Stay near the Campfire

by Scrub

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Brian presses on the brakes, slowing the car to a halt at the end of the dirt road. He turns to us with an exaggerated expression. “Ready for two whole nights of fun in the woods!!”

I nod excitedly and turn to our other two passengers. “YEAH! I get to be out here with my bestest buddies in the whole wide world having boatloads of fun!”

Tyler sighs and rubs his face with his hands. “Why did I agree to this?”

Jack chuckles and pats him on the shoulder. “Come on, camping isn’t that bad, especially with these two.” He motions to Brian and I.

I turn to Brian with a grin. This is the first time all four of us have gone camping, since we had only recently met Tyler and befriended him after a convention. Me and Brian had met about a year ago at a local brony meet up and our personalities matched up quite well. We all clamber out of the car, taking a minute to stretch out our weary limbs. I look at our surroundings, most of the trees fresh with life as spring has just rolled around. None of us have gone to this particular forest yet, but it looks like a good enough spot.

I turn to Jack as we walk to the trunk of the car for our gear. Camping is a tradition we started once we met him at a little table he ran at a convention. He ran a blog, did fan art, even offered to make Brian and I original characters that would be featured in his blog! I chuckle to myself at remember his offer, Brian and I didn’t even have to think about it, both of us just screamed “Yes! Yes!” like little school girls.

Brian tosses me one of the backpacks and I sling it over my shoulders. I turn to the others as they situate themselves with the camping gear. “Everyone good to go?” They nod in response. “Then let’s get a move on, people!” I turn around and walk down the first cleared trail I see. I breath in heavily through my nose, filling me with the pleasant scent of nature. Ah, it’s such a beautiful evening today. Hardly a cloud in the sky, allowing the brighter stars to shine dimly before the sun has set. The moon dimly shows it’s face as we trek through the thick woods and towards our destination.


Brian pushes a branch out of the way and steps around it. “And on the second hour of their expedition they came across a giant branch, unfortunately they could not cut it down, for as we know, money can’t buy knives. Walking around the branch they continued through the forest to their campsite.”

I grab a hold of the branch and let Tyler step around it. He mumbles to me while passing by. “Is there no way to shut him up?”

I chuckle, “I’d cut him, but I don’t have a knife.” I follow behind them as the dying sun casts its last rays of light onto us. We reach a small clearing so we all stop and set our things down to look for flashlights. “Want to just stop here?”

Jack twists his head to the left and right. “It’s as good a place as any.” And with that we sling off our backpacks. Tyler and I set up the tents and sleeping bags. Brian moves away the bramble and brush, making room for the campfire. Jack goes into the woods, coming back with two armfuls of branches and twigs to burn. He sets them on the ground and sets up the fire and soon enough we’re all sitting cozily near it. Jack stands up with a yawn, “I’m gonna go piss, guys.”

I stretch backwards and grab for a water bottle, taking a small sip from it. I lean over to Brian on my left. “Finally he’s gone, now we can actually have some fun!”

Jack blinks and looks down at me mid-stretch. “I haven’t left yet, ya know.”

I look up to him. “Hmm? Oh, weren’t you going somewhere?” I stick my tongue out at him.

He rolls his eye and treads away from the site with a flashlight in hand, calling back to us. “Have someone stay near the campfire! Those small twigs burn quick!”


Brian sets a few more logs onto the full sized campfire, which it greedily laps up. He glances at his watch, then says to no one in particular. “Jack’s been gone for like thirty minutes.”

I nod, looking in the general direction of where he went. “Wanna go look for him?”

Brian shrugs. “Sure. Tyler, you gonna come to?”

Tyler shakes his head. “Nah, I think I’ll hold down the fort while you guys look for him, just incase he comes back.”

“Suit yourself.” I reply, picking up one of the flashlights we brought. I step onto the small path leading into the woods, flicking on the flashlight as I do to make sure the path is clear. With Brian in tow we venture into the tree filled darkness.

I wave the flashlight to the left, calling out, “Jack! Where are you!” I sigh and turn to Brian. “Where in the hell did he go? We’ve been wandering around for like ten minutes, there’s no way he would have gone farther than here just to take a piss.”

Brian looks to his right and shouts, “Come on Jack! We know you’re out there somewhere!” He looks to me and rolls his eyes. “He’s probably just playing some kind of joke on us.” He chuckles and looks back. “Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was already back at camp, yucking it up with Tyler about how he tricked us into wandering around the woods for awhile.”

I also chuckle, “Hehe, yeah, you’re probably right.”

Brian pats me on the shoulder and turns around. “Come on, we’ll be the ones laughing when we don’t give him any of our beer.”

I stop and raise my eyebrow. “You brought beer?”

