Stay near the Campfire

by Scrub

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I awake with a moan of discomfort and a full stomach, but somehow I’m hungry. My head lolls to the left and I leave it there as my brain reboots and gets things organized. My vision is fuzzy as I blink and try to get my bearings. I lift a hoof off of the ground, dirt and other fluids sticking to my fur as I do, apparently when the monster was finished he just dropped me where I was. I turn to my left and notice the forms of three sleeping ponies. I turn back around and peer into the darkness. Alright Kyle, let’s focus here. If we try and escape now while the coast is clear, we might make it. And who knows, maybe my friends got away from the monster and are searching for me. I draw my hooves under my body and attempt to stand, but they are far too weak and I’m weighed down too much to stand for more than a few seconds. I fall to the side with a moan of pain.

I pause and take a couple calming breaths. Let’s take this slow and steady, Kyle. I look down my flanks, my lips quivering and a small whimper coming up from my throat as I stare at my massive belly. Sensations and memories from before flood my mind and I flop to the ground in a blubbering heap of tears. I was turned into a pony and am mothering a monster’s child… I glance over to the other ponies and I realize not alone in that fact either. I should talk to them first and see if they have any information about where we are. I grind my teeth as I drag myself towards them, my belly scraping against the rough ground. I hit the floor with a thud and lay next to them, panting from the exertion. The grey mare from before stirs and glances at me, “Are you okay?..”

I nod wearily. “I think so.” Once I stop worrying about myself, I’m going to feel really bad for her. I have so many questions for her right now. Who is she? Was she always a pony or was she human once, like I was? Has she seen my friends? Did they get out of here? Were they also transformed?

I almost don’t notice when one of the other two ponies wakes, and my brain continues to buzz with questions that I need to ask the grey mare. The newly woken mare twists her head to the sides, looking for something. Her voice shakily comes out as she stares at herself. “Oh my god… It wasn’t a dream…” Before me or the grey mare can respond, she tries to stand. Her voice rises in panicked pitch as she looks to us, “Oh my god! We have to get out of here! We have to-- urk!” Her hooves shudder and crumble underneath her and she begins to sob. “W-We have… We ne-need to…”

I bite the inside of my lip and scoot closer to her, wrapping a hoof around her shoulder as she cries. My other companion does the same as I whisper to the weeping mare. “We will, we will, don’t worry. I don’t plan on being a pony for the rest of my life.” Now that she isn’t moving about so much I can actually make out some of her features in the minimal light. Her coat is some kind of brown and red, as it blends in almost like a shadow, and her mane is even darker.

She nods and sniffles. “H-How long have you two been here? Do you know what’s going on? I mean, no one was here before me, but I haven’t woken up s-since he… he…” She whimpers and goes quiet.

The grey mare looks to me and then her. “You must have been first then, when I was brought here you and her,” she points to the now waking form of the fourth member of our party, “Were already unconscious.”

Her colors seemed to blend in with the darkness too, her coat being closer to a tan though. She scoots in to complete our small circle, looking between all of our faces. It goes silent for a few minutes, and it was kind of strange really, I expected her to freak out or scream or cry or do something, but she just sat there looking at us. Her voice is the first to break the silence. “Did he… uhm…” She rolls to the side, exposing her massive stomach to us. We all nod and copy her action to show her. She nods slowly and her voice grows thick with depression. “What do we do?”

I bite my tongue and think over her question. What are we supposed to do? As far as we know, he’s just waiting outside and guarding us. And we aren’t even too sure where we are right now, so how are we supposed to escape? “Well… My friends might rescue us if they can find us. Does anyone have any ideas of where we are right now exactly?”

The brown mare bobs her head up and down. “When I was driving out here with my friends, the area we went to was called Dan Semler’s forest.”

The grey pony tilts her head at us. “You both were with friends? You mean, there are people out there who know you’re gone?”

