The Monster of the Everfree Forest

by DeluxeMagnum69

Chapter 1: I'm a Monster

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The Monster of the Everfree Forest

Chapter 1: I'm a Monster


Unknown Forest

The pure darkness enveloped around me as I found myself in it. I have no idea where I am. The darkness lifted as soon as it came, putting me in a position of sheer confusion. Rubbing my head, I looked up and saw a tall tree towering before me.

"A... a forest..." I softly whispered as I stood up.

On both my feet, I noticed that I was pretty tall of what I thought I remembered. More trees lined up in bundles as the groves of trees continued on in the glory of nature. I looked up and saw the beautiful full moon beaming it's majestic rays around me, representing me like I was new life.

My previous life of what I thought was now cleared from my mind. No worries. I could always start a new. Or at least I thought...

The long legs of my body supported me to stride nearby trees in the hope of finding any civilization. With my fingers grasping around the branches around the trees, I noticed they were white.

Pale white.

I started to slowly panic, beginning to touch my body. I felt and saw that I had a long and thin torso.

"Nothing odd in that..." I thought as I looked at my legs.

It seemed to be black formal pants that I was wearing. Was I a high society guy or just a bloke that just happened to wear a suit?

A suit...

I looked down at my chest to see a white dress shirt along with a black jacket. Between all that was a white tie.

"A white tie? Who wears a white tie?"

I looked down at the plain white tie in curiosity. I had a feeling that there weren't many pure white ties.

And all of the sudden, I felt my head crack open.

"URGH!" I grunted out in pain as a word echoed throughout my mind.


I continued to scream out in pain as I collapsed on the ground, sweating furiously as I wiped it away with my fingers.


My pale white fingers were now in the scary shade of crimson. Blood. I frantically took my hand and placed it where my nose and eyes were... would be.

The slender fingers upon my hand felt a groove where my eyes would've been and along with the curve of my nose. Near my eyes, liquid continued to slowly drip like water from a faucet. The cold blood that represented tears. I slowly and silently wept as I got on my knees as I knew what I become.

I was Slenderman. A monster that roams the forest.

"I-I'm a human!" I tried to say to reassure myself.

But a growl from the trees interrupted my weeping as more than just a pair of green eyes began to circle. Wolves made of wood and material of the forest began advance towards me as I looked around.

I was trapped.

"Timberwolves..." I thought, putting my head down in sorrow.

But how did I remember that?

Did I remember anything before I was in the forest?

Questions like that continued in my mind with my fists starting to form a fist. The timberwolves roared, baring their sharp teeth towards me.

I wasn't scared at all. Instead... I felt anger.

"STAY AWAY!" I bellowed in a powerful dark tone my back started to squirm black tentacles.

The tentacles on my back were the pure darkness and evil of what I was. With a battle cry, I attacked the timberwolves. A long tentacle on my back impaled a wolf that was roaring; through it's mouth, piercing throughout the whole body. The pieces of the wood disintegrated as a dark aura started to envelop around me.

"FEEL THE MIGHT OF THE SHADOWS!" I yelled as my head started to crack as I killed another timberwolf.

Blood from my eyes started to gush out, streaming down my face as rage took a hold of me. I couldn't remember who I was before. What I was before.

I used two of my many tentacles to get a hold of a timberwolf and snapped it in half as it whimpered in my hold. I didn't fucking care if these things pleaded.

It was their problem.

A horrifying snapped continued as the timberwolf I killed made a horrifying wailing sound. It seemed to fuel the other words another meaning to fight - to avenge their fallen.

Four wolves attacked at the same time, their teeth bared and their paws out. Four of my tentacles were ready as soon as the wolves made a move.

"AH-HA-AHAHAHAHAHA!!" I screeched in laughter as I slaughtered the wolves.

The four wolves' head were instantly shattered as their bodies started to fade into the realm of darkness. This power was amazing. The darkness lives!

The blood on my face started to form my facial forms for me. My eyes, made in blood showed an insane look as my mouth curved into the most creepiest smile an insane killer would ever make.

"DIE!" I screamed as I continued to attack.

My tentacles penetrated into the hearts of many timberwolves; ending their pathetic lives. Wood bent and were crushed into pulp as I continued my bloodthirsty rampage.

A wolf then howled, guessing it was a sign of retreat.