“Of fucking course I brought beer! We’re camping dude, they go hand in hand! You can’t have one without the other!” He exclaims as if I’m stupid.

I follow behind him as he walks, musing quietly to myself. “I thought that was marshmallows…”

As we walk, the light from my flashlight reflects off of something shiny a few feet away. “Hold up, Brian, there’s something over here…” He silently follows behind me as I push through the brush, looking for whatever it is the light bounced off of. I bend down curiously. “A flashlight?..” I turn the light to the left where I spot ripped up pants. “Brian… I don’t think Jack is playing a joke on us.” I pick up the torn trousers, it looks like claws went through them, but there was no blood anywhere to be found. I hand them off to Brian who is standing silently perplexed next to me.

Brian looks over the pants before setting them back on the ground. “We should go back to Tyler so he can help us search.” I nod in agreement and we both turn around, walking back to camp.

Brian groans. “Are we seriously fucking lost right now?”

I shake my head. “No dude, I know for a fact camp is right down this path, you could see the fire from here!” I swear under my breath as we continue walking, this was supposed to be just a fun little trip out of the city for a night, and now one of my friends is missing and we can’t find our way back to our stuff. I spot a clearing a few yards away and motion to Brian. “Come on, let’s see if we can get our bearings so we don’t waste anymore time bumbling around.”

I step into the clearing, huh, this looks familiar. I shine the flashlight around, and lo and behold, it’s our campsite! ...And Tyler is gone. I point the light towards a sizzling fire, it had very recently been put out. My mind reels in panic, either this is some sick joke on their part, in which case I’ll murder both of them, or there is something else out there, in which case I’ll be murdered, and I’m not liking either of those outcomes. Brian whispers. “Okay, this is just getting creepier by the minute, Kyle.”

I kneel next to the fire and inspect it, some of the ashes were still glowing with heat. I mumble back to Brian, trying to keep my cool so we both don’t start to panic. “Yeah… This fire couldn’t have gone out more than a few minutes ago.” I stand up and shine the light to where Tyler was sitting before we left. “He, or whatever took him, couldn’t have gotten far from here.”

Whatever took him?!” Brian shouts at me, half scared and half angrily.

“Shh!” I growl out to him and whisper. “Yes, whatever took him. Something bad might have happened to them, and that thing might still be out there, so be quiet!” Brian nods quickly and picks up a flashlight, following behind me as I slowly approach what appears to be a cleared path through the forest, directly behind where Tyler sat. I shiver as a cold breeze rolls by, whatever happened didn’t end well for my friend.

We follow the path for a few minutes, finding a few of Tyler’s belongings along the way. His shirt, his pants, his jacket. All of them torn to shreds just like Jack’s clothes. I fling away the useless t-shirt that belonged to Tyler. Brian whispers shakily. “Wh-what if a bear got to them…”

“A bear’s claw would leave bloodstains on the clothes you dope.” I mutter.

“W-Well what if they took their clothes off and threw them at the bear!”

I roll my eyes. “Yeah, next thing you know we’re gonna stumble along both of our friends completely naked hiding somewhere, and they both had the same idiotic idea to throw their clothes at it!” I sigh and rub my face with the palm of my sweaty hand. “Listen, we’re gonna find them, and when we do we’ll pack up and leave tonight.”

Brian nods and shines his flashlight down the path. “I think we’re coming to a drop soon…”

We both stop at the edge of the treeline and look down, roughly a ten foot drop leading into another bank of forest. I pocket my flashlight and get closer to the edge. “Brian, point your flashlight down in front of me so I can shimmy down this ledge.”

“What are you doing!?” He says alarmedly.

I facepalm, didn’t I just say what I am doing? “I’m climbing down this little cliff and I need you to shine your light so I can see where I’m going.”

“Why?” He muses.

I point down to the forest at the bottom and the black indent of where there are missing trees. “Because that’s where the fucking path goes!”

He looks down and shines his flashlight at it. “Oh, I didn’t see that.”

I turn around and back up to the edge, motioning him closer to me. “Right, so when I get down, I’ll shine my flashlight so you know where you’re going.”

“Sounds good to me!” He responds as I position myself. After getting a good foothold on the rocks I ease myself down, leaning outwards to see my next step. The dark trees from below reflect back eerily, that’d be one hell of a painful fall. Shaking my head and focusing I look down, grasping a rock with my left hand and putting pressure on it to make sure it can hold me. Slow and steady Kyle, getting an injury now would be the worst possible thing. I lower my right foot down, kicking the earth to make sure it will hold. I look up to Brian who is standing there smiling. He sees my glance and gives me a thumbs up. I return the gesture and resume my descent. I peer downwards, hmm, looks like another four feet or so till-


The light disappears and I’m left suspended with my left foot half way stretched to the next stone. “Brian? Did the batteries go out?” I wonder aloud. No response. My hands involuntarily get sweaty from fear and my grip weakens. “Brian! What the hell is going on up there?” I look upwards, but my vision still hasn’t gotten used to the darkness and I see nothing but blackness. “This isn’t the time for jokes man!”

