Chrysalis' Egg Basket

by Standard Deviation

Chapter 1: Zecora

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"While my brew is left to steep I must travel into the forest deep. A plant that grows only under the canopy, one which will set her aching joint free."

Applebloom was positively hopping on the spot, grinning at Zecora as she added a few more ingredients to her kettle.

"It's awful nice of ya to help us out, Zecora. I was thinkin' maybe I could get my cutie mark for bein' a medic!"

Ah, so there was the reason it was her and not her sister that came out. Even so, Zecora couldn't stop herself from smiling; so many of the townsponies saw Applebloom as a nuisance or a curiosity but her joyful vivacity of youth, the camaraderie she and her friends shared and the bonds that had been forged in their common goal to help one another find their destinies was nothing short of admirable.

"My dearest Applebloom if even that is not so you should be proud that you help your home."

A little knot-root and copper leaf would dull the pain, then all that was left was... wormroot. Here in Equestria, she had only found it in the depths of the Everfree and while most medications could be synthesised without it, the toll time had taken on Granny Smith could only be undone by it.

Bottles clinked and rattled as the zebra searched through one of her shelves. It would be in a red bottle, behind a turquoise one and specially kept for... Ah!

"Take this to her for now, to be drunk only in small sips. It should ease the strain of her aching hips."

The filly took the bottle, stuffing it into her saddlebag but still stood there, watching as Zecora prepared her own.

"Can't Ah go with ya?"

It was a question often asked and always given the same answer. Taking her into the forest was fine when it was near the edge, or near her home but any more and it was too great a risk. For a life as precious as hers there could be no chance taken.

"Child as I have said before, for the unwary pony the forest has many dangers in store." Applebloom looked off, scuffing a hoof on the ground and still refusing to leave. Only when Zecora took her chin in hoof did the pout leave her face. "When you are older I give you my word, I will show you the forest's hidden hoard."

"Ya promise?" So close, Zecora easily heard the quiet whisper and leaned in to nuzzle the filly.

"Promise." The first to show kindness and friendship, a heart of innocence and goodness that filly possessed. She would make a fine apothecary were she a zebra but fate would hold other, greater destinies for her.

"Thanks, Zecora! I'll see ya this evenin'!" And like a shot she was off, along the now weathered path to Zecora's hut.

Time was when it couldn't be discerned against the rest of the forest's undergrowth but now with so many regularly calling for remedies and general alchemical supplies it marked as much a change in attitudes as anything else. To be part of a community, a greater whole and to be appreciated for it. Her life and calling kept her here but it was the friends she had made that led her to stay.

The kettle would simmer away in her absence, the brew requiring the time to infuse properly. Perhaps she might find some other supplies when out; at the least it would make the precarious trip all the more worthwhile.

With her door shut and home behind her, Zecora kept her hood around her head and her ears perked up. The forest was deceptively quiet during the day, with many a silent predator stalking about to catch the unaware. Simple pouches of irritants and thick mist-forming substances would see to any attackers but it was still better to avoid trouble.

The soft light that pervaded the area surrounding her home dimmed further, obscured by a thick canopy that left a vision of night in its wake. It shouldn't be too much further now but the plant would still be difficult to find, not bearing a large flower. If it meant relief for Applebloom's grandmother then-

Zecora halted, the sound of hoofsteps coming from either side. This far out there shouldn't be any of the townsponies or even the occasional bandit that roamed this far to civilisation. If it was a trap of other beasts then the pouch of irritant should do its trick.

There was no time to use it; her head ducked into her saddle basket, Zecora never saw the shadowy figure that leapt from the bushes and knocked her over. The two went tumbling, a few small pouches spilling from her saddle basket and falling harmlessly to the ground.

"You foul beast who challenges me so, you have only made my-"

"Hold her!"

The voice was not one she recognised nor did it bear any resemblance to a pony's; it had a flange to it and carried the weight of one who was accustomed to command. In an instant two more dark figures emerged from the bushes and were upon her. With hoof and leg they pushed the zebra down and held her.

For only a moment, her size belied a wiry strength and with a roar Zecora cast one of her attackers off, quickly following on with a hoof to the face of another. The last had leapt off her before she could make any strike and they stood face-to-face. It was a sight she had prayed to her ancestors never to bear witness to: a changeling.

The lands of Zebrica, so hot and dry were no place for those foul creatures and the zebras had been spared the worst of their infiltration attempts. But even here, there had only been good news of those same attacks being foiled. How was it that they came to be here, so close to the town housing the Princess' own student and friend?

