It's Twilight Sparkle's first night as a princess, and she can't sleep. Her thoughts are haunted by a question that will not let her rest. A question that only Celestia can answer.
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It is Twilight Sparkle's first night as a princess of Equestria, and she cannot sleep. As the excitement she felt during coronation fades away, it gives way to a deeper anxiety. The young alicorn lies awake, her thoughts dwelling on her new destiny, her responsibilities, her fears, and her own mortality.

Or, as the case may be, her lack of it.

As morning draws nearer, Twilight leaves her bed haunted by a question, and so she decides to seek out the one pony who can answer it.

Now has a dramatic reading on Youtube! Major props to Goombasa.

Slice of Life

4,180 words: Estimated 17 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. Chapter 1 [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Dec 12th, 2017
Published Nov 4th, 2013


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