My Little OPony: Twilight Is Magic

by cleverpun

First published

Twilight Sparkle, prized student of Princess Celestia, has always been very good at magic. Too good. This is the story of how she solves every problem all by herself, because she is the best.

Twilight Sparkle, prized student of Princess Celestia, has always been very good at magic. Too good.

This is the story of how she solves every problem all by herself, because she is the best pony and my favorite.

Theme Song

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh...
I used to wonder what friendship could be
Until I realized it's all about me!
Beautiful eyes,
Clear as glass!
A wonderful voice,
Top of her class!
Boundless kindness,
It's an easy feat,
And Twilight makes it all complete!

You have my little ponies
Do you know I'm everyone's best friend~?

Author's Notes:

Guys this is my first story, so please don be mean.

OOC: I've been pronouncing "OPony" as \O-pē-ō-nē\ (Oh-Peonie) but who knows. Alternate titles included My Little Twilight: Wish Fulfillment Is Magic and My Little Sue: Bad Writing Is Magic.
You can thank blame ocalhoun for giving me the idea.

Twilight Is Magic, Part Twilight

"Well, that was a pleasant day yesterday," Twilight Sparkle said to herself. "Meeting all the ponies in this town while helping prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration was quite relaxing."

Twilight's ear flicked. Her finely honed magic senses felt a disturbance in the Everfree Forest. "I must inspect this at once!" she said to nopony in particular. "I would not want anything to happen to my new friends!" In a flash of purple light, she vanished.

Moments later, she appeared in the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, deep inside Everfree Forest. "Show yourself, you monster!" she exclaimed.

A thin black mist coiled along the floor. Slowly, carefully, the smoke began to pile upon itself, squelching and adjusting as if it were clay. Before long, a tall black alicorn stood in front of Twilight.

"How did you know?" The alicorn demanded.

"Princess Celestia told me all about you, Nightmare Moon! She would never keep any secrets from me!" Twilight's horn began to glow, and a bright golden necklace appeared on her neck. "Good thing I collected the Elements of Harmony last month in preparation for your return!"

"Impossible!" Nightmare Moon spat. "Nopony can use all the Elements at once!"

Twilight's eyes glowed a searing white. "I'm not just anypony."

A white-hot streak of rainbow light struck Nightmare Moon. As her scream faded, a small blue alicorn stood in her place.

Twilight held out a hoof and smiled. "Come on, Princess. It's time we took you home."

Twilight Is Magic, Part Sparkle

Trumpets flared as Twilight walked up the aisle towards the throne. As she arrived in front of Princess Celestia, she bowed. Even becoming a princess could not dull her humble modesty, after all.

Celestia cleared her throat. "Twilight Sparkle, in honor of you rescuing my sister, as well as discovering a spell that could turn you into an alicorn, I present you with this crown, hoof-forged out of the finest gold and gems." Celestia levitated the crown onto Twilight's head.

"Thank you, Princess." Twilight smiled. "I do know what it is made of, since I forged it all by myself."

"And in honor of your accomplishments, I declare you Princess of Magic." Celestia bowed, and the crowd erupted in cheers.

Twilight turned around, her parents and brother were in the front row, and her new friends from Ponyville were next to them. She couldn't be happier.

The Twilight Master

Dear Princess Celestia,
Thank you very much for sending me two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. I am flattered that you want me there. It seems, however, that you only sent me two tickets, and I could not bear to choose some of my friends over the others. I would need at least thirty tickets to invite my humble social circle.

I understand that tickets are in high demand for such an event, so I have attached a modest amount of pure 999.99999999999999 gold to help cover the costs. I recently discovered the lost secret of alchemy, so if it is insufficient I would be happy to provide more.

Your faithful equal,
Princess Twilight Sparkle, Esq.

Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,
I would never dream of accepting such a generous donation from you when you have already given this kingdom so much. I have attached more tickets, and I apologize for my selfish lack of foresight.

If you ever need anything else, never hesitate to ask.

Your faithful servant,
Princess Celestia

Twilight Season

Twilight went for a leisurely stroll through Sweet Apple Acres. The bright sunlight felt nice on her petite wings, and the cool breeze felt nice on her well-kempt mane.

