The Lovable Pig: Diamond Tiara

by Mattricole

Chapter 1: The Lovable Pig: Diamond Tiara

“This is so humiliating,” Diamond Tiara grumbled as she put the final touch of her pig suit on: the snout. She had just lost a bet with the Crusaders, and per stipulation, she was forced to wear this ridiculous outfit.

“Oh come on, Diamond Tiara,” Scootaloo snickered as she walked around Diamond Tiara, admiring the costume Sweetie had gotten from Rarity. “I think this costume really suits you!”

Diamond Tiara resisted the urge to punch Scootaloo then and there.

“I’m surprised you went through with it,” Sweetie Belle said as she poked the costume with her hoof, earning a glare from Diamond Tiara. “I thought you were going to flat out refuse to wear it!”

“I am a mare of my word!” Diamond Tiara snapped, causing Sweetie Belle to jump back. “I lost the bet, so I’m going through with my part of the bargain.” Though I have no doubt you three idiots cheated! Oh, I will have my revenge! Diamond Tiara thought viciously, glaring at the three Crusaders.

“Hey, Apple Bloom, what do you think of the outfit?” Scootaloo asked as she poked her friend in the rib. Apple Bloom simply stared at Diamond Tiara, eyes half-lidded and a small smile adorning her face. “Uh, Apple Bloom?” Scootaloo asked as she once again poked her in the ribs.

“Ya...ya look really cute, Diamond Tiara,” Apple Bloom mumbled, causing Scootaloo to giggle and earning a growl from Diamond Tiara.

“Yeah! Cute’s one way to put it!” Scootaloo laughed as she wiped a tears from her eyes. “Now, remember, you have to wear that for twenty-four hours!” Scootaloo said as she pointed a hoof at Diamond Tiara.

“Yeah, I know,” Diamond Tiara grunted as she continued to glare at Scootaloo, who remained unfazed and smirked at Diamond Tiara.

“Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, how about you give us a little ‘oink’?” Scootaloo asked, causing Sweetie Belle to glare at her.

“Alright, Scoots, that’s enough,” Sweetie Belle said, sighing in irritation. This was supposed to be fun, but she felt Scootaloo was pushing it. “Don’t worry, Diamond Tiara, you don’t have to oink...” Sweetie Belle assured as she patted Diamond Tiara on the shoulder. “Unless you want to!”

“I hate all of you,” Diamond Tiara muttered under her breath. She had never felt so humiliated in her life, and sadly it was all her own fault. So this is what Daddy meant when he said something about “pride” being my downfall.

“C-can ah take her home?” Apple Bloom asked, causing all three fillies to stare at her oddly. “I-it’s just that, uh, Diamond, do ya really want yer dad to see ya like that?” Apple Bloom asked, sweating as everypony gave her strange looks, when finally Diamond Tiara shrugged.

“Huh, guess not,” Diamond Tiara grunted. It was embarrassing enough for her to be dressed up as a pig, but for somepony, especially her father, to see her like this? That would be absolutely horrible! It was the reason she had forbidden Silver Spoon to tag along! “But if you think I’m staying in that ugly pig pen of yours, you have another thing coming!” Diamond Tiara growled, and Apple Bloom quickly began shaking her head.

“No, of course not!” Apple Bloom said, giggling nervously as she scratched the back of her neck in embarrassment. “Ah would never have ya do that! Ya can stay in mah room!” she offered. After a few seconds of internal debating, Diamond Tiara sighed sadly.

“Alright, fine. Let’s get going. I don’t want anypony seeing me like this,” Diamond Tiara said as she made her way towards Sweet Apple Acres, Apple Bloom trailing behind her.

“Great! Ah’m gonna be the best owner ya ever had!” Apple Bloom said happily.

As the two made their way to Sweet Apple Acres, only one thought ran through Diamond Tiara’s mind.

Celestia, please don’t let anypony see me like this!

“Welcome to yer new home, Diamond Tiara!” Apple Bloom shouted as she opened the door for Diamond Tiara, who was currently glaring at her.

“What do you mean my ‘new home’? This isn’t permanent you know!” Diamond Tiara shouted as she entered and quickly went up the stairs, not wanting Apple Bloom’s family to see her. It was bad enough for them to have seen her with those bunny ears.

“Well, sure, it’s temporary, but for the next-” Apple Bloom paused as she took a quick look at the clock, “-twenty-three hours and twenty-four minutes, you’re mah little piggy!” she said as she followed Diamond Tiara, who was grinding her teeth. “Uh, ya know that’s not good for your teeth, right?”

“Yes, I know,” Diamond Tiara grumbled as she continued to grind her teeth. Calm down, Diamond Tiara, calm down. You don’t want to get arrested for assault while wearing a pig outfit...I’ll just have to wait for tomorrow, she thought as images of a bruised Apple Bloom entered her mind, a smile slowly creeping onto her face.

“So...ah guess that smile means mah little piggy wants her belly rubbed!”

“Wait, wha-GAH!” Diamond Tiara cried out as Apple Bloom tackled her to the floor, and began rubbing her belly furiously. “S-stop that...this...instant!”