The brown mare smiles to herself. “Mhm, me and my friends were on a camping trip…”

She was on a camping trip too? Wow, that’s quite the coincidence, though I guess what other reasons do you have for going into the middle of a forest. The grey mare tilts her head. “Really? Two of my friends went missing before I was taken.” She looks off into the distance, talking more to herself then us, “I hope Kyle is okay…”

Wait, what? “Hey, hold on a minute.” I pat her on the shoulder to get her attention. “You just said your friends’ name is Kyle, right?”

She nods. “Yeah, me and him were searching for our friends. He was climbing down this little hill and I wasn’t paying attention and got grabbed from behind before I could warn him…”

My eyes go wide. “Oh my god… Brian?”

She pauses and gives me an odd stare as the dots connect in her mind. “Wait… Kyle?” I nod and immediately find myself wrapped in a tight hug. “I was so worried after I had been taken, I didn’t know what to think might happen to you…” Her eyes lower. “Well, now I know…”

I turn to the brown mare who is sitting there in shock. “Brian? Kyle?” We nod in unison. “I-It’s me! Jack!” She joins in with the group hug as we cry and smile together. We all look to the last mare, who is watching us and also tearing up. Jack leans closer to her. “Tyler?..”

She simply embraces us, bringing the four of us back together. “I-I was so scared… I didn’t think…” Her voice falters and fades as we lay there, holding one another other warmly.

I don’t know how long we lay there clutching each other, but eventually Jack spoke. “Guys… What are we supposed to do? We’re trapped in this cave, we’re ponies, and we’re pregnant. I couldn’t even stand right now if I tried.”

Brian pitched in first. “Well, let’s look at the bright side…”

Tyler turns to her, her voice rising angrily. “Bright side? What bright side? Do you not even see what’s going on? We were transformed, which is fucking impossible! Our genders were switched. And to top it off the thing that changed us is using us to hold it’s fucking kids!”

“We’re alive, at least…” Brian whispers.

Tyler scoffs, all of her anger directed Brian. “Oh, because being alive right now is so fucking amazing! I wish that thing would have killed me!”

I put up a hoof to stop her when I notice Brian beginning to cry. “Tyler, calm down, this isn’t her fault.”

“Actually, it is her fault, this was her stupid fucking idea to go camping! And we all came with her...” She stops and looks away sniffling, holding back her own tears.

I don’t reply, looking to Brian as she cries into her fetlocks. Jack is staring at me, unsure of what to do. This genderswap and transformation is really taking a toll on us, and it’s all my fault, I should have found them before they were taken. “Let’s try and get some rest, guys…” No one responds, and we lapse back into silence. Tyler is the first to shuffle away from us and curl up in a corner. Brian doesn’t move, her back shaking from continued sobs. Jack looks at me and sighs heavily before turning around and curling up in her own space. I move next to Brian and put a hoof around her shoulder, rubbing her back gently while I try to think of anything we could possibly do.


The sound of something hitting the ground powerfully wakes me and causes me to look around in panic. It almost sounds like a thunk, thunk noise as it draws closer to me… My brain finally registers why I know that sound, bringing back the memory of right before I was raped. I begin shaking involuntarily and I’m already about to cry. I don’t think my body can handle a second round of being raped, I barely made it through the first. I look up and see his form come from the shadows. I whimper and scoot away in an attempt to escape, but it’s too late.

One tentacle wraps around my neck, holding my head in place. My body tenses and I close my eyes as I wait for the others to slither around my limbs, but it never does. I dare to open an eye to see what he is doing. I gulp as the feeder comes into view and I pull my head back. The one surrounding my neck forces my head upwards and I bite the inside of my cheek as the dripping tentacle nears my lips. It prods my lips, smearing the sweet fluid across them and causing me to wrinkle my nose. The monster, noticing my disobedience, tightens the tentacle around my neck, cutting off some of my air. I still don’t comply and shift my head away. More pressure is put on my windpipe and tears spill out of my eyes. My mouth opens out of the need for air and the feeder forces its way inside. At least I can take solace in the fact that I’m not being fucked.

