Piano Mare

by Aegis Shield

Chapter 1: Piano Mare

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony or the song “Piano Man”, which this fic is based around. If I owned Piano Man I’d be at the Piano playing it right now, because it’s awesome. If I owned My Little Pony Big Macintosh would have WAY more lines, and at least hang around the mane six a bit. Eeyup.


It had been several months since the ordeal with Iron Will the monster (Minotaur!), and Fluttershy had had a familiar itch in her for a long time. Not the sort you could really scratch, but a sort of nagging desire. She’d long since given up her assertive ways, but she was a little bit braver than before. The butter-colored Pegasus found herself wanting more. Just a little bit more. A strange series of events happened in those few months, which aren’t really important to this story, so we shall skip them. What is important is that the Blue Parasprite, the late-night club on the edge of Ponyville, had a mysterious musician some nights. Fluttershy had been taught piano when she was just filly, and that talent really never left her. Now, they called her…

The Piano Mare

Fluttershy was examining her mail. “My goodness…” she mumbled with a worried face after Derpy the mailmare had gone. “Bill. Bill. Bill. So many bills!” it was not a cheap way to live, having almost a hundred pets in one’s home. Much less caring for the pets of others when they were sick or even local wildlife… she went into her home and shut the door, mail in her mouth. Leaning over a box-shaped calculator with a green visor over her brow, she added everything up. She paled at the total. Almost five thousand bits! Given, one could buy cherries for one bit each, so the scale wasn’t astronomical, but Fluttershy had no such funds to give. She scanned the bills for due dates worriedly. Some were a month away, others due as soon as the following Monday. That was only two days away. Gulping, she scanned that bill (it was for bird-seed and medicine for birds). Eleven hundred bits, due by next Monday.

Not for the first time, Fluttershy pondered why she’d not become a fully-fledged vet. But then she remembered she fainted at the sight of blood, like a Pavlovian reaction. With no known cure for that odd ailment, she just couldn’t stomach the real profession. Instead she played a sort of… what… nurse? Caretaker? Caretaker was probably the better word. She could apply a cool cloth to a forehead to break a fever or even give shots on occasion, but she wasn’t a doctor. She sighed, lowering her head.

Glancing to one side at nopony who wasn’t there, she looked around like she was being watched. Tonight, she would have to go… there. Gulping a little, she went to her little hidden closet. Inside was her disguise, one that would cover her cutie mark, and enough of her face to hide her identity. Not that any of her friends would be there, but she didn’t want word to get out about it. It was too embarrassing. And besides, in disguise she could be assertive and certainly get away with it, at least a little bit. If that was okay with everypony. She closed the hidden compartment again. She would have to wait for nightfall.

That evening…

“Dear Princess Celestia.” Rainbow Dash recited while Spike wrote. “Today I learned that it’s not a good idea to ask friends to borrow money, especially if you’ve got no means to pay them back. Money and favors can really drive a wedge between yourself and those you love, so it’s better to wait and earn it yourself. Money-lending should be only for an emergency, not for tickets to see the Wonderbolts at a live show in Fillydelphia.” The mane six looked on with smiles as the baby dragon finished scribbling, glad that today’s lesson was so well-received. “Yours truly, Rainbow Dash!” she nodded to Spike, and the letter was sent in a flash of green flame.

“I’m glad we all learned a little something today.” Twilight had been the one out several hundred bits, which Rainbow Dash would be working off by doing chores at the library for the next few months. But, the cyan mare would earn her way back into good graces by the sweat of her brow. That was okay with her and everypony else.

“When do I start, Twilight? Can I start now?” Rainbow Dash said a little eagerly, flapping her wings open. “I bet I could even dust the top shelves and stuff for you. Maybe the tops of the shelves!” she flapped over to a bookshelf, leaning over to peer at the top. “Eww, yeah! It needs it!” she scraped her hoof over it, and showed them the caking of dust.

