Ultramare: The Redemption of Trixie Lulamoon

by Azure Sandora

Chapter 1: The Mare in the Light

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The Mare in the Light

Ultramare vs Golza (Ultraman Tiga)

Twilight found herself in the same place every night. It was extremely dark, so much that she could hardly see. She felt cold, and scared, like she would never feel happy again. As she walked forward she heard loud footsteps behind her. As usual, Twilight turned around and saw the same black shadow with red eyes towering over her. It was larger than a full grown dragon, had to be at least ten stories tall.

Twilight backed away from the beast, unaware if it was looking at her or not, but she didn't want to find out. Just as she was about to run though, there was a bright light behind her. She turned around and saw a pony walking out of the light. She couldn't see who it was, but she had this feeling that she knew them. The pony galloped toward Twilight, and then jumped into the air, disappearing into the light. The light then took form, becoming some sort of silver giant. The giant had really long hair, and stood up straight with the build almost like a monkey, but not quite. Something told Twilight that the giant was female.

The monster roared loudly, and then ran toward the giant, who was standing in some sort of fighting stance. The giant kicked the monster in the stomach, and then tackled the monster pushing it back and kneeing it in the stomach. The monster slammed its claw into the back of the giant, making her let go, and then slashed the giant a few times knocking her back.

The giant flipped on the ground to catch herself, got back in her fighting stance, and then ran back to the monster and continued to fight it close quarter. Twilight had seen this fight many times played out in front of her, but it wasn't any less magnificent. By now the fight looked pretty even, and even though Twilight knew how it ended, it still scared her watching the two titans fight.

The monster got a lucky slash in, knocking the giant to the ground. It then stomped on the giant a few times for added insult to her injury. Twilight was getting really pissed watching this, but there wasn't anything she could do. She just had to remember how the fight ended. It HAD to end the same way, right?

Sure enough, the giant managed to get enough energy to pushed the monster off of her. She got up and charged magic into her arms. She threw her arms out at her side, and then brought then back together in a cross formation firing a bright stream into the monster. Whatever that monster was made of, it couldn't handle the giant's magic, and it blew up seconds after being hit.

The giant turned to Twilight and looked down. For a second Twilight met eyes with the giant, but she then looked at the giants feet and saw another light appear in front of her, the mysterious mare walking out of it. Something about that mare, her mane, her tail, she even got a glimpse of a horn, something seemed so familiar, yet she couldn't put a name to the pony. Not a real name at least. Whenever she saw the pony, there was one name that always came to mind.


The following morning, Twilight began making her way to Canterlot. She had sent a letter to Princess Celestia asking her for permission to use the castle library. She had looked through all of her books, but hadn't found anything that sounded remotely like her dream, let alone an "Ultramare".

But she wouldn't give up. Too many times in the past did she have these feelings that turned out to be right. She wasn't going to let this go until she was sure that she was over reacting.

"We already looked in your books though," Spike said sitting on Twilight's back as she trotted to the castle, "What could be here that we haven't read already?"

"The castle library has a much larger variety of books. I've only been inside once or twice, but I'm sure I'll find something."

"But how do you know it isn't just a dream?"

"Gee, I sort of figured the part where I dreamed it ten times in a row was evidence enough," Twilight replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"But I have the same dream every night. You don't see me freaking out."

"That's because you dream of Rarity every night. Mine isn't because of an obsession."

"I am NOT obsessed with Rarity," Spike defended, "I just think she pretty, and sweet, and smart, and talented, and-"

"Alright, alright, I get it. Rarity is the greatest," Twilight said trying to get back on topic, "Look, normally I wouldn't be so concerned, but I have this feeling that it means something."

Spike sighed, "You're not going to let this go, are you?" Spike asked.


"Well, I hope you don't need my help. I'm sick and tired of reading through those books."

Twilight wanted to protest, but she had been working Spike really hard. Maybe she should give him a break today. She sighed before speaking again, "That's fine Spike. If you want to walk through town then-" Spike immediately got off of Twilight's back, making her laugh a bit.