The massive tentacle slides down my throat easier than last time, probably because there aren’t three others taking up room. The taste overpowers my tongue and I find myself actually enjoying it, my stomach being completely empty and desperate for some morsel. The beast begins pumping me full of the fluid and I groan as yet again my stomach is filled to the brim but still forced to carry more. My already over-sized belly pushes out, inch after inch, as my stomach expands. He really wants his kids healthy I suppose. Nausea overtakes my stomach and I gag as my muscles try to hurl; I can’t, the tentacle is taking up all of the room and I’m left with my stomach trying to compress and expel all of the fluid in it.

My throat aches from the pain of trying to throw up and I shut my eyes, trying to calm myself. He stops filling me but doesn’t retract the tentacle. My stomach gurgles unhappily but finally settles and my breathing returns to a more normal pace. Both tentacles pull away from me and I blink hard as a sort of giddiness floods my brain. Part of me panics, why am I suddenly so happy and carefree? I hiccup and giggle, why does it matter? I slump to the ground with a grin on my face. My stomach burns with a pleasurable warmth, my eyelids feel heavy, and everything seems so good right now. I watch happily as I see him go around and give each of my friends the same gift given to me. Maybe I should ask him for more? I frown as I see some of them struggle slightly. They should be happy to be fed so well.

I put a hoof to my plump belly and caress it. Something about being filled, being pregnant, just seems so perfect. A thought comes up from the back of my mind, telling me this is wrong, telling me I shouldn’t be so accepting of this. I giggle again as I see my friends all laying down like me, resting in a euphoric state much like I. No, this is definitely how I should feel right now, completely and utterly relaxed. Mmm, I think I could go for a nap right now…


My eyelids flutter open and I see him approaching me. I can’t even count how many times I’ve woken up like this now, but each time I am in a state of endless bliss. I preemptively open my maw, waiting for my delicious meal. He didn’t have to hold me down at this point. Why would he? It’s not like I can do anything against it, and the ecstasy I experience afterwards is well worth it. I lean forward and wrap my lips around the head of the feeder, giving him a small suckle and licking his tip clean, the mouthwatering taste sending shivers down my spine. He pushes it down the back of my throat and I grin to myself as I’m filled. I slowly rub my belly as it expands outwards. My tummy has been growing larger every time I wake up; I think I might be giving birth soon.

The flow stops and my happiness reaches new heights. My head lolls to the side and I nearly fall over, one of the tentacles catching me before I do. I try to thank him, but in my euphoric stupor it comes out as, “Hehe… fanks…” I find myself suddenly floating through the air, being carried by him. I twisted my head this way and that, my tongue dangling out of the side of the mouth as I smile foolishly. “Wheee…” He sets me down with my back against a wall and my hind legs spread. My muzzle falls forward and I find myself nearing sleep. A motion is caught in my peripherals and I see my friends being set down next to me with equally, if not larger, stomachs.

“Ahhh… Nng…” Is heard from my left. I look over to see Jack breathing heavily with her eyes closed. My eyes go wide as I watch the birthing process, the egg getting pushed out of her vagina ever so slowly. Her face is scrunched in concentration as she pushes down, her hind legs visibly shaking from the force. She grunts, her lips pursed tightly as the egg is maybe a third of the way out of her. He is waiting patiently in front of her with a mass of tentacles in the shape of a basket, ready to catch the egg. A bead of sweat rolls down the side of her head and she grunts a second time, her front hooves digging into the dirt as she strains.

The massive egg is finally pushed out with a schlorp sound and she flops to the side, instantaneously going unconscious. He takes the egg and moves away, most likely putting it in a safer place to hatch soon. I yawn and find myself slipping back into the warm embrace of sleep. It doesn’t last long though, as another mare, this time Tyler, is pushing out her own egg. She strains and groans much like Jack, struggling to get out the heavy burden. She is soon relieved of that burden as the egg is taken away by him. She falls into her well-deserved sleep, and both Brian and I follow suit. I’m awoken a second time as the mare closest to me, Brian, is subject to the process. I watch in eager anticipation, knowing that soon after her I’ll be delivering my growing package.

