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Chapter 2: Good Night, Twilight

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Spike was a curled up mass on the floor. The tears in his eyes muddled his vision, but he could just faintly make out that he was back in Twilight's dorm room. The remains of Twilight's assignment still lay on the ground, soaking wet and scorched.

"Spike?" he heard filly Twilight's voice from behind him. As he turned his head, he blinked to allow the tears to fall, instantly clearing up his vision. The anger and distress that he had seen in her face when last he looked at it was gone. It had been replaced by a sorrowful frown.

Twilight walked towards him slowly, as though fearful that he would bite her, or perhaps use his apparently new-found fire-breathing ability against her. But Spike would never do such a thing.

Spike flinched in response to her movement, as though fearful that she would physically harm him, or test out some recently-learned attack spell on him. But Twilight would never do such a thing.

She wiped the remnants of his tears away and wrapped him in her hooves, gently nuzzling the top of his head.

"I'm sorry I got so mad at you. I know it wasn't your fault. I forgive you," she said tenderly.

A smile spread wide over Spike's face. His cold blood was matched against Twilight's warmth. A feeling of endearing relief swept over him as he realized that Twilight was no longer angry at him. That she still wanted him in her life. That their relationship had not been broken. That she would still play with him and read to him. He knew without the slightest hint of doubt that if he had only one purpose in life, it was to ensure that he never saw Twilight that upset again.


The dream put Spike at enough peace that ensured him sleep for hours. When his eyes opened again, it was just after midnight. He no longer felt lightheaded, and his fever seemed to have died down significantly. Just a bit more rest and he would be back to his normal self. Looking over to his left, he saw Twilight asleep next to him on the side of her bed. No blanket covered her body, nor did any pillow lie beneath her head, and she didn't look the slightest bit comfortable. Spike looked sorrowfully at his dearest friend. Twilight could have easily moved him back to his own tiny bed, but she chose his comfort over her own. He could not, in any good conscience, allow Twilight to sleep so uncomfortably after she had spent the day taking care of him....no....after she had spent his entire life taking care of him.

Spike stood up on the bed and softly pulled Twilight towards the middle, trying his hardest not to wake her up. He lifted her body as much as he could and wrestled the blanket out from beneath her. He then tucked her in, nestling her head upon the pillow and pulled the blanket over her body, up to her forelegs. Now much more comfortable, Spike gently stroked Twilight's ear. This was the least he could do for her. Tomorrow he would reclaim his job as her number one assistant---the job that only he could hold.

"Good night, Twilight," he whispered.

He crept into his own bed, losing himself in thought once again. His card sat on the table, a permanent reminder of how much his friends truly cared about him. He might never remember exactly what happened in his gem-filled, Rarity dream, but he no longer cared about that. Everything he had learned today was worth so much more. Never again would he doubt Twilight's love for him, or the love that his friends had for him.

He smiled and closed his eyes as he waited for sleep to overtake him again.

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