The Unwounds Revenge

by unicorn92243

Chapter 1: Prologue

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  A thousand years ago, two royal sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, ruled together.

  Celestia raised the sun, and Luna raised the moon.

  Together the sisters kept harmony in Equestria, but over time, the younger sister of the night, Luna, became jealous that ponies would sleep through the night instead of staying up to enjoy it. One day she refused to lower the moon, for her anger had changed her into a mare of darkness, Nightmare Moon.

  Celestia tried to reason with her sister, but Nightmare Moon refused to back down. The resulting battle was devastating, and soon turned into a full blown war.

  Celestia would have used the elements of harmony to send her sister to the moon, but her sister had hidden them and instead she and her unicorn soldiers managed to call up enough power to send Celestia to the moon instead.

  Night reigned over the land until Nightmare Moon realized that without the sun the kingdom had become too cold, and without the sun the crops started dying, and would leave her subjects to freeze and starve.

  Reluctantly, Nightmare moon started raising the sun again to fix these problems, but just long enough to warm up the kingdom a little and to allow the crops to flourish, leaving shorter days and longer nights no matter what the season.

  Most were too afraid to try to stop the new ruler of the land, but as time went on, through each new generation ponies became more and more angry about the strict and tyrannical rule of the Princess of the night

  One thousand years was a lot of progress to go through, coming up with new spells and potions to fix oncoming problems with extreme solutions.

  It was mostly the teenagers who ended up rebelling, causing a lot of trouble to everyone in their quest to take down authority and raging against the Princess. Crime rates soon skyrocketed because of this. Crimes committed by teens.

  The parents were having more and more trouble controlling their children, and cried out for a solution, which the Princess gladly gave to them in the form of a chilling new law.

   Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, parents can have their child "unwound," whereby all of the child's organs are transplanted into different donors, so life doesn't technically end. While most of the teens unwound are troublemakers, there are exceptions to the rule.

  All a parent had to do to get rid of their child was notify the proper authorities and sign down their permission. Simple, neat, easy. Then they would show up at a certain date to take their child into custody.

  Those taken to be unwound would be kept at a camp while they waited for their fate. To be taken to what everyone had started calling “The Chop Shop” so they could be taken apart and their organs distributed to those who needed them. Nobody knew what happened inside them but the doctors, as any taken in to be unwound never came out again. At least, not whole.

  Half the ponies thought this was a good idea, It would get rid of the troublemakers while saving the lives of the good and peaceful loving ponies.

  The other half of the population was horrified by it, but any overt protestors were quickly arrested and fined, and there wasn’t much they could do about it.

  Nightmare Moon was a cruel ruler indeed.

  Now you may be wondering, who am I that is telling you all this history about a new and darker Equestria?

  Well, my name is Glowing Flame, and I live in an orphanage that has once again experienced cutbacks. A group of us have been sentenced to be unwound, and I am in that group.

  Looks like I’ll be finding out what happens in The Chop Shop pretty soon myself.


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