ate lunch. For the longest time, Diamond Tiara didn't say anything. She just stood there with her tail turned to me.

"Diamond, are you-"

"I envy you, Silver Spoon," she said suddenly, "You get praised daily, hugged, kissed, l-loved..." she looked down, "You can be whatever you want to be. It's okay that you're weak, faint hearted, and a bit of a crybaby. You know that you'll be taken care of.

"I... don't know how any of that feels. My mommy died when I was a baby, and my daddy is never around. On the rare occasions he is though, he just talks to me about what I need to do next. He never holds me, he never kisses me on the forehead, I don't even know if he loves me. I'm a disappointment..."

"No," I said softly, "You're not a disappointment."

Diamond Tiara turned to me suddenly enraged, "YES I AM!" she screamed. I stepped back at the sudden outburst, "I couldn't stay in the good school he wanted me in, I'm not smart enough to do anything, even when I finally got my Cutie Mark all he said was 'why isn't it associated with money'! I can't do anything to please him! I'm a failure!" suddenly there were tears in her eyes, "A failure..."

As she broke down, I finally understood her completely. She and I were exact opposites, in every way. I came from a nurturing family, almost too nurturing now that I looked at it. I was my parents' shining star, their hope.

Diamond Tiara was different though. She was the black sheep of her family. Her dad wasn't ever supportive, her mother was dead, and clearly she didn't have anyone else for support. Her hatred for ponies with blank flanks probably came from being put down by her father for not having a Cutie Mark, and the blackness of her soul came from no one ever telling her that she was a good pony.

Suddenly, I felt something I had never felt before. I was angry. Angry at Mr. Rich for what he turned his daughter into. He had no idea that she was becoming a monster right now, and he probably wouldn't even care if he were told.

But then again, it was this monster that also protected me. In a way, I should have thanked Mr. Rich for this monster. Thank him for making the monster, but curse him for hurting the filly.

I walked over to her and did for her what she did for me whenever I cried. I licked her cheeks, wiping the tears. She was wide eyed as I did this. And looked at me in shock.

"Crying like this isn't like you," I told her with a smile, "I don't know about your dad, but to me, you're not a failure. In fact, you're the most beautiful creature I've ever met."

"No... I'm not beautiful," she said softly, "You're beautiful," she took off my glasses and looked into my eyes, "When I look into your eyes I see a light so bright and pure. Your soul is white as snow, nothing like mine," she looked away in shame, "I don't feel anything normally. Not happiness, not sadness, not even anger. The only times I can feel anything is when I'm hurting somepony, or when I'm with you. You make me feel... weird..."

"Weird? How?" I asked.

"Normally, like I said, I can't feel anything, and I never care about anyone. But you, I care about. When I think of anypony hurting you, it drives me crazy. That's why I hurt Snips and Snails that day after school."

"So... you did hurt them?" I asked, finally knowing what happened, and why they avoided me now.

"They made you cry!" Diamond Tiara exclaimed honestly, "They hurt you, and for that, they deserved to be punished! I would do that or worse to anyone who hurt you!"

I'll admit, I was somewhat unnerved hearing that, but at the same time, I was really touched. She was willing to go further than anyone I knew of to protect me. Mommy and Daddy promised I would be safe too, but they never said that they would kill to protect me. This pony just did, and she did it as if were normal to feel that way.

A monster...

A true monster...

A truly beautiful monster...

I undid my braid, knowing how much she liked my mane out, and I kissed her. I knew that technically what we were doing was wrong. I asked Daddy once if it was normal for a filly to kiss someone like this. He looked shocked, and I immediately denied that I ever engaged in that.

This was wrong, but it felt so right.

We parted, and I looked into her eyes saying the words that would define our relationship for the rest of our lives, "I love you, Diamond Tiara."

Immediately after I said that, her eyes changed. It was as if I said something she had wanted to hear for the longest. She then embraced me, and as we fell to the grass she kissed me passionately, just like when she did the day I became hers. This time though, it felt different. It wasn't a gesture of ownership. This time, it was a gesture of pure love. We parted, and looked into each others eyes.

"I... I... I love you too Silver Spoon!" she said, smiling as she broke down a second time. I pulled her in and we resumed our make out session. As we did, I felt myself change. The whiteness of my soul dulled as some of her darkness seeped into me. At the same time though, I felt as if her own soul had become lighter.

That day, both of our souls became an even gray.

Neither one of us was the same after that day. I found myself slowly aiding her in putting others down and making fun of them. She seemed to fancy this one particular earth pony from the farms south of Ponyville that always smelled like apples. Before I would have been appalled at this behavior, but now I wanted to take part in it. Besides, it was all for a good cause. As Diamond Tiara put it, by reminding other ponies that they were worthless as blank-flanks, we inspired them to hurry up and get their Cutie Marks.

It worked too, because that "Apple Bloom" got right to work.

I noticed that Diamond Tiara had become less violent too. She didn't hurt ponies physically anymore. She just made fun of them with her words, which was better for making friends. I could still tell that she was unhinged though. Whenever someone threatened me or upset me, the light in her eyes would leave, and my monster would arise and scare them away.

Our parents had no idea that we were romantically involved. To them, we just seemed like great friends. My parents were overjoyed that I was now more active. Oddly enough, they were even happy that I started getting in trouble, saying that "I was finally being a normal filly". Diamond Tiara's dad was also pleased with her change. He had mentioned to my dad that I was truly a positive influence on his little girl.

What no one knew was what we were truly like behind closed doors, and what we truly desired. She was my knight in shining armor, and I was her beloved princess. I came up with the plans, and she executed them. If anything were to happen to me, I had absolute confidence that my knight would hunt down the culprit and hurt them, possibly even kill them. And I loved her for that. She was still a monster, but a monster that I fell in love with.

Her name is Diamond Tiara, and mine is Silver Spoon.

Together, we're going to rule the world.

Author's Notes:

Honestly, I don't know if they're just really ambitious, or if they're actually going to rule the world. This isn't the Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon from Inner Demons.

If the Diamond Cutters post a section for the Diamond Tiara Chronicles for how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon met, this is my contribution.

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