"You come to my home and dare attack me? Show yourself, do not flee!"

Even among the tales of changelings there were some that had been mostly forgotten and only fragmented pieces remained. Much of their society was unknown but had been preserved was knowledge of the queens; tall creatures, black as the rest but possessed of a pale beauty. That could be said of the thing advancing upon Zecora but she hesitated to call the queen beautiful.

"I suppose it is too much to ask underlings to take care of every trifling matter."

Amidst a green glow that surrounded the queen's horn, Zecora felt herself being lifted from the ground and her limbs being held. Try as she might, it was impossible to push against the invisible force that kept them stiff and straight.

"Oh do stop struggling, you're only going to make this more difficult for both of us."

Eyes narrowed, Zecora cast back her hood and bared her face. The queen's eyebrows raised, eyes sweeping over her features.

"You filthy beast, so low in the dirt, it is not I who shall be hurt. Your own foolish games have sealed your fate, for when-MMPH!"

Stepping closer, the changeling's smile grew and she tapped her horn to Zecora's head. "Yes, that's enough of that."

Struggling became more difficult, her limbs tired from both fighting against the magic and... whatever it was that was done to her. Even her eyelids felt heavy and despite her best efforts not to, Zecora felt them close upon the sight of the queen smiling malevolently upon her.

It was dark when she awoke, dark not from the trees overhead but from the stars that twinkled in the sky and the moon that rose. Had she really been out for so long? What had taken place in that time? Had the changelings been driven off by the local guard or perhaps Twilight Sparkle after Applebloom alerted them to her absence?

"Finally! I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever come to again."

That voice, it was the same one she heard before falling unconscious. The changeling queen! In a flash, Zecora was twisting this way and that, ready to turn every ounce she had to breaking free of the magical grip of this changeling and show her the true might of Zebrica.

She was twisting. Moving. It took a moment to realise - while in the queen's magical grip there was no movement possible. Horror overcame the zebra as she looked over herself - thick green slime covered her hooves and held fast no matter how much she pulled. More pressing than that was just where she was - surrounded by the ruins of some long forgotten building.

"Fitting, isn't it?" The queen stepped about behind Zecora, drawing her attention as she cast a hoof over the view. "That I am to breed my new hive in Celestia's old seat of power."

What could she say? Better to wait and hope for an opportunity to present itself as these blundering villains so often did. Her travels in many lands had revealed hubris was a common enough trait.

"And you, you will be my brood mare. Do you know how long it's been since we could say that of a zebra?" The queen was close now, her voice rich with malice and scorn. "So long that even my brood-mothers could not recall it."

A changeling guard passed by Zecora's view, not even stopping to look at her as he disappeared behind a wall. She was at one end of a great hall, cracked glass all that remained of what was once probably a beautiful alcove. She stood upon a dais, like some sick spectacle for the rest of those changelings to gawk at and perhaps even steal themselves a...

That train of thought trailed off and Zecora shivered. That was surely not what was in store for her; why else would the guards not be seen? Which left the question of just what was going on.

"If... If you do not let me be free then others will come in search-"

"Hmm, no, I'm afraid that's not what's going to happen." A shiver ran through the zebra at the touch of the changelings hoof upon her back. "You make your home in the forest, we know that and they know it too. You won't be missed."

Above all others, one question came to the fore of Zecora's mind - for how long? Was she to be used and then returned? Or kept with them and taken to wherever they had made their home. It was hard to decide which fate was worse.

"Quite a shame, really. I would have thought such a beautiful mare would have more of those wretched ponies trailing after her."

The hoof moved up her body, along her back and to her withers. Were it not for her longer legs, she might have had to try and mount up over the zebra but as it was, it was easy for her to step over and straddle Zecora. One quick movement of her tail and it was yanked aside with a tingling pull of the queen's magic.

"Ah-ah! Don't even think of denying me that jewel of the desert." It could never have occurred to Zecora, never would have were it not for something stiff pressing at her rump. "My delicious little zebra, you have so much love for those ponies; don't you think it would be far better to let me drink from that well?"

Sure enough, that stiff something began to swell and then to press out and against her. It was hot and hard and moistening in a way that signalled it as only one thing. But... this was a queen! It had to be some trick of magic, some way to unsettle her and leave her exposed. Just as those white fangs trailed against the skin of her neck.

"Hmm, it doesn't really matter, I suppose. In time you'll come to love me just as much as our children." That flanged voice was interspersed with muted clops as the queen shifted her weight about. Zecora felt it then, poking right at a spot a stallion would. It felt altogether too real.