My right foot slips and I fall backwards with a loud wail. I’m very swiftly met by the ground and a sharp spike of pain at the base of my spine. “SHIT!” I growl, rolling onto my chest and lowering one hand to my back, trying to rub the pain away. “Fuckfuckfuck that hurt!” I stay there on my knees and rub my lower back for a few minutes, hoping I didn’t screw anything up too badly. “Brian!” I shout, hoping for some kind of reply. A few minutes pass with only silence to fill them. “Brian?” I holler out louder. Still nothing. I achingly stand up, giving myself a moment to stretch out the muscles.

I pull out the flashlight in my pocket and turn around to face the cliff. I face the beam of light at the top. Nothing but trees are in sight. I lick my dry lips and move the light to the left and right, hoping to see any sign of my friend. I raise a hand to the side of the mouth and yell, “Brian! Are you up there!” I wait, expecting my friends’ silly grin or his laughter or something, but nothing comes. I swallow the lump building in my throat, what if the monster got Brian too? I shake my head and close my eyes. There’s no monster! I tilt my head back and yell a second time, “Brian! I’m gonna keep looking! M-Meet me back at the car in half an hour!” I curse to myself when I hear my stutter. I’m not afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of, this is just a forest and I’m going to be perfectly fine.

I do a slow spin and look in all directions for somewhere else to go, but the only viable route is into the cleared path in front of me. After pausing for a moment to swallow my fear I step onto the dark trail, being as cautious as humanly possible so I don’t startle anything that might be lurking in the woods. The crunch of twigs and my breath are my only vocal companions as I peer into the darkness. Why does nighttime have to be associated with fear? It makes situations like this ten times worse than they already are! Maybe it’s because with darkness there’s the unknown; anything could be out there, waiting for me to make a wrong step. I hit the side of my head with a fist. Stop thinking about it! It will only get worse if I start imagining things wanting to hunt me down and tear the flesh from my bone.

I stop and squeeze my eyes shut as tightly as I can and take a deep breath, inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth. I open my eyes again, and with a clear mind I walk forward, distracting myself with any other thought I can. I notice a clearing ahead and step forward tentatively. I go to the edge of the treeline and peek around it, shining my light as I do. Nothing but an open expanse for about a hundred yards, and then another large group of trees. I peer to the right, my attention caught by a monolith of a tree planted right in the middle of the clearing. It was a dead tree, but it was about seven stories high nonetheless. Taking one last glance to the sides I walk to the massive tree, hoping I see something that will point me in the right direction to my friends.

I place my hand on the bark of the tree and sigh as I look up its’ height. I wish I could have found this while it was daytime and taken a few pictures of it. My right peripheral sees a glimpse of something and I turn towards it, pointing my flashlight towards the object. I squint my eyes and tilt my head, whatever it is, at fifty yards I can’t tell anything about it. I take a step closer. I think I see white? Yes, definitely white. Is it floating? No, it can’t be. It’s about ten feet from the treeline. So it’s not attached to the trees either, ruling out some kind of glow in the dark fruit. It… almost looks human-shaped. Yeah, like a tall, pale human’s head. I immediately brighten at the prospect of another person. I raise both hands to my mouth and shout towards what I presume is a him, “Hey! Over here!” It turns in response and I jump giddily like a little school girl. Yes! Help is here! I can’t make out any expression on its face because of the distance, but man do I hope it’s willing to help me.

“Yeah! You! Listen, can you help me out? Me and some friends got lost! Do you know if there’s anyway I can get to the top of that cliff?” I turn and point behind me, then turn back to my new companion, only to see that he’s gone? What the fuck?

I sigh, fuck that guy, looks like I’m searching for a way out by myself. I turn and see a route out of the clearing that is between both sets of trees. I shrug, may as well stay out in the open right? Then I can see anything coming after me! Brilliant plan Kyle. Thank you Kyle, I’m glad I could help.

I reach the edge of the trail and turn around one last time to look at the beautiful tree. I stand there for a moment and grin, then blink and look down at it’s base… What the hell… I blink a couple extra times. The guy from a minute ago is standing there, staring at me. How did he get behind me? We’re only about a hundred feet from each other, and at this range I can make out some more features. It’s definitely a guy, he’s way too bulky to be a girl. He’s in some kind of black attire, maybe a suit and trousers. He’s bald, and I wasn’t mistaken about the paleness. Another thing I can tell now is that he is incredibly tall, his head comes up to the first big branch leading off of the tree. When I stood in his spot, that branch was about three and a half feet over my head... and I’m six feet tall.