Her ear flicked. The sound of crying wafted through the air. Twilight knew that she had to help whoever this pony was, and so she bounded heroically towards the sound.

Twilight gasped. Applejack was slumped near a tree, apples scattered haphazardly near her.

"What's wrong, AJ?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, Princess Twilight, it's just terrible!" Applejack sobbed. "Big Mac got himself injured, and now there's nopony ta help me with the apple harvest! I'm too weak to do it all by myself—applebuck season is ruined!" AJ wiped the tears from her face, but it was a futile gesture, more replacing them in moments.

"Oh, don't be absurd, AJ! I can help you harvest the apples."

"Really? You'd do that for me?"

"I already did!" Twilight waved a hoof behind her, and sure enough, all the apples had been neatly teleported into baskets, ready for collection.

Applejack flung her arms around Twilight. "Oh, Twilight! Yer so generous! I don't deserve a friend like you!"

"Don't be silly, AJ. I'm the one who doesn't deserve a friend like you."

"Yer just sayin' that," Applejack muttered. "But don'tcha worry, I got just the way ta thank you for it. From now on 'Applebuck Season' will be called 'Twilight Season.'"

Twilight blushed, her natural modesty and humble origins overwhelming her face. "AJ, I couldn't ask you to do that."

The saffron farm pony smiled. "I insist."

Twilight Weather Friends

Applejack poked Rainbow Dash in the chest. "Oh yeah? Well I bet I can beat you in the Running of the Leaves, no problem!"

"Ha, you wish!" Rainbow leaned forward, her own confrontational jab digging into AJ's chest.

"Girls, what's the matter? I came as soon as I could," Twilight appeared in a burst of purple light. Her radiant wings swept open radiantly. The shadows her gorgeous appendages cast on the two ponies quickly caught their attention.

"Princess Twilight! Thank goodness yer here." Applejack pointed at Dash. "Me and this ruffian were arguing about which of us is better!"

"Your mom is a ruffian!" Dash countered.

"Girls, girls, settle down." Twilight let out a motherly smile. Her radiant teeth immediately calmed the two feuding friends. "There is no need to argue over something so trivial. You are both equals."

Applejack sighed. "She's right. Neither of us will ever be as good as Princess Twilight Sparkle, so what's the point in arguin'?"

"I'm sorry, AJ. Friends?" Dash held out her forelegs for a hug. Applejack quickly returned the gesture.

Griffon the Twilight

"Oh, hi Twilight!" Rainbow waved a hoof at the griffon next to her. "Meet my friend from flight school! Her name is Gilda, and we used to be best buddies."

Gilda blushed sheepishly. "H-hi Princess. Nice to meet you. You uhm, you have really pretty wings." Gilda looked to the side, hoping her bangs would obscure her embarrassed face.

"Why thank you." Twilight smiled. "It's nice to meet you too. Any friend of Rainbow's is a friend of mine!"

"We were just going to have a picnic on a cloud," Rainbow explained. "Care to join us?"

"Oh, I wouldn't want to impose," Twilight said.

"Oh, no, you wouldn't be imposing!" Gilda exclaimed. "I wouldn't mind sharing Rainbow with someone as amazing as you."

"Oh, well, if you insist!" Twilight said happily.

The picnic was nice.

Author's Notes:

I seriously don know why everyone was saying alicorn twilight would ruin the show. IMHO, they should have made her a alicorn way sooner. Hopefully in season 4 she'll get the attention she deserves and they'll stop wasting all the episodes on other ponies.

Twilight Busters

Finally the ursa major had been defeated, and Twilight let out a petite, humble sigh of relief. She turned to Trixie, who had collapsed onto the ground, sobbing uncontrollably.

"I'm so sorry Princess Twilight!" Trixie sobbed uncontrollably. "I never should have been such a boastful jerk!"

"It's okay, Trixie," Twilight said soothingly. "I'm sure you had your reasons, even if they were misguided."

Trixie sobbed uncontrollably. "You're too forgiving, Princess Twilight..." she wiped a tear from her eye, her uncontrolled sobs waning slightly. "The truth is..."

