Pon-E Bust

by tavrispriteserket

Chapter 3

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Her name was Melanie, and you were in love with her.

In love with her hands, at least. You had no idea how long it had been–be it an hour or just five minutes–but the way Melanie caressed your belly made you feel like you were swimming on a cloud. It really was the most intense high you'd ever experienced, and it just kept going… and going… and going… until you found yourself lying on your back, tongue hanging out of your mouth, practically panting for more.

Drugs will mess you up, bro.

For a moment, you flash back to when you started doing drugs in the first place. You had just graduated high school, and it was clear that you weren't advancing to any further education. The school you went to didn't even have guidance counselors. It became day after day of lying around the house, and occasionally hunting for jobs. They didn't even want uneducated garbage truck drivers. The gender confusion only made things worse. Your parents noticed you binding your chest, and they noticed the packers in your room. Every day, your parents' moods got sourer, and every day you fell deeper into a hole. And then the day came that Pete invited you over to his apartment. He had a job. Not a great one, but he still got paid minimum wage. And with that minimum wage, he produced in front of you a smelly, rolled up piece of paper filled with some strange green stuff.

The belly rubbing suddenly stops, and, retracting your tongue, you lift yourself up with your forelegs to see what Melanie was doing. To your surprise, she pulls a brush out of her bag.

"You're a handsome stallion, but your mane badly needs a brush!" Melanie giggles. She motions for you to roll over, and you do so, wincing as you land on your balls. You kept forgetting they were there, but the pain was just another reminder that things were… right. You bite your lip as the pain fades, and then rest your head on the floor in preparation for Melanie's brush.

"You're such a sweet thing, you," Melanie hums as she runs her brush through your mane. Every tug on your scalp pulled a cloud out of your eyes, and you stare up into the beautiful, blue sky.

A pair of green eyes stare back at you.

"There you are!" a voice suddenly cries out. You jump up onto all fours awkwardly, accidentally bumping your head into Melanie's brush in the process. A cheerful cyan mare stands in front of you.

"Hey, Anon!" she calls. "How you enjoying this? Was I right or was I right?"

Your eyes widen–and you weren't even sure they could get any larger with all of these reveals going on.

"…Pete?" you stammer. "Y-you're a mare?"

Pete giggles, and whips her purple, fluffy mane over to the other side of her head. "And you're a stallion," the cyan pony retorts. He… she trots up to you and Melanie, and sits on her tail. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Jfhollkfd sdofhsfhds," you continue to splutter. "Y-you wanted to be a girl?"

Pete rolls her eyes and gives you a smirk. "I am a girl, sweetums, always have been. I just have never been able to truly be myself until I discovered Pon-E."

She gets back on all fours, and turns to face the rest of the ponies. You notice her cutie mark: a pair of scissors.

"Oh, and don't call me Pete," she says. "My name is Snips now."

You stare at her tail, dumbfounded. You want to ask, "You mean, like the colt from the show?", but somehow find yourself distracted by Snips's flanks. The way her tail swished slowly from side to side, partially obscuring her marehood…. Your new stallionhood begins to feel kind of funny.

You barely even hear Melanie gasp from behind you.

"You named yourself?" she hisses at Snips. "You broke the rules!"

"Huh?" you say, snapping out of your reverie. You and Snips both turn to face Melanie, Snips snickering as she does so. "There are rules?"

"Pon-E is strong stuff," Melanie says. "There are some rules, well, more like guidelines, in place that help you stave off addiction."

"Addiction?" you ask. Somehow, in the sensual blur of the past hour, it didn't even occur to you that Pon-E might have some of the usual repercussions of other drugs.

"Yeah," Melanie says, nodding. "Don't name yourself. It reinforces your pony identify and eats away at your humanity. Don't use it alone, because you can't be controlled in case something goes wrong. Don't take it with other drugs or alcohol, because the mechanism of Pon-E isn't very well understood and no one knows what kind of drug interactions it may have. No sexual acts. None. If you think the sensations you're experiencing now are overwhelming, just try to imagine how addicting an orgasm as a pony might be."

You blush, remembering your earlier thoughts about Snips, and sit down on your rump. Snips just rolls her eyes and sits down as well as Melanie crouches down in front of you and taps your nose with her finger.

"And most importantly: never, ever, ever take more than two doses in 24 hours." A cold look materializes on Melanie's face, and her eyes glass over. "Pon-E may have only been around for a few months, but I've seen some things. The worst addicts are painful to watch. What you lose… I would rather die. And that's why I work here. There's no point in trying to stop people from doing the drug, so I may as well help them to do it safely, and enjoy myself in the process. You ponies… you're all so cute…."

She breaks off and stares silently into the distance for a moment, before Snips coughs and pats her on the back with a hoof.

"We'll keep that in mind," she says with a look on her face that certainly suggests the opposite.

Whatever trance Melanie found herself in is shattered. "Yes… good. You two be good little ponies. I'm going to go play with some of the others now, okay?"

She ruffles your mane, gets up and walks away. You can't help but whicker at that last petting, and you close your eyes in bliss for a few moments. When you open them back up, you realize Snips is snickering at you, and your ears fold down almost automatically in shame.

"Really enjoying being a pony, eh?" she asks. "And I'd assume you're also really enjoying being a dude?"

You blush, and look down. "Can you blame me?" you whisper.

She titters and trots over to you, nuzzling your neck. You flinch when she touches you, and you feel your downstairs equipment start to act up again.

"I don't blame you at all, sweetie," Snips says, soothingly. "I just wish you'd told me you were feeling gender confused. I've been coming here for a couple of months now, and you could've been enjoying this with me the entire time."

"Yeah…" you mutter, still staring at the floor.

"I like your cutie mark," she says. You jerk your head up to see Snips looking at your ass.

"Hey!" you yelp. "Quit looking at my ass!"

Snips giggles. "Shut up, I noticed you looking at mine."

You blush furiously and stare at the ground again.

"Your cutie mark, though," Snips says again. "I like it. Have you seen it?"

"No…" you mutter.

"It's a yellow star wearing a pair of glasses. You're a pretty stallion, you know that?"

Your blushing just intensifies.

"Hey," Snips says, lifting your head with her hoof so that you're looking directly into her eyes. "We're… we're good friends, aren't we?"

"I-I think so," you stutter. "Aren't we?"

"Yes," Snips whispers. "We are very close friends, and we're both experiencing something amazing here."

You whicker affirmatively, and Snips begins to nuzzle you again, closing her eyes and wrapping her neck around yours. The netherly tingling starts again, and you close your eyes to join her.

"Stargaze…" Snips breathes.

"What?" you ask, opening your eyes.

"Your name…. I'll call you Stargaze," she responds, eyes still closed.

"B-but, Melani–" you start to protest, but before you have time to finish the sentence, Snips smashes her horsey lips into yours and kisses you.

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