As I stare at his face I feel a sort of fuzziness attack my thoughts, as if a blanket made of wool is covering them and keeping me from thinking straight. My head twitches to the side and I lick the inside of my cheek. My breathing grows loud in my ears and my knees are shaking for some reason. I close both eyes and the feelings ease out of my system slowly. I shield my eyes from the freak of nature in front of me and look up slowly, noticing he’s come about twenty feet closer. Before I can even process this my body has already turned around and I’m running full speed away from him. As I put more distance between me and him my head clears further, allowing me to think over how impossibly strange that encounter was.

I stop and rest against a tree. Dear god, what was that thing? It was similar to a human, but freakishly tall and just plain terrifying. A feeling of dread washes over me and no matter what I do I can’t shake it off. Deep breaths Kyle, deep breaths. As long as we don’t see that thing ever again, we’ll be golden. I breathe through clenched teeth as I rub my arms, my cold sweat causing me to shiver violently. I look up and around. I need to find a way back to the car and leave this god forsaken place. I’ll come back tomorrow with the police and search for my friends, this whole solo business was an idiotic move on my part.

My lungs catch and my eyebrows twitch as I stare at what I now consider to be a monster. He’s about thirty feet in front of me right now, and I have never been more terrified in my entire life. He’s in a suit with a long red tie and matching black pants. His hands are at his sides. My jaw clenches and shakes as I stare at his face. Except, he doesn’t have one. He doesn’t have a fucking face! No mouth, no ears, no eyes, nothing! I turn tail and sprint without a second thought, tripping after my first step. I quickly recover and drop my flashlight in the process, fuck that thing, I need to live. My chest heaves up and down as I run past the statue height tree from before and look backwards. My eyes widen and I keep sprinting, he’s only like fifty feet behind me and it looks like he hasn’t moved a muscle!

My footsteps hit the ground with a heavy thud as I leap into the forest, trying to lose him in the trees. The last thing I see before I go inside of it’s dark depths is his featureless face, digging into my soul and planting an unforgettable fear there that nearly causes me to slip. My legs feel like rubber as I don’t slow my pace and run into the thickest part of the forest, dodging trees and jumping over roots, my elbows and cheeks red with blood from scraping bark and low hanging branches. It doesn’t matter, none of the pain matters, I just want to live, I just want to get out of this forest alive.

I leap over a tall bush in front of me, clearing most of it. My right leg catches on one of the branches and I hit the ground with an ‘Oof!’, rolling to a stop as I lay in the dirt, my body only twitching in response as I try to move. I rest my cheek on the soft dirt, it stings my bleeding cheek but I don’t care right now, I need to rest. I lick the inside of my dry mouth, it’s like a desert inside of my throat right now. Even after running so much, even after trying to escape, that fear is still inside of me. He’s out there, I can feel it. I know he’s watching me. I can’t escape him. I can’t do anything except lay here and die. I’m going to die in a dark forest and no one will ever know what happened to me. Tears stream down my cheeks and into the dirt as I gasp for air. I just want to live...

Minutes tick by as I lay there, face down on the ground, tears freely rolling down my cheeks. I place a hand on the ground and push up to look at my surroundings. There’s still a chance, I-I can still make it out of here… My heart slows to a stop as I realize something very large and darker than any of the trees is five feet in front of me. I sniffle and blink away my tears, using a grimy hand to wipe them off of my cheeks. My eyes slowly scan upwards, taking in every detail of it. As my vision clears I can make out long black pants… a red tie… I whimper fearfully and my breathing gets quick and shallow. I-It has a suit, and and a long p-pale neck… My breathing completely stops and my lips tremble. Lastly, a large, equally pale, featureless head. He found me.

Out of his back over a dozen tentacle-like limbs wriggle and slither in the air, their slimy texture glinting in the moonlight as they approach me. They move towards me remarkably fast, and suddenly one of them lands next to my face. Something in my brain finally snaps and breaks me out of my aghast stupor. I push on the ground and send myself backwards, landing on my back and backpedalling in a desperate attempt to get away from him. More tentacles fly towards me and land only inches from my feet as I dig my heels into the ground and push away, screaming in absolute terror, “NO! Stay away! Leave me alone!” They are undeterred and one of them wraps around my ankle, dragging me towards their source. “NO! NO! Let me go!” I kick viciously but more of them latch on to me, climbing up my legs as I desperately grab for anything, resorting even to throwing dirt at them. They grab my hands and pull me into the air as I flail about violently. I feel my clothes being torn off and I cry out to the monster. “PLEASE! Don’t kill me! I-I have a baby brother! I-I ha-grhk!”