"It's okay, you can tell me," Twilight said calmingly.

"Well, the truth is..." Trixie lifted her head, her tear-filled gaze locking onto the smart princess. "The truth is I'm a lesbian, and I was afraid that everyone would think I wasn't as good as the not-lesbians unless I bragged a lot."

The egalitarian princess gasped. "Why, Trixie! That's just wrong! You should always be proud of who you are!"

"Yes, you showed me that." Trixie wiped away another tear. "That's not why I'm sad."

"Then what is it?"

Trixie's voice was barely a whisper. "I'm sad because...because I love you, but I know I'll never be good enough for you."

Princess Twilight's wings dropped. "I'm sorry Trixie. I promised myself I would never have a special somepony before I got married, because chastity is important." She lifted Trixie's head "But I can always be your friend."


"Of course!"

"Oh, thank you Princess Twilight! You're my best friend!" Trixie cried.

Author's Notes:

This is my favorite season 1 episode because twilight and I are both shy and humble but still good at everything. I wasn't even gonna fix it, but then I realized it could still be better.

Twilight Before You Sleep

The slumber party had gone wonderfully. Princess Twilight had easily assuaged Rarity and Applejack's petty arguments, and now the three were enjoying a relaxing slumber, encouraged by the gentle pitter-patter of rain against the window and cemented by the soft caress of blankets.

A sudden chill passed through the room. There was a flap of wind and Applejack's blanket settled back into place. A thin shadow passed across Twilight's sleeping form, and for a moment the shift in light disrupted her sleep. The room paused as she stirred, but she quickly settled down.

The shadow thickened, darkening and growing as it descended upon Twilight's limp body. Rarity smiled, and a glint of moonlight passed across her fangs before she sunk them into Twilight's neck.

Twilight let out a petite moan of discomfort. Under any other circumstances it might have been cute.

Rarity smiled to herself, and began to slowly, carefully suck the magic out of Twilight's body. Twilight moaned again, louder this time. Rarity ignored it, continuing to slowly, hungrily drink the--

The lights snapped on, and Rarity let out an audible hiss as she threw a hoof in front of her face.

"Rarity?" Applejack gasped. "What in tarnation are ya doin'?"

Rarity smiled, and the amount of teeth visible in her mouth would have made a great white shark proud. Two of them were distinctly elongated, and she slid her tongue across one, as if working free a piece of food.

"Why, Applejack. I didn't know you had woken up," she said calmly.

"What did you do to the princess?"

Rarity's horn ignited, and a brilliant blue flash lit up the room. As it faded, Applejack let out a gasp.

Rarity had grown a large pair of wings. Though it was hard to tell, Princess Twilight's body seemed flatter under the covers, as if hers had gone missing.

"You like them?" Rarity asked coyly. "I've been waiting ages for just the right moment to steal Twilight's magic. It wasn't easy pretending to be an upstanding pony for so long."

"What are you?" Applejack muttered.

Rarity laughed evilly. "Well, that's a stupid question! I'm a magic vampire!" Rarity's wings unfurled, and her eyes flashed blue for the briefest moment. "And I'm afraid I can't have anypony spreading that around." Her toothy smiled returned. Her gaze fell onto Applejack's neck, and she slowly licked her lips. "But don't worry, I promise it won't hurt. Much."

Rarity took a step forward, and AJ cowered against the wall. Without Twilight to help her, she was powerless against the pure evil inching towards her.

Rarity was millimeters from Applejack--close enough to count her teeth, close enough to smell her breath.

A purple flash lit the room, and an arc of electricity struck Rarity's back. She screamed in pain and slumped to the floor.

"Leave her alone." Twilight's voice was barely a whisper. Her limbs struggled to keep her standing.

"Impossible!" Rarity jerked her head to look at the attractive unicorn. "That should have drained you dry!"

"I guess you underestimated the power of friendship." Twilight's horn lit up again, purple electricity crackling along it.

A bubble of blue light surrounded Rarity's shapely, evil body and she vanished with a loud pop.

Twilight! AJ rushed to the bed. "Are you okay?"