Brian looks up to the ceiling and takes a few deep breaths, her legs twitching as the egg reaches the halfway point. I bend down and kiss my swollen belly and smile, because with every moment that passes, I get one minute closer to giving birth. My thoughts are all fuzzy, it’s so hard to think about anything besides giving birth and being happy. I notice that Brian is finished and he takes the egg away, leaving me grinning like a fool as I wait. Sleep grabs a hold of me first though, leaving me to roam unconsciousness.

I wake up with a moan of discomfort. Why do I have to pee so badly? I open my eyes and look down, gasping as I remember it’s now my turn to deliver the life inside of me. I look nervously to the others, watching me with their lost smiles. I bite the inside of my lip and my breathing grows ragged, my lungs feel like they’ve shrunk to half of their normal size. My muscles tense and I push downwards, pain shooting up from my lower half in response. The fuzziness in my thoughts from before is somewhat cleared, only making me panic more. I shouldn’t be giving birth! Why was I so excited about this before! My body instinctually pushes down again, well, whether I want to or not it’s happening now.

I push my front hooves into the dirt and kick with my hind legs, struggling to get it out of me. The anaesthetic from the fluid is hardly masking the pain. A copper taste fills my mouth as I bite my tongue too hard, grunting from the effort. I look to my friends, their faces filled with worry and confusion. The effects of the food must have still been working when they gave birth, because this is absolutely excruciating. I pause and take a moment to pant for breath. I look down to see my progress. Okay, one third is out, we’re getting somewhere. I bring a hoof up to my mouth and clamp my teeth around it so I don’t bite my tongue off, the girthiest part of the egg  now pushing me to my limits.

My eyes go wide and tears spill out from them, it feels like I’m about to be torn in half from the egg. My hind legs shudder and squeeze, attempting one final push to relieve myself of this burden. A spike of pain launches up from my vagina, but I continue pushing. “Come on, almost there, almost there!”  I think to myself. My teeth feel like they are on the verge of cracking and the pressure I’m putting on my muscles is tremendous. My legs spasm and I feel the last of the egg leave my body. My limbs fall to the ground and I sprawl to the side in a heap of sweat and fluids, with all my energy spent my brain shuts down and I happily embrace unconsciousness.


The most brutal headache imaginable wakes me up and I roll over. I put my hooves to my head and cover my eyes. Why is it so bright! I pause for a moment. Wait a second… brightness… light… I open my eyes, immediately shielding them from the blinding rays of the afternoon sun. I turn to the side and spot my friends laying near me. We… We made it out of there alive! We’re free! The nightmare is all over! We-- I stop as I realize something. We’re all still ponies… We never got changed back. Why weren’t we changed back? Shouldn’t we be humans right now? I blink and take a calming breath. Okay, that can be worried about later, right now, we’re free! I jump to my hooves and scream in jubilation. “Hahaaa! Guys! Guys! We’re free! We’re alive!” My friends stir slowly, each of them also confused until they open their eyes.

Brian looks around at our campsite, befuddled. “We… what?..”

Tyler uses his fetlocks to rub his eyes before stopping and gawking at his surroundings. “He… Let us go?”

“I guess! I don’t know! But look, we’re safe now!” My heart slows and my breathing calms. Why aren’t they as excited as me? We’re away from him, we aren’t pregnant, and we are back at all of our stuff!

Jack shakes his head and glances around distantly. “We’re still ponies… and we’re in his forest...”

“Yeah… but…” I stop and examine my companions faces. Brian seems groggy, but contented with where she is. Tyler is simply stupefied at what’s happened. Jack is making me worry the most though, she seems withdrawn and reclusive, which isn’t like his normal self. I bite my lip as I think over what’s going on. Why are they so down about this? We escaped from a monster for christ’s sake! Well, he let us go, which is frightening. Why would he just let us go? Did he get his use out of us? Or is he just playing mind games with us and going to capture us a second time? And why are we still ponies? Shouldn’t we have gone back to being humans after he was done? I shake my head. That isn’t important right now. What is important is getting away from this godforsaken place with our lives.

“Come on guys, we don’t want to waste any more time, let’s try and get out of here while we have the chance.” They nod in agreement and we slowly shuffle around the campsite, tripping over each other and our new hooves, struggling to lift things in our new quadruped stance.