"Send me a letter when you're done, alright?" Spike asked walking off. He didn't wait for her to answer, but Twilight would let him know when it was time to go. She felt weird letting him explore Canterlot on his own, but he was a big dragon now (at least bigger) so he should be fine.

"I actually hope that you're right this time," Twilight admitted to herself. She actually hated being right about these things, and this time if she was right, then Equestria could be in a lot of trouble. She needed to find the meaning to her dream.

Hopefully also learning who or what the Ultramare was.

"Another empty theater..." Trixie said in sadness. She looked out into the audience, saddened to see empty seats all around. She knew that she wouldn't have a big audience today, but she had hoped that today of all days would bring in more ponies.

She sighed and began packing up. As she walked off the stage though, she heard a cello begin playing behind her. She turned around and saw a sight that made her smile, even if she was still really sad.

She saw her dear friend Octavia on stage playing her cello.

After listening for a few minutes, she walked out to the stage to meet her friend.

"At least you came," Trixie said.

"I said that I would," Octavia stated, her voice possessing a slight British hilt. She walked over to Trixie and hugged her, "I'm sorry that no one came."

"It's okay, ponies are just excited about the meteor shower tonight. If it had been another day I'm sure more ponies would be here," Trixie said trying to play off her sadness, but if Octavia's expression was anything to go by, she wasn't buying it.

"Hey, why don't we get something to drink? At least we can celebrate, right?" Octavia asked.

"Well, if you so desire," Trixie said arrogantly. Octavia laughed, and the two of them walked out of the theater. She knew that Octavia saw through her fake arrogance, but she refused to let anyone see how sensitive she was really.

"Oh, hold on," Octavia said reaching into her cello case, and pulling out a small bracelet, "I got this for you."

"Oh, thank you Octavia," Trixie said, actually really touched, "I didn't think... anyone..."

"Come on, how could I forget my best friend's birthday. Vinyl would be here, but she's on tour in Hoofington, so..."

"Ahh, that's okay. I understand that this concert is important to her. It's a charity concert, right?"

Octavia nodded, "Vinyl told me it's to raise money for better equipment in Hoofington hospital. Now that magi-tech has been introduced to Equestria, Hoofington is falling behind in the times."

"Has it really been that long since the Equestrian Evolution of Magic?" Trixie asked.

"Hard to believe, isn't it?" Octavia said looking up at a statue they were standing next to. It showed the six ponies who represented the Elements of Harmony all looking up at the sky, surrounding a giant star.

"Four years ago, the Elements of Harmony broke the barrier of magic," Octavia explained, "and made magic available to all ponies. The machines that are being used by the palace keep Canterlot safe, and now it's easier to communicate with ponies all over Equestria."

"Yeah, and it also takes magic out of the hooves of ponies like myself," Trixie said darkly, "Ponies who make their living off of magic."

"Trixie, you know why no one comes to your shows, right?" Octavia asked, "It's not their fault."

"No... it's not. It's my fault..." Trixie looked down, "It's because five years ago, I was proven to be a fraud. Now that I'm genuine, no one believes me."

"Well, I wouldn't say that," Octavia said, "I believe you, Vinyl believes you, your mother I'm sure supports you."

"Don't mention my mother, please," Trixie said, "It's bad enough that she's talking about trying to get me to move back in with her..."

"You're living in a trailer for Celestia's sake," Octavia said, "It's clear that you're suffering financially. Besides, you're mother loves you. She did get in touch with you last year."

"Yeah, to offer me money and a place to stay."

"Both of which you declined."

"I don't want to be dependent on my mother, okay? She wasn't there for me when I was a kid, and I don't need her there for me now."

"You still haven't forgiven her?"

"It's not about forgiveness, Octavia. It's about me being a grown mare and not needing my mother to hold my hoof. I've done a good job by myself for twenty three years. I don't need anypony."