Twilight collapsed onto the bed. "I should have seen through her fake sweetness. I put everypony in town in danger."

"You couldn't have known," Applejack said.

"And now I've let all of Equestria down by losing my princess-hood." A few noble tears leaked out of Twilight's eyes.

"Don't be crazy, Twilight. You'll always be a Princess ta me."


"A course! And I'm sure everypony else will feel tha same way. No one liked Rarity anyway."

Author's Notes:

Rarity is such a b-word i hate her pardon my French. Why does anyone even like her? she's not as pretty and smart as Twilight she is just the worst. If this were Harry Potter she would be a slytherin death eater and if this were Kingdom Hearts she would be a heartless nobody that's how mean she is.


The four ponies stood in front of the cave, thick plumes of smoke billowing out of it.

The dragon let out a throaty chuckle. "And what exactly is some little pony going to do to make me leave?" he asked.

"I may be little, but I'm not just anypony!" Twilight exclaimed. Confidence oozed off her gorgeous body, and even the mighty dragon was momentarily taken aback.

Her horn lit up, and a ribbon of purple energy spiraled out of it. The thin sheet of magic shot towards the huge dragon. It wound across his tail, encircling it and tightening and lengthening as it went. It moved up the the rest of his body, growing bigger and bigger, big enough to cover the entirety of the mighty creature. As the cocoon of energy reached the dragon's chest, he let out an irate growl. A jet of flame struck the spell, but it continued to expand as if nothing had happened.

The sheet of magic reached his face, and another angry roar managed to escape his lips before it wound around his mouth.

In seconds the dragon had been cocooned completely by Twilight's powerful spell. There was a hint of movement within the pointy prison, but the magic was too opaque to see through. A thin strip of magic still connected to Twilight's horn, and as the seams spiraling around the creature began to solidify and vanish, the strip thrashed violently.

Applejack opened her mouth to say something (probably both complimentary and dumbfounded), but stopped.

The cocoon began to shrink.

It was as natural and as gradual as the sun setting. Without close attention nopony would have even noticed it. After a few seconds it had become unmistakable, the dragon less than two-thirds of his former size.

As the magic shrunk, it slowly started to recede into Twilight's horn. Her aura grew brighter and brighter as the purple shell flowed into her horn.

Then it was over. The dragon had vanished. Twilight's eyes snapped open and she let out a gasp, her breathing heavy and strained.

"Twilight? Are ya alright?" Applejack muttered.

Twilight clamped a hoof over her mouth. Even muffled by the limb, her scream was loud enough for everypony to hear. There was a brilliant red flash, and everypony threw up a hoof to cover their eyes.

When the light faded, Twilight gasped.

Her mane had a red streak in it alongside the pink and purple ones, but that wasn't the main difference. A pair of wings had sprouted out of her back. They matched her coat, but they were leathery and pointy, like bat wings. She sucked in a deep breath, and it was obvious that two of her teeth had grown into fangs.

Twilight ran her tongue over one of the teeth. "I wasn't expecting that imprisonment spell to work quite like this," she muttered.

"Well, uhm, better 'n dealing with a dragon, right?" Applejack said.

Twilight coughed, and a plume of purple fire spilled out of her mouth. "I guess so. As long as the town is safe, then I don't care what sacrifices I need to make."

"Hey, having some dragon magic can't hurt, right?" Rainbow Dash started floating towards the edge of the mountain. "Besides, now you can fly again. I think those wings look good on you."

"Yeah!" Pinkie bounced happily. "And just think! You could run your own mail service! With all that dragonfire, you and Spike could corner the market!"

Twilight chuckled. "I don't deserve friends as amazing as you. Come on, we better get back to town."

Dearest Princess Twilight,

I foalnapped Fluttershy while you were off dealing with that pesky dragon. I also brainwashed her with vampire magic so now she's my slave. Because I'm evil.

Princess Rarity

P.S. I'm prettier than you

Dictated, but not read.