“Nope!” Apple Bloom giggled as she continued rubbing Diamond Tiara’s belly, enjoying herself a little too much. Ah could get used to this!

“I...said...get...OFF!” Diamond Tiara yelled as she finally shoved Apple Bloom off of her, panting madly. “Nopony...rubs...my belly,” she panted as she got up, glaring at Apple Bloom.

“Oh, come on!” Apple Bloom whined. “Can’t ah just rub your belly a little bit?”

“No! Now show me to your room!” Diamond Tiara growled.

“Alright,” Apple Bloom grumbled as she led Diamond Tiara to her room. It’s fine, since ya being in mah room means ya have nowhere to escape, Apple Bloom thought as a smirk crept up her face. Soon she would rub Diamond Tiara’s belly for an indefinite amount of time, and Diamond Tiara could do nothing about it.

As Diamond Tiara entered Apple Bloom’s room, she couldn’t help but gag at the sight.

“Ugh, your room is so boring!” Diamond Tiara said as she picked up a bonnet from the floor and quickly tossed it away. “Do you at least have a game we can play?”

“Oh, ah have one we can play,” Apple Bloom whispered as she walked up to Diamond Tiara. “Ah like ta call it ‘Assault on Belly Mountain’.”

Diamond Tiara glared at Apple Bloom, and began slowly backing away.

“What is wrong with you today? You’re acting like one of those perverts from my Neighponese manga,” Diamond Tiara said, slowly edging around Apple Bloom so she could quickly run to the door.

“Oh, yer not escaping that easily,” Apple Bloom said as she blocked the door. “Now, yer gonna lay on yer back, and ah’m gonna make you squeal like a piggy!”

Diamond Tiara stared at Apple Bloom in confusion, slightly creeped out by what she was hearing. The way she was wording it it sounded like she was going to…

“...Oh sweet Celestia, you’re going to rape me, aren’t you?” Diamond Tiara mumbled, shivering at the very idea of Apple Bloom doing those…things to her. I really wish I hadn’t taken that bet right now.

“Uh...ah don’t know,” Apple Bloom said with a shrug. She continued to walk towards Diamond Tiara, laying a hoof over her chest. Gently, she pushed her down, licking her lips as she gazed upon Diamond Tiara in her little pig costume. “All ah want to do is rub ya furiously until ah pass out!”

“Yup, I’m getting raped,” Diamond Tiara mumbled as she resigned herself to fate.

“That...was...amazing,” Apple Bloom panted. She was laying next to a bored Diamond Tiara, who was busy adjusting her pig nose. “Ah gotta say, Rarity really made a fantastic pig costume! Though, ah gotta say it wouldn’t look nearly as good if ya weren’t the one wearing it.”

“You are so creepy,” Diamond Tiara muttered. Looking at Apple Bloom’s alarm clock, she found she only had another twenty-one hours left of wearing this accursed pig costume.

“Hey, Diamond, ah’m gonna git us something ta drink. What do ya want?” Apple Bloom asked as she stood up.

“Well, I doubt you guys have anything other than apple cider, so I guess I’ll have that,” Diamond
Tiara replied. With a nod, Apple Bloom went to leave, but not before turning to Diamond Tiara with a smile.

“Oh, and after we’re done, can ah rub you some mo-”

“NO!” Diamond Tiara yelled as she threw a nearby pillow at Apple Bloom, hitting her square in the nose. Hearing Apple Bloom grumble something as she left the room, Diamond Tiara sighed as she got up slowly and examined herself. Well, at least it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, she thought as she went over to Apple Bloom’s bed.

Laying on the bed Diamond Tiara closed her eyes in relaxation, enjoying the feel of a comfy pillow underneath her head. It was a lot better than the hard wood floor her head occasionally had bounced against as Apple Bloom had rubbed her belly over and over again.

“Diamond Tiara, ah got our-oh...oh my,” Apple Bloom muttered. Licking her lips as she watched Diamond lay on her bed lazily, she slowly lowered the tray of drinks she had on her back to the ground and slowly walked up to her. “Ah see yer ready for round-” and was instantly silenced as a pillow connected with her face.

“Just give me my stupid apple cider already,” Diamond Tiara growled.

“...Dang it,” Apple Bloom muttered as she picked up the tray and walked over to Diamond Tiara. She quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed her glass of cider and drank it. When she was finished, she hoofed the glass back to Apple Bloom and quickly got back on top of the bed.

“Don’t wake me up until I can take this stupid pig outfit off!” Diamond Tiara growled as she attempted to go to sleep. I take it back, this is a nightmare. Maybe I can just sleep it off.

“B-but…” Apple Bloom stuttered. Seeing Diamond Tiara ignore her, she sighed and began to leave the room. “Alright, fine. Ah can tell when yer...mad…” Apple Bloom’s eyes lit up as realization hit her. If Diamond Tiara hated that pig costume so much then maybe, just maybe, she would be willing to cut a deal. “Diamond Tiara, how would ya like to make a deal?” Apple Bloom slowly asked. Diamond Tiara’s ears perked up at that, and she slowly turned around to look at Apple Bloom.