Octavia sighed, "Trixie..."

"So why don't we get those drinks, huh?" Trixie walked off in the direction of the bar. Octavia gave another sigh and then trotted after her friend. Unknown to either of them, they walked right by Spike, who was walking in the opposite direction of them.

Spike was actually looking for a place where he could watch the meteor shower. It hadn't been witnessed in thousand of years. He couldn't believe that Twilight actually wasn't going to see it. She must have been really shaken up about that dream if she was willing to miss this. Oh well, at least he could see it.

"Spike!" he heard from behind him. He turned around and saw Sweetie Belle trotting over to him. She was always cute, but now that she was thirteen she had become quite pretty. Just as pretty as Rarity, if not-

No! He was not going to go there. Sweetie Belle was cute, but the only pony he had eyes for was Rarity. Even if Rarity was out of his reach, he wasn't going to make her sister a rebound filly. That didn't mean he couldn't be friends with her.

"Hey Sweetie Belle," Spike said hugging her, his heart racing when he got a wiff of her perfume, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to watch the meteor shower. There's a really great spot right outside Canterlot where you can get a good view, and I planned on going there."

"I didn't know you cared about that kind of stuff," Spike said, making Sweetie Belle laugh.

"Well, mostly it's for a school project," Sweetie Belle admitted, "But I am excited. Did you... want to watch it with me?" she asked softly, looking down and smiling.

"Sure, okay," Spike said. Sweetie Belle got really happy suddenly and began hopping around much like Pinkie Pie would when she was happy. He thought it was odd, but he played it off as her just being herself.

She knelt down so Spike could climb on her back easier, "You can ride on my back, Spike. I'll take us right there."

"Are you sure? I mean, you are bigger now, but still..."

"It's fine Spike," Sweetie Belle said smiling, "I'm a big filly now. I can handle you."

"R-really?" Spike felt really flushed listening to her. He knew what she meant, but her words could have been taken a... certain way.

"Mm hm," Sweetie Belle nodded, "So you don't have to be gentle. Just... hop on, okay?"

"Yeah... sure. O-okay," suddenly he felt really uncomfortable, but he got on her back. Since she was smaller that Twilight, and he was actually a little bigger himself, he had to lean forward and wrap his arms lightly around her neck, "Are you absolutely sure you can- w-whoa!" she stood up suddenly with a lot of strength, "Okay, I stand corrected."

Sweetie Belle giggled and galloped off to her special spot. Surprisingly enough, she was really strong.

She had been looking for what felt like hours, yet she hadn't found anything concerning her dream or the Ultramare. Did anyone know about the Ultramare? Was there such a thing as an Ultramare? Was she overreacting like Spike said?

Twilight sighed and walked over to the window. Her eyes were actually beginning to hurt from all the reading. That was rare for the now twenty-four year old mare, who loved reading more than anything. It was getting dark now, she assumed that Spike went somewhere to watch the meteor shower. She had wanted to watch it.

"Maybe I should take a break," she said to herself, "This is a once in a lifetime chance after all." As she walked to the door though, a sudden thought came to her. The gears in her head began turning in the same way they did five years ago when she identified Night Mare Moon's revival, and again four years ago when she identified something wrong with her brother's wedding.

The reoccurring dream...

The Ultramare...

This meteor shower being the largest one seen in Equestria in millenniums...

"That's... the CONNECTION!!!" Twilight shouted running back into the library. This time she pulled out books on astrology, searching for information on the meteor shower, "How could I not realize it?! This meteor shower hasn't been seen for thousands of years. If I'm right, then... Ah HA! Found it!" as she read the entry, her pride slowly turned into fear as the many philosophies spoke of a terrible disaster. Great destruction all around, not even the Canterlot Royal Family was a match for the beasts that would arise.

"If this is right... then could my dream be...?" Twilight slowly asked, her heart racing. She had to find the Princess. She needed to warn her, assuming she didn't know already.