One of them wraps around my neck and tightens, cutting off nearly all of my air as the last of my clothes are torn from my body. I breath raggedly and fresh tears blot out my vision. I’m dead. This thing has a hold of me. There’s no hope left. My legs and arms spasm from the pent up energy and adrenaline, but it does nothing to help my situation. Minutes pass and I think over my whole life, my brother, my parents, my friends who probably suffered the same fate at the hands of this monster.

I blink and realize I’m not being killed, just suspended in the air naked in front of him. My body twitches where the tentacles are wrapped around. What is it doing? I gulp as two more tentacles float through the air towards my crotch. “Wha- nngk--” The tentacle wrapped around my throat tightens again, giving me just enough room to breathe but not enough to talk. I stay silent but curious as the two new limbs poke all around my genitals, looking for something that it doesn’t seem to find. Why is it… A burning aura distracts me from that thought as it builds on my wrists and ankles where I’m being held. It’s not a physical heat, but it’s definitely emanating off of him. Is it… angry at me? Can I feel this monster’s emotions? One of the feelers at my groin jabs me dead center in the nuts, causing me to grunt in pain and breath through grit teeth. Yep! It’s definitely angry.

The burning stops and I’m held there in the air for a few moments as it ‘calms down’. The two feelers travel up my body slowly, my body sweating profusely as my brain races with what new terror it will inflict upon me. The limb surrounding my neck tightens and holds my head in place, forcing my teeth to grind harder against each other as the other two go to the sides of my head. They press against each side of my temple, right above my ears. A pulse of electricity on the sides of my head cause my clenched fists to open and my eyelids to twitch from the pain. Another pulse and I growl in pain, my chest fidgeting from the shocks. My consciousness bursts open with memories as the static is pounded into my skull from the monster. What is he doing to me!

Ten years ago, I open the door to my house, my mother turns to me with a smile. “How was school?”


Three years ago, I’m blushing, standing in front of my first love. I bend down, about to kiss her…

These are useless.” Echoes inside of my head. I blink and try to get a hold of my thoughts. My brain feels like scrambled eggs right now, memories I didn’t even know I had are being sifted through. It feels like someone opened up a filing cabinet of my memories and was digging through them, throwing them into the air one at a time as it searched for something. I make a vain attempt to try and produce a single clear thought, but I just don’t have control over my own mind right now.

Six months ago, I’m grinning like a fool as I stare at her, my very own OC.

Ah, this will work.” The electricity finally stops and my head lolls to the side as the two feelers move away from my head. My body is completely drained of energy and I feel myself get lowered to the ground as I lay there, gasping for breath. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life, and I just take a few deep breaths waiting for my memories to settle back down. I’m dimly aware of a few more tentacles wrapping around my shoulders and hips, these ones were much thicker and stronger than the ones currently holding me. My head bobs forward and I watch a skinny little one, about the size of my index finger, squirms and presses against my belly button. I feel a small pinch at my belly button, as if someone had poked it sharply. What is it doing to me now? That question is quickly answered as a bolt of hot pain shoots through my gut. I grunt and feel my veins sizzle as the burning venom flows through my bloodstream and across my body. Why is-- OH MY GOD!

I strain forward as my stomach flesh feels like it gets torched by a flame thrower. The tentacles around my shoulders slam me back into the ground and my body shakes violently from the poison. It feels like all of my organs are shifting and compressing, and the most brutal nausea I’ve ever experienced hits me. I gag and try to hurl but the tentacle around my neck tightens so much I can’t breathe. My lungs feel like they collapse as they are also subject to the poison, shrinking to nearly half the size they originally were. The venom grabs my spine and ribcage, extending them lower. I feel my vertebrae pop and shrink down as they multiply, and my spine elongates to the point where I feel it pierce outward from my lower back. A bony protrusion snakes out of my back and rests on the ground between my legs. My vision goes bleary and black. I just want to die, please, I’m in such excruciating pain. I can’t take it anymore.

The tendril going into my belly button stops pumping the toxin for a moment, and I feel a cold soothing around my wrists and ankles. My pain fades slightly, my vision clears, and cold leaves. A few seconds pass and nothing happens. I take a chance to catch my breath and look upwards at the beast, the emotion I’m able to read from his limbs is a contemplative state. He stops and takes notice, the venom returning immediately. I shake my head as the searing heat returns and some new part of my body is subject to his virus. A gargled shriek comes out of my throat as my hips spasm and contort. They say one of the worst pains a human can experience is having your femur broken, but what about having them crushed and reshaped? My brain is very nearly frying itself and I can hardly even register what’s going on aside from the agonizing reformation of my pelvis.

