The Road To Recovery

by unicorn92243

Chapter 1: 1. The Letter

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The Road To Recovery

Chapter 1

The Letter

It had been a couple of weeks since the trial, and already so much had changed.

Rainbow Dash had rented a small but nice cozy home on the ground since Scootaloo couldn't fly, and Celestia sent her some extra money to help take care of Scootaloo's expenses since she was now fostering Scootaloo.

Every other weekend, Scootaloo’s father Cloud Dancer was allowed to spend three supervised hours with her. Rainbow had been worried that seeing her father might upset Scootaloo, but she’d been fine.

Scootaloo was going to therapy twice a week to help her sort through her feelings about what had happened to her. Sometimes Rainbow would talk to her about it too, when Scootaloo wanted to.

At first Rainbow had been very nervous, she’d never seen herself as a parental figure before, but it was amazing how quickly things had fallen into routine.

On weekdays she’d get up, wake up Scootaloo, fix breakfast, eat with her, help her get ready for school, get herself ready for work, walk Scootaloo to school, then take off for work.

Half the time Scootaloo would go play with her friends after school, which Rainbow allowed as long as she was home for dinner, and other times she came right home.

On the weekends they both tended to sleep late, and when they got up they’d either hang out together or with each others friends. Sometimes they and their friends all hung out together at once.

The best part for everypony, especially Rainbow Dash, was seeing Scootaloo smile.

Of course not everything was perfect. Scootaloo was still dealing with all the emotional scars she still had inside. Sometimes when Rainbow reached towards her she’d automatically flinch or cower, as if expecting to be hit. Or if she made a minor mistake, like accidently dropping something or knocking it over, she’d freeze and look at Rainbow with frightened eyes.

It hurt Rainbow every time something like that happened. It only served as a reminder how Scootaloo had been treated. But then, that was why she was going to therapy.

Scootaloo woke up that late Saturday morning with a yawn and got out of bed, rubbing her eyes. Peeking into Rainbow’s room she saw that she was still asleep so she made her way to the kitchen and helped herself to some juice and cereal. While she was eating she heard a knock on the door, so she went to answer it.

“Oh hi Derpy,” she greeted her with a smile.

“Good morning Scootaloo, here’s your mail,” Derpy said cheerfully, handing it over. “Have a nice day!” She flew off.

Scootaloo waved to her then walked back into the kitchen and sat down to sort through the mail.

“Bill, bill, bill, junk mail… huh? A letter for me?” She blinked and opened it.

To my ex daughter, because I have now disowned you!

I can’t believe you lied to all those ponies and told them that I abused you! I never abused you. I gave you the punishments you deserved to try to raise you up into a decent mare, but I guess nothing would work on a little demon spawn like you.
I’ve removed you from my will, and filed for divorce against your father, traitor that he is.
I’m in the hospital right now because some inmates attacked me and I nearly died, and it’s all YOUR fault!
All of this is your fault Scootaloo. You broke up our family.

May you rot in Tartarus!

- Cold Heart

The letter slipped from Scootaloo’s hooves and drifted down to land on top of the table. When Rainbow woke up and came into the kitchen a few minutes later, she was staring at it blankly with tears streaming down her face.

“How the BUCK did his happen?!” Rainbow roared, as she stormed back and forth in Twilight’s library. Scootaloo was at Apple Jack’s place being comforted by her friends.

“Rainbow please try to calm down!” Twilight begged, with an anxious glance at her mentor Princess Celestia. She had written a letter to her after Rainbow Dash had stormed into her library awhile ago and Celestia had flown there quickly. Rainbow had been ranting and raving ever since.

“Calm down? Calm DOWN?! How could you let her mother write to her?!” She glared furiously at Princess Celestia.

Celestia sighed, looking sad. “Prisoners are allowed to write letters, especially if they are in the hospital or solitary confinement. I had hoped that if she did write to Scootaloo, it would be an apology, but now that she’s done this, she’ll lose the privilege of writing to her daughter."

“She better,” growled Rainbow Dash. “I’m checking the mail from now on before I let Scootaloo get anywhere near it. She’s devastated.”

“Yes well, she’ll get time added onto her sentence for pulling this little stunt,” Celestia said, frowning.

“Was she really attacked by the other inmates Princess?” Twilight asked.

“Yes Twilight. Even in prison ponies don’t like foal abusers. Once she’s out of the hospital Cold Heart will be put in solitary for her own protection.”

“It serves her right,” snarled Rainbow. “Let her see what being beaten is like after what she did to her daughter.”

“She’s taking meds and she’s being put through therapy now Rainbow Dash. Apparently she has Clinical Depression,” explained Celestia.

“I don’t care WHAT she has. There’s NO excuse for what she did. NONE.”

“Yes I agree with you. Besides this unfortunate incident, how has Scootaloo been doing?”

“She’s okay most of the time. Sometimes she’ll act like she’s scared she’ll get hit or punished for the simplest accident or mistake though. I hate seeing her this way.”

“We all do, but she has all of you to help her through this difficult time, and if you need me, I’m only a letter away.”

“I know, I’m sorry I yelled at you. I know it’s not your fault,” Rainbow bowed.

“It’s all right my little pony. This is a hard time for you as well, and you need support just as much as Scootaloo does.”

“And we’ll be sure to give her that support,” Twilight nodded.

After Celestia left, Rainbow looked at Twillight sadly.

“How could anyone be so cruel to such a great kid like Scootaloo?”

“I don’t know Rainbow, I just don’t know.”


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