Secretary's note; I'm really really sorry that I didn't get this right, but Princess Rarity just kept talking and talking and I lost track of what she was saying. She is so beautiful and eloquent, just watching her speak is a privilege. I could get lost in her eyes forever, even if she wasn't using magic to control me! I didn't want to ask her to repeat herself and disappoint her, so I just wrote the gist of what she was saying. The original speech was much more poetic and descriptive and worthy of someone as amazing as her, trust me!

I'm so sorry, please don't be mad! I'm not a very good brainwashed slave, but I'll try much harder next time, I promise!

Princess Rarity is a thousand times better and prettier than you,

Twilight slammed her hoof onto the desk, the note beginning to smoke and curl around the edges as it crumpled under her grip.

"This is all my fault," she muttered. "I should never have left Fluttershy alone in town."

AJ put a hoof on the princess' shoulder. "There was nothin' you coulda done, Twilight."

"Yeah, none of us could convince that crybaby coward to come with us to confront the dragon." Rainbow Dash shrugged. "I say we're better off without her, anyway. She always was useless and boring."

"Rainbow Dash, how can you say that!" Pinkie shouted. "She's our friend! We need to save her, and Rarity too, even if she is a really evil vampire now. She'll always be our friend!"

"She didn't seem too repentant in the bedroom," Applejack muttered.


Twilight held up a hoof, cutting off Pinkie's sentence before it began. "No, Pinkie, they're right. I'll do my best to save them, but if Rarity and Fluttershy can't be saved, then the safety of a Equestria comes first. As long as the world is safe, then I don't care what sacrifices I need to make." She turned to the door. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go report to Princess Celestia that the dragon has been dealt with."

Author's Notes:

Why did they waste an ENTIRE EPISODE on Fluttershy? She's SO BORING Twilight is way better.

EDIT: I posted this story on my fb and lj and EVERYONE thought that Princess Rarity was the best character!? What is wrong with them!! one person even said Princess Rarity and Princess Twilight should get married because they would a cute couple :twilightoops::twilightoops:! wtb is wrong with them pardon my french I'm glad fimfic users have GOOD taste and can see the real point of this story.

:raritystarry::twilightsmile: ← NO
YES → :facehoof::raritycry:

EDIT EDIT: originally this chapter was named "Dragonlight" but I think the new one sounds way cooler. Maybe I should name an OC Dragonspark? Not that I need an OC, since Twilight is so amazing.

Swarm of the Twilight

Another gout of flame burst from Twilight's mouth, and the crystal butterfly evaporated. The sprinkle of ashes that remained quickly fluttered onto the ground.

"It's no use, Princess Twilight!" Applejack ground another one of the pests under her hoof. "There's just too many of 'em! What are we supposed to do?"

There was an incredibly effeminate scream a few blocks away.

"Whatever we do, it had better be quick!" Rainbow Dash pointed towards the sound. "I don't think the town can take much more, and that storm cloud Princess Twilight summoned won't keep them at bay much longer!"

"These things are resistant to magic!" Twilight shot another butterfly with a stream of fire. The gems that made up its body cracked and shattered loudly, and in moments the entire construct collapsed to the ground, nothing more than a bland pile of charred rocks. "We would need some way to get rid of them without spells!" Another breath. Twilight looked up; the sky was blocked out by her storm cloud, but the clattering and tinkling of the massive swarm had not faded. The entire town was drenched in the noise, and the few hundred that had snuck in would be nothing compared to the actual swarm.

"Maybe we could sing them a lullaby?" Pinkie asked.

"Don't be crazy, Pinkie." AJ kicked another one of the insects. "That would never work."

"Pinkie, that's it!" Twilight gasped modestly. "That wouldn't work, but I think I know something that would listen to music!" Twilight's horn flared up, and a stream of magic unfurled from it, shooting handsomely towards the Everfree Forest. A few gentle piano notes swept after the ribbon of purple energy, just audible over the clinking and scraping filling the sky.

In moments a cloud of parasprites trailed out of the treetops, careening straight for the town.

"Uh, what are those?"

"Parasprites, of course," Twilight said. The cloud of bugs rose towards the storm cloud and collided with the swarm of butterfly constructs. The sound of crunching rock was audible across the entire town. Closer to the ground, there was a better view of the bugs tearing into the pockets of butterflies scattered across Ponyville. In seconds nearly all the invaders had been gobbled up by the mesmerized parasprites.

