Chitin and Fur

by kildeez

Chapter 6: ...

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Twilight Sparkle giggled to herself as she sailed high over the Badlands, performing barrel rolls, dips, and dives that would have impressed even Rainbow Dash. Equestria’s youngest Alicorn couldn’t help but bask in her own genius. It was she who had masterminded Celestia and Luna’s kidnapping. She who had them transported to her marefriend’s hive right beneath the noses of the Royal Guard, her own brother included! She who had convinced her beloved Chrysalis to locate the most virile, masculine, and talented changelings in her hive specifically for the princesses’ arrival! And why? Only to give them the well-deserved vacation they wouldn’t take otherwise, of course!

Twilight beamed up into her mentor’s sun. In just a few short minutes, she would be arriving in the hive, with plenty of time left in the day to smuggle the pair home, hopefully before anyone could notice that the royal decree declaring the Day Courts to be closed and that the rising of Luna’s moon would be delayed a few hours was a terrible fake. Twilight frowned at that. It was really the biggest flaw in the entire plan. One would think a race of spies and deception artists would know a thing or two about faking government documents, but no, the stupid declaration had looked like it was drawn up in crayon, with numerous spelling and grammar errors. For pity’s sake, what idiot thought “decree” was spelled with a ‘y’ and four e’s?

She shook her head. No, this plan would work, the princesses deserved this. Other than that little oversight, everything was going perfectly. Twilight’s smile returned as she touched down outside her beloved’s cave, already grown used to the darkness and cold, completely desensitized to its disappearance as she stepped out of the light and immersed herself in the chittering of the swarm around her.

“Diplomat Sparkle,” a voice reported out of the darkness to her left, marked only with a couple of wide, pupil-less eyes.

“At ease,” she sighed, knowing the changeling was standing at attention and saluting. She never could wean them off that automatic display of respect to anyone and everyone in positions of power. Still, she was growing used to it.

The changeling obeyed and walked alongside her, which had taken ages to get them to do, as opposed to trailing behind. “The Queen has requested your presence in the upper hives, madam,” the changeling reported.

Twilight grinned, her feathers ruffling. “Ah, yes, thank you,” she said, gleefully bounding off towards the stairs, navigating the twisting hallways with an ease that only came from months upon years of practice. She could hardly even wait to get up there! Just what depraved things would Celestia and Luna be using their “suitors” for? Oh, after thousands of years of life, who knew what sort of insane fetishes they could have developed! She could hardly wait, being able to finally catch sight of a side of her mentor she might never get a chance to see!

“Chryssy!” She chimed happily, bouncing into their shared bedroom with more energy than Pinkie in a sugar rush. Without even thinking, she bounded to the changeling mare, smooching the side of her face and landing rump-first by her side. Twilight opened her eyes, still smiling as her vision adjusted to the green glow in front of her face. “Ooh! This is the viewing portal spell I taught you, right? Glad to see you could set it up on your own!”

Chrysalis said nothing, her gaze remaining locked onto the portal.

Twilight shifted uncomfortably. “So, does Celestia really have a cake fetish? I’ve been wondering about that for so long!” She said, trying to gain her lover’s attention.

Chrysalis suddenly let out a choked sob. For the first time, Twilight turned and really looked at her marefriend, and gasped at the tears running down her cheeks. “Chryssy?” She gasped, turning to look the changeling mare in the eye, stepping between her and the glow of the portal. “What’s wrong? Is…it’s not that bad, is it? They’re not doing anything too depraved, are they?”

Chrysalis turned to her, and Twilight’s weakening smile faded out completely. The changeling sniffled, her lower lip quivering, her fangs somehow appearing smaller and duller than when Twilight had seen them last. Finally, coughing up some mucous, Chrysalis responded: “They just wanted one more…”

“What? Who? One more what?” Twilight asked gently, shifting from lustful and bouncy to calm and caring as if a switch had been thrown inside her head. She stroked her marefriend’s cheek with the tip of her wing. “Chryssy, tell me.”

Chrysalis just shifted her gaze back to the viewing portal, a renewed bout of sobs wracking her body. Curious, Twilight blinked until her vision adjusted and peered into the portal herself, watching intently. She gasped immediately. Celestia and Luna laid together in a bed, their eyes shut, contented smiles on their faces. At their bedside, towering over them was a regal, pure-white Alicorn with flowing red hair and gorgeous, teal eyes. Twilight recognized her immediately from the historical texts she had spent a lifetime reading and from dozens of stained glass windows in Canterlot and elsewhere.

“Faust…” she gasped, a hoof rising to her face. She watched the late Queen of Equestria as she gently laid the Princesses to rest, tucking them in beneath the heart-shaped blankets covered in rose petals: Twilight’s personal touch meant to add to the romanticism of the evening. Noticing the red-headed Alicorn’s lips moving, her horn flared with an instant spell, acting almost on instinct. Immediately, sound flowed through the portal, though it did nothing to alleviate the ache growing in Twilight’s heart.

“-aby, and good night, go to sleep little baby,” Faust sang, her voice oozing with melody as she gently laid Celestia to sleep with a kiss to the forehead, just beneath the horn. Twilight’s eyes stung as she watched her friend and mentor snuggle into the sheets, a look of complete peace on her face such that Twilight had never seen before. She watched as Faust circled the bed to Luna’s side, tucking her in and laying a kiss on her head as well, turning to leave, only to be stopped by a hoof reaching out and grabbing her tail.

“Mama?” Luna asked, her eyes still closed. “You’ll still be here when we wake up, right? You won’t go away like last time, right?”

It was a true testament to the acting abilities of the changelings Twilight had selected that the false Alicorn didn’t break down right there. Instead, her eyes just flickered for a moment, momentarily returning to their original, dull blue as a few silent tears trickled from them. “Of course, sweetheart,” she lied. “Of course I’ll be here.”

“They just wanted one more!” Chrysalis sobbed, wrapping her forehooves around Twilight and crying like a filly at the funeral of a loved one. “Just one more…night with her…”

“P-Princess,” Twilight sobbed, breaking down in her marefriend’s arms, the pair spending the rest of the night in one another’s warm embrace, grateful for one another’s presence, unable to tear their gaze off the portal and dreading the revelation that would need to come with the setting sun.

Author's Notes:

And just one last question: if you could spend one night with anybody, with the opportunity to do anything at all with them, who would it be? A great poet or author with whom to discuss their greatest works? A thinker with whom you could debate the great quandaries of our time? A famous movie diva so that you could brag about having spent a night with them?

Or would you use that wish to spend one last night with someone you lost?

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