My cock and balls are grabbed during the process and pulled inside of me. Nerve endings are rewired and flesh ripped apart as a brand new set of genitals is forced upon me. New organs form inside of me and I’m one hundred percent sure they aren’t for a guy. Tears flow like rivers down my face. This monster is not only turning me into some ghastly being but he is also changed my gender! My sheer rage and disbelief are broken by a nearly indescribable feeling in my legs. My hips bulge and my knees are pushed up to where my femurs were as my ankles extend upwards. The bones of my feet and toes feel like they are hit by a sledgehammer as they mash together, forming one giant mass. All feeling in my toes is lost and I’m left with something flat and hard to walk on.

My shoulders shudder violently and a brutal SNAP! SNAP! happens, locking my arms in the same position as my legs. I curl into the fetal position as the poison races down my arms and I all I’m left to do is hope this will kill me as quickly as possible. My wrists drawback and lengthen as my hands are forced to clench into the tightest fists possible. My fingernails dig into my skin and cause me to bleed as the flesh knots together and the bones mush against each other until they are one big mass like my feet. In between my shoulderblades the vertebrae thin out and push upwards and out of my skin like two additional arms. I can’t even comprehend the logic of limbs growing out of my back, so I close my eyes and beg for release. Hopefully I’ll never have to open them again, lest I see what kind of freak I’ve become. I hold my chin tight against my chest, and I feel the dirt against my face get soaked with my tears.

The tentacle around my neck loosens and I let out broken sobs of pain. Is he finally done? My neck is subject to the intense fire and my jaw is locked into place as more discs form and elongate my neck to over triple it’s original length. My vocal chords suffer from the same treatment and I can only assume I now have a completely female voice. My jaw shakes and trembles as it grows in girth and length, pulling my face outwards and taking my nose with it. Having your wisdom teeth pulled out is painful, try to imagine having new teeth form and FILL IN all of the empty spots in roughly thirty second. My eyes feel like someone put lit matches against them as they expand outwards, and the irises themselves burn as my vision changes. My ears are not spared of pain either, and it feels like they melt off of my skull as entirely new, deformed ones poke out of the top of my head, twitching from the pain.

My entire body spasms as, instead of a burning fiery pain, a gentle warmth rolls over it. I feel my entire body warm up as what feels like a soft cotton blanket suddenly forms around my whole body. Soft hair then spills down my shoulders and bunches up between my legs. Before I can think about it, I feel my new back appendages get extra hot and sensitive as what feels like fluff plumes out of my back.

The last thing I remember before passing out is being dragged through the dirt.


My lungs compress as I exhale, and expand as I inhale. They stop for a moment and I wake up, blinking my eyes furiously and looking around. Darkness is the first thing to greet me, that and a small chink sound as I push against the ground to get in a better position. A barrage of sensations and memories hits me like a freight train and I’m nearly knocked over as I try to process everything. I was chased by a monster. Okay, we have that fact down. He captured me. I nod, alright, we’re getting somewhere. He tapped into my memories and used them against me. I slowly nod this time. Okay, considering the situation, that shouldn’t surprise me. I raise a hoof to my face, close enough so that my still adapting eyes can see it. He also turned me into a pony.

My hoof falls to my side as I think over that fact, and I stare into the dark expanse. I don’t know where I am, but wherever that is, I’m a horse. I’m a mare. Something wells up inside of me and I want to scream, but the only thing that comes out of me is a choked sob, “Why?...” I sit there against the wall, crying. A noise to my left causes my ear to twitch and my crying to cease. I sit there in fear, holding my breath as I stare into the blackness. Something is moving over there.

I blink my eyes and squint into the darkness. The shape moves closer and the outline of a hoof comes into my view, followed by a muzzle. I can hardly make out any details except that it’s sort of grey, or at least was grey originally. Right now it’s covered in dirt and… something else. We stare at each other and she inches forward tentatively, blinking as she looks me up and down. Her voice is a nearly inaudible whisper as she looks to my chest and stomach. “He hasn’t gotten to you yet…”

I move closer and look at her swollen belly. “Wh-Who are you?.. Where are we?..” I gawk at her massive stomach, it’s size rivalling that of a basketball. What the hell happened to her?

She looks down at her body and she suddenly begins shaking, a few tears forming at the edges of her eyes. Even though I feel confused and exhausted myself, I wrap a hoof around her to comfort her. Her voice cracks as she whispers. “I-I don’t know how I lived through it… I thought I was going to die… I’m not even sure how I manage to stay awake afterwards…” She suddenly looks to me. “Y-You have to run… Find a way out of here, b-before he comes back!”