The sounds of the horrible golems faded, and as Twilight's spell receded into the Everfree, the cloud of parasprites followed it.

Twilight wiped her forehead and let out a modest "whew". Such an amazing show of magical power had momentarily winded even her. As she caught her breath, she effortlessly dispelled the storm cloud.

There was another scream, identical to the previous one.

"That sounded like Trixie." Twilight rushed heroically towards the noise.

Sure, enough, Trixie was lying on the ground, a few chips of gemstone scattered around her body.

"Wow, she's still here?" Rainbow muttered. "I didn't think she was serious about moving into Ponyville to try and woo you."

"Rainbow, shush." Twilight's horn glowed softly, and she glanced over Trixie's body.

"What's wrong?"

"All the magic in her body...it's been drained out."

"That sounds familiar," AJ muttered.

Twilight put a hoof to her chin, focusing her elite magical sense. "It's not quite the same, though. It feels like there's been some other energy put in its place."

Trixie stirred in her unconsciousness. "Princess?" She murmured.

Twilight leaned down. "Trixie, I'm here. What's wrong?"

Trixie's eyes snapped open. "What?" Her eyes wandered onto Twilight's pristine body, and she sat up quickly and violently. "Ew, no! Not you! I meant the other Princess, the good one!"

"Say what now?" Rainbow asked.

"You know." Trixie waggled her hoof. "The smart, pretty one? Princess Rarity?"

"Oh no! She's been brain-napped!" Pinkie gasped. "Just like Fluttershy!"

"Don't be absurd!" Trixie scoffed. "The Great and Powerful Trixie would never succumb to such trivial mental magics." Her gaze drifted sideways, and she bit her bottom lip. "Being attacked by these adorable yet pretty pests has merely made me realize what should have already been obvious. Princess Rarity is so attractive and benevolent. I don't know why it took me so long to realize."

"Girls, hold her down. Maybe I can cast a spell that will--"

Trixie suddenly vanished in a bubble of blue light. There was a sizzle of magic, and similar flashes could be seen across the town.

Rainbow scratched her head. "I didn't think Trixie could teleport."

Twilight gazed at the remnants of crystal butterfly still scattered across the ground. "Somehow, I doubt Trixie was the one casting those spells."

Author's Notes:

I write all these chapter using FIMfic's word processor. You can tell I'mma great writer because I dont even need a spellcheker

Twilight Gossip

Twilight took another petite sip of her tea. "So I was hoping you might know something about magic vampires, Zecora. Unfortunately, the Royal Canterlot Library didn't have any mentions of them." Twilight sighed. "Even after I used a time travel spell to retrieve a bunch of important ancient texts all those years ago, it seems like there's still so many limits to pony knowledge."

Zecora took a sip of her own tea. "My homeland does have a few stories on the subject, though their accuracy is not perfect."

"All myths have some truth. I'm sure whatever you could tell me would help."

Zecora put a hoof to her chin. "There is a tale of a zebra mare, known far and wide as kind and fair. One day she went to gather fruit alone, in a forest where dark things had once grown. In the forest she got lost, and across a clear spring she happened to cross. To cure her fatigue she decided to bathe, and in this, the spring did aid." Zecora leaned in. "But as she bathed she fell asleep, and as she slept, her magic and soul began to seep. All her powers eventually leaked free. Some say it was absorbed by plant and tree."

"And what happened to her?"

Zecora turned to stare at a shelf. "She eventually found her way back, but of magic and energy, she had a lack. Her husband offered to lend her some of his own. She refused, but he convinced her to take this loan. Magic regenerates, as you know, and for a time it was easy to let go. Neither had their full supply, but they managed to get by."

Zecora turned back. "After a time, that was not enough for her. She sought another zebra to magic transfer. For one as pretty as she, there were many volunteers to agree. She had all the strength she needed and more, and every donor she did adore."

"So what happened to her?"

"Eventually, she had the entire village in her snare. After that, I do not know--the story ends there."