“Sure, Rainbow. Why don’t you stay until closing today? With fair wages you should be done in a week or so!” Twilight said, in agreement. Their other friends said goodbye and began to file out. A nice day’s adventure had come to a close, there had been reflection, and now everypony was headed for home and for bed. Nevermind that it was Saturday and this was the day that most ponies stayed up late for fun night time activities. When she was sure no one was looking, one of the mane six snuck away to just such an event.


Piano Mare pushed the door open, nice and hard. It felt good to boldly SHOVE something like that. Just now and then. If nopony minded. More than a few heads turned her way, and faces lit up. “Piano Mare!” said the bartender, a cream-colored stallion with a brown mane. “Glad you decided to show up tonight, it’s been dead all evening!” He gestured with a hoof. Sure enough, less than half the tables of the Blue Parasprite were filled, and most of them with depressed-looking stallions leaning over their drinks. There was a sprinkling of mares at the bar, but no amazing prospects. It was doom and gloom for such a normally exciting club.

But, even the most depressed stallion turned his head when the door banged closed again. Their eyes fell upon Piano Mare. She was bright yellow, and wore what was probably the most ridiculous powder blue super-hero-looking outfit one had ever seen. There was a cloak draped over her back and a patch of fabric laid over her cutie mark. She hosted a little masquerade mask, a butterfly design, over her eyes. It clung to her face, made of silk and a touch of white glitter. Was she a show-pony? It was hard to tell amongst some of the laughter. Her cheeks colored and she crossed her front hooves in a meek way that immediately endeared her to the entire room. This was not a show-off, but a genuine mare with a touch of stage fright. A few drinks were lifted in her direction and they encouraged her with woops and other sounds. Some knew of the Piano Mare, and those that didn’t were staring at her curiously.

“Are you gonna play for us tonight, Piano Mare?” The bar stallion asked, producing a tall skinny glass of rainbow-colored who-knew-what for her.

With more force than was needed, Piano Mare snatched the drink off of the bar and then sipped it daintily. Just a little sip. She couldn’t take much. “Ahhh! Yes. Yes I think I will.” Her voice was shy and whispery, like a pony that had never once raised her voice in her life. More than a couple of stallions were already puzzling at what her cutie mark looked like, as well as what the rest of her flank might’ve looked like. There was some male chortling, but they meant well.

“I’m glad.” The bar stallion said with a little smirk at her sipping. “We need to liven things up if we’re gonna make any money tonight.” He lowered his voice with a meaningful look at her. “I have your tip jar as well, one hundred off the top like normal?” he asked. Piano Mare nodded dutifully. The first one hundred bits she made would go to the bar itself, and after that the rest of the money would be hers to take home.

Taking the tipping jar in her teeth, Piano Mare cantered over to the corner where a gorgeous black piano lay. There was a small neon sign with a molded parasprite shape on the wall, glowing a light blue color. Blue Parasprite, it said, the name of the place. Piano Mare smiled at it sweetly. Destructive as they were, parasprites were just the most adorable things she’d ever seen… wait wait, focus Piano Mare! She shook her head a little, giggling and setting the tip jar on a stool nearby. Setting her strange rainbow drink on the piano as well, she nosed the stool into position.

Big Macintosh came into the Blue Parasprite, drawing the eye of every mare in the room. Who was tall, handsome, barrel-chested drink of water?! Mhh! The rather stare-oblivious Apple went to the bar, leaning on it with his great chest. He didn’t often come into bars, but now and then a particularly hard day of work sent him to a local watering hole like this one. “Hey there, friend.” The bar stallion smirked, leaning on the bar toward him in a friendly way. “Come for something to wet your whistle?”

“Eeyup.” Big Mac said with a toss of his mane.

“Know what’choo want?” the bar stallion said, gesturing to the rather impressive array of colored bottles, fancy labels and other commodities. “I’ve got plenty of good stuff, or cheap stuff, or smooth stuff. What’re you in the mood for?”

Big Macintosh peered about, back and forth with a curious frown. He didn’t drink often. “Err.” He said with just one syllable. Snorting hot air out of his nostrils, he plucked a menu from the bar with his teeth, turning it about and peering into it. There was a long silence.

“Know what you like?” the bar stallion asked with a patient smile.

“Nope.” Big Mac sighed.