"HEY, I COME BACK LITTLE ONES!" my creepy voice screamed at the top of it's lungs, "LET'S PLAY A LITTLE BIT MORE!"

Even with the retreat, my tentacles were fast enough to slaughter the timberwolves easily. Picking them off by one by one, my voice started to laugh and crackle even louder than ever before.

"AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" I laughed as the ashes of the timberwolves were beside me. "SUCH WEAK-urk!"

I grasped for my heart as the face I now had started to drip away. The blood all from my face tainted my dress shirt, but all the red that was on my face began to get absorbed by my white tie. The once white tie was now a light red.

My mind began to clear as the wolves howled in sorrow in the distance. I kneeled down on the forest floor for a very long time before I heard a voice.

"What was that?..." a voice came from the woods,

I had my long fingers around my face, hoping it would hide me of what I was.

"Who- my the gods..." the voice said, dropping to a whisper.

I looked up and turned to see a four-legged creature, a stallion looking straight at me. The pony had a caramel coat with a blackish mane with scared eyes. He had just placed a small lantern down, a small candle slowly dripping wax licked it's flames as the stallion continued to stare. In full armor and a weapon by his side, he placed it down.

"Sir, are you fine?" the pony asked, looking at me.

I stared back, no words coming out of my non-existent mouth.

"St-st-a..." I managed to mumble.

"Er, what was that?" the pony asked, starting to approach me hoof by hoof.

I heard each hoof click step by step as I started to shake.

"I said..." I began to say.

"STAY AWAY!!" I bellowed

The tentacles on my back reappeared as the insane blood face did the same. Unfortunately, that was the last thing the pony ever saw.


A few hours later...

The Everfree Forest

Somehow in the back of my mind, I knew this forest's name. It's such a weird thing. Was I a pony? Human? I wonder even how I got the word 'human' and 'pony' together.

I blended with the shadows perfectly as I tried to control myself of what I had done. I leaned against a tall tree with a gentle stream flowing by, easing me down. I stared at my pale white hands, seeing not even a drop of blood anywhere. The red tie seemed to soak in each thing I slay. The memory of the pony I had killed earlier lingered in my mind as I tried to comprehend of why I did that.

Why did I do that? Why am I not freaking out when I killed somepony?

He was just asking me if I was fine. But I lost control of trying to contain it. Celestia knows wha-Celestia? The name shot through my mind as my empty head was now slowly leaking out answers.

It was Equestria where I was in. Everything was coming together very slowly. Slowly, but surely.

"I can ask if she can help!" I said as the sun began to creep through some of the leaves from the trees.

The vast canopy of the trees was clustered very tightly that sometimes no sunlight could get through. But I shook my head to realize that it would be a bad idea.

Where was Canterlot? Even if I ventured out, who would help me? Even if I accepted it, I would kill them. I couldn't do anything...

"Where's Mel?" a voice with authority asked as I was coping of what to do next.

It seemed to be more than a whole bunch of ponies

"I don't have a clue sir." a young voice replied. "He said he was just doing rounds."

"Does the idiot even know that he shouldn't just venture out in the Everfree Forest?" the voice asked again. "We haven't even mapped this place!"

"Should we, sir?" the young stallion asked as I got curious to know who the ponies were.

I stealthily scaled the trees and morphed with the shadows, getting closer and closer each second.

"And this forest is just marvelous!" the proud voice exclaimed.

"I'm sorry to object, but this is just for locating iron, right sir?"

"In the name of our King, yes." the superior voice answered.

"King?" I thought. "Where's Celestia?"

"This is the 'Iron Age'." the superior voice stated. "How about that?"

Many voices murmured in agreement as I looked between the branches of trees. A huge convey of heavy armored stallions moved in unison as other ponies that seemed to be workers stuck with them.

I soon came to realize that I was in the 'Middle Ages' of Equestria. How did the hell do I know this information?

With that in mind, I grunted in sheer frustration.

"What was that?" a stallion in armor asked, looking around the direction I was hiding.

"I-I heard it too..."

"Show yourself!!" a stallion said, drawing his bow and arrow with magic. "We are armed!"

As soon as he said that, I felt myself going into a bloodthirsty rampage again. Such unintelligent creatures! I had the power of shadows!!

I had to control myself and not interfere with the passer-bys. As the blood dripped from my eyes, I brought myself to at least warn them before it was too late.