She ran out of the library, not caring at all about manners or regulations. Princess Celestia had to know about this. She called the Princess' name all while running to the throne room, happy to see her mentor present in the throne room, looking out the window.

"Princess, I'm sorry to interrupt, but the meteor shower, it's-"

"I know, Twilight Sparkle, and I'm afraid that we might already be too late," Celestia said softly.

"Too late?" Twilight asked walking over to her teacher, "What do you-" she gasped when she looked up at the sky, and saw what looked like bright stars flying across the sky, some of them looking like they were landing ON Equestria. Twilight looked up at her teacher, and saw a sight she never thought she would ever see.

She was trembling...

"Princess?" Twilight asked.

"We must get ready. Twilight Sparkle, follow me," Celestia trotted away. Twilight was terrified right now, but Celestia had to have known what to do. She always knew what to do.

Everypony in Equestria was looking up at the sky at the light show. It was a mesmerizing sight, the night sky ablaze with the large stars. Even Applejack took a break to look up at the shower. It was beautiful, yet something about it just seemed... wrong to her.

Fluttershy stepped out of her cabin, startled by the sounds of her animal friends. They sounded upset.

"What's wrong everyone?" she asked softly. Mr. Grizzly growled, telling Fluttershy what that meteor shower meant, and her heart sank. It couldn't have been something else. She didn't want to fight anymore...

Rainbow Dash was flying through the skies near Cloudsdale, training for the Wonderbolt's latest show, when she noticed the meteor shower. Pfft! Yeah right! "Meteor shower". She knew it was something else. It was about time too. Sure, she loved being in the Wonderbolts, but she missed the fights and excitement that only came from being the Element of Loyalty.

"Shit yeah! Show time!"

"Pinkie Pie, look!" Pound Cake called out from the window, "It's pretty!"

"Wow..." his twin sister, Pumpkin Cake said looking out as well, "Are those stars?"

Pinkie Pie walked over to the window, looking up with a serious expression. Her Pinkie Sense was going off internally looking up at the meteor shower, and it was telling her that things were going to get really ugly.

"Y-yeah," Pinkie Pie said with her best fake smile, "It's like a party in the sky."

"A party you weren't invited to?" Pumpkin Cake asked.

"Oh, I'm going Pumpkin, don't worry. Pinkamena Diane Pie never misses a party," she covered it up with her usual speech, but she knew that this was no party she wanted to go to.

She just finished putting on her make-up, pleased with the results. Not everypony wanted to see the meteor shower, and Rarity was one of the few who had other plans. Right on cue, the doorbell rang, letting her know that her date was downstairs.

She trotted downstairs, looked through the peep hole to make sure, and then opened the door with a suggestive smile.

"Glad to see you could make it," she said seductively. After escorting the stallion into her house, she briefly looked up at the meteor shower, feeling like there was something she needed to do. Nonsense. It was just a meteor shower after all. Besides, what she had planned was a lot more fun than a simple meteor shower.

"Isn't it pretty, Spike?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"It sure is, but I'm not sure meteors are supposed to be this big," Spike said.

Sweetie Belle thought it was weird too, but she just wanted to spend time with Spike right now. It was so romantic being under the meteor shower with him. She leaned against him, and was about to close her eyes, when...

"Wait... what's that?!" Spike called out. Sweetie Belle opened her eyes and looked up as well, and saw one of the meteors was landing near Canterlot! It fell down almost right in front of them, making both of the scream. When the smoke cleared, they looked up and saw something rising out of the crater. It was...

"S-Spike...?" Sweetie Belle asked trembling in fear.

"Celestia... Twilight was..." Spike said, silently kicking himself for not believing her.

So... the time has finally come...

But how am I to help that planet...?


Octavia and Trixie had finally left the bar, and were walking to Octavia's place. As nice as Octavia was, and as graceful as she usually was, she apparently hadn't fixed her drinking issues, and was now horribly drunk. So much that Trixie had to carry her back to her house.

"Did you have a good birthday...?" Octavia asked sweetly.