“Hard cider it is then!” the bar stallion laughed, taking a nod of agreement from the massive red pony. Gently taking the menu back he went to fix said drink, and returned soon after with a frothy hard apple cider. It was glistening with chips of crushed ice in it. Not enough to water it down, but just enough to make the chill bite your teeth while you drank it. That perfect forty-something degree temperature. “Good huh?” bar stallion said, chipper when the bits came across the bar to him.

“Eeyup!” Big Macintosh settled in his place at the bar with a noticeably bigger smile. It was only then that he spotted Piano Mare. Instantly he was entranced by her beauty, though there was little of it he could see. She was daintily adjusting the seating for herself at the piano. Who was that? He’d never seen her before. She was purdy. Real purdy.

Bar stallion seemed to appear out of thin air. “I see you noticed our little star, Piano Mare.” He said with a smile.


“Careful not to stare too hard, you’ll lose your eyeballs.” He chided playfully, which brought heat to Big Mac’s face. Nodding silently, the red stallion took another short drink, admiring the wonderful bite and chill of the drink.

Just then, who should wander in but Rainbow Dash. She looked positively beat. Twilight had had her dust every imaginable surface of the library, even the ceiling, with rag and spray stuff. Her wings were killing her so much, she’d walked to the Blue Parasprite from the library. Bar stallion approached, ready to take her order when she came to a stool. “Just water please… no money.” She sighed, wilting and wishing she could afford something, anything, from the menu. Bar stallion frowned at her, producing said ice water. They weren’t busy so he couldn’t politely deny her a stool. Rainbow Dash leaned over it, staring at her reflection and trying not to feel the throb in her wings from a hard evening’s labor. She happened to glance over and find a massive red stallion staring at her. “Oh! Hey Big Mac.” She said with a smile. “Didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Eeyup.” He greeted, nodding his head. When he had heard and saw she could only have water, he looked across at bar stallion with a meaningful look. Understanding when another couple of bits were pushed his way, he made up another hard apple cider and pressed it towards Rainbow Dash. The water was gratefully forgotten, and vanished behind the bar.

“Thanks big guy.” Rainbow Dash smiled tiredly, drinking deeply to soothe her throat. “Try hovering in place for about two and a half hours, dusting the ceiling. Not fun.” She complained, leaning forward on the bar. “But, I did it to myself, borrowing money from Twilight I couldn’t pay back.” She smirked a little, looking over at the stallion of few words.

“Eeyup.” Big Macintosh nodded, smiling and sipping his drink again.

“So what’re you doing here, huh? I didn’t take you as a stallion to drink.” Rainbow asked a question that was neither yes nor no. Big Mac fidgeted a little, a little gurgling in his throat. He turned his head, gesturing with his muzzle to Piano Mare, who was leaning inside the piano itself to check on things. “Ohh, who’s she?” Rainbow said with interest, for right then they both had a nice view of the mare’s rump. Big Mac gave her a look. “What? I’m allowed to look!” she stuck her tongue out. He rolled his eyes. Fillyfoolin’ lesbian...

“Piano Mare, our talent for tonight.” Bar stallion said, rubbing a rag inside a beer mug at the moment. “Just listen. When she gets goin’ she’s amazing.” He promised them both.

Just then Piano Mare eep’ed loudly when the lid of the piano fell on her. Her legs flailed about, and two stallions rushed forward to help her. She was frazzled, but otherwise okay. They eased her to the ground, and she smiled to them gratefully. “Oh my, thank you.” She said in a whispy way, bowing her head for a moment. Both stallions grinned at her, eager for the masked mare’s attention. “If you’ll go sit, I’ll play a song for everyone.” She told them, turning about to finally get up on the stool. They cantered away with their chests thrown out, looking proud of themselves.

“Pfffft, like they’ve got a chance.” Rainbow commented, sipping her drink. “My gaydar is going off so hard, there’s no way she’s straight.” Big Mac gave her another look. “Oh c’mon. A mask and cape? Tights and covering her cutie mark? She’s obviously a shy closet case, out to get her kicks doing—” There was a clank of a glass or two, making Rainbow jump. Bar stallion and a pair of others further down the bar were glaring at her. “I mean uh… she’s prolly single and just itching to find the perfect stallion for herself!”