I stop and tilt my head. “But… What about you? Do you know if my friends are here?”

She motions to her left and I can make out the form of two more ponies on the ground but nothing else. “There are more of us, they passed out… I think they got it worse than I did, I don’t know. They were both already unconscious when he finished with me…” She turns back to me, worry evident in her face. “But please, you have to go, you can’t stay, one of us has to escape…” She looks off into the distance past me, her mouth quivering and her voice dropping even lower. “I-It’s too late… he’s here…” I turn my head the direction she is facing, squinting my eyes as I peer into what I think is nothing. My ears catch a heavy thunk, thunk sound coming from in front of me. Thunk… thunk… thunk… Closer and closer, every second. I gulp as… as He comes into view. I put my hooves around the scared pony and join in her paralyzed fear as we both stare at his ghostly face. She mumbles to me, “I’m so sorry...”

The tall beast wraps his slimey tentacles around my body as I flail, slowly dragging me through the air and away from the other mare. My wings are suddenly pinned against my back, and I continue to try and escape, but somehow I already know it’s pointless. My mouth fails to work as I look between the monster and my equally frightened companion. What is going on?! Tentacles spread open my legs and I kick uselessly, my hooves hitting air. Air catches in my lungs as I hyperventilate and cry. “Pl-,”  hiccup, “please-” hiccup, “Let m-me go…” I hiccup and more tears stream down my cheeks. He brings me up to his featureless face and the feeling from before returns. The dread of helplessness and being dominated. I twist my head away but one of the tendrils wraps around my neck and forces me to look at him. “Please!” I scream uselessly at him. “Sto ho hop… please…”

I hang there in the air silently for a few minutes, wiggling my legs to try and break free, but it’s no use. One of the tentacles wraps around my tail and raises it as more of them crawl up my thighs at an agonizingly slow pace. I look to the monster in wide-eyed terror as I feel one prod my vagina, shaking my head violently in protest. “A-Anything but that, anything! Please!” But I receive no response, except for the cold, slick sensation of tentacles gathering around my genitals. I continue shaking my head and blubbering, “No… please… no…”

“AHH!” I shriek at the ceiling as suddenly a tentacle the size of an arm thrusts into me, ruining my virginity. The one surrounding my neck tightens, cutting off my scream. The monster doesn’t care about my discomfort as the tentacle batters and pounds my insides, it’s slime allowing it to fuck me as fast as it wants. My entire body trembles at its girth, and I have no choice but to silently pray this will be over soon.

The monster has other plans. I feel a second tentacle, just as large as the first, wiggles it’s way into me. I gasp out in shock, only for the tentacle around my neck to squeeze tighter, quickly silencing me. I close my eyes tight and tears slowly drip off of my chin as I’m brutally fucked by both tentacles. Fresh pain radiates from my crotch, so I open an eye and look down. I nearly faint as I see a third tentacles shoving itself into me, and I stare with horror as my pussy is somehow stretched even further open. Why me, I cry to myself. Why did I have to go camping. Why did I have to search for my friends. Why did I have to be turned into a mare and raped.

The tentacles haven’t had enough of me though, as they’ve found something new to interest them. A few new tentacles poke and prod at my ass, causing me to groan in response. I bite my lip as one pushes itself inside of my tight rear, even with the slime constantly dripping from it, good god does it hurt. Soon another joins it and immediately a third, stretching me to my limits. I raise my head, trying to do something, anything to relieve the pain. My eyes fall on the monster’s face and I start begging with him. I try to bargain with him, giving him anything and everything he’ll ever want from me as my brain reaches its limits. I’ll do anything he says, I’ll be a good mare for him. I’ll be his pet. I’ll sacrifice my life for him. I’ll do anything! Just let me go!

My body shakes and the pain in my rear doubles. I bite the inside of my cheeks as I feel the tentacles start pushing deeper inside of me. They aren’t rhythmically fucking me like the ones in my pussy, they are just shoving themselves deep into me. I whimper, oh my god, these things are going to kill me! They push farther and farther, and I watch as literally foot after foot of slimy tentacle is pushed into me. I feel my body fill up with their cold, writhing mass, and I twitch as a feeling of stomach nausea hits me like a brick wall. It feels like I throw up in slow motion, and the tentacles in my pussy start fucking me even faster as something unnatural climbs up my throat. A moment later I get the taste of slime in the back of my mouth, and then three cold tentacles slide over my tongue and inch towards the front of my mouth. I’m stunned to silence as I feel the slimy tentacles burst out from between my lips. They’re going through my whole body.