Tyler groans and kicks one of the backpacks. “How are we supposed to take any of our things when we can barely walk!” She slumps the ground, sniffling and scanning over everything. “We’re useless like this. How are we supposed to make it back to civilization when we can’t even put stuff on our backs!”

I turn my head to face my wings, such odd appendages for a pony to have. Why was I made into a pegasus? I mean, Jack and Brian are earth ponies, and Tyler is a unicorn… I look down at my pink hooves, the words pegasus and unicorn causing me to stop. The gears in my head turn as I struggle to remember why that’s so crucial to me.

Tyler continues her rant without noticing. “And what are we even supposed to do when we reach people!? We can’t just walk up to someone and go, ‘Oh hey, I used to be a person, but some monster in the forest transformed me into a colorful pony so I could have its kids!’” She growls and looks up at the horn coming from her head. “And what the hell is this thing for!” She smacks the protruding bone and flinches, growling in pain and rubbing it afterwards.

I’m a colorful pony… a pink pegasus! Oh my god I figured it out! I turn to Jack. “Jack!” She looks up from fiddling with her hooves. “Okay, Jack, take a really close look at me. Look at every detail about me, what do you see?” I lift my wings and smile as she examines me, blowing a stray hair of my two-toned mane from my eyes. “Recognize anything?”

“I don’t see… wait…” She leans forward, her brows furrowed in concentration. Her eyes go wide and she looks down at herself, and then to Brian and Tyler. “Oh my god… th-the OCs…” She rubs her face with a hoof, all of the pieces coming together in her mind.

I grin at figuring this out, but then frown as I think back on how this happened. He used our memories to find a suitable form that he could get pregnant. I look to each of my friends, analyzing each of their characters I had seen so many times before on a screen, except now in the flesh. Jack’s original character with her copper coat and crimson mane and tail, her red eyes providing a nice complement. Brian’s character in contrast has a two-toned mane and tail, half purple and half aqua and a grey coat covering her body, her emerald eyes positively beaming.

Looking past the earth ponies, I glance over at our lone unicorn, Tyler. She has a light tan coat and a brown mane, her eyes burning with a bright yellow. And lastly, there’s me. I look down to my strawberry pink hooves and then at my gold and salmon colored mane, and I can only assume I have the lavender color pupils I chose. I sigh and look down my flank to my signature feature, my pink wings. Maybe joking around and making a girly character wasn’t my best move, even if it is kind of funny. I gulp and bend my head down to look at my belly, my perky little teats sticking out from my crotch with my marehood just behind it. I feel so… emasculated. I glance at my friends as they do similar things, I’m most certainly not the only one feeling the effects of it either.

I sniffle and feel a few tears well up on my eyes, the full impact of the situation finally hitting me. Before, it didn’t really bother me. I mean yes I knew I was a girl then, but I still had my life,  I still thought there was a chance the monster might change me back after he used me. I sit there and watch my own muzzle, the girly pink taunting me the whole time and proving to me that this really is who I am right now. I watch my friends, Jack is curled up on her self in a tight ball. Brian is staring blankly down at her marehood and teats. Tyler is whispering to herself about something as tears drip down her chin.

“C-Come on guys… We need to get moving…” I choke out. We leave behind our camping gear, none of us knowing how to carry it in our new bodies. They follow me as we dawdle through the forest towards the car, each of our steps filling the silence while we deal with our thoughts. None of us spoke, and I don’t think any of us wanted to speak. We had been used, and now we were left to deal with the consequences of it.

We reach the car and stop, the sun setting behind us as we do, the sky filled with black clouds. Shit, I was hoping I could think of a plan by now, but nothings come to mind. We stand there near the car and I shake out my hooves from weariness, learning how to walk in a new body is tiring. “Do you want to stop here?” I suggest to the group. Tyler curls up on the ground without a word.

Brian turns to me. “But… We’re still in the forest, what if he comes back for us?”

I sigh and sit down. “Well, if he still needed us, he wouldn’t have let us go, right?” Thunder crackles overhead, causing me to twitch and look behind me in fright.