“Eeyup.” Big Mac nodded sagely, trying not to smile. Rainbow Dash meekly sipped her drink while everyone calmed down. He looked over the room and, sure enough, chairs were turning towards the piano corner. There were a couple of other ponies amongst the instruments. An old stallion sitting with a stiff-looking drink and a harmonica in his hooves. A young-upstart with what looked like half of a drum set. There were also hanging chimes and a few other things, but the main attraction was Piano Mare. “Hm.” Said the red stallion. Rainbow Dash strained to lean around his massive frame. She wanted to see too!

Daintily seating herself behind the piano, Piano Mare lifted the smaller lid from the keys and leaned to sip her strange rainbow drink. She didn’t know there was no actual alcohol in it, but that was bar stallion’s secret. Far be it from him to pass the sauce to a performer that made his business money. But, there was enough sting in the sugar and syrup to make it taste snazzy. “Ahhh! There we go.” Piano Mare set the drink to one side, putting her hooves up on the keys. The lights dimmed just a bit, and the harmonica stallion began after her prompt. The audience settled in, and at last she opened her mouth to serenade them with her sweet, whispery voice:

It's nine o'clock on a Saturday,
the regular herd shuffles in.
There's an old stallion sitting here next to me,
Makin' love to his tonic and gin.

The harmonica-wielding stallion winked to the crowd, drawing a chuckle as Piano Mare’s hooves danced over the keys. It was as though the piano was an extension of her body. Her lovely body, thought Rainbow and a hoof-full of stallions. Clearly it wasn’t just the music they adored. Big Mac looked around, then smirked at Rainbow Dash. He prodded her with a hoof the size of a dinner plate. She looked at him for a long time, and then he reached up to close her hanging mouth. Scarlet raced across her cheeks.

He says, ‘Piano Mare play me a melody!
I'm not really sure how it goes,
But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete
When I wore a younger colt's clothes!”

Piano Mare broke into wordless, melodical la-la-de-da’s for a bit. She glanced over the crowd while she played the chorus melody. Under the disguise, Fluttershy spotted a massive red stallion at the bar. Big Macintosh! Her heart suddenly revved up and she barely contained a yelp of surprise and embarrassment. She was wearing a disguise, she was fine! She was fine! Focus, Piano Mare! She flashed a dazzling smile out over the crowd, and every single stallion present (and some of the mares) were sure she was smiling at them in particular.

Rainbow Dash leaned so she could see around Big Mac, her eyes glued to the beautiful mare and her musical talent. The ache in her wings was slowly draining away, and the chill of her drink melting down her hoof. She locked eyes with Big Mac for a moment, then they both returned to her musical mare.

Sing us a song, you're the Piano Mare!
Sing us a song tonight!
‘Cause we're all in the mood for a melody,
And you've got us feelin' alright!

Piano Mare’s voice rose in song and her back arched while her hooves leapt and played over the keys. A couple of the stallions in the audience had already locked arms and were swaying back and forth with the exciting song. “Wait’ll she starts namin’ ponies.” Bar stallion said over the music to Rainbow Dash and Big Mac. They glanced at him. “None of us know who she is, but she seems to know everypony!” he chirped with a great big grin. “She picks ponies, watch!” he said, pointing with his rag and hoof. They wheeled around in time for the next part of the song.

Now Quick Buzz at the bar is a friend of mine!
He gets me my drinks for free!
And he's quick with a joke or to take off your yolk
But there's someplace that he'd rather be!

Bar stallion suddenly turned scarlet as the audience flicked its gaze to him. Where in the world would Quick Buzz rather be than behind his bar? His cutie mark was a martini shaker, for goodness sake. Rainbow Dash squinted at Piano Mare. Yellow Pegasus. She looked a little familiar. Fluttershy? HAH! She slapped the bar with a loud bark of laughter, startling Big Mac for a moment. Like Fluttershy would don a disguise and play piano at a racy club in the dead of night! She drank deeply from her cider again, shaking her head at her inner thoughts.