"Believe it or not, yeah. I even enjoyed watching you get wasted," Trixie said rolling her eyes.

"That's good... You know, if you want ponies to respect you again... you have to show them that you're different..."

"Different, huh?" Trixie asked.

"You're a good pony, I know that... but no one else does... you told a lot of lies, you know..."

"Y-yeah, I know..." it was hard for Trixie to face that.

"But I know that your time will come soon... You'll show them... You'll show... all of them..." aaaaannnnnd she was out. Poor thing. At least she left her door open, so Trixie was able to get into her house and set her down on her bed. After tucking her in, Trixie stepped outside and sighed, thinking about the drunken words of her friend. If she could redeem herself, she would. It wasn't like she didn't try. Nopony believed her though. Why should they? She made an entire career out of lies. As far as they knew, she was lying about wanting to be honest. She wasn't, but there was no way to get them to believe that.

I believe you...

"Huh?" Trixie asked looking around, "Hello? Who said that?" nothing. No one responded. What was that all about. She was about to start walking away from Octavia's house, but a roar stopped her. She looked in the direction of the roar and saw a young pony and an adolescent dragon running from something.

"Hey! What's going on?" Trixie asked running over to them.

"It's horrible! A monster came out of the meteor!" the teenage filly screamed.

"A monster? What are you-" she heard loud footsteps. Looking up she saw a giant monster walking through Canterlot. And by giant, I mean giant. It was HUGE! Almost two hundred feet tall! "RUN!!!!" Trixie screamed, now running with the filly and dragon. Apparently the monster noticed them, because it began running after them, firing blasts of fire at them. The young filly was crying as she ran, and the dragon riding on her looked like he was trying to comfort her despite being afraid.

Eventually, the monster turned to the buildings and began shooting fire at everything. Trixie led the two kids into an alleyway. While she peaked outside at the monster, she heard the filly crying behind her.

"It's going to be okay, Sweetie Belle," the dragon said, "Once we get to the castle, the Princess will know what to do."

"The Princess?" Trixie asked, turning to her two companions, "Is that where you're going?"

"Yeah, my sister is her personal student," the dragon took a good look at Trixie, suddenly his eyes wide, "Wait, I remember you. You're... Trixie right?"

Trixie didn't want things to get complicated, so ignoring that, she walked over to Sweetie Belle and knelt down in front of her, "Hey, it's okay. You're going to be safe."

Sweetie Belle calmed down a bit, and looked into Trixie's eyes, "We are?"

Trixie nodded, "I'll make sure you get to the castle, alright?" Sweetie Belle nodded and got up. Trixie looked back out, and saw that the monster wasn't paying them any mind. This was their chance.

"Let's go!" Trixie shouted before the three of them ran toward the castle. Redeem herself huh? She didn't know anything about that, but at least she could keep these kids safe.

Inside the castle, Celestia lead Twilight to a special tower at the top of the castle. Inside the tower was a control panel, and a telescope looking out at Canterlot. Celestia stood in front of the control panel while Twilight looked through the telescope.

"What the hell..." Twilight said slowly, looking at the monster rampaging through Canterlot.

"Keep your sights on that beast," Celestia commanded, "We have to destroy it no matter what!"

"U-understood!" Twilight said.

"I hope this works, otherwise..." Celestia said to herself. Twilight briefly looked to her mentor, noting how fearful she seemed, before she returned to looking at the monster. Celestia pushed a button on the control panel, and activated the magical cannons on the castle, pointing them at the monster. She fired magical blasts at the monster, hoping to do some sort of damage, but all she managed to do was push it back.

It turned to the castle, and began charging up energy into it's neck.

"Princess, it's attacking!" Twilight shouted. Celestia pushed another button on the panel, activating a shield defending the castle. The monster fired a blast of fire at the castle from its forehead, almost destroying the shield.

"Princess!" Twilight called out as the castle shook.

"Brace yourself, Twilight! It can't be done yet!" Celestia urged. The monster ran over to the castle and began punching and slashing at the shield. It stepped back, and Celestia fired another series of shots at it, only doing minor damage though. The monster charged up it's attack again, this time charging for a longer time than last time. It them fired at the castle again, this time doing major damage to the shield. The castle shook so much that Twilight fell over. Twilight heard a loud noise, followed by a scream behind her. She turned around and was horrified. Princess Celestia was half buried in rubble from the ceiling.

"PRINCESS!!!" Twilight cried out running over to her teacher, "Princess, hang on! I'll get you out!"

"Twilight... there's... no time..." Celestia breathed out, "You must... stop that monster... no matter what... Gather the... Elements of... Harmony... and protect Equestria... Please... my student..."

"Princess, please hold on! I'll save you!"

"I'll... be fine... focus... on saving... Canterlot... first... I believe... in you..."

She closed her eyes and fainted. Twilight checked for a pulse, relieved when she felt it. She then turned her attention to the control panel and pushed a button calling the guards.

"I need five guards to come into the sun chamber! Princess Celestia is hurt! She needs immediate care!" Twilight called out. She was about to fire at the monster again, but the castle shook again as the monster fired at it. This was too much. She needed a miracle, and fast.

Trixie, Sweetie Belle, and Spike were so close to the castle, but now that monster was attacking it. That was the last safe place in Canterlot. By now everypony was panicking running around Canterlot. Knowing Octavia though, she was probably still asleep in her house.

"Damn it!" Trixie said looking up at the castle, and at the monster attacking it. That shield wouldn't hold forever. Soon it would fall, and the castle with it. She looked down at the filly next to her, who was watching hope vanish right before her eyes.

No... Trixie wasn't going to let that happen. Even if she died in the process, she was going to make sure that those two made it into the castle.

"When I get it's attention, run to the castle," Trixie whispered to Sweetie Belle and Spike.

"Huh? Trixie?" Spike asked.

"I said you would be safe, and I meant it. Trust me, alright?" Trixie then ran out into the open, firing a small blast at the monster's back, "HEY!!! UGLY!!! COME ON AND PLAY WITH ME!!!" Trixie shouted firing at the monster again. This time it turned to her. Shit, she thought, this may not have been such a good idea. She immediately ran off, both happy and terrified that the monster was chasing after her.

"Miss!" Sweetie Belle called out.

"Come on! We have to get to Twilight!" Spike shouted. Sweetie Belle gave one last look to Trixie before running to the castle with Spike.

Trixie ran as fast as she could, also dodging the blasts of fire coming at her. Her chest was on fire. She had never galloped so fast before in her life. She turned around and began firing at the monster again. Why did she do that? Was she trying to get herself killed?

She found herself running into a warehouse. Once she was inside she began making her way to the higher levels. If she was going to fight this thing she needed to get closer to it's face. She didn't know why she wanted to fight it, but she knew that she had to do something against it. At least if it was focused on her they could evacuate Canterlot.


That equinesque creature...

She is going to die...!

What is she doing...!

Stop...! Please...!

"You're a lot uglier up close!" and scarier, Trixie thought. She began firing at the monster, this time hitting it in the face. The monster roared loudly this time, and began firing at the warehouse knocking Trixie down. She looked up and saw the creature charging up another fire blast.

"No..." Trixie pleaded, unable to hold in her tears.

Twilight looked through the telescope, confused as to what was going on. It looked like a pony was firing at the monster for a while, but now they were cornered in a warehouse. Whoever it was though, they were in a lot of trouble now.

"I have to help them!" Twilight stated. By now the guards had gotten the Princess out of the star chamber, and she was now alone. She tried to fire at the monster, but it was out of range now, and there was no way for her to get there in time.

"Damn it! It can't end like this!" she shouted, slamming her hoof on the control panel. If only her friends were here. If only the Ultramare was here.

I suppose I have no choice...!

She'll do perfectly...!

The monster fired at the warehouse, and at Trixie. She screamed as the warehouse collapsed around her, and even she was engulfed in the fires of the monster's attack. There was nothing she could do. She just let oblivion take her, and her entire world went blank.

From where Twilight was, she saw something else fly into the warehouse. It was a light of some sort. As soon as it went into the warehouse though, it vanished.

"What was that?" she asked.

Wherever she was, she was surrounded by a purple light. She had lost all strength to get up. She was still in pain from that monster's attack, but shouldn't she be dead? How was she still alive?

"Are you awake?" a sweet and soft voice asked.

"Wh-who's there...?" Trixie asked weakly. Before her was a bright light, and it took on the shape of some sort of giant entity with long hair.

"I'm relieved that I arrived in time. Little equine, why did you face that creature?" the glowing entity asked.

"I... don't really know..." Trixie laughed sadly, "I guess I just... wanted to do... something good... before I... died..."

"You sound sad, little equine," the glowing entity said, "Why are you so sad?"

"I... lost everything... because I... couldn't face... who I really... was... I only have two friends... my mother and I... are at odds... and now... I'm going to die... before I can... redeem myself..."

It looked like the glowing entity was thinking, "If you could live longer, could you redeem yourself among your species?"

"I already tried... no one... believes in me... anyway..."

"That's not true. I believe in you."

"You don't... even... know me... Why...?"

"I know an honest person when I see one, and you, little equine, are in fact a truly honest person. I saw you, you know? The way you tried to save those two. And as you know, I saw you face Golza just now."

"Gol...za... is that... it's... name...?"

"I will ask you again. If you could live longer, would you try again to redeem yourself?"

Trixie thought for a long while, part of her wanting to keel over, but part of her also wishing for a second chance. She took a deep breath, released her tears, and gave her answer to the glowing entity.

"Yes...!" Trixie sobbed, "If I could... have a... second chance... I would..."

"Well then. I can use my light to revitalize you, giving you enough time to redeem yourself. However, I will need your assistance as well."

"My... assistance...?"

"I am unable to fight that monster by myself. I will need to share your body. In return, you will share your existence with me. Do we have a deal, little equine?"

This sounded scary, and Trixie still wasn't sure whether or not she was dreaming. How could she help this entity? On the same note, why did this entity want to help her? Who was she? Why did she care so much? She didn't understand anything, but she felt like whoever this being was, she could trust them.

"Yes... I'll help you..."

"In that case, let us return to your world. Together, I'm sure we can destroy that beast."

Trixie was engulfed in a bright light, and all of a sudden she felt empowered. She looked up at the entity standing before her, and saw her nod. Everything then turned white, yet Trixie wasn't blinded. Rather, she felt herself meld with the light.

The rubble from the warehouse began to glow. Even the monster was backing away from it, almost as if it knew what it was. The warehouse remains were engulfed in the brightest light, so much that Twilight who was looking at the scene had to cover her eyes. When she looked back though, she was amazed. Something, no, someone took form, standing in front of the monster as if stretching.

They seemed to be female, and stood at least 170 feet tall. Her body was azure blue with purple streaks on the sides, and she had silver metallic parts on her shoulders, chest, arms, and legs. Her head was silver with bright almond shaped eyes, what looked like a pointed fin on the top of her head, and really long pale blue hair. On her chest (in between her breasts) was a bright blue light. They weren't a pony. This entity had a slim build and was standing upright. Twilight immediately recognized who it was. She knew it from her dream.

"It's her..." Twilight said, her eyes wide, "Ultramare..."

Ultramare got in a fighting stance, and then ran over to the monster, grabbing it's head. She then began kneeing it in the stomach a few times, before the monster threw her to the side. She rolled on the ground, and caught herself. But when she faced the monster again, she saw it charging up it's attack again.

Ultramare rushed over to the monster and grabbed it's head, stopping it from firing. She then flipped it over her shoulder onto the ground. The monster rolled to it's stomach, about to get up, but Ultramare jumped on it's back and began pounding on it's back. The monster shook Ultramare off of it, and then got up.

The monster then began slashing at Ultramare, who managed to block a few of the attacks. She then grabbed it's shoulders, and the two of them seemed to wrestle a bit trying to throw the other onto the ground. Neither one of them won that though, as the monster threw Ultramare's arms away, and then shot right into her chest, knocking her down. The monster ran over to her, and kicked her again while she was trying to get up.

Sweetie Belle and Spike ran over to see the fight better, and were both getting really upset watching it.

"That's not fair at all!" Spike called out.

"Come on! Get up!" Sweetie Belle cried out.

Ultramare kicked the monster away from her, and then kicked herself to her feet. She then ran over to the monster and began kicking it in the side a few times. She then did a spin kick knocking it back. Ultramare then jumped up into the air and did a fly kick doing major damage to the monster. She landed behind it, got up and braced herself for another assault.

The monster charged again, and this time fired multiple blasts at Ultramare, who did a series of back flips out of the way. Apparently frustrated, the monster jumped up and down and then rushed over to Ultramare, now slashing wildly at her. She managed to dodge all of these attacks though, and then did a powerful back fist into the monster's stomach. That looked like that hurt a lot, so Ultramare did another one of those, but this time the monster grabbed her arm and twisted it a bit forcing her onto one knee. While that was going on, the blue light on her chest began flashing red, and an alarm went off.

Something fired at the monster's back, causing it to lose some focus, and allowing Ultramare to get free and continue her fight. Sweetie Belle and Spike looked and saw Twilight running up to them.

"Twilight!" Spike called out, "I'm sorry I didn't believe you! From now on I'll believe everything you-"

"It's alright Spike," Twilight said laughing a bit, "I'm just glad you're safe," she turned to Sweetie Belle, "And how are you?"

"I'm fine right now. Spike and Trixie protected me," Sweetie Belle said, confusing Twilight.

"Trixie? As in Trixie Lulamoon?" Twilight asked.

"I was surprised too," Spike stated, "But she appeared out of nowhere and helped us get to safety."

"Where is she now?" Twilight asked.

"We don't know," Spike said, "She ran off after firing at the monster. I hope she wasn't inside the rubble."

"Trixie... why did you...?" Twilight asked, now looking up at the Ultramare for some reason.

Ultramare was desperate to end the fight now. That light on her chest meant that she had to win now, or else she would fade away. The monster wasn't going down without a fight though, and soon she found herself at a stalemate.

She punched the monster real hard in the stomach, pushing it back. As it got up, Ultramare charged magical energy into her arms. She then threw them out to her side, and then brought them together in a cross, firing a pure white beam of light at the monster. The monster took the attack head on, unable to dodge it. A second later, it turned red and exploded.

Her opponent dead, Ultramare stood up straight, and then looked up at the sky. She then flew away, vanishing in the night sky.

"Wait!" Twilight shouted, hoping that she would stop, but wherever the Ultramare went it was too important to stay even for a second. Twilight looked up at where she vanished to, silently thanking her for saving them.

Twilight, Spike, and Sweetie Belle ran over to what remained of the warehouse. It was completely destroyed from Ultramare's appearance. As they walked on, they saw a mare lying down on the ground. Twilight recognized the azure blue coat and pale blue mane instantly.

"Trixie!" she called out galloping over to her. After checking for a pulse, she turned to Spike, "Help me get her to the castle!"

"Right!" Spike said, instantly running to put Trixie on Twilight's back. As they worked, Sweetie Belle noticed something different about Trixie.

"Hey, she wasn't wearing that necklace before," she said. Twilight took a good look at the necklace. It looked a lot like the Elements of Harmony necklaces, only it was silver instead of gold, and the symbol in the center was simply a dark blue orb. Where did she get that?

"We'll check that out later. Let's go," Twilight commanded. Everyone followed after her, completely unaware that the orb flashed a bright light once.

To be continued...

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