“What deal?”

Apple Bloom smirked as her plan started to come together. She would get her ultimate prize, and she would enjoy it.

“Ah’ll let you take off that pig costume, and in exchange ya do a little something for me.”

“Uh huh...and what’s that?” Diamond Tiara asked. Knowing her luck it would be something along the lines of cuddling, seeing as how Apple Bloom was obsessed with that. Apple Bloom slowly sauntered over to her, leaning in until her lips were brushing against Diamond Tiara’s ear.

“In exchange, yer gonna let me bathe you,” Apple Bloom whispered, causing Diamond Tiara to blush in embarrassment.

“...Oh sweet Celestia, what have I gotten myself into?”

Diamond Tiara slowly lowered herself into the bathtub, hissing as the water was a little bit too hot for her liking.

“Ugh, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered.

“Don’t worry, Diamond Tiara, ah’ll be very gentle,” Apple Bloom muttered, positioning herself directly behind Diamond Tiara. “Just relax, and it’ll be all over before ya know it,” Apple Bloom whispered, lathering her hooves in soap.

She slowly rubbed her hooves against Diamond Tiara’s back, rubbing circles around her shoulders.

Well, at least it’s innocent enough, Diamond Tiara thought with a content sigh. It actually felt like a gentle massage, like the ones her mother used to give her. She gently leaned into Apple Bloom’s soft hooves, silently moaning at the touch.

“Ah need ya to be a lil closer, Diamond Tiara,” Apple Bloom muttered.

“Hmm? Oh, right,” Diamond Tiara muttered as she leaned further back into Apple Bloom.

“Oh, ah need ya closer than that,” Apple Bloom muttered as she hugged Diamond Tiara and pulled her closer until she was gently nestled against her chest.

“A-Apple Bloom, what are you-”

“Shh, it’s alright,” Apple Bloom whispered, rubbing her soap lathered hooves against Diamond Tiara’s chest and stomach, slowly trailing down Diamond Tiara’s body..

“A-ah! S-stop that,” Diamond Tiara moaned, feeling the warm touch of Apple Bloom’s hooves against her thighs..

“Stop what? Ah’m just giving you a simple bath, silly,” Apple Bloom giggled. She continued gently caressing Diamond Tiara’s body, eliciting silent moans of pleasure. Along with the feel of Diamond Tiara’s supple skin against her hooves, it was driving her mad with desire.

“A-Apple Bloom, I-I can’t…” Diamond Tiara bit her lip, desperately trying not to moan any louder than she already was.

“Diamond Tiara, ah need ya to turn around,” Apple Bloom said, earning a nod in response. Diamond Tiara slowly turned around, now staring directly into Apple Bloom’s eyes, panting madly from the gentle touches she was receiving.

“W-why do I need to-” she was interrupted as Apple bloom hugged her tighter, gasping in shock as her chest was now brushing against Apple Bloom’s.

“If ah’m gonna bathe ya, ah need ta make sure ah get everything,” Apple Bloom muttered as she began to gently lick Diamond Tiara’s cheek. “And ah mean everything.”

“W-wait, I-” Diamond Tiara was cut off as Apple Bloom began licking her cheeks, unable to hide her squeaks of embarrassment. “Th-this isn’t how you-AH! St-stop! You don’t-Mmh!” she moaned, her entire face practically a fine dessert for Apple Bloom, a dessert Apple Bloom was enjoying immensely.

“Diamond Tiara, ah need ya to open yer mouth,” Apple Bloom panted as she finally stopped licking Diamond Tiara. “Ah need ta clean yer mouth next.”

“W-what?!” Diamond Tiara gasped, placing her hooves over her mouth in embarrassment. “B-but isn’t that what toothbrushes are for?!” she asked. Apple Bloom simply giggled, and gently pulled Diamond Tiara’s hooves apart.

“Don’t be silly, why use a toothbrush when ah can use my tongue-”

“Apple Bloom!” Applejack yelled as she barged through the bathroom door. “Quit hogging the bath. Ah need ta use the toi-” Applejack paused, staring in shock at Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara so close together in the bath, looking as if they were…. “Eenope,” Applejack muttered as she slowly closed the door, leaving the two fillies alone.

“Uhh...so, ‘bout that mouth clean-”

“No, the moment’s ruined,” Diamond Tiara said as she pushed Apple Bloom away and exited the tub.

“Oh come on!” Apple Bloom whined as she slammed her hooves against the water. “Aargh, ah was so close!”

“Oh shut up!” Diamond Tiara growled as she dried her mane with a nearby towel. “It’s not like you won’t get another chance!” Diamond Tiara said, earning a shocked look from Apple Bloom.

“W-wha-” She was cut off as Diamond Tiara leaned in close, her lips brushing against her ear.

“Tomorrow. You. Me. My place,” Diamond Tiara muttered as she pulled away. “My family’s going to be out, leaving us all alone,” she said with a smirk, causing Apple Bloom’s face to heat up.

“Ah’ll be there!” Apple Bloom squee’d excitedly.

Tomorrow she was going to get her greatest desire, and nopony would be in her way.

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