"H-Help! Somepony, hear my plea and-MMPH MM, MMPHMM!"

A heavy sigh came from the changeling and she ceased in her movements momentarily, Zecora watching in horror as more of the same green slime from her hooves began to form around her mouth, cutting it off from moving.

"You know, I really didn't want to do that, you have such a beautiful voice." A softer sigh then, warmth spilling over the zebra's neck and she shivered in response. "I hope they're as beautiful as you."

Then she struggled. Zecora bucked her hips and shook her head from side to side, desperately giving in to her need to do something—anything—to stop this. Her grunts and muted growls passed to desperate and fearful whimpers and then silence as her body ceased in its convulsions. There was no way out. Not unless rescue came before anything might happen.

"Are you finished? Good." More shifting and then Zecora felt that same something press against her, leaving her body rigid and her eyes wide. "I would like to enjoy this."

The shape was unmistakable - a penis. The rounded head poked at her rump, fluids smearing across her cheeks, leaving a damp trail as the queen grunted and tried to find her entrance. There was no point even trying to move aside, she would find her goal and claim it; Zecora could only stand still and wait.

Surprising and shaming all at once was the sensation of it hitting its mark as well as her own moistness running over it. It was neither right nor fair but her body willed it all the same - it had been so, so terribly long since she had lain with a stallion and while this was a mere simulacrum, it was something.

"My, someone else is enjoying this too, hmm?" Zecora could only whimper as the queen rocked her hips and ground her long black cock against the zebra's entrance. "Such a shame I had to gag you, I would have liked to hear you beg. To whisper my name in desire," her voice descended to that of a whisper, "Chrysalis."

For long moments more that engorged organ ground against her, drawing shameful shivers and sickening little throbs of pleasure. It was maddening in its own way, her body fighting her mind to give in, to take whatever small bit of relief it could from this. Even to the point of the zebra pushing back against the changeling, eager to have that stiff member inside, to be filled and claimed and...

When she felt the head of that cock press against her, Zecora only let her head fall and push back to meet it. It pushed her labia apart, throbbing under the warm fluids that greeted it and the queen let out another satisfied sigh as her hips pushed forward. That was as far as either got, the turgid member struggling to make its way further.

The queen was not one to have her will opposed though and simply dug her hooves against the stone and heaved forward.

It was as well Zecora was gagged for as loud as she screamed, only a dull sound came from her throat.

Queen Chrysalis growled low and angry, delighting in the Zebra's resistance. Too long, it had been too long since she had taken a brood mare and this one was tighter than any she could recall. Her hooves pulled at the zebra's chest, welcoming her back into the embrace of the Queen's thighs as she bucked her hips and forced her cock in.

It was monstrous, filling every inch that could be and Zecora struggled to breathe against the sensations that wavered between pleasure and pain. Fluids spilled from her and the tip of the Queen's cock in equal measure but it only made the going marginally easier. Each new thrust was met with a new ache and each time she pressed herself further back onto that meaty organ.

She was determined to see this zebra full, that Chrysalis had been sure of even before now. But the way that hot interior clamped down on her, near squeezed the life out of her made it all the more worthwhile. She gasped and groaned, pausing briefly to let a shiver run through her body as she neared the medial ring of her penis.

The warm folds of the zebra were inviting, oh so welcoming but she needed more still. She had to be sure there would be room to fill her with her eggs, the sac inside her already full and waiting to be emptied; the anticipation in itself was nearly enough for her to simply drive herself in to the hilt and be done but this should be savoured.

Zecora's mind was reduced to a hazy mix of pleasure and fast dulling pain. The worse of it was over, the Queen's mighty length almost in to the medial ring. Her insides pulled it along, needing it inside, squeezing it for whatever it may offer up but all that came were more of those tempting fluids.

A grunt escaped her as she attempted to lower herself, to spread her hind legs further and let the Queen press into her deeper. Those ebony thighs pressed down against her hips as finally the medial ring was in and she knew it was approaching its end.

Just a few more thrusts, a few more quick, desperate thrusts and this little mare would be full. Chrysalis' tongue spilled over her lip, her resolve dissolving in the face of finishing. She couldn't help but grunt into quiet whimpers as the last few inches of her cock finally entered the zebra and their hips met. Those hot, moist muscles working every inch of it, undulating in an almost perfect match to her own throbs were maddening. She could simply let go now, spill herself and embrace the ecstasy. But she wanted her mare to enjoy this just as much.

Still, it was impossible not to hold there and grind, to feel those hot fluids roll in long rivulets along her testicles to drip off.

