Inner Demons II

by Azure Sandora

Chapter 1

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Theme of entire story: Keeping the Blade by Coheed and Cambria

Chapter 1: Lie To Me Please...

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Are you well? I hope so. Things are quiet in Canterlot. My sister told me that the Chronomancer should have arrived into this time period. Hopefully Apple Bloom can finally find happiness. She deserves it for all she did for Equestria ten years ago.

I assume you remember our conversation six years ago, when I told you about the seal in Tartarus? Luna and I believe that we have found it. Deep in the depths of Tartarus, there are unrested spirits, and I think they are reacting to the raised energy of the seal.

I promised you that I would never keep anything from you again, and I will keep that promise. I would like you to come with Luna and I to Tartarus. I have asked Cadence to join us as well. I will tell you more when you arrive.

I await your arrival.

With love,
Princess Celestia

Beyond the gates of Tartatus, a fierce battle had begun. The demons had all gathered around the large tower in the middle. It was here ten years and six months ago that a fierce battle was waged before between the Elements of Harmony and the Alicorn of Darkness Midnight. Now, the fight was between the demons of Tartarus, and the ponies that acted as the rulers of the outside world.

An army of trolls were shot away by a fierce blast. Standing ready was Princess Luna, wearing her deep blue and silver armor and wielding her crescent moon glaive. She charged forward swinging her weapon, and stopped in the middle.

Spinning the glaive above her, she slammed the blade of her weapon into a troll, and charged the weapon up with magic. The poor demon flew across the field and into a lava pool.

Before Luna could react, a demon shaped like a pony galloped over to Luna with a demonic blade in it's mouth. It began clashing weapons with Luna, actually backing her toward the lava pool. All Luna could do was block, as the assault was relentless.

An arrow hit the demon, making it flinch. Luna took that as her chance to take flight above the demon.

"STAR SHOWER!" she shouted, flapping her wings and sending large stars down onto the demon. The demon was torn apart by the stars, and soon faded away. Luna landed flexing her wings as her savior, Princess Cadence ran over to her. Like Luna, she was wearing armor, but hers was pink and white. Her weapon was a fancy bow shaped sort of like a heart, and she had a pack of arrows on her back.

"Auntie, are you alright?" Cadence asked.

"Yes Cadence, I'll live," Luna said, "We need to meet up with the others. Do you know where Tia is?"

"There was a large commotion closer to the tower," Cadence said, "I think one of them is there."

"Then let's go," Luna said readying her glaive, "Cover me, Cadence."


The two alicorns galloped over to the tower. Demon bats flew over them and fired laser beams at the two alicorns from their tails, but Luna cast a shield spell to defend herself and Cadence.

"Can you get them?" Luna asked.

"They're moving too fast!" Cadence said, "I only have twenty arrows left!"

"Then I'll just have to make them sit still!" Luna shouted, firing an electric blast out of her horn at the bats, paralyzing them, "Now?"

"Now!" Cadence shouted readying five arrows. Using her magic, she fired all five at the same time, actually hitting all the bats killing them.

"Impressive shot," Luna said.

Cadence smiled sheepishly before they continued their gallop over to the tower. At the base of the tower they saw a minotaur, getting hit by purple and red lasers that were actually sending it back.

The minotaur finally got tired of being hit and punched the ground, but apparently missed it's target. Twilight Sparkle teleported behind it, now wearing black and purple armor shaped like a gown. Next to her were two large orbs engulfed in magic. Her purple eyes were currently red, showing that she was using her demonic powers.

The minotaur charged at Twilight, who made the orbitals fire purple lasers at the monster, stopping it. She then jumped up and buck kicked the monster to the ground, and used the momentum to jump away and slam her orbitals at the minotaur. When she landed, she raised her horn summoning black blades from the ground impaling the minotaur. Both Luna and Cadence were shocked by how ruthless Twilight was, as the monster died in a truly gruesome way.

The orbitals returned to Twilight and she turned around, her eyes returning to their normal purple as she turned to her two shocked companions.

"Luna, Cadence, is something wrong?" she asked. Luna shook her head and smiled awkwardly.

"Um, is everything okay Twilight?" Luna asked, "That was a gruesome kill."

Twilight closed her eyes and smiled, "Sorry, this is the first time in years I've had to use my magic like this," she admitted, "I guess I'm having a hard time controlling myself."

"If you want, you can leave the rest of this to us," Cadence said, but Twilight shook her head.

"I won't leave," Twilight said, "Celestia asked me to be here, so I'm going to see this to the end. I appreciate it, but I'll be fine."

Cadence looked down gravely but Luna nodded knowingly, "I understand," Luna said, "Then let's find-"

The wall exploded and Celestia flew out onto the ground, wearing her red and gold armor and magically holding her twin broad swords. Luna immediately ran to help her sister to her feet.

"Tia!" Luna cried out, losing all composure.

"Glad you all made it," Celestia breathed out as she stood up. Twilight and Cadence ran to their side and looked up at the large demon walking out of the tower.

A Grendal...

"How do you attract these things?" Luna asked readying her glaive.