He says Piano Mare, ‘I believe this is killing me,’
As the smile ran away from his face,
‘Well I'm sure that I could be a barber!
If I could get out of this place!’

‘Quick Buzz’ took on double meaning for the audience and they nodded at the clever play on words. Bar stallion sank behind the bar a little, his face red and his ears wilted back. He’d not told many he’d rather be a mane stylist, and now suddenly Piano Mare knew about it? Why, he’d only ever mentioned it at the spa (he went there on occasion to flirt with a certain mare who gave massages. Once he even got to sit and speak with her while she was giving one in case he might learn.)!

Piano Mare, meanwhile, noticed a certain cyan Pegasus leaning on the bar and staring at her in the back of the room. Not one but two ponies that knew her! Dare she--? Yes, yes she did. If she was going to be in disguise and assertive, there was no reason to hold back. Her mask would protect her. Besides, if anyone suspected her identity, they wouldn’t expect her to go right for her close friends. As she la-la-lee-dah’d along, she nodded into her work and let the harmonica stallion sing. He oozed with the delightful, soul-melting talent that only came from decades of practice and love with the little metal instrument. Piano Mare’s brow scrunched as though in the throughs of passion, her mouth a little agape. She got that way when she was really, really into the music. The audience ate it up when her mane grew a little more frazzled and wild-looking.

Now Dashie’s a high-flyin’ athlete
Who’s never had time for a wife!
And she's talking with Big Mac, who's got a heck of a kick-back!
He'll be harvestin' apples for life!!

Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh both sprayed their drinks animatedly, drawing light laughter from the crowd as more and more ponies joined in the side-to-side swaying. They both stood with some authority, staring intently at Piano Mare. How did she know such things?! Bar Stallion had reappeared after gathering his dignity again. “Don’t sweat it you two, she does that to everypony! Like I said, she knows us all!” he tried to sooth his customers (mostly Big Mac, since he was the paying customer). “You never know who’s gonna appear in her songs each night.” Sweat was dripping down Piano Mare’s forehead already. The hot lights focused on her were taking their toll. She fwipped sweat briefly away so it wouldn’t get caught in the eyeholes of her ribbon-like mask.

And the mayor mare’s practicing politics
As the business-mares start to snore!
They're sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it's better than drinking alone!

Mayor Mare, embarrassed, pressed herself into shadow when the audience veered their heads about to look for her. Usually Piano Mare only named those in the audience. It was part of the show. But, they couldn’t find her, hmm… Rainbow Dash smirked at the table of after-hours business ponies, sure enough, leaning tiredly on their table and staring into their drinks. Not everypony came to the Blue Parasprite in a happy mood, it seemed. Some danced to remember, others danced to forget. Piano Mare’s voice rose up in song as the harmonica screamed and the drums joined in at last!

Sing us a song, you're the piano mare!
Sing us a song tonight.
‘Cause we're all in the mood for a melody
And you've got us feelin' alright!

The entire audience was swaying back and forth, tossing bits at the jar. Most of it missed, but a good amount of it made its way into the jar where it could be counted. She flashed them all a grand and confident smile. They were eating out of her hooves at this point, she could only drive the point him. Arching her back once more she stood, rump-thrusting the stool back to clatter off the stage. There were hoots and hollers as drinks were raised in joyous cries for more. Her disheveled mane hung like a frizzy mop of wild passion.

Rainbow Dash shook her head with a slowly growing smile. This Piano Mare was really something! Big Mac was drinking deeply from his cider, a wide smile on his face as well. One could really tell that the mare on the stage was good at making others feel better. She’d brought the mood of the club up, and more were starting to come in as the night wore on. Rainbow opened her wings to stretch them out in a grand display of approval, she winced when she saw they wouldn’t go down again. Color touched her cheeks, but she smiled embarrassedly anyway. Thrusting an arm around Big Mac and raising her glass high, she swayed back and forth with the rest of the audience, laughing joyfully.

It's a pretty good crowd for a Saturday,
And the bar stallion gives me a smile
'Cause he knows that it's me they've been coming to see
To forget about life for awhile!