She nods. “I-I know, but, I don’t know! He might get us again! He… He might rape us again!” I walk over and hug her as she cries into my shoulder.

Jack mumbles. “M-Maybe we should go back…”

I turn my head to her and rub Brian’s back. “What do you mean? To the campsite? There’s nothing useful there, we never set up the tents and we can’t do it with hooves.”

She shakes her head. “No! I mean, back to him!”

I pause. Is she serious? Does she actually want to go back to that monster? I shout to her over the gusting wind. “Are you crazy? He captured and raped us!”

Rain begins to pour onto us increasingly faster as Jack shouts back to me. “I-I know! But… He protected us! He made us feel good and gave us food!”

Water soaks into my coat and mane, but I hardly notice as I roll her sentence around in my mind. Part of me agreed, telling me just how incredible it was to be full, and how happy I was to give birth for him. No! That was the food! It’s screwing with our heads! I shake myself and realize I’m shivering and so is Brian who is wrapped around me. I shout to Jack and stumble as I walk for the car. “Let’s get in the car first! We’ll be more dry in there!” She nods and takes Brian from my hooves as I come up with some kind of plan to get inside. We couldn’t operate keys so we left them behind. Damn I wish I had hands right now!

I spot the driver side window and get an idea. I turn around, using one hoof to shield my eyes from the torrent of water battering down on me from all sides. The water soaks into my coat, leaving me heavy and cold as I raise my right hind leg to the windows height. Lightning strikes overhead and I kick, the window cracking from the force of my hoof. I kick a second time, the glass shattering and flying inside of the car. I scurry up onto my hind legs and bite the lock, pulling upwards with my jaw to unlock the door.

More lightning strikes happen and I hear Jack shriek behind me. Come on you stupid thing! Open! I slip my hoof under the small handle and pull, the door swinging open is I do. I look on the inside of the door, my eyes quickly darting over the buttons as I look for the right one. Ah ha! Unlock all doors! I smack it with my hoof and open the side door, motioning to the two of them as they hobble towards me. I help Jack get the sobbing wreck that is Brian into the car. Jack climbs in next. Alright, those two are in, where is Tyler?

I turn around, my eyes scanning the ground Tyler. I see a dark mass curled up on the ground, right where she was before. Is she insane?! She’s going to die out in this weather! I rush over to her and nudge her, screaming over the roaring weather surrounding us. “TYLER! Get up! You’re going to die out here! Get in the car!”

She shudders from the cold but doesn’t move an inch. I lower my head to her and barely hear her mumble. “Maybe I want to…”

I grunt and push on her side again. “Get up damn it! You’re going to make it!” She doesn’t budge and I stand there in the rain, mind racing for ideas. Wind and rain howl around me, whipping my long mane across my face. I brush it out of my eyes and it sticks to my neck. What feels like rivers of water are running down my body as I shiver from the cold. “Come on Tyler!” I dig one of my hooves through the muddy ground under her and pull, moving her a few inches. “I’m not leaving you out here!” My voice goes hoarse from shouting and I focus on inching her towards the car.

Jack’s voice is hardly audible through the storm and I turn to her in an attempt to hear better. She motions inward to the car. I shake my head and turn back to Tyler, pulling her along through the muck. Inch by inch, I get closer. What feels like hours pass as I drag my friend, battling against both her unwillingness and the unforgiving weather. My muscles are on the brink of collapsing and I’ve given up trying to talk to Tyler. Whether she wants to or not, she’s getting through this storm, or we both go down. My hind leg hits something hard and I squint, my vision bleary. The car! I made it!

Jack pushes the door open and I motion to her to help me get Tyler in the car. She nods and bends down from her seat in the car, putting her hooves under the still non-compliant mare. I do the same behind her, lifting up as best as I can with one hoof. We teeter and rock, but get her into the car in one piece. She is still dead quiet, and part of me worries she actually did die while I was moving her. I shake my head and hop into the car on the floor, Jack taking care of the door. The storm is still as loud as ever outside and I’m occasionally peppered by rain from the broken driver window, but this is better than nothing.

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