"I can't help it," Celestia said readying her swords, "It just has good taste."

"Can you two please stop with the sisterly banter for a few minutes?" Cadence asked getting a bow ready and pointing her bow forward.

"Honestly, I think they're adorable," Twilight said, her two orbitals floating in front of her, "At least they can have fun while we're fighting for our lives." Twilight turned to Celestia with a smirk, her eyes turning red again, "Try not to die on me."

Celestia returned the smirk, and they four alicorns looked up at the Grendal. Already enraged, the monster slammed both its fists onto the ground. Celestia, Luna, and Cadence all flew away, and Twilight teleported.

"STAR SHOWER!" Luna shouted, hitting the Grendal from above. The Grendal blocked with its arm, and then swiped the stars away, almost hitting the Princess of the Night.

Celestia charged at the Grendal and slashed at it with her blades, actually making the Grendal go back a bit. She jumped up slashing upward, and Cadence followed up with firing two arrows at the Grendal, making it fall over as each arrow exploded on impact (the explosions looked like hearts).

Twilight ran up to the Grendal herself and slammed her orbitals into the demon, actually knocking it into the air a bit. While it was in the air, the orbitals fired lasers at it doing extra damage. When it came down though, it reached out and grabbed Twilight holding her.

"Twilight!" Cadence shouted. Celestia and Luna nodded to each other and galloped over to the rage demon. When they were right in front of it, it actually punched them away with the same fist holding Twilight.

Celestia and Luna caught themselves and landed on their feet, and tried another tactic.

"TIME STOP!" Luna shouted. Instantly for her, everything froze. During this time she charged up to the Grendal and slashed at its fist with her glaive. She only had ten seconds, since forcibly freezing time was dangerous, but it was just enough for her to complete her task.

Time restarted, and instantly the Grendal felt a sharp pain and had to release Twilight. Twilight then took that as her chance to slam her orbitals into the Grendal HARD, knocking it to the ground again. Twilight then flew over to Luna, who was paralyzed and surrounded by electricity.

"Luna, are you okay?" Twilight asked frantically.

"Backlash... from freezing... time...!" Luna said, "I'll... be... fine in... ten... seconds...!"

Twilight nodded in understanding and ran over to Celestia's side. The Grendal staggered to its feet as they prepared their strongest attacks.

"SOLAR RAY!" Celestia shouted.

"HELL WAVE!" Twilight shouted.

Celestia shot a golden beam while Twilight shot a black and red beam. Both attacks hit the Grendal knocking it far back, but not killing it. Twilight and Celestia hunched over exhausted.

"You'll have to... end this... Lulu..." Celestia breathed out. Luna, who recovered from the effects of her spell, glared at the monster.

"How many times do I have to tell you..." Luna said through gritted teeth, "to NEVER call me that in public?!"

Luna and Cadence ran toward the Grendal. Cadence used all of her remaining arrows, doing massive damage. Luna, at the same time, charged up her magic into her glaive and jumped up into air. As Cadence's assault ended, Luna charged down with her glaive, going through the Grendal. When she reached the bottom, the Grendal split down the middle and faded away into the ground.

Luna spun her glaive around and put it at her side, making it shrink into a smaller size. Celestia sheathed her swords as Twilight made her orbitals disappear. The three of them gathered around Cadence, who was putting up her bow.

"Was that the last one?" Cadence asked.

"Looks like it," Luna said looking around, "It's quiet now."

"What we're looking for is up ahead," Celestia said, "Hopefully we won't run into anymore demons," she looked at Twilight concerned, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, but I want to get out of here soon," she said. Luna could tell, as could everyone else. Twilight was still having a hard time holding it together. No longer was she just Twilight Sparkle, but she was also Midnight. Midnight was born in Tartarus, so being "home" had to put strain on Twilight's slightly fragile mentality.

"We won't linger here," Celestia said, "Follow me."

Celestia walked into the tower. Twilight, Cadence, and Luna all followed Celestia, each one with their own memories of what this tower represented.

Celestia lead them to the roof of the tower. It was here ten years ago that Twilight fought her friends and teacher. She was terrified being here again. Her heart was racing, and it was taking all of her power to not run away in tears. Cadence walked next to Twilight and wrapped a wing around her.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Cadence asked.

"I don't like it here," Twilight said, "I don't remember much, but I've never been happy here, not even as Midnight."

"Auntie Celestia told me that you spent a lot of time outside of Tartarus when you were Midnight. Do you remember your friends from then?"

"I do. Apple Bloom was one, and I remember... Trixie was..." Twilight stopped herself and looked away. Even now, the pain of losing her dearest friend twice was too much. Knowing that she died protecting her, during a time when she shouldn't have been protected.

"Twilight, you know that Trixie's death wasn't your fault," Cadence reassured the somber alicorn.

"Yeah, just like what happened to you wasn't my fault?" Twilight asked. Cadence wanted to say something, but she couldn't. As they reached their destination, Twilight shook off Cadence's wing and walked over to her mentor and friend, both she and Luna were standing at the edge looking out at the horizon.

"Twilight, look at what's ahead," Celestia requested, "What do you make of it?"