The band revved up for the climax of the song. By then everypony was on his or her hooves. This was the club scene everypony wanted! Music and laughter and drink! Bar Stallion shook his head, unable to stop grinning. He thanked Celestia and Luna alike for Piano Mare and the strange magic she seemed to have over his customers. He looked about the room while they spilled drinks, guffawed, whistled and roared with approval. The mare on stage seemed to feed off their energy and she drew more passion and volume from the piano itself, slamming her hooves roughly on the keys to demand their greatest, oozing musical magicks!

And the piano sounds like a gallopin’ gala!
And the stage, well it smells like a beer!
And they sit at the bar and toss bits in my jar
And say "Mare, what are you doin' here?"

She broke into a fit of wordless la-la-de-de-dah’s, tilting her head back and then clenching her teeth as though making love to the piano. Commanded thus by the Piano Mare, the audience reached for their bit purses and showered coinage her way. The jar was pelted and almost knocked off the stool it was sitting on as they rewarded the one they loved so much for her music. Piano Mare thrust her head forward, her mane flinging itself over her face in raggedy pink strands. Beads of sweat flew like sparkles through the beam of the spotlight. Such passion!

Sing us a song, you're the piano mare!
Sing us a song tonight!
‘Cause we're all in the mood for a melody!
And you've got us feelin' alright!
And you’ve got us feelin’ alright!

The Piano Mare slammed the piano lid shut, thrusting a hoof into the air! while the audience burst into wild cheering and hoof-stomping. “Piano Mare! Piano Mare! Piano Mare!”

“Wow that was amazing!” Rainbow Dash cried, her wings still on full display.

“Eeyup!” Big Mac said with enthusiasm, clopping his hooves together over and over.

“We should come here more often! This place is great!” Rainbow said, gesturing around. Bar stallion nodded enthusiastically. “How often is Piano Mare here? Certain nights of the week?” she demanded to know, wanting to see more of the talented pegasus.

“Ohhh, she just kinda comes and goes. I give her the stage whenever she comes.” Bar stallion said with a laugh. He grinned wide when a big crowd of ponies started lining up for new drinks and snacks and other things. The waitresses were already in a frenzy. He shook his head in thankful awe. All it took was a visit from the mysterious Piano Mare to inject the place with a wild frenzy of energy and gusto. Now it would be like that all night. The Blue Parasprite would be financially secure for the night. He could Piano Mare’s gaze over the crowd and she winked. A waitress brought him the one hundred bits he was owed from their agreement, and he waved her away with a thankful grin. Then, he set to work trying to make sure everypony got served.

Only a few ponies saw Piano Mare slip out the door with her tip jar. Rainbow Dash was among them. Feeling brave and a little cider-touched, she finished her drink and started towards the door. Big Mac guffawed a bit, shaking his head and watching her go. By then, though, he'd been approached by a trio of not-so-sober mares that were eager to meet him. There was wild giggling, and Big Mac smiled widely, and he forgot all about Rainbow Dash. The cyan pegasus stepped out into the cool autumn night, peering back and forth. With the door shut the wild sounds of the club were muted. Perking her ears, she peered back and forth. She heard hoof-steps and followed.

Piano Mare had stepped into an alley to breathe. She’d given everything she could to the performance. Steam was rising from her sweaty fur and flank. Pack enough excited ponies into a small building like that and it was bound to get super-hot. She was practically giving off an aura of heat. Panting a little, she jingled her tip jar with a giggle. This would be enough to feed all of her little birdies and get medicine as well! She was safe from the bill collectors for another month, for that particular bill. She’d not counted it yet, but on average she made about fifteen hundred bits a night. With tonight’s lyrics, perhaps she’d made a little more! Hot and frazzled she lifted a hoof and began to peel her mask off.

“Piano Mare?” a voice called into the alley.

“EEP!” Fluttershy pressed the ribbon mask back on hurriedly. It was crooked, but it would have to do. She cleared her throat and turned about, throwing out her chest in the most assertive way she could. What was something assertive to say? Something obnoxious, like Rainbow Dash… ah! “No autographs.” She said in a playful way, giggling at the figure in the dark. “I’m on my way out!”