"It feels... feels-OH-good, d-doesn't it?" Every little twich, any little movement at all and it sent a lance of pleasure through the Queen. "I can... tell you want more!"

Chrysalis pulled an inch out, smacking her hips back against the zebra's to mutual shivers shared between the two. One thing she could not control was how much she leaked into Zecora, fluids amply filling the mare only to leave her working her hooves on the stone to keep herself in.

And then out again, more this time and far easier than the entrance, only to thrust violently forward and meet her body with a loud, wet slap. The sounds, the smells! Their mixed arousal was impossible for either not to pick up on, only fuelling the two.

Finally, Zecora could let out a long breath as the Queen pulled out of her further. It kept up until the throbbing head of her cock was all that remained inside, her body working furiously to draw it in. Chrysalis answered that call, heaving forward as Zecora pushed back as much as her slimy bonds would allow. The two met with a crack of rump to hips and the changeling Queen was momentarily sure this was it, she had passed the threshold.

But thankfully her body proved more resiliant and under shaky hooves she was able to slowly pull back out and thrust forward with less force, more leisure. The zebra was so wet it was difficult not to simply lean forward and sink into her; instead, Chrysalis spread her own legs and took up a gentle rhythm, stretching out her partner. Her precious load would need all the room possible to ensure it would fill Zecora in just the right way.

She was too far gone now, too lost to the lurid act to offer any real resistance. Zecora could only try to stop her body from collapsing; no more was there pain but only aching pleasure at finally having herself tended to. It was all she could do to forget the moment and focus on something else.

"More," Chrysalis called, slathering her tongue along Zecora's neck, "More!"

Her hips rolled back and forth, spattering mixed fluids back against her balls as she let herself slowly build. At this stage it was involuntary, the head of her cock distended on her own, separating into the tri-form organelles that would push the zebra open. They were far more sensitive than the outer skin, each thrust now leaving Chrysalis breathless as she sped up.

"P-... Prepare... yourself," she grunted, searching for just the right spot. It was at the base of Zecora's mane, just along her withers where fangs could easily bite in. And then, to silence her own cry of pleasure she did so, letting them sink into the flesh.

Her cock pulsed once, no more fluids coming but instead the head flared out and distended to its full sized, leaving the way open for her eggs.

The sac inside her undulated, forcing the first one out and she near fell across the zebra's back from the sensation of it passing along inside her. It ran down the length of her cock, pressing the sensitive flesh into the warmth of the zebra's; the head of her member coming down to push it deep into Zecora before another followed.

It marked a steady stream of small eggs; each one another bringing with it more rippling waves of pleasure. No matter how Chrysalis bucked her hips there was not another inch to spare, no more to give the zebra than she already had.

One of her hooves lovingly ran along the length of Zecora's body, feeling her stomach start to swell out under the magnitude of the eggs filling her. It stayed there, inching its way out as the stream continued. Each one made the zebra shake and each time Chrysalis' eyes rolled back in delight. Her decision to take on the zebra was well placed.

But eventually the stream began to slow, more and more instead being replaced by thick, lubricating fluids. Chrysalis eagerly awaited the end, knowing what yet lay ahead of her.

When the last egg passed and the head of her cock reformed, she slowly, shakily pulled out and examined the mare. Even from her vantage she could see how her stomach swelled out at the sides; a sight more beautiful had not greeted her before. Save, perhaps, for the tip of her aching cock still stuck inside Zecora.

One merciless thrust later and she was buried to the hilt again, hunched over her back as she started up the same rhythm.

Pleasure radiated from between her legs, from those heavy black orbs that smacked against the zebra with each heavy thrust. It wouldn't be long, it couldn't be, not with the memories of what had just happened still fuelling her desire.

And tired as she must be, Zecora's body still worked to draw what it could from Chrysalis' member, still squeezed and drew in, still left the mare grunting as she thrust. The head of her cock swelled up again, this time staying together and simply mushrooming out. It slowed her down, marginally so; the pleasure from the increased resistance kept her going.

That pleasure from between her legs intensified, warm delight tingling through every inch of her member as another orgasm gripped the Queen.

Thick strings of a semen-like fluid shot from the head of her cock, now buried once more in Zecora. It filled her, quickly turning viscous and almost solidifying. Those eggs would remain secure in their long journey back to the hive and beyond that, until they were finally ready to be hatched and the zebra was ready to accept another brood.

Those thoughts melted away in a haze of pleasure as Chrysalis lay herself on Zecora. Oh yes, she had chosen well.

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