Twilight looked out and saw something that made her heart race for some reason. It was a giant dark purple seal in the distance, in the form of a spell circle. There was energy flowing into the seal, and is was slowly spinning. Twilight knew exactly what it was, and for some reason she was trembling.

"F-F-Father...!" Twilight stuttered. Celestia and Luna looked at each other seriously. Cadence stood next to them, shocked by what Twilight just said.

"Father? As in Nightlight?" Cadence asked.

"No, she does not speak of her father as Twilight," Luna said, "She is referring to Katastroph, the former king of Tartarus who created Midnight," Luna looked at the seal, "The seal's power is weakening. Soon it will be weak enough where the Sword of the Condemned can shatter it."

"The sword will react to the seal," Celestia continued, "In the next few days the sword will be empowered and begin to draw itself to the seal. Those who desire his awakening will hunt it down."

"Why would anyone want such a demon to be-" Cadence stopped when she realized what she was saying, "I'm sorry Twilight. That was insensitive of me."

"No, you're right," Twilight said, "He's a demon, and he must never be awakened."

"As for who," Celestia continued, "You'd be surprised who would want such a power released."

"As the rulers of Equestria, it is our duty to ensure that such a monster never sees the light again," Luna said sternly, "We lucked out gaining Midnight as an ally, but I doubt Katastroph will be so forgiving."

"Katastroph..." Twilight said, still trembling uncontrollably.

The four alicorns exited the gates of Tartarus, returning to Equestria. It was frustrating that there wasn't anything they could do right now, but Twilight understood that jumping the gun would only make things worst.

"Twilight," Celestia called out, stopping Twilight, "Can I talk to you privately?"

"Yes," Twilight said. She looked at Luna and Cadence, silently apologizing. Luna nodded and walked off, Cadence just smiled warmly following her aunt. Twilight walked back to her teacher, now dear friend. The two of them took to the skies and flew to a large cloud just south of Cloudsdale.

"Twilight, you are the only pony I feel comfortable sharing my fears with," Celestia said somberly.


"Twilight, we are beyond formalities such as those. Please use my birth name."

"Right, Celestia," Twilight still hadn't gotten used to being considered an equal to Princess Celestia, "What are you so afraid of?"

"What are you so afraid of?" Celestia challenged, "You understand, right? If Katastroph is ever awakened..."

"Equestria will never survive," Twilight finished. Celestia walked off a bit, and sat down next to the edge, letting a foreleg dangle off the edge.

"Twilight, I feel that my time in Equestria is almost up. My term in Equestria is the longest term any angel has managed in Equestria. I have managed this through paranoia, prophesies," she chuckled sadly, "even manipulation. Soon, I'll have to pay for all of that, and I don't think I will survive."

"Celestia, are you telling me that you're-"

"When the time comes, I will ask too much of you. I ask you to be ready for that day," Celestia turned to Twilight, "Are you sure you found her?"

"At this point, positive," Twilight said sitting down next to Celestia. It felt weird now being closer to Celestia's height (by now Twilight was about as big as Cadence), but oddly comforting, "I've been observing her aura, and from what I gathered, she is the one born on that day."

"Have you observed anything unusual about her?" Celestia asked.

"She and her friends are still practicing with their powers in secret, but she remains the best at it. She's even begun wearing a synthetic horn to pass as a unicorn."

"What of her mental state? Has it improved?"

"Sadly no. In fact it's getting worse. Ever since Apple Bloom left for Canterlot last week she's begun to spiral into darkness. I've been doing all that I can, but-"

"If there is nothing else that can be done, then she must be contained. I'll have to leave that decision to you."


"One day all of this will be yours. Twilight, you are no longer a mere unicorn. That was never what you were. You are now an eternal being, when all of this Equestria is gone, you will live on to see the next Equestria. It is a great burden, and though it will be too much to deal with, you will have a responsibility to all of the ponies. You will have to make tough decisions, just like this one."

That hit Twilight hard. She was eternal now, she knew it. That meant that the ponies she knew now would all be gone in the future.

"Eternal, huh?" Twilight asked somberly, "Will I be left behind by everyone, like how Trixie left me behind?"

Celestia responded by wrapping her wing around Twilight and nuzzling her lovingly, "You are so much stronger than me, Twilight. I know that you will handle the pain much better than I did."

"You keep talking like you won't be here," Twilight said looking at her teacher, "But you're not going to-"

Princess Celestia blind sighted Twilight with a kiss, right on the mouth. For a while they just stayed like that, and Twilight could feel Celestia's sadness and fear.

What was she hiding?

"Let's spend some time alone before I must return to Canterlot," Celestia said, "We must spend as much time together as possible before the end of the world."

Twilight responded by returning the gesture, kissing her former teacher, now dear friend/lover. This was their secret, something that not even Luna nor Twilight's dearest friends knew of. Twilight didn't even know what Celestia thought of their affair. Did she love Twilight? Was this just another instant where she was using Twilight? Twilight didn't know. All she knew was for right now she needed this wonderful yet horrible illusion.

That there was something eternal, just like she was...

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