“I just wanted to uhhh, come say--” It was Rainbow Dash that emerged from the shadows, smiling bashfully and with her powerful wings on full display. Fluttershy blushed under her thin disguise. “Oooh, your sweat smells nice.” The blue mare said with a slight swagger. Fluttershy blink-blinked in surprise. Then she saw the touch of color on her cyan face. She was a little cider-touched, and that had loosened her lips. Snickering a little, Piano Mare leaned and supported her with one hoof when she almost fell over trying to step closer.

“Why don’t you come with me?” Piano Mare said with a chuckle, trying very hard not to use her normal Fluttershy voice and guide Rainbow Dash away. The mare followed eagerly, eyes a little lidded with drink. Despite her amazing athletic body, Rainbow Dash had all the alcoholic tolerance of a lavender librarian. Which meant almost zero. “I’ll take you somewhere… safer.” She chose the word carefully.

“I’ll go anywhere with you, beautiful.” Rainbow said with a loud giggle. She didn’t remember anything after that.

The Next Day...

“Oh hey you’re awake!” Twilight Sparkle was leaning over Rainbow Dash when she awoke. The Pegasus turned over, easing herself upright with squinting eyes. “Hey Rainbow, you never told me you knew any super heroes!”

“Super heroes?” Rainbow said thickly, a little out of it. Her head hurt a bit, and she felt a little dizzy. Then her memories came rushing back. “What happened? How’d I get to the library?!” she looked around, sure enough, in the Ponyville library where Twilight Sparkle lived.

“Well, somepony in a mask and cape dropped you off here last night.” Twilight said. “She said you’d had a little too much at the… Blue Parasprite? Is that a bar or something?” of course the purple unicorn would have no idea about the Ponyville nightclub. So innocent in some ways, she was. Rainbow Dash moaned and rolled her eyes, face-hoofing briefly. “Anyway, she was really nice. She even tucked you in and kissed your forehead, it was kind’a cute!” she giggled, much to Rainbow’s embarrassment.

“She kissed my forehead?!” Rainbow said hotly, rubbing herself there with a scarlet face.

“Mhm. It was more in a motherly way, though, I wouldn’t worry about it.” Twilight said helpfully. Rainbow Dash wilted. “She was very mysterious, though, she said she was the… Piano Mare?” it came out like a question. “Are you into piano music, Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow Dash sighed, flopping onto her back with open wings. “Then nothing happened. Darn it!” she said in exasperation.

There was a timid knock at the door, and Twilight went to answer it. “Oh, hello Fluttershy. You don’t have to knock you know, it’s a public library.” She chuckled, inviting the butter-colored Pegasus in.

“Hello Twilight, oh, hello Rainbow Dash too!” she said in her whispy, meek voice. “I brought back my book on gardening in the different seasons, Twilight.” She leaned her muzzle into her saddlebags, producing it for the librarian. Twilight’s magic took it gently from her grasp, and she went to go check it back in to the library.

Fluttershy leaned over Rainbow Dash, who was laying in a little nest of blankets on the floor. “Camping, Rainbow?” she asked with a tittering little giggle.

“I was dropped off.” Rainbow said. “I don’t wanna talk about it, my head hurts.” She said, blushing rather embarrassedly and turning on her side.

“Oh, alright then.” Fluttershy said meekly, wilting a little. When her wings wilted down, it exposed a slight purple mark on the joints of her wing’s base. It was hard to see, but it was there, under her fur. “Well, I’ll see you both later!” she called loud enough for Twilight to hear. Both mares bade her goodbye, and Fluttershy left the library with a cheery expression.

It was over five minutes later when Rainbow Dash suddenly sat up hard. “Why did Fluttershy have a hickie on her wing?” she wondered aloud, eyes wide.

Twilight dropped her book stamper, remembering how frazzled and rather assertive the Piano Mare had been. How there had been little tufts of fur here and there sticking out in odd directions, especially on her neck and wings. “Uhm… I didn’t see anything…” Twilight said rather robotically.


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