Twilight Sparkle picks up Human Military Com-Trans

by dominatusimperator

Chapter 1: The Story

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To say that Twilight was excited was an understatement. After so long studying, so long researching, she had finally picked up something! She had worked so hard, studied so long, and she had finally contacted aliens. All the Elements were gathered, and they were prepared to listen in, although some were annoyed that Twilight had disturbed their busy schedules. Twilight happily clapped her hooves together, creating a hollow knocking noise.

“Gather around girls!” she called to her friends.

The radio that Twilight had miraculously modified spat static loudly, causing everyone to flinch. Then, they heard voices on the other end. The girls pried their ears, listening intently.

“-Two one actual!” the radio screeched, “Multiple tangos sighted on rooftop, we are under heavy fire!” A series of explosions sounded in the background, causing everyone to flinch.

“What’s a tango?” asked Rainbow Dash, obviously puzzled.

“Ooh! Ooh! Let me guess. Is it something to eat?” Pinkie Pie shrilly questioned. She would have continued if Twilight hadn’t stuffed her hoof in her mouth.

“Shh!” Twilight hissed, “Listen!”

“We have multiple AAVs inbound on our position. They are Russian, repeat they are Rus-“ The radio was cut off violently, and another voice replaced the first one.

“Heavy casualties sustained! Simmons is down! I say again, Wild Dog-2 is down! We require fire support at this tim-SHIT!” the girls flinched at the expletive. “Suppressing fire! Left flank! Left Flank!”

A series of loud booming noises resounded.

“-Under fire from multiple hostile mortars. We require fire immediate fire support at this time. over! Targets marked with red smoke, how copy, out?”

“Solid copy, Wild Dog! Friendlies in the killbox, mark with green smoke, over.”

Fluttershy flinched at the usage of the word “kill”.

“-We have incoming MI-24 Hinds. Say again, Hinds! We require immediate anti-air support!”

“Connors! Get that Javelin up here now!”

There was a whooshing noise followed by a loud explosion.

The girls winced as they heard agonized screaming in the background.

“Tango down! Say again, Tango down!”

“Solid copy.”

“Incoming ADAM!”

There was a whistling screech that caused everypony to jerk back. A loud explosion and more screaming followed it. Twilight glanced at the others in bewilderment. What was happening? What was an ADAM?

Central! This is Foxtrot-two-niner!” another voice screamed, “We have multiple hostile T-80Us closing on our position! Requesting an anti-tank run, over! Authorization mark, delta-niner-two-epsilon!”

“Solid copy, Foxtrot-two-niner. Paint targets with laser, over.”

“Targets painted!”

There was whooshing noise followed by a mechanical screaming noise. A thunderous explosion punctuated the transmission. There was more screaming. The sounds of brick falling punctuated the cacophony of war.

“-Actual! Tango down. Mark, one building destroyed. How copy, over?”

“Solid copy.”

“Cease fire! Cease fire! There are civvies in the killbox! I say again, there are civvies in the killbox!”

This voice was cut off by another.

Damn it! We have lost War Hound! Say again, War Hound destroyed! Tank support lost!”

More thunderous explosions resonated in the background. The girls blinked. This sounded like a war the more they listened to it. But this was obviously with technology far beyond their grasp.

“Target annihilated. Bravo Zulu! Bravo Zulu!”

This produced several blinks of confusion. What did Bravo Zulu mean?

“Hitting LZ, danger close.”

“Go loud! Go loud!”

“Heads down! Putting out a 40 Mike Mike!”

“Grenade!” This was followed by an earth-shattering explosion and static.

“Multiple tangos sighted, line sierra-roughly thirty. I say again, three-zero!"

“SHIT! Civvies down! Civvies down!”

The girls grimaced at this. They assumed “civvies” meant civilians. They hoped that whatever happened wasn’t too bad. They heard more screaming from the other end, cut off by static.

“Enemy CAS inbound!” There was a sort of ripping sound, and several more explosions. The sound of flames overwhelmed the radio.

“Alfa-2-1 is down! I say again, he is down!”

“Come again, Alfa-2-1, transmission intermittent.”

“Alfa-2-1 is down!” the-what were they any way?-voice cried, “Alfa-2-1 is down!”

The transmission cut off again.

"We have BTRs incoming!

"Command, we are getting torn apart here!"

"Where the hell is our fire support?"

"Pop smoke! Pop smoke!"

"Launch that TOW!"

"Enemy APC down!"

More glances between the girls. What was an APC?

"Medic! We need a medic here! Oh...God...I think I'm going to puke."

More screaming from the radio, and several more punctual explosions. More flinching from the girls.

"All units, this is central. We have inbound TU-95s. Brace yourselves for high altitude bombing!"

"Fox three! Fox three!" This voice was muffled, and heavy breathing noises could be heard.He was cut off.

"INCOMING!" another voice screamed.

A series of loud explosions. There was a loud cry of agony. They thought they could hear the voice shouting, “Where is my leg?” The transmission cut off into silence.

Twilight desperately turned the knobs, trying to reestablish contact, to no avail. The radio continued to blurt white noise. She sighed and turned to her friends. Pinkie’s mane she noticed, had deflated and gone straight. Tears beaded the corners of her eyes. Fluttershy looked down, as if she didn’t know what to think. Rainbow Dash and Applejack stayed where they were standing, their eyes wide. They were still trying to process what they had heard. Rarity, had plopped down on her famous drama-couch.

Twilight had no idea what she had just heard. She knew that something was very wrong. It was obviously a war, but what kind of war? Pony wars had very generally short and relatively non-violent, but what was occurring over the radio was obviously something of a far greater magnitude than ponies could ever imagine. She glanced at the girls, noticing their confusion towards some of the terms. Truthfully, Twilight didn't know what a lot of the words meant either. She hoped that she would never have to find out first hand. Ponykind was not ready for something like this. She prayed that they would never have to learn first-hoof what it was like. The horror was great.

Author's Notes:

Just something random that popped up into my mind. Please feel free to comment.

Addendum: Reformatted 12/12/14 to fix wall of text syndrome.

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