Twilight put down her cup. "Thank you, Zecora," she said humbly. "I had best go. I have a lot more research to do on magic vampires."

Author's Notes:

I don't even need to fix this episode! Twilight is already smarter, more tolerant, and prettier than her friends, so there's nothing wrong with this episode at all. Oh, except in my version Twilight is immune to poison joke (she knows an immunity spell), but otherwise it's the same.

It reminds me of the episode of Bleach with Chad's backstory; tolerance is so important and you should never judge a book by its cover hasbro and shonen jump are so smart and deep :yay:

You can assume the "normal" version also happened in this story, or you can assume that Twilight knew Zecora all along because she spent some time digging wells with the Harmony Corps (which she started all by herself).

Winter Sparkle Up

Rarity, the Evil Princess of Theft and Stolen Hotness, gazed frustratedly into her gold-plated magic telescope.

"Curses," she cursed.

"What's the matter, Princess Rarity?" Fluttershy asked.

"Princess Twilight is the problem! Even after I deftly stole her magic and teleported my house into the Everfree Forest, she still refuses to stop impeding me!" Rarity turned away from the telescope. "She is using Winter Wrap-Up to magic proof the town. How am I supposed to kidnap more ponies at this rate?"

"Oh, well, couldn't you just break her charms, or something like that?"

"Embedding magic into the environment is a rather involved process. Dispelling such strong magic would take a lot more magic than I have." Rarity stroked her chin thoughtfully.

"Well, you do have quite a few ponies here already," Fluttershy said. "Couldn't you keep feeding off our magic like usual?"

"That would take too long." Rarity bit her lip. "I want to take over the town as soon as possible, before that deceptively competent Twilight Sparkle does something else to slow me down."

"Don't worry, Princess Rarity. I'm sure you'll think of something."

"I'm sure I will. I probably just need to ask for help from--" Rarity shook her head. A sudden headache had washed across her. "Nevermind. Right now I need a snack."

"Oh, would you please let me do it?" Fluttershy pleaded. "You've barely fed on me at all lately."

Rarity smiled, and an errant bit of light glinted off some of her teeth. "Well, since you asked so nicely, how can I refuse."

Fluttershy scurried over to Princess Rarity. The blue glow of her sclera brightened for a just moment as she approached her Princess.

Rarity wrapped a hoof across Fluttershy's neck, pulled the pegasus closer to her. Their lips met, and Fluttershy let out a small squeak of discomfort. Rarity's horn ignited, and Fluttershy's eyes glazed over. It felt like being winded, like being squeezed and out of breath and underwater. Fluttershy's legs wobbled, but she forced herself to stay upright. Couldn't disappoint her Princess.

Rarity withdrew, her eyes closed as she savored the taste of her little servant. A small tendril of blue energy retreated into her mouth as Fluttershy finally collapsed.

"Thank you, Princess," Fluttershy whispered.

"You're welcome, darling." Rarity licked her lips. She was still a mite peckish. Maybe that annoying blue unicorn still had some left that she hadn't digested.

Author's Notes:

Kissing is gross. More proof that Rarity is evil incarnate (not that we needed more, OBV)

The Best Twilight Ever

"Let them go, you monster!" Twilight shouted ineffectually.

Chrysalis laughed. "Your demands are ineffectual, little pony. I have enslaved the entire Gala, and there is nothing you can do to stop me." Chrysalis turned to Celestia. "Isn't that right, princess?"

"Yes, of course you're so much prettier than Twilight," Celestia said.

Twilight cast about for a solution. All her friends were enthralled and the entire population of the gala sat there, prepared to follow Chrysalis' every whim.

"You could always join me, you know," Chrysalis purred. "Ever since I ambushed your friend Rarity in the forest, just look at all the amazing things she's been able to accomplish." Chrysalis rubbed a hoof along Rarity's neck. "Go on, tell her Rarity."

Rarity blinked slowly. "It's true, serving Queen Chrysalis is so amazing, Twilight."

"You can make Rarity and Celestia say whatever you want, but they're just puppets reading scripts." Twilight jabbed a hoof at the top of the stairs. "I'll never surrender to you, not while I'm still breathing!"

"That is a shame." Chrysalis lazily waved a hoof at Twilight. "Destroy her, minions. My harem doesn't have any room in it for such wet blankets."

The crowd of ponies advanced, one step at a time, slowly yet in perfect sync.

Twilight closed her eyes. She had no choice. Her horn ignited, orange and purple light spilled out of it as an electric hum filled the courtyard. If she had to sacrifice for the greater good, then so be it.

Just as the crowd of ponies descended on her, her eyes snapped open, glowing bright and orange and her horn matched. Light exploded from her, and a hiss and crackle drowned out every other sound.

The light faded, and Twilight slumped to the ground, her wings gone. Every pony, from the crowd to the ones standing by Chrysalis drooped and staggered.

"What did you do!?" Chrysalis demanded. She opened her mouth again, possibly to hurl a petty insult at Twilight, but no words came out. She coughed, and green slime spilled out of her throat, splattering across the concrete.

"I sacrificed all my dragon energy to burn away your magic." Twilight stood up, her legs barely supporting her weight. "Not only did it free my friends from your control, but since you are a magic vampire, a creature made of magic, I doubt it did you any favors."

"You little b--" Chrysalis vomited again, fell to her knees. Her wings started to crackle and flake apart, her hair started to fall out, her legs began to ooze and collapse. "Rarity, help your mistress."

Rarity responded by fainting. Fluttershy barely had time to catch her before she fainted too. Chrysalis swung her head around to her other side, and her neck split open and began to leak. "Celestia, do something."

Celestia had already fainted.

"This cannot be..."

"Die with dignity, monster," Twilight spat. "You don't belong in this world anyway."

Chrysalis turned back to Twilight. The broken wound in her neck split and grew, more translucent slime squirting out of it. "You may have bested me, but your victory will not come cheaply." She sneered. "You have forgotten all the magic I absorbed from your friends." Her horn ignited, her eyes began to glow. "And with my last breath, I shall put it to good use!"

Chrysalis collapsed onto her side, the pool of ichor around her leaking down the stairs and across railings. She muttered something, but her tongue and throat could only form incoherent gurgling.

Her chest finally collapsed, her hooves melted, and with a final burst of green light her body collapsed into shapeless green goop. The pool began to glow, and mist rose menacingly up from it.

Before Twilight could react, it had become a giant miasma, and the pool of green fog ballooned across the entire castle, the entire town. Then it vanished.

Twilight rushed to her friends and the princesses atop the grand staircase. "Everypony, are you ok?"

"What happened?" Rarity muttered.

"My head hurts somethin' awful," Applejack added.

Everypony gradually got to their feet, and Twilight breathed a sigh of relief, relieved that her plan had worked. "I'm so glad everypony is okay. Now that that nasty creature is gone, we can get back to the Grand Twilight Gala."

Everypony shared a glance. "Uhm, are you okay, Twilight? This is the Grand Galloping Gala." Applejack pointed at the sign above the castle. It clearly affirmed her statement.

"What, but that's impossible." Twilight scratched her head. "I could have sworn we were here to celebrate something I did."

"Uh, no offense, Twi, but you aren't that great," Rainbow Dash said. "I mean, we all stopped Nightmare Moon together."

Pinkie Pie nodded. "Yeah, I definitely remember that."

Twilight scratched her head. "I guess you're right. I guess stopping Chrysalis must have taken more out of me than I thought, even with everypony working as a team."

"Do not worry, my faithful student. I'm sure her influence will wear off soon enough." Celestia smiled. "Now why don't you and your friends go and enjoy the rest of the gala, now that there isn't an evil monster terrorizing it."

"Right, thank you, Princess." Twilight bowed, and she and her five friends went off.

"Uhm, Rarity?" Fluttershy asked. "Did you always have wings?"

Rarity turned her head, and her eyes widened. "That...is a very good question. Did I?"

Author's Notes:

hasbro ruined twilight she is the worst cahracter ever now I hope youre happy hasbro what were you thinging

Ill become a transformers fan instead I bet their company knwos how to treat their fans better arcee is best pony i mean characters..

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