"BE WARNED! HEAD BACK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" I said with my voice dark as the darkness. "BEWARE!!"

I felt the tentacles from my back sprouting up, twitching to kill.


"Si-sir... What is your command?" a soldier asked uneasily to his higher officer.

"We retreat." the officer said grimly. "It's better if we go..."

He then turned around - turning the entire convey around with him. I felt myself getting worse and worse every second. I wanted to kill them.

I laughed silently to myself and restrained myself from attacking. My body wanted to just crush their heads and play with their guts.

"Heh... I'll pierce their chest cavity and play with their bloody eyeballs!" I crackled silently as the blood went to a darker color on my face.

"Let me at them!"

"No!" I thought, yelling at the insane voice in my mind.

"Oh, why not?..." the voice asked creepily. "Don't you just want to play with their bony spine?"

I shuddered to keep that image out of my mind.

"Don't shudder on me! I know that we want to!"

"We?" I asked.

"Let's play with the things the forest has to over us..." the voice cackled. "Slenderman..."


A long time later...

The Everfree Forest

"It was said that about a thousand years ago, Sir Dracus heard a voice that warned them not to go out any farther." a mare said, wearing an outfit that 'perfectly' suited the environment. "Darling... should we go back?"

A white coated mare wearing a somewhat bulky dress with blue eyes looked worryingly around her as her husband, a caramel coated stallion unicorn looked curiously around.

"Pish posh!" a stallion's voice answered. "He was probably crazy in the head when he heard that! Besides, do you actually trust the books?"

" 'Trusting' the books led us this far in the Everfree Forest, darling!" the mare answered, looking uneasily around her.

"And that is fantastic!" the stallion answered as his horn lit up to roll up a map. "My very great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather went on to a little expedition here with Sir Dracus! His name was 'Caramel' but was called 'Mel'. It was said he was never heard of again after the voice warned them!"

"Isn't that a good reason to go back?" the mare asked, looking back at the direction she came from. "Our carriage could be stolen, darling! Or even worse-"

" 'Stolen'?! We have good ole' Bucky and Woody watching them!"

"Aren't they your toys?"


The mare face hooved herself as a shadow swept behind her.

"Di-did you feel that, darling?" the white mare asked, walking closer to her husband. "I felt something!"

"And all I feel is your hoof on my rump, darling!" the stallion said as he unrolled the map.

"I-I'm not touching your rump..." the mare said very uneasily as the stallion's started to stutter.

"T-t-th-the-then wh-who's..." the stallion said as he turned around.

There was nothing the the place on the stallion's rear. In fact, the feeling of a hoof was gone. Only silence replied their suspicions.

"Darling..." the mare asked quietly.

"We need to go back." the stallion said, turning his head around to her wife. "Now."

A tall slender figure suddenly manifested slowly in front of the stallion, revealing itself.

"Eek!" the mare screamed, backing away.

She tripped and landed on the ground, ruining her dress. The terrified stallion could see the horror in his wife's eyes and couldn't bear himself to look and see what was in front of him.

"Hey..." a ghastly voice whispered. "Turn around or I'll kill you..."

The stallion was clearly terrified and shook and sweat as he slowly rotated his head. Now looking in front of him, there was nothing there. Anymore...

"D-Darling, did you see that?" the mare asked as she got up.

Her dress was a little bit torn as she struggled to get to her husband's sides.

"Yes, yes I did my love..." the stallion said, sighing. "Let's go."

She nodded and followed hastily behind her husband so they wouldn't get separated of what the thing was. They would just back to their carriage and everything would be fine.

"Darling, you know what the time is?" the stallion asked as his hooves and body made a passageway for this wife.

"A little half-past six..." the mare answered.

The two ponies looked up to see darkness now filling the sky above the leaves of the thick forest. In the darkness with the creature was the last thing they wanted. And in the trees not far away, a slender looking figure with a red tie watched them.

The stallion started to move faster as his wife caught up in his pace. The sunlight began to fade away, leaving the couple with the choice to light a candle. The evening swept in immediately in the dark forest, making it much darker than before.

"Almost there, my love." the stallion said with the candle in his aura of magic. "Almost there..."

The mare was breathing a little bit heavily with her dress dragging behind her. Looking back, the mare saw a tall figure, looking at them from the distance.

