When a god is not enough

by Fictional Fanatic
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Luna wakes up from a horrible nightmare that came to her as a prediction. Able to track ponies bound to this horrible prediction she tries to prevent it. But will she be able to?
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This story has been rated teen is: The contents, dialogue and/or themes used in my story require it to be rated ‘Teen’. As i was instructed by the one looking over my submission.

During peaceful times in Equestria, Luna one night awakens after a horrible vision of a future event. Unable to find courage to tell her sister before she tries to track down the ponies bound to the fate of the vision to prevent it from ever happening.

In her efforts to prevent the imminent disaster she has seen. Luna takes a certain unicorn as her own apprentice and becomes her mentor, like Celestia is to Twilight. But can this unicorn with a questionable past and low magical knowledge and power really stop this oncoming disaster?

The whole thing gets even more out of control as unknown powers move and effect Equestria, forcing an old GOD to awaken and once more roam the land like he once did, now looking for the disturbance that Luna tries to stop herself, by training the unicorn in her care.

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1,725 words: Estimated 7 Minutes to read: [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. Chapter 1 The Vision [Cache] Dec 6th, 2014
Published Dec 6th, 2014


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