I panic and swing my body wildly, trying to get them out of me with a new vigor. The tendrils in my ass thrust and I shiver as I feel every single inch of them go through my digestive track and out of my mouth. No air can escape my throat and I’m stuck breathing through my nose, unable to make any kind of sound as my whole body is quite literally fucked. The tendrils in my throat widen and stretch my throat, giving me room to breathe normally, the only sound I can make as a response is, “Hhaaa…” In front of my face a new kind of limb I had yet to see rises up, my eyes visibly widen at it’s girth. The tentacle, about as thick as a two liter soda bottle, flexes and writhes as it moves towards me. I notice there’s a small hole on its tip, and it’s leaking a yellow liquid.

It moves closer to my mouth and I almost chuckle mentally. He can’t be serious, that can’t fit inside of me. The tentacles in my throat stretch my muscles to their max and the tip of this monstrous limb is only inches from my mouth. My mind reels back. Does he think that can fit inside of me!? “Hhhaaa!!” I breathe in protest, but he just presses it against my lips. It’s liquid drips into my mouth and it has an incredibly sweet taste. He presses forward and strains my jaw painfully causing me to cry, and he is only able to get the tip inside my mouth. Does he not understand this is impossible with my anatomy?!

He continues pushing, and even with my saliva and this mystery fluid he only succeeds in causing my bones to creak in protest. My jaw is on the verge of snapping and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop trying anytime soon. Just when the pain become unbearable and I feel my muzzle strain at its limit, my body’s position is very suddenly and very roughly changed. My neck gets snapped backwards and my mouth points to the ceiling, making my whole neck line up and creating a straight shot from my mouth to my stomach. More creaking happens and with an excruciatingly horrific snap and a gargled howl, the beast of a tentacle finally fits into my muzzle. From there it rams into my throat and slides all the way down to my stomach, stretching my throat to limits I didn’t think were possible. I give up struggling, and I am simply left to wonder just what this damned creation has in store for me next.

The giant tentacle begins to pulse rapidly, and what I assume to be the same sweet fluid from before is brutally pumped into my empty stomach. Is he… feeding me? I wiggle my hooves as my stomach quickly fills to the brim, okay, I’m full, you can stop feeding me! My eyes bulge as I feel my belly bloat and stretch out from the sheer amount of liquid in it. None of the fluid can escape or go up my throat either because the other tentacles are taking up all of the room. God, I’m so full… Why can’t this just end...

It continues to pump, and I feel the skin on the outside of my body start to stretch and bulge outward from the meal. As if that isn’t enough, a dozen or so tiny tendrils choose this time to latch onto my clitoris and began to rub and vibrate on it almost impossibly fast. Even with three massive tentacles fucking me, the pleasure from my clit sets my pussy on fire with the need to be rutted even harder. I moan into the giant tentacle pumping fluid into my stomach, and I feel my arousal dripping down both my hind legs. My whole lower half starts to shake from the pleasure, and I find myself squeezing the tentacles in my vagina and ass with as much power as I can muster. I close my eyes as the pleasure and pain wear on my brain. I don’t want this, I don’t want this! This is bad, I’m being raped!

Apparently sensing that I wanted more, a fourth tentacle slithers its way into my now sopping wet pussy.  The sensation is too much. I climax, wringing them dry as my body clutches onto them for dear life. The smaller ones redouble their efforts on my clit, and as I ride the orgasmic bliss, I’m hardly aware of what awaits me as a fifth tentacle, larger than the rest, slips inside my equine pussy. As I come down from my pleasure high, the pain in my vagina intensifies. I glance down at the nearly half a dozen tentacles fucking my pussy, and I see some huge bulge inside the largest tentacle. Whatever it is, It’s attempting to squeeze inside my nether lips. I shake my head weakly, why can’t it just leave me alone? It’s fucked me, hasn’t it had enough? That answer is no, and I feel the four original tentacles start to press outward from each other, stretching my worn pussy to an obscene girth. It hurts! Stop! I’m going to be ripped apart!

The sphere finally pushes through my entrance, with much effort on the monsters part. I feel that fifth tentacle bulge as the sphere travels up it’s length. I tilt my head, what is it doing with me now? The breath in my nose freezes as the other four smaller tentacles inside of me reach my uterus and stretch it open, making way for what I can now only hope isn’t an egg. I writhe in pain as it tries to push inside, but I’m nowhere close to being able to take the size of that thing. My body shakes and I make softened screams, pleading with my life so I don’t have to take his egg. The tentacles latch on to the wall of my uterus and a terrifying rip occurs. My womb explodes with pain and I feel the egg get shoved inside my most intimate area. The sensations are all too much, and I’m finally pushed into unconsciousness.

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