Time-Out Tuesday

by Majin Syeekoh

Chapter 1: ...time out for a second.

The sound of guavas ricocheting off of the floor pierced the awkward silence that formed when Starlight Glimmer entered the threshold of the kitchen and laid her eyes on a most terrifying sight: Twilight Sparkle and Chrysalis, disgraced Queen of the Changelings, having tea. Starlight’s first instinct upon witnessing such a sight was to vaporize the entire kitchen because that’s problem solving. But she paused, figuring that Chrysalis would probably be able to shield herself from such a blast. Plus, Chrysalis didn’t immediately attack her upon her entrance. Chrysalis stole a sip of tea, keeping her eyes trained on Starlight, while Twilight sat there, absorbed in what appeared to be shock, both with bated breath.

Starlight’s gaze bounced between Twilight and Chrysalis as she formulated a plan to deal with the current situation. An idea formed in her mind. It wasn’t the best plan, but it was the best she could do now that she lost the element of surprise.

She inhaled. “What’s going on?”

Both Twilight and Chrysalis exhaled deeply and took measured sips.

“For a second there,” Twilight said with a giggle, “I thought you were going to blow up the kitchen.”

“I was.”

Twilight sucked her teeth. “Well, uh… good job on not immediately relying on magic to solve your problems!”

“Yeah,” Starlight said, “I figured that maybe you captured Chrysalis.” She smiled. “And now you’re showing her mercy like you did me.”

Chrysalis took a long sip of her tea. “No, I’m here of my own free will.”

A chill ran through Starlight’s spine as a cerulean glow possessed her horn, her eyes growing to the size of saucers. “Somepony please tell me what’s going on because I don’t feel particularly safe right now.”

“That’s easy. It’s Time-Out Tuesday.”

Spike walked past Starlight, put a plate of scones on the table―Chrysalis and Twilight each grabbing one―then sat in a vacant chair himself.

“Time out… Tuesday?” The glow vanished from Starlight’s horn as she looked at Twilight. “What’s Time Out Tuesday?”

“Time-Out Tuesday,” Twilight explained as she took a bite out of her scone, “these are really good, Spike.”

“Simply delectable,” Chrysalis said, having taken a bite of her own.

Spike poured himself a cup of tea, grabbed a scone, and bit into it. “Yeah, it tastes like I really outdid myself this―”

“Shut up about the scones!” Starlight clenched her jaw. “What’s Time Out Tuesday?”

Another sip of tea found its way into Chrysalis’s throat. “Well, Starlight, Time-Out Tuesday is when Twilight and I put our differences aside and take solace in the fact that we’re both world citizens.”

Starlight glared at Chrysalis, then looked at Spike and Twilight who gave nods of agreement.

“And now you, I guess.” Chrysalis took another bite out of her scone. Chrysalis looked at Twilight, who nodded, then back at Starlight. “Would you, uh, like to join us?”

“Hold on a second.” Starlight raised a hoof. “Does this mean that the whole ‘you kidnapping all of Equestrian Royalty and replacing them’ thing was done with their consent?”

Twilight sipped her tea. “No, she legitimately usurped us and I’m still very cross with her about it.”

“The most cross,” Chrysalis confirmed. “She let me know at the start of today’s visit.”

“Yeah,” Spike said as he spread clotted cream on his scone, “I remember Twilight specifically saying ‘Chrysalis I didn’t appreciate you kidnapping me and nearly everyone I care about’ and Chrysalis was like ‘Yeah well suck it up what’s today’s variety of tea’ and Twilight said―”

Starlight cut Spike off with a grunt. “This sounds really crazy.” She rubbed her face. “Like, just inherently insane. You realize that, right?”

Chrysalis, Spike, and Twilight stopped what they were doing to exchange a glance, then all stare at Starlight.

“Starlight Glimmer,” Twilight said, “as my student, I thought you’d understand the purpose of Time-Out Tuesday.”

“I’m sorry, Twilight, but I don’t.” Starlight exhaled. “I don’t understand the purpose of willingly inviting someone who kidnapped you and all of your friends and put you in pods.” Her breathing grew shallower. “I don’t understand how you can simply share a table with someone who kidnapped and impersonated your sister-in-law in an attempt to annex Canterlot.” Starlight’s pupils widened. “And I certainly don’t understand how you can calmly sip tea with someone who tried to kill Thorax!”

“Speaking of Thorax,” Chrysalis interjected as she turned to face Twilight, “seeing what he turned into was probably a subconscious factor in turning down Starlight’s offer for reform.”

Twilight sipped again. “Yeah, I could see that.” Twilight flexed a wing. “It’s hard having to deal with changes to your body.”

“I’m right here!” Starlight said before she groaned. She then put a hoof to her chest and composed herself. “Look, you three seem to be getting along splendidly right now, wouldn’t you say!”

“Well, yeah,” Spike said as he took a bite out of his creamed scone.

Twilight took another bite as well. “Everyone gets along on Time-Out Tuesday.”

Another grunt escaped from Starlight’s throat. “So how about instead of Time-Out Tuesday, you call a permanent time out?”

Chrysalis chortled. “If we called a permanent time out, I’d never be able to exact my revenge on you.”

“And I’m still rather cross with her,” Twilight added.

Starlight’s breath quickened as she glanced between Chrysalis, Spike, and Twilight. “Then how can you stand to sit across from each other!?

Spike looked at Starlight. “Because it’s Time-Out―”

Starlight screamed at the top of her lungs and stormed out of the kitchen, the three of them staring at her.

“Well, that was rather rude of her,” Chrysalis said, taking another bite of her scone, “she just came in here, made a mess with all of these guavas, insulted our tradition, then left in a huff.”

Twilight sipped on her tea. “Yeah, she was acting like it was Furious Friday.”

The three of them shared a chuckle at that comment. Everyone liked Furious Friday more than Time-Out Tuesday.

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