"T-the thing's following us, darling!" the mare exclaimed.

The wind breezed past the couple as the figure in the distance got closer and closer with each look.

"There!" the stallion said. "It's there!"

A decently sized darkened carriage sat at the foot of the forest untouched.

"Do you think they're alright?" the mare asked.

"Yes, they are!" the stallion said as the small lamp he was holding shattered on the ground . "Quick! Get in!"

The mare scrambled inside the carriage as the stallion tried to hook himself to the cart. But from the corner of his eyes, he saw a figure advancing towards him and his wife.

A tall figure that seemed to have no emotions struck fear into the heart of the stallion. It seemed to wear a suit with a dark force around it. Unable to make a get-away, he quickly scrambled into the car to hopefully hide.

"D-did it see us?" the mare asked, trembling as a tear began to fall from her eyes.

She got a handkerchief and wiped her eyes and clutched her husband.

"E-everything will be fine, my love." the stallion said with a breaking voice. "I promise you, my love..."

"Hiding... Are we?" the ghastly voice asked.

A large thundering sound was right outside the carriage as the creature stomped and stalked. The mare and stallion hugged each other tightly as the creature continued to talk.

"Where to kill... to kill... kill..." the creature said softly as it's steps were around the cart. "Kill..."

Silence of the night suddenly crept in. No steps or the voice were heard anymore.

"KILL!" a voice loudly said as a part of the carriage collapsed.


A huge section of the carriage broke apart of the creature was now inside the cart. The mare and stallion began to stream tears down their eyes as the creature had bloodthirsty eyes made of blood.

"By the gods!" the mare exclaimed as she wept into her husband's shoulder.

"Take them and run my love!" the stallion said, stepping towards the monstrous creature.

The tentacles from the back of the creatures squirmed menacingly as the stallion boldly put himself between his wife and the creature.

"How heroic of you..." the creature snarled with a smile. "Sadly, she's going to watch you die..."

"Darling! No!" the mare screamed.

"Stay back!" the stallion yelled as tears fell from his eyes.

"DIE!" the creature roared, it's tentacles ready to pierce the stallion and rip him apart.

But a cry from around the mare stopped the creature immediately as only the cries were heard. The tentacles from the creature were only inches away from the stallion's face.

The creature stopped and looked towards the crying mare, clutching two things in her hooves. She began to whisper a small song as the tears dripped from her eyes.

"What are those?" the creature asked softly, pointing towards the mare.

"Th-they're my children!" the stallion said, bowing down before the pale creature. "Please take me instead of my wife and children! I beg of you!"

The suited creature looked curiously towards the crying foals clutched in the hooves of the mare.

"It's fine darlings, everything is going to be fine..." she said softly to the two foals.

The cries of the foals seemed to have an effect on the heart of the creature. The creature grunted and it's head slowly began to crack.

"Remember this..." it said, looking down at the stallion. "I am Slenderman, the Monster of the Everfree Forest!"

The stallion looked up at the pale bloodied pace of the creature, staring right at him.

"Leave... And never come back..." Slenderman said coldly.

In an instant, the carriage darkened and was repaired. The creature - Slenderman was no where to be seen.

"Bless Celestia..." the mare whispered as the cries of the foals continued.

She kissed the heads of her children as her husband joined her. Deep in the forest, Slenderman was in the darkness, trying to comfort himself. He had almost killed a family.

A single drop of red blood left from his eyes as he was softly crying.

"I'm a monster..." he said, clutching his face. "I should never exist..."


Slenderman watched the seasons go by and see ponies wander sometimes into the forest. Giving warnings to stay away, many ponies backed out and never set a hoof in the forest again. However, others were stubborn and triggered Slenderman's bloodlust.

The ones that went in were never seen again.

Time went on very quickly for the Monster of the Everfree forest. In fact, Slendermen just wanted to hide and end himself. One time, he tried to kill himself but would regenerate immediately. There was no such luck in that. Time didn't mean much to Slenderman. As the ponies started to stay away from the Everfree Forest, there wasn't anypony coming at all now. Only the animals of the forest that learned to stay away.

Slenderman would have to wait.


Wait for eternity.



During one fateful day...

Slenderman sighed as he looked out of the beautiful Everfree Forest he called home. His body yearned for blood but was contained due to many years of self-control. It should've been at least more than a thousand years of practice for him. Still, he was afraid he could lose it and massacre innocent ponies.

It was for the best if he hid. No pony deserved to get killed by his hands.

'Closing' his eyes in the trees above, a loud sound of chatter broke his concentration as his head turned towards the origin of the noise.

"What's that?" Slenderman thought as he scaled down from the trees.

"Now ya'll heard about the story about the Everfree Forest?" a voice with southern accent asked.

"A herd of killing..." a voice said inside Slenderman's head. "Go out and slaughter them all!"

Slenderman shook his head and canceled the voice out from his head. Due to more than a thousand years of containing it, he could easily ignore the voice.

"Now, a long time ago, there was a couple that went into these forests!" the voice continued.

Slenderman went near to the edge of the Everfree Forest and looked out. A huge wagon full of ponies in ragged clothes walked on as the pony, a mare, continued with the story.

"There was a creature, a monster that chased them out of the forest!"

"Should I warn them?" Slenderman asked himself as he prepared to call out to them.

"A giant timberwolf attacked them and they barely escaped with their lives!" the mare said.

But Slenderman immediately stopped as the voice sounded very familiar.

Slenderman looked out and saw a pony with a green coat with a platinum blonde hair talking.

"Now, Granny Smith, there are timberwolves in the forest, but I don't know about giant ones!" a stallion's voice said.

"Just don't get yur' imagination fool ya'!" a mare's voice said. "Just look at this place! Thank Celestia she's giving us these parts!"

"I know, Mum' and Pa', but there can actually be giant timberwolves!" the young mare, Granny Smith said. "Just like in the stories!"

"Well, stories are stories, but don't go out in the night in the forest." Granny Smith's mother said. "Ya' know how dangerous it is!"

"Yes, Mum'."

"This looks like a good spot!" Granny Smith's father announced as the wagon came to a halt.

They were in the middle of an field with trees around their sides. It was a perfect place.

"Now lets hop to it, Apples!" the father said. "We need to be finished by sundown!"

The name 'Granny Smith' blew Slenderman's mind. An event in the future of 'Ponyville' was now a huge stamp. He was now in the area when Granny Smith and her family settled in the Everfree Forest.

He decided not to give a warning as he slowly watched the family begin to unpack their things.


As Granny Smith were working on the house, she was trying to hammer in a nail on a wooden board. With her back turned, Slenderman helped her out by pushing in the nail as she got the hammer. The nail slid in silently as Slenderman's tentacles easily pushed it in. With the hammer in her mouth, she had a dumbfounded look on her face as the nail she had placed was now gone.

"Granny Smith! Working hard or hardly working?" her father asked.

"Working hard, pops!" Granny Smith said with her gritted teeth on the hammer.

"Ya' want to help your mum' out then?" her father asked. "It looked like she needs help!"

Granny Smith nodded and spat out the hammer. Her father then picked up the hammer to finish her daughter's work. But as he looked up, he could see the whole side of the houses boarded up top to bottom.

With a shocked face, he looked towards Granny Smith.

However, far in the forest, Slenderman softly chuckled at his handiwork.


"Soup's on everypony!" Granny Smith's mother said.

Inside the finished house, Granny Smith and her siblings zipped to the table quickly to get their meal.

"Now ya'll know that we don't have much to eat." Granny Smith's mother continued.

A few seeds clattered onto each of the plates of the ponies, putting a much rather disappointed face on the green mare. Outside the window, Slenderman watched the entire thing unfold and knew what was going to happen next.

Hours later...

Granny Smith walked out of the house in silence with Slenderman waiting outside the whole time. He slowly and quietly followed in complete silence behind the green mare.

The mare walked inside the forest shaking a little as it was in the middle of the night.

"There's got to be something to eat in here..." she muttered as she looked around the creepy forest.

"Zap apples." Slenderman thought, knowing what was going to happen next.

Granny Smith walked on as Slenderman followed right behind her in the shadows. It was in the middle of the night and it was perfect. Nothing could detect him at all.

Slenderman watched Granny Smith go hoof by hoof and spotted the zap apples trees. With joy in her eyes, Slenderman watched the green mare quickly pick out the apples and placed it in her bag.

"And then..." Slenderman thought as he watched on.

A growl behind Granny Smith scared her, dropping some apples from her hoof.


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