"Junior" Wonderbolts

by Shadowmane PX-41

Chapter 1: The Trick Fails

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"OK you two, are you SURE, you've got it this time?" Soarin asked his two teammates, Spitfire and Fleetfoot.

They had all agreed to train away from Clousdale for this new trick they had been working on for the past two months. It was a special three pegasi trick called "The Triad Drive" As they looked down onto the field below them, they saw flowers growing magnificently in the sunbeams, a nearby stream shimmering beautifully in the midday light, and butterflies and such flapping elegantly around the grass.

"So it's, fly up 100 feet, recede wings, spiral around with your partners in a free-fall and finally re-open your wings and ascend before you hit the ground, right?" Fleetfoot asked.


"I'm not so sure about this, you two." Spitfire said with some concern in her eyes, "The last time we tried a Triad Drive, we caused several twisters to occur because we went too fast."

"That was a day i'll never forget. We had to spend the other half of the day fixing up Cloudsdale and even re-shaping it to our desire."

"Besides, it's not like anypony is going to get hurt this time." Fleetfoot said, "We've worked all the kinks out now, and we should be ready for it."

"And if somepony is hurt by our new trick, we'll take full responsibility together as friends." Soarin finished before opening his majestic wings in unison with Fleetfoot's.

"Alright then, let's do this." Spitfire said as she opened her wings and took off into the sky with the stallion and mare.

After they reached the 100 feet mark from their cloud, the three Wonderbolts quickly closed their wings and started a free-fall towards the ground. As they did so, they huddled up together in the fall and started a spiral motion as they descended ever closer to the earth. Their spiral tactic completely destroyed the cloud they were standing on, and weird ripples started to form in front of their muzzles.

"I'm starting to have seconds thought about this, you two." Spitfire said to them both over the roaring of wind.

"You'll be fine, Spitfire. After all, you are a Wonderbolt." Soarin said as the ripples intensified a little.

"As the ground came ever so closer, the ripples were now violently warping in front of all three of their muzzles. They all tried to spread their wings and pull themselves upwards as they said, but to no avail. It was as if the ripples were pulling them down to the ground, completely maximizing gravity so that they couldn't fly anymore. However, instead of hitting the ground as it looked like they were going to, they were instead consumed by a blinding light, mere split seconds before colliding with the earth below. After seeing the light, the three Wonderbolts blacked out and they thought they were dead for sure.

As they opened their eyes again however, they quickly realized that they weren't dead, but merely looking up into the sky above. They came to conclusions that they were all on their backs, seeing as they could see all four of their hooves in front of them. They also felt really light, lighter than usual to be exact, it wasn't the fact that they still had wings, but more to the fact like their hooves did look shorter than usual. Their uniforms had been stripped as well, luckily a blanket had been placed over the three of them.

"Owwww, dat hurt." Spitfire said, although her voice sounded much higher pitched and childish than usual.

"I was suwe we had it dat time." Fleetfoot said with a high childish voice as well.

"Hang on, what wong wit our voices? "Soarin asked as he tried to shake the blanket off of him.

They lay confused for a while longer until they saw a blue pegasus mare swooping down on their location.

"What kind of heartless pony would leave three young foals out here in the middle of a field? How rude." She said to herself as she looked down onto them all with a smile on her face.

"Wainbow Dash?" Soarin asked as he looked up at the pegasus with a little happiness in his voice. To him he had indeed said Rainbow Dash. But what Rainbow Dash heard was, "Mama?"

"Did you just call me, Mama?" Rainbow Dash asked with a weird smile on her face, "Well, i suppose you'd all need a mom right now. After all, you've been abandoned, little ones.

"Why do yoo think she heawd you saying Mama instead of Wainbow Dash?" Spitfire asked as Soarin turned back to face her.

"I not know, but i think we've been tuwned into foaws due to dat twiad dwive." He said in response. As he stopped, the truth came out. As they looked down, all three of them were wearing diapers underneath the blanket. In addition, this had also removed their cutie marks as well.

"We'we foaws?!" Fleetfoot said, shocked, "But how awe we gonna be abwe to pewfowm ouw shows now?"

After the question subsided, the three of them started crying their eyes out, knowing that their whole lives depended on their shows and fame. And now that they were foals, who knows what would happen if they missed out on so much as one show?

"Shhhh, hey now, don't cry." Rainbow Dash took notice of their crying and deiced to comfort them like a loving mother, "I know how hard it is to be abandoned, since i was myself abandoned at childhood. But there's gonna be no more heartbreak for you now, because i'm gonna take you home and care for you, like a real mother should."

As Rainbow Dash spoke to them, They started to calm down and look up to her with a few tears left in their eyes.

"Wait here please." Rainbow Dash said, and she quickly dashed off into town and came back 10 seconds later with a triple foal-carrier,

"Now, up you come, little filly." She said as she loaded Spitfire into the foal-carrier on her back. After Spitfire was strapped in nice and tight, Rainbow Dash loaded up Soarin and Fleetfoot onto the side foal-carriers. After they were securely fastened, Rainbow Dash took off into the sky and was headed back to her cloud-house, "You know what's weird? I think i've met you three somewhere before... Nah, what am i thinking? You need me right now, and i shouldn't ask victims and helpless newborns any questions."

"Wainbow's gonna be our Mama?" Spitfire asked Fleetfoot.

"Wooks wike it." He said as they were now slicing through the clouds with glee.

"I just hope she wooks aftew us." Soarin said as they neared Rainbow Dash's flying house

Author's Notes:

End of part 1.

So, after another unseccessful Triad Drive, the recognizable Wonderbolts, Soarin, Spitfire and Fleetfoot, are now all foals. Is Rainbow Dash going to be a good parent? or will she crack under the pressure? Surprisingly, she doesn't even know that she's mothering the greatest aerial stunts team in all of Equestria. I'll try to make more parts of this fic as possible, but school eats up most of my time on weekdays.


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