My Little Courage

by Mattricole

Chapter 1: Prologue


It was the only thing the young pup could think to describe his night, other than wet and hungry, as he curled himself up into a ball, shivering all the while. The wind was harsh, and the rain only made it worse. He hadn't eaten in days, ever since he lost his parents...

Where were his parents? Did they leave him? Didn't they love him anymore? These thoughts plagued his every waking thoughts, unable to dismiss them, even in his sleep.

Why did this have to happen? The young pup never did anything wrong. Sure, he had a bit of a sweet tooth, but that wasn't a crime, or was it? Another gust of wind blew, dismissing his thoughts and eliciting a whimper. Tears freely fell from his eyes, as he continued to shiver from the unforgiving elements of nature.

All he wanted was love, was that too much to ask?


Twilight was galloping though the storm, using her magic to keep herself at least somewhat dry. On her back was a backpack filled with new books that she decided to borrow from her good friend Zecora. However she was starting to regret her decision, with the horrible weather, it was rather annoying to trudge through a storm like this.

"It's a good thing I enchanted my bags, otherwise Zecora would kill me," she laughed to herself, knowing the books would be perfectly safe. She was almost back to the library when she thought she heard a whimper, coming from a nearby alleyway, "strange, who would be out and about during this kind of weather," she asked herself, not catching the irony of the statement, and went to investigate. She gasped at the site of a small, purple puppy dog shivering in the cold, completely drenched.

She picked up the young pooch, startling the poor thing, and held him against her chest, cradling the poor thing as he continued shivering.

"Oh you poor thing," she cooed as she trotted back to her home on three legs, the fourth busy holding the young pup, "don't worry little guy, you can stay with me," she said as she entered her home with the young pup in tow. She looked around the house quickly, not spotting Spike anywhere, he must have gone to sleep, she thought to herself as she levitated a blue blanket towards the pup and proceeded to dry him off.


The young pup couldn't believe his luck. The moment he wished for love, a beautiful angel descended from heaven, and took him into her home. He couldn't help but let out a contented sigh as she dried him off with a blanket. He briefly wondered what color it was, but decided to just enjoy the moment. After a few minutes of rubbing, the mare was finally finished with drying him off, and threw the blanket into a nearby basket.

"Now let's get you something to eat little guy," she said as she walked into the kitchen, levitating her backpack off of her as she did so and setting it aside next to a nearby book shelf. The young pup followed his savior, his stomach growling as he did so. Twilight looked through all of her cupboards, trying to find sustenance for the purple pup.

"Well, that's not good," she said to herself, earning a questioning whimper from the dog, "I don't have any dog food, and the stores are bound to be closed for tonight," she petted the young pooch as she thought to herself, "oh well, I'm sure I can find a book that details what's safe for dogs to eat!" she clapped her hoofs together, excited to have an excuse to read.

She left the kitchen, still followed by the pup, and started scanning the bookcases, looking for any book that explained the dietary habit of canines. After a few minutes of searching she finally found a book that should help, entitled Dietary Habit's of Canines.

"Wow, didn't expect it to be that easy," she said to herself, sitting on the ground and opened the book up, the young pooch cuddling up to her as he watched her read. She smiled at him and petted his head once more, earning a loving nuzzle in return.

"Let's see, 'As a rule, your dog should only eat dog food, however, some pony food, in moderation, your dog can consume as a treat. These include melon, berries, bananas, peanut butter, and cream cheese. Usually, it’s better to leave out the salt and other seasoning,' huh, very interesting, well, I'm pretty sure I have some berries and a melon in the fridge," she said as she once again walked into the kitchen, followed by the young pooch.

Twilight opened the fridge and grabbed some berries, unable to find a melon (most likely eaten by Spike earlier), and gave him just enough so that it wouldn't be harmful, "sorry pooch, but you'll just have to wait till tomorrow for me to buy you some real food," she apologized as she pat his head.

The dog honestly didn't care, he was getting food and that was enough for him. He quickly finished his berries, sighing in content as he rubbed his face against Twilight's leg.

"You're a funny little guy, aren't you," Twilight giggled as she levitated the pooch and took him upstairs, "and courageous too, if you were able to survive on your own," at saying that she couldn't help but pity the young pooch, it was obvious he was abandoned, being able to see his ribs and all. She climbed into bed, setting the pooch next to her and hugging him, the young pup gladly cuddling up to her in return.

"Don't worry little guy, I'm going to take care of you," she cooed as she slowly fell asleep, "yeah, my...little.....Courage."

Author's Notes:

Just a story I came up with, inspired by a comic I saw on Deviant art. For those of you who are wondering, this will be secondary to my other story, Oh Mama. This will